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Post your DESKTOP!

Started by TheStarNomad✯, Jan 22, 2017, 06:51 AM

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Such as Post your pet, this was deleted, and now it's back.

Obvious what you need to do here; just post your Desktop!

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Let's kick this off, triple monitor setup



Ah, so it was deleted..

Well, I suppose I'll post my current setup.

(My second monitor is up and to the right, because it gives me a lot more control over when I move my mouse between screens)


Bit of a mess, just got done working on pix today and havent had time to clean it up. It'll get much messier tomorrow when I work on adding the rest of the mods


I have a folder of about 8,000 wallpapers that shuffle every 30 seconds. Here's two of them.

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Here is mine (if it works!!!!! 10th time's a charm)
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The death star will be completed on schedule....


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I mean, I have the Windows 10 default background


Closest thing I have to a desktop background at the time.
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