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SFT Modded / Server Idea
Apr 15, 2021, 08:36 AM
Hi everybody,

After reading Tow's post on ideas regarding survival which you can read here, I had an interesting idea I thought might be attractive to some players(?)

We've obviously been observing a recent decrease in players. Tow proposed in the above thread that maybe some players would like a return to simpler MC, although I personally believe that add-ons like slimefun and pyro are more enjoyed by people than less-and they also add a hobby and something to do for people that like doing more on SFT than simple vanilla-whether it's mine or fish for achievements and money you can use to buy more loot, or pursue cool items in slimefun. Tow recently announced he wants to make a hardcore-lite/pseudo-anarchy server (here) and this server has some simplifications made to it (no slimefun, vehicles, or mcmmo, for example) which I think simplify the game for people looking for that, as well as combine it into pseudo-anarchy or hardcore-lite.

Instead, what if we make things a little more complicated?

What if players, both the curious and the old, looking for something to do, wanted a little bit more fun?

We already have two wonderful modded servers (well, one is on the way), but these servers (at least MCE does, with several hundred) have a great quantity of mods which make the game less accessible to people with potato computers, or who would have trouble playing it for other reasons like the TPS. My idea is to have a new server that is something pretty close to survival, but adds a few mods that improve several sides of survival: it adds new modes of exploration, be-it biomes or dungeons or what have you; possibly some new forms of mobs as a challenge for players to take on; logistics and tech mods which allow you to explore more creativity and ingenuity AS WELL AS improve your redstone, smelting, farming, etc. operations; and other mods which aim to pique user interest and give them something to do-all while being lightweight and very select in number. This means that the modpack might offer a little tech, a little adventure, a little magic, a little combat-but it will still be simple enough that vanilla users might want to try it out and can without having a computer with a decent CPU and a good amount of RAM. Hear me out:

The server would likely include only the basics (as I said). What that is exactly, I do not know. But anyone is free to add their suggestions below. As I said, this mod would aim to give players more things to do, as well as improve their lives and let them do more at the end of the game so you would have more things to try and play! Likely, as an incentive to survival players who would want to try it, the server would have two things:

a)The server runs OptiFine at the server-level and would be encouraged at the client-level (assuming this is possible), as OptiFine greatly increases FPS and allows for more performance-enhancing options without sacrificing a lot or any MC quality
b)Players on survival either have their empbucks SYNCED with this new server (if that is possible) or their current empbucks level is reflected into the economy added into this server (assuming there is one). This would allow veteran players with at least a decent amount of money to get started which might make it easier and incentivize them to start playing on the modded server.
c) also maybe anything else to make it more interesting or attractive to get players to try it without feeling like they went from being in such a high position to such a low one-including a getting started kit which gives you intro leeway into each mod.

More importantly, though, are the mods. In addition to the same plugins, including pyromining and pyrofishing to make money, and other plugins like vehicles and mcmmo, there would be a new short modlist to enjoy. I did some digging from my old modded days and found some mods which might be interesting to add, and encompass all sorts of different areas and fields while adding things for the players to do and enjoy their experience.

Biomes o Plenty: BOP adds fifty new biomes with unique generation and appeal. It also adds tons of flowers, trees, and other natural blocks which can be used for decoration. Not all biomes would need to be enabled, either: the less popular ones could be disabled allowing for a selection of new biomes to explore or build in while keeping more room for vanilla ones.
DungeonDQ, Doomlike Dungeons, Roguelike Dungeons or other: These mods add random and differently sized dungeons to the game which, depending on the mod you use, have different things to offer including different mobs, spawners, loot, and places to explore. Fun for people that run into them, and probably a challenge to conquer and pillage.
Recurrent Complex: RC allows *hundreds* of different user-submitted buildings to spawn in every variety of fashion from temples to houses to ships to dungeons-a lot of these are pretty ridiculous and it is a controversial mod, but all of the sillier and less fittings builds can just be turned off.
Another mod which adds dungeons, temples, and places to explore?
Infernal Mobs: Allows mobs to spawn with all sorts of different conditions, buffs, and nerfs which make mobs more varied and harder to kill. This zombie might have more health, this skeleton revives itself a second time, this creeper is charged and this spider is a lengendary boss! Any mods which add more mobs or bosses will also get these effects!
Mo Creatures?: Mo Creature adds around forty different new mobs you can tame, such as lions, elephants, so on and so forth. People who faint over animals might get a kick out of this, though it might not be important enough.
Suggestions for mods which add unique mobs and bosses would be appreciated.
Thaumcraft: Thaumcraft is a storied and expansive magic mod which allows for lots of sophisticated and powerful magic. People who take up thaum have a lot of time to decide how they want to branch out their magic skills and what they want to deploy-great hobby interest.
Witchery?: The Witchery mod allows people to become witches and employ lots of different powerful witch-like novelties such as potions, flying brooms, spells, and more. It is a powerful and interesting mod, and adds another great magic option-I just don't know if it is too much to add as well.
Tinkers' Construct: Another amazing classic mod, TC allows you to make an incredible amount of powerful tools and weapons. TC allows you to create almighty things like the Shickaxe, an all-in-one tool, and use new and unheard-of tiers of gear with different qualities to them. A great mod for becoming more powerful, secure, efficient, and fearful-TC allows another route of exploration and time spent at the workbench building up that blood-enchanted shuriken.
Minefactory Reloaded: There are a lot of tech mods out there that excel at adding new ways to be efficient and get your tech on. But, MCR is short and sweet to the point: With MCR you can automate your smelting operations, your farm, and even your mining! Plus, it adds unique and sophisticated efficient logic to redstone which can now crawl up walls and be wired to go multiple places through one-block channels. Plus, it adds cool and useful items like the safari-gun which can be used to capture mobs, the omniscient spyglass, or the awesome-sounding needlegun, SPAMR launcher and potato cannon.
Thermal Dynamics: TD adds one large, notable benefit: item and fluid transport. You can move items and liquids through different pipes to anywhere you want, and it uses the same power as MCR.
Project Red?: PR is the successor to the popular RedPower, which adds a ton of new redstone capabilties, likewise to MCR. Actually, MCR incorporated RP's additions after RP ended development. Alas, PR allows for even more! redstone and advanced logic within just one block. Redstonephiles will love this mod. It also has its own itemducts, potentially eliminating the needs for TD. It's just if whether or not this is a more needed or worthy addition, or needed in conjunction.
Applied Energistics?: A great time-consuming mod, AE allows you to create deep storage systems that in conjunction with mods like MCR and TD allow for a nice and orderly system where you can request any item you possess within your system at any access point-even remotely if you get that capability. I don't know if this is justified for such a light modpack, though.
If you have any other great tech suggestions, I would love to hear them!

That's all I have for mods. Remember, the idea here is to have a very lightweight pack which is more accessible and fashioned into a server in such a way it is enticing to any player who wants to give it a shot; from new players to veteran players who want more things to do! Anyone is invited (please) to suggest mods to add (modded experts especially). Notice, my idea here is to have something of magic, tech/logistics, exploration, and combat in here in order to have a taste of each-and mods which will allow players to explore that mod and find new goals and items to strive for in each.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like to see it happen? Are there any other suggestions you would have?

Other notes:
-Server would probably be on normal, due to the presence of IE and to make it consistent with survival.
-Likely there would be no EMP store, or if there is, it would only sell (and not buy) as resources in this world would be increasingly easier to get thanks to the leveling-up and progression in the mods. However, my idea for EMPbucks still stands; your survival balance passes into your modded balance in order to make it easier to get started (and you also get a kit).
-Goal here is to require less RAM and CPU strength than larger modpacks do-so it has to be as simple as possible.
-I would assume protections would be self-serve unless staff exist.
-Most heavy or "cool"  8)  mods are on 1.12.2-this means no new nether, bees, coral, or pillagers. Personally, I find this acceptable. It would also mean that they would likely require their own end and nether, assuming they are added-I can't personally see a huge need for the end at least.

These suggestions correlate to my personal suggestions for the hardcore-lite server, which I will post sometime later and update this post with the link to it so you can read both if you want.