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Hey everyone!!

This Saturday, May 18th at 9pm EST, I will be hosting a Luck Marathon!

Sheepluck, grassluck, leafluck... you name it, we play it! So come online this weekend for some lucky fun...

The winner of each game we play will be award 100k!

Hope to see you guys there (:
Hey everyone!

This weekend on Saturday April 13th at 9pm EST I will be hosting 3 rounds of Traitor!
The winner, or winners, of each round will be awarded 300k collectively and some arcade tokens.

I hope to see you guys there! (:

Hey guys!

I will be hosting some Tower Spleef and Tower Leaf Luck this upcoming Saturday, February 10th at 8pm EST!
First place will be awarded 200k and some arcade vouchers!
Second place will be awarded 125k.
Third place will be awarded 75k.

Hope to see you there! (:
If you're lucky, we might even play some Skyfall...

Hey guys!

Some of you have mentioned wanting an alternative recipe for the DankTech2 Tier 9 Cells, which require 8 nether stars for each cell, meaning a grand total of 64 nether stars would be needed for each Tier 9 Dank Pack and Trash Pack that you may want to create. Therefore, we have worked hard on it and the new recipe is now available!

It is composed of the following items in a regular crafting table OR elite crafting table:
 :slimeball: 4 Wither Skeleton Skulls
 :slimeball: 2 Fire Guardian Runes
 :slimeball: 2 Lightning Guardian Runes
 :slimeball: 1 Tier 8 Dank Cell

It may seem like a lot but these serve as a replacement for the 8 wither boss fights you would have to do in normal Minecraft for each of the cells! The specific pattern for the cell is in the image below, have fun crafting!
Hey guys!
The Discord Admin team is happy to present the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
We want you guys to submit your real life pumpkins for a contest to see who has the best skills!
Your skills don't have to be used for a specific theme, but do please keep it appropriate (:

The winner's of the contest will get the following prizes!
First Place recieves...  The Quarry AND One Month of Discord Nitro
Second Place recieves... One Month of Discord Nitro

The contest ends on Halloween Night at 11:59pm EST, so make sure you submit your pumpkin in the #pumpkin-contest channel on SFT Discord!
The contest winners will be announced the following week  ;)
We look forward to seeing what you create!
Click Here For a Countdown
SphereTown is back under Version 3.0!!
Some of you may have gotten some sneak peeks in the last few weeks, but we are officially announcing the return of the SFT classic SphereTown! We usually do this every few years, with the last being Wppvater's own SphereTown 2.1 back in 2020 (here) so we decided to once again start it up!

Now, some of you may not have been around back when it initially began, so I will let our own MordalThunder (from 2013) explain it:
Quote from: mordalthunder on Oct 31, 2013, 10:41 AMFebruary 2011 - A manager (Fractalion) decides to build a weird town made out of worldedited spheres called Spheretown. Each of these spheres had its own mini-biome and people could live in spheres. It turns out this "Spheretown" becomes a huge success, everyone over the internet talks about it (reddit, etc) and before you know it, a famous youtuber whom i never knew about (shameful me), joins the server and asks if he can be given flymod to film Spheretown. We agreed, helped him and what happened next is truly a legend.

That famous youtuber was nobody else than CaptainSparklez. His video Spheretown ( helped sft recover from the private community laying in ruins to a public server even stronger than it was before the attack. His video quickly becomes viral and before you know it we start getting hundreds or even thousands of joins each day, all asking about spheretown. This is also when we moved the server to a professional datacenter.

Now, let's get into the specifics of how we are going to operate SphereTown! It is important that we keep it organized while also maintaining the fun that it brings to SFT.

The original SphereTown had biomes as well as areas to live in, whereas more recent versions only allowed you to build biomes. Therefore, we are going to be reverting to the original SphereTown to allow you to build a biome OR a home within the sphere! Since it is a big decision, every player is allowed to have TWO spheres! This may change in the future depending on the number of players who build, so get all your friends to participate (:

Since you are allowed to have two spheres, you are allowed to build two biome spheres OR one biome sphere and one house sphere. The price of the Biome Sphere is approximately 100k emp and a House Sphere is 150k, which we thought is a fair price with our economy!

There are SOME limitations as to what you can build, but not too many that would impede you guys from having fun. The rules for the spheres are as follows (subject to change):
  :snowball: All builds must be appropriate and legal.
  :snowball: No building outside of the Spheres.
  :snowball: No breaking the Sphere glass and replacing it with other blocks.
  :snowball: No changing the color of the Sphere glass unless given permission.
  :snowball: No blocking the entrances to any of the Spheres.
  :snowball: No water or lava should come out of Spheres.

Now! If you wish to start setting up your Sphere in SphereTown, go to /warp SphereTownv3, contact a Manager+ and pay them the specified fee, then they will add you to a Sphere's protection. Please be patient, as we are a small team! If you continuously demand a Sphere or harass Manager+ DMs, we will not allow you to participate.

I hope to see all of you as neighbors soon in SphereTown!! And a very, very special shout out to Nicadean33, one of our Admins, for setting up all of the Spheres and main area that we will be calling home soon!
As some of you may know, late last year we had to unfortunately disable backpacks and Cargo Management on Survival as they had caused numerous issues. We kept up with the plugin developers to ensure that we could re-enable them as soon as they were fixed, and the day has come!

Our Manager+ team, with the help of Judge_Bird, has extensively tested the Cargo Management system and Backpacks to ensure that they will not cause more issues, or still experience the ones they previously had. However, if you do encounter any issues, we will need you to contact a Manager+ immediately! If issues are not fixed and continue to persist like last year, we cannot guarantee they will stay enabled.

Additionally, we have a new add-on for Slimefun! Autpek announced that we have added DankTech2 on Discord yesterday, which adds many new features. These include backpacks with more storage and trashcans that automatically delete items you don't want your inventory to collect! More information can be found on our discord by clicking here. As for those of you who have already looked at the recipes, we are currently working on alternate recipes for the higher Tiers as they require nether stars!
As you may know, Minecraft has released the Tales and Trails update, which includes a new Cherry Blossom biome and the new Sniffer mob (click here for more information). Usually, when Minecraft releases a new update, we add any new items or biomes through an updated Scavenge World. However, we wanted to switch it up for this update and reset one of our worlds.

Per Towelie's Announcement on our discord (click here to read), we are resetting World 2 for the Tails and Trails update. We decided on this world as the custom generation has caused numerous issues with WorldEdit. These issues would have likely rendered it inhabitable within the next few months, which would cause it to need a reset.

If you are afraid of losing any builds you have in World 2, do not fear, as we will be allowing builds to be transferred to the new world, or World 1, from July 16th until roughly September 16th. We are conducting this by converting World 2 to World 2old, allowing us to keep it online with the new World 2.

However, not every build will be accepted, and you will only be allowed to have three builds moved. The following parts of this post will concentrate on the requirements or limitations of the builds that can be moved. If you have any questions regarding the reset, please direct them to #survival-feedback on SFT Discord or contact an Admin (click here for staff contact information).

As I mentioned above, you will only be allowed to have 3 builds moved over from World 2, for which the prices of each build will depend on how big it is. Minecraft builds can be very extravagant, so we will allow up to 3 million blocks to be moved, and for every block over that amount, you will be charged 1 emp ontop of the build move costs!

With the rarity of autoshops on Survival, we will be allowing all autoshops to be moved from World 2 for free. This will not count towards your limit of three build moves; however, it can only be the autoshop. No attached houses or areas (excluding attached storage rooms). As for spawners or individual rooms of houses, we will not be allowing them to be moved.

Due to constraints around Slimefun and what is disabled, we will be unable to move any cargo systems from World 2.

Additionally, the Manager+ Team reserves the right to turn down a build move if it is too big to be moved, inappropriate, or an illegal SFT build, following a review from the team.

Build Move Costs
  First Build: Free
  Second Build: 500k
  Third Build: 1 million

If you wish to have a build moved and there are no Managers or Admins online, please use the World 2 Build Move Request Form 2023.
We are a smaller team, so please be patient! If you leave contact information, we will notify you when it is complete (:

Need more information on illegal builds? Click here
General Announcements / Modded Announcements
May 04, 2023, 04:14 PM
Hey! So I know it's been an incredibly long time since the last time I posted an update, and I would like to apologize for that. We all have been incredibly busy and it has completely  left you guys in the dark, something we are all upset about.

Now, as you may notice I have changed the form of our announcements from Lost Islands to Modded. If you do not know, I had previously posted an update back on August 27th in regards to how we were progressing on our Lost Islands server. Unfortunately, in the time that has passed since this date we have been unable to make further progress. Numerous things have occurred for this to transpire, and nobody is to blame for what has happened! I don't want to see people playing the blame game for something that just, unfortunately, naturally occurred as a result of life and the day to day lives of everyone here on SFT.

As for the other aspect of updates, we do have a few modpacks in mind for the next server and we have really gained momentum on them as of this moment. I am not going to name any specific packs at this moment! But I am going to say that we are going to be starting off with a pack that is nice for all players, including those who do not have much modded experience. Further details will be released within the next month or two!

I appreciate all of you who have stuck around with us long enough to see all our projects through, and I hope to continue seeing you guys with our next modpacks.
Hey everyone!

Have you ever wanted a custom item based off your favorite movie? Maybe your favorite book?
Well, here is your chance! We want to hear your ideas for new Steve Co. Crates (:

As you may know, we have system on Survival where you can randomly get Steve Co. Crates that each have their own theme. Some are based on Minecraft updates, some on our own SFT history, and some on movies or shows. These crates usually have a random selection of items related to their theme, which can vary from armor to weapons with unique names, random enchantments, and lore. When you pair the Steve Co. Crate with a Steve Co. key that you get from voting in a crafting table, you are able to randomly receive one of these unique items!

Now, we want to be able to reflect your interests in these Steve Co. Crates, as we find it important for you guys to find them worthy of collecting. We have created a post in General Survival Discussions for you guys to post your suggestions (linked below)!

Want to suggest a Steve Co. Crate? Click here!

Want to know more about how Steve Co. Crates work? Click here!

Want to know more about Steve Co. Crate contents? Click here!
Hey guys!

Have you ever really wanted a custom item in-game named after your favorite movies or shows? Maybe even your favorite parts of SFT?? Well, here you can suggest a Steve Co. Crate with a chance of it being created in game!

Every Steve Co. Crate needs a theme, whether it be a Minecraft update, SFT or your favorite movie that you are recreating through different items. When you want to create a theme, try to think of something everyone would know or like to have in their homes online! Now, these themes need items or tools to make up the crate itself. When you suggest a Crate, we are essentially asking that you create a "box" of items that you feel represents your theme. These items can have custom names (include colors if you want!) and lore (descriptions) as well as different enchantments, some that may not usually even be found on those tools! It really is up to you, but please do not go overboard.

In order to suggest a Steve Co. Crate, it needs to meet the following requirements:   
   :iron: All items are appropriate, we are a family-friendly server.
   :iron: All suggested items are organized in a list.
   :iron: Total item count must be under 10.
   :iron: Crate items match your "theme".

If you would like to suggest a Steve Co. Crate, copy and paste to use this format! (type after the [/b] tags)
[b]Steve Co. Crate Theme: [/b]
[b]Number of Steve Co. Items: [/b]
[b]IGN of Suggestor: [/b]
[b]Item #1: [/b]
[b]Item #2: [/b]
[b]Item #3: [/b]
[b]Item #4: [/b]
[b]Item #5: [/b]

Feel free to use your own listing format, just please make sure we are able to read it!
If you wish to suggest more than those 5 items, simply continue the numbering and list but make sure it remains under 10 items.
Additionally, if you want to submit multiple crates, please do so! We want all your suggestions (:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Maya546, MasterX70, or samanthasnee!

Want to know the current Steve Co. Crate contents? Click here!

Want to know more about how Steve Co. Crates work? Click here!
After the upsetting news of disabling backpacks, we figured we could help cheer everyone up a bit by coming up with a recipe for that nice Strange Nether Goo that Slimefun has...

Now, normally in order to obtain the gooey nether substance you would need to kindly barter with Piglins to recieve it. Our recipe is a little bit different... you're gonna need one of their heads instead!

Our recipe needs exactly:
 :snowball: 6 24-Carat Gold Ingots
 :snowball: 2 Gold Dust
 :snowball: 1 Piglin Head

Unlike the Blistering Ingots recipe, ours has a very specific formula to capture it's strange-ness, so it needs configured in the Elite Workbench and shaped as:

Thank you to everyone who helped develop this recipe!! (especially Aiden with his top notch statistic skills)
SFT Modded / [Suggestions] Events!
Jul 30, 2022, 07:39 PM
With the re-release of Lost Islands on the horizon, I wanted to make a place where players can suggest any events they want to be seen, hosted, added, etc.!

Please leave a reply with what you would like to see hosted, added to the event world and so forth! I want to make sure we have a clear way of communicating, especially for Lost events : )
SFT Modded / [Modded] Apply for Staff!
Jul 25, 2022, 04:11 AM
Like playing one of our modded servers? Enjoy helping people? Interested in a staff position? You're in the right place! Make sure to read the requirements and rest of the post before applying!

 - At least 75 hours of uptime on a modded server
 - At least 6 hours of uptime in the past week
 - Must have a discord account
 - No serious bans in the last year
 - Be a dedicated individual willing to help the server

If you meet the above requirements, copy the code to the application below and reply!

Application Form:
[b]What is your IGN (in-game nickname?)[/b]:
[b]What is your uptime in the last week?[/b]:
[b]What is your total uptime for modded?[/b]:
[b]Have you ever been banned on SFT?[/b]:
[b]If so, what have you been banned for?[/b]:
[b]What core mods do you know and to what depth?[/b]:
[b]What do you wish to accomplish given the rank?[/b]:
[b]What region are you from? (US/EU/AUS/OTHER)[/b]:
[b]Do you have a Discord account? (need to be at least 13 years old)[/b]:

Extra Information:
 - You will be contacted within 1-2 weeks if you are accepted.
 - If you do not receive a reply and wish to know why you were denied, you may contact any Modded Manager+ to receive a reason.
This week I will be hosting a (semi)new event... an uptime competition!
Whoever has the highest amount of uptime within the next week will win 2 million emp & an ender backpack!
Now get your uptime grind on! legally pls i beg

Start Time: Sunday, April 17th, 8pm EST (UTC-4:00)

End Time: Sunday, April 24th, 8pm EST (UTC-4:00)

oh right, second place wins 1mil & 5 SteveCo. Keys  :o
Sorry for the uhh very late announcement!
ep9954 and I will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow, April 2nd, at 8pm EST!

There are some very special easter eggs awaiting discovery...
But I guess elaboration can wait until tomorrow!

For now, I inform you that a 50k emp prize awaits the winner (;

Due to lack of players, event will be rescheduled for a later time ):
B-Team / [B-Team] Events!
Mar 28, 2022, 08:54 AM
Here is a list of all the events in the Gaming World.
The events are split up into 4 "seasons": Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.

  • Arena                 /warp arena
  • Grassluck          /warp grassluck
  • Lava Luck          /warp lavaluck
  • Wipeout 1         /warp wipeout1
  • Wipeout 2         /warp wipeout2
  • Quiz                   /warp quiz

  • Death Match                 /warp deathmatch
  • Hide and Seek              /warp hidenseek
  • King of the Ladder       /warp kotl
  • Spring Spleef                /warp springspleef
  • Mob Arena                   /warp mobarena
  • Track                             /warp track

  • The Maze                          /warp themaze
  • Needle in a Haystack       /warp needleinhay
  • Spirit Hunt                        /warp spirithunt
  • Traitor                               /warp traitor

  • Tower Spleef               /warp towerspleef
  • Simon Says                  /warp simonsays
  • Snow Fight                  /warp snowfight
  • Snowman Spleef        /warp snowmanspleef
  • Winter Maze              /warp wintermaze

This is list is ongoing, if more events are added, they will be placed within their seasons here!
Please inform the current HoH if you edit this list!
    Banned Items, Mobs and Mods List!
    Here is a list of the official banned items, mobs and mods for the Attack of the B-Team Server!
    With the new launch, we decided to allow higher ranks (Geologist+) to have access to some items.
    The privilege of these items were granted to you, do not abuse them.

    Disabled Mods
    • Archimedesships (Crashes)
    • Minions Mod (Bypasses Grief Prevention)
    • Q-Craft (Crashes)

    Disabled Mobs
    • Iron Golems (Lags Server)
    • Ocelots & Cats (Lags Server)
    • Pixies (Lags Server)
    • Silverfish (Lags Server)
    • Snow Golems (Lags Server)

    Banned Items
    All items allowed for Geologist+ are highlighted in orange!

    /dev/null            OpenBlocks          Duping
    Advanced Item Collector            Random Things          Duping
    Alpha TitanFlans ModGriefing
    Ancient StaffBiomes O' PlentyLag
    Auto Output UpgradeAdvanced Genetics    Server Crasher
    BackpackBetter StorageDuping
    Bibliocraft CaseBibliocraftServer Crasher
    Blazing Pyrotheum BucketThermal ExpansionGriefing
    Block BreakerRandom ThingsDuping
    Block MoverRandom Things
    Block TeleporterRandom ThingsGriefing
    Brew of ErosionWitcheryGriefing
    Brew of Hollow TearsWitchery
    Brew of SproutingWitcheryGriefing
    Brew of WebsWitchery
    C-4 & RemoteFlans ModGriefing
    Chunk LoaderMineFactory ReloadedLag
    ClaymoreFlans ModGriefing
    Cloud in a BottleChisel
    ComputerMrCrayfish's Furniture Mod    Duping
    Crane BackPackOpenBlocksGriefing
    Crane ControlOpenBlocksGriefing
    Crafting Station SlabTinkers' ConstructServer Crasher
    Destabilized Redstone Bucket  Thermal ExpansionGriefing
    Disarm SpellWitcheryDuping
    Display CaseN/AServer Crasher
    DrawbridgeTinkers' MechworksDuping
    Drill ItemWeather and TornadoesLag
    Ender & Nether BucketsN/AGriefing
    Explosive Barrett AmmoFlans ModGriefing
    Florbs (all)Thermal ExpansionGriefing
    Golden EggOpenBlocksGriefing
    Gelid Cryotheum BucketThermal ExpansionGriefing
    GrenadesFlans ModGriefing
    Item CollectorRandom ThingsDuping
    Large BombsFlans ModGriefing
    Magnetic ForceRandom ThingsTeleport Bypass
    Masters StaffMinions ModGriefing
    NapalmFlans ModGriefing
    OvenMrCrayfish's Furniture ModCrashes client
    PackageMrCrayfish's Furniture ModDuping
    Poppet ShelfWitcheryLag
    PortaspawnerMineFactory ReloadedGriefing
    PresentMrCrayfish's Furniture ModServer Crasher
    Proto TitanFlans ModGriefing
    Redwood SaplingNaturaLag
    Routed Crafting PipeProjectRed TransportationServer Crasher
    RPG-7 & AmmoFlans ModGriefing
    Sacred Oak SaplingBiomes O' PlentyGriefing
    Shock WaveWeather and TornadoesLag
    Sledges (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)     ArtificeDuping
    Small BombFlans ModGriefing
    Sonic GlassesOpenBlocksProfile Corruption
    Soul of the WorldWitcheryGriefing
    Statue HammerStatues
    KnapsackTinkers' ConstructDuping
    Test ItemWeather and TornadoesLag
    Tornado GunWeather and TornadoesLag
    Tornado SensorWeather and TornadoesLag
    Tornado SirenWeather and TornadoesLag
    Tropics Portal EnchanterEnhancedPortals 2Changes Spawn Location
    Weather CollectorMineFactory ReloadedLag

    This list will continue to be updated as the server progresses. If there are items missing from this list, please message server staff in game or on the forums to have the item added.[/list]