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Looking good can't wait to check it out when its all finish.  One question though.. where are the Eggos?
I added some. Go check when you're online.

/warp FreezerofDeath is heading your way! Management had it sitting empty for too long, so I finally started stocking it! I wonder what FreezerofDeath will be turned into in the long run....
Name: Nicadean33
Age: 18
Vision: 281.10 ms
Hearing: 179.75 ms
Have a complaint about the staff team? Message the HoS team, @Britney1177 @TheStarNomad✯ @Nicadean33 . Want to complain about one of them? Message @Towelie  I'm a part of the HoS team, so message me the situation without the heavy coating of slime you call sarcasm and I would be happy to help you. Locking.
Good turnout! Gave away 250k!
Event moved up two hours because apparently I have to be at Thanksgiving dinner 5 hours before we eat
I mean, at my house we are eating our dinner at 2pm
Ours is at 5 and we need to be there by noon apparently
Event moved up two hours because apparently I have to be at Thanksgiving dinner 5 hours before we eat
Survival / [Survival] Commenting on Unbans
Nov 23, 2017, 07:07 AM
Within the last month an onslaught of comments on unbans that aren't the person's that is commenting has happened. (Warlock_ben being the best example).

This is just a reminder that if you comment on an unban that is not yours, and you were not asked to comment, you will be forum warned. This will be strictly enforced starting now. This could result in loss of rank for Legends if it is excessive and repeated. Just use common sense.

If you absolutely must say something, either ask the staff member in charge of it or the Manager+ team before posting or be at peace with the warning you will receive.
It's est because daylight savings time is over you goose
It was in the vicinity of 310 million or so, I was ranked #2 on /money top and overtook cty a few times while I was active.

To attempt to jog your memory for validity - the first time I overtook cty, he attempted to get both stan and I banned for whatever reason but it was found that this was not true. Just thought I'd bring that up to attempt to prove to you that I did have a great deal of money and that I'm not making up a random number.
Can confirm he had a lot of money, I remember this well
I can confirm because I was the one who executed the reset.

Also, your money was reset because the protection was under your name and you were not active to explain yourself. But it makes sense that it is being refunded, and it could have been handled better but this is what we did.
Bugs/Suggestions / Re: Admin Shop
Nov 19, 2017, 11:45 PM
Standing with Misspiggy. The adminshop is for super basic blocks that you need to start out. We won't be adding rare items. The tiny SF part is because those items being sold require a lot of time to make, and you need lots of them.
Marketplace / Re: Huge House For Sale!
Nov 09, 2017, 09:55 PM
Moved to correct board, added closing date.
I vote get rid. They rarely drop valuable drops anymore and are just annoying
Two questions:

1. Can we move more than 1 build bc that would be awesome.

2.How lond do we have to move everything?
Questions like this to be answered later today. A build move post is coming in 2 or 3 hours
Funny Stuff / Re: Roast me
Sep 22, 2017, 12:24 PM
I have been "challenged" by the great god and supreme ruler of SFT
I would roast you but it's not nice to pick on the mentally challenged, so I'll just watch other people do it.
When you drill the message into the playerbase that: racism, sexism, and calling people things like "retarded" and "cancer" are unacceptable. Then pretty much break that mindset by calling me "mentally challenged" and calling Darth "the cancer of SFT", showing how much of a hypocrite you are. And then playing the victim and saying we're all being "too PC". Well done, Sergiu, you played yourself.
Towelie roasted me on my roast me post and he said some not nice things please stop this harassment :crying baby noises:
Unserious Section / Re: New staff
Sep 06, 2017, 12:01 PM
What the... Why they gotta be white? You biased, racist bastard
Here's a few words that I would say should be extremely thought about before using:

Actually don't think just don't say these words:
  • The derogatory term for a person of dark skin color that start with the letter "n"
  • The derogatory term for a person who prefers to spend their affection on members of the same sex, particularly male, that starts with the letter "f"
  • The term used to most often mock the intelligence level of a person who has 0 control over such level that starts with the letter "r"

Highly debatable to be used, would need to be clarified further if allowed:
  • The word with the direct definition of "a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child" that starts with the letter "b"
  • The word with the direct definition of "a contemptuous term used to refer to a women" that starts with the letter "c"

Thank you dictionary.com for the definitions under the "highly debatable" column.
Whoop Whoop
Can we use redstone lamps or togglable lights to harvest crops, and are simple iron farms allowed?
Also, are semi-automatic smooth/cobble stone farms using pistons to move the stone to allow more stone to form allowed?
You have to hit the switch on the light. Iron farms are a no go, won't work anyway with farm limiter, and no on the cobble/stone farms.
@Towelie @AmusingThrone @abandoncaptian

Sorry if I beep you and you have no idea D:

And im assuming it's a plugin issue because when we first updated to 1.12 it worked.
@Towelie @Dpa1991 @AmusingThrone It's probably that one you installed the other day.
Damn, should have redeemed my two the other day when you told me about the heads.
Are we allowed to know the reason behind it?
We discovered a dupe glitch that had been in the game since we updated to 1.12. It has been patched, however, this is the repercussion.
are you going to remove them from the steve co crates ?

or just leave them

Will you be able to cash them in for something else like heads?
Nope. Better off burning them or selling them as paper to the emp.