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[Survival] Community Event Season 1 - Valtellini Valley

Started by Nicadean33, Feb 08, 2024, 03:47 AM

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Welcome to Season 1 of our Community Events: Valtellini Valley

"Welcome to Valtellini Valley. The earth has fallen to pieces and this is the last safe-haven that exists. The walls are fortified from the outside world, but you can still smell and hear some of the chaos that exists. You are tasked with rebuilding humanity in a way that can withstand the cruel environment outside these walls. Take a few days to create a base and get familiar with the area. Soon, the outside will start creeping in. How long can your civilization last?"

How Community Event Seasons Work
In an effort to bring together the community and provide some more interesting ways to engage, the Manager+ team has taken an idea originally suggested in our #survival-feedback chanel. Community Events allow for our users to have a set-aside time to work together as a community towards the Season goal. This season, the survivors in Valtellini Valley must band together to create a thriving society. The world is chaos outside the valley, and players will be faced with many challenges that they must prepare for. Zombie hoards, extreme weather, and even back-stabbing are all possibilities while restarting the world.

A Manager+ will announce 2 weeks in advance the time(s) that they will be hosting the event. A regular schedule would be 2-4 play sessions prior to a "wave" coming on, and the participants needing to defend or recover from the devestation. A schedule will be outlined in a post in the Community Projects board, as well as posted in the Discord. Plan on attending to earn your way towards the Season 1 special prizes and memorabilia!

Current planned schedule:

First Release: Saturday, February 24th at 8pm CST (countdown here: link)
Following Play times:
Monday, February 26th at 7pm CST
Friday, March 1st at 9pm CST
Tuesday, March 5th at 7pm CST

First Wave: Saturday, March 9th at 12pm CST

See you all soon! Warp will be provided in-game!

Please excuse the quality of the video. I did the best with what I was working with. Click spoiler to see my setup.
Spoiler: show