Oct 15, 2021, 11:05 PM


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Inactivity Board / Wasted Seconds...
Jul 20, 2021, 11:37 PM
With the migration of my MC account I have forgotten my password to log in and am unable to play. I don't know when I can get back online or how to fix it.
General Discussion / Towel(ie) Day!
May 25, 2021, 06:34 PM
So I guess today is Towel(ie) Day... Don't forget where your towel is. May 25th
12:34 seconds are counting...

Oh my 200 combos post!
Today marks my 5th year on SFT.

I am also nearing my 20,000 vote cast! Less than 100 votes to go!
Inactivity Board / Like a surgeon (Inactive)
Oct 25, 2020, 04:09 PM
Will be going in for surgery on Tuesday (Oct 27) and will not be sure when I will be back says 3-6 weeks of recovery time...


So ongoing projects:

Spherecity Vote Party build will be on hold and I wish to remain on the project as this fits me perfect.

Halloween Build if you cant get to it via the first /warp mazeworkstorage us /warp ghostvalley3 and drop over the side and enter under the lone red tree on the island down the vine.