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Have a Super Fun Time!

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Hey folks, sorry for this being a tad delayed, been a messy month full of being sick on and off

Anyhow, gonna host some Tower Spleef this Sunday, at 6pm PST/9PM EST, prize will be 1mill per round with 2 rounds hosted, plus some tokens and vouchers, the usual goodies

'member to bring your own shovels

Event: Tower Spleef (/warp towerspleef)
Time: Sunday, 6pm PST/9PM EST
Prize: 1Mill per round, tokens + vouchers
Howdy again guys 'n gals! Hope you've all had a nice October thus far :heart:

Figured I'd host us some LayerMaze this Saturday! It's like a normal maze... but with layers...

Anyhoot, the event will start at 8pm PST/11pm EST, with an EMP prize of 1mill to the 1st place winner! 700k will go to whoever gets 2nd place, and 400k to whoever gets 3rd place. Along with some vote tokens and arcade vouchers, I may toss in some custom, month relevant items, funfun :jackolantern:

Hope you'll join me, and hopefully not get too lost in the maze

Event: LayerMaze (/warp LayerMaze)
When: Saturday, the 7th, 8pm PST/11pm EST
Prize: 1Mill for 1st place, 700k for 2nd, 400k for 3rd, vouchers/tokens/items
Old moment :pensive:
He a M a n g o

He kewl
Inactivity Board / Re: Wasted Seconds...
Jul 21, 2021, 02:13 AM
Sam 'n I would be up to doing an abandoned swamp cabin in AB if that's cool.

Also am curious, why 2.1?
Any idea how long this'll be around for?
Inactivity Board / idkatherine Inactive
Apr 21, 2021, 09:31 PM
idkatherine informed me that she is having tech/keyboard issues and may not be active for a bit, also unsure as to when she'll be able to get a fix or replacement.
Hello again NicotineBuzz! I'm the staff member that banned you this time.

First off I'd like to address your claim of not having any warning.
You've ignored warnings for at least the following:

- Not copypasting / "rapping" into chat.
You were asked not to, but still did so, simple as that.

- Not mentioning/bringing up your Survival ban.
Lady_Carissa warned you that you would be globally banned if you continued doing it, yet you still did.

- Use of the N word.
A Mod had to sit and explain to you why we don't allow, and you were banned on Survival after saying it.
Which I'll add to, we have never allowed it. As someone who likes to mention that he joined in 2011, you should be well aware of this fact. :)

To go with what I mentioned above. You also chose to annoy, bother, and harass staff on Survival, from our other servers. Even the same staff that you were harassing when you were banned last.

You're an old player, as old as I am, so it's really disappointing that even after all the chances you've been given, you still choose to act like this.

In conclusion, your unban request is denied.
Please don't bother posting another one, as it will be discarded.
If we ever do a TTT server again though, I'd be down to help with addons/maps :heart:
Added Crate 60: Animal Crossing, and Rare Crate 12: Hell Bound.

Both made by @samanthasnee and myself :heart:
Howdy folks!

This Saturday, at 7pm EST, myself and Britney :potato: will be hosting 3 rounds of Boatrace, 1st place for each round will receive a nice 250k prize. Though no repeat winners, for fairness.
and maybe somethin a lil extra

Hope you'll join us for some fun! :heart:
Posting for @Bradical9912 due to forum being a derp.

What is your IGN (in-game nickname)?: Bradical9912
What is your uptime in the last week (/pstats)?: 8 Hours and 30 Minutes
What is your overall uptime(/pstats)?: 521 Hours and 23 Minutes
Were you banned from our server in the last 6 months?: Negative
Were you ever banned for xraying / advertising / exploiting glitches?: No
What rank do you wish to be (EventHost / JMod)?: Junior Moderator (JMod)
Why do you want that rank?: Being a Member of SFT since 2012, I absolutely love the server and would like to help in anyway that I can to SFT and the community. My mature, Fun, and Honest play style can help benefit and bring joy to the community.
What region are you from? (EU / US / AU / OTHER): US
Do you have a Discord account?: Yes
Hiya everyone

This Saturday at 9PM EST, myself and hi735 will be hosting some Tower Spleef

Prize will be 125k

Hope you'll join us :heart:
Hello everyone, sorry for this being a bit late :heart:

Saturday, Sept 21st, 8pm EST, JustAddWater and myself will be hosting Skyfall.

Prize will be 100k per round, with 3 rounds total. Be sure to store any items and spend any EXP that you don't wish to risk losing.

Hope you'll join us!  :heart:
Howdy folks!

This is just a little reminder about villages.

A world reset or two ago a rule was created, this rule stated that, due to naturally generated villages being limited but also now claimable by players, that only 1 could be claimed per account. Meaning that if you wish to own a village, you may only own 1 under your name. This seems to have been forgotten over time, sadly.

It's been discussed and decided that this rule should still be in place and enforced. This way more folks will have a chance to get one, and no one will be able to have a sort of monopoly on villages.

I myself have also noticed that some people have already claimed multiple for themselves. No one will be punished for this or forced to give them up, but if you wish to have it unclaimed so that another person may have it, just contact a Mod+ ingame and ask them to do so. Just remember to remove any locks/personal belongings beforehand!

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a good day. :heart:
Howdy everyone, sorry for this being a bit late :heart:

This sunday, 6pm EST, myself and Britney1177 will be hosting spongehunt! ;D

Prize will be 50k per sponge.

We hope you'll join us! :heart:

But I like Nickleback :c
Howdy everyone, sorry for this being a bit late :heart:

This weekend's event will be a few rounds of Spongehunt, hosted by myself and Britney1177! :heart: :potato:

It'll be on Sunday, at 3:30pm EST. Prize will be 50k per round.

Hope you'll join us and have some fun. :heart:
Howdy again folks :heart:

This Saturday, at 5:30pm EST, myself and Sky_Comet will be hosting 5 rounds of Anvil Luck, with a 100k prize per round.
Please keep in mind that it's a death event, so be sure to store your items at home and spend your experience! owo

Hope you'll join us for a smashing good time~ ;)
Ty to everyone who joined us :heart:
Howdy again folks :3

This weekend Towerspleef will be hosted by Darren64_NY, treefart, and myself.

It'll be held on Saturday, 2pm CST (3pm EST, 12pm PST) with a 90k prize per round!

Hope you'll join us :heart:
Howdy folks :heart:

This weekend's event will be Pyramid Spleef, held this Sunday at 2pm est. Prize will be 100k per round.

Hosted by: JustAddWater, Britney1177, and myself.

Hope you'll join us! :heart:
Got to watch an amazing finale to a show, with my best friendur Endur :heart: @TheStarNomad✯