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After long discussion, I have decided to publicize a project of mine called, "Ducky's Paradise". Before I get into further detail, I would like to announce a few things.

First being a company, organizing all of this, called "Ducky Corp". I am the General owner, and I have hired two co-owners to work by my side, TrojanOnACat and NotAnArtisst.

Now, back to Ducky's Paradise, This is a project that myself and my fellow co-owners have worked on for about a week now. We have chosen a tropical location, with woodlands the further you venture in. Right in the middle, is the spawn island, with ducky's palace original fountain (with a twist to match the theme). To the upper right is the new casino, including 2 floors and a new design and layout. South West of the island, is the spot for Ducky's Resort, a hotel with direct access to the casino, with added perks. Directly west of the island will be NotAnArtisst's new Endershop! And finally, surrounding the island, will be themed homes for each biome they are located in.

Each area will be operated by one of three co-owners. I will be operating the casino, stations (I will get to it later in the post), economy, and be a general manager of the area. TrojanOnACat will operate the hotel, project manager, and will assist me with maintenance. NotAnArtisst will run Endershop, and run the town.

On another note, for the first time in ducky's palace history, we will be hiring workers! Unfortunately, we are not hiring at the moment, due to the fact that there is nowhere to work. But, I will be sending application forms to those who are interested in due time.

Now, onto the subject of, The Stations. I got the Idea from trojan when he brought up how omelott did the grant system, and how we should do it. I came to the decision of not doing that, because of the fact that it completely flopped. But, I will still be helping the community by the project called "The Stations". There will be 5 Stations, right now one is operational, and it is called "The Mine". The purpose of these are to provide job opportunities to those who need to make money. For example, "The Mine" provides direct access to Y=11 mining, and have mass selling stations from stone to diamonds. There is also a repair station, and a station to buy any sort of needs for the mining trip. The mass selling is slightly higher than emp plus an additional 100-1,000 emp addon. All supplies are given to Endershop for redistribution, or are given for community/ducky corp projects.

The Grand Opening of ducky's paradise is scheduled for October 27th! This may fluctuate due to projects being finished earlier than expected! I will be posting pictures of what's finished and the location!
Hello all Ducky's Palace fans! After a whole lot of discussion with omelott, I have been fulfilled with the title of "Owner" of Ducky's Palace Casino. I know, a big shocker, anyways I have huge plans on the casino and clubhouse, including some interesting changes that is yet to come! But first, I will reveal what has to come on the Grand Re-Opening of Ducky's Palace. This Event will be on July 10th, and the following times and events will be posted below!

-The Red Ribbon Cutting:This will be at 10:00 PM CST and will start the night!

-Slot Machines and Lucky Wheel:These will be open right after the red ribbon cutting and will be open during the whole event!

-First Poker Tournament:This will be held at 10:10 PM CST With a select few players, with set buy-ins.

-Second Poker Tournament:This will be held right after the first poker tournament with select players and set buy-ins.

-Third Poker Tournament:This will be held right after the second poker tournament with select players and set buy-ins.

-Poker Tournament Finals:This will be held once all three poker tournaments are finished! The 3 winners will put in another set buy in! There will be one winner and they will be crowned in the new hall of fame!

-Horse Derby Racing:This will be held after the poker tournaments, you will bet on which horse you think will win the race! The winners will receive a cash/EMP prize!

Reminder: The slot machines and lucky wheel will be open during this time

After the event is finished, I will make announcements for future plans of this casino!

I hope to see y'all there!