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/warp unisummer
Some changes to the Brickport housing market have been made, as suggested by omelott and discussed by the Manager+ team.

New prices are as follows:

Central square house standard - 300k
Central square house corner/centre - 500k
Standard house - 200k
Corner house - 250k
Marketstall - 200k
Shopbuilding - 500k

The rules are as follows, with changes made to the rules being in bold:

-No changes can be made to the exterior of the houses
-Players can now have more than one house but only one within the inner/central ring
-Only one marketstall/shopbuilding per player
-The player must frequent the location (includes decorating the interior in some way) but is not required to live there
-Players who are inactive for 2 months will be evicted from their homes without the return of their money but with return of items within the building
-Staff no longer get discounts on these prices

In order to purchase you will still need to contact a Manager+ and pay them the money before you are allowed to have the building protected.

Weekly challenge? Completed it mate

Bonus points for old texture pack on bling?
Quote from: Magnet on Apr 24, 2021, 07:25 PMIs it possible to learn this power?
Sorry, you are not the Dragonborn 8)
Howdy diddly neighbours!

This weekend event, samanthasnee and I are spoiling you with an Easter-themed Treasure Hunt, so get your tools all efficiency'd up and your egg hunting hats on and be ready Sunday the 11th at 9PM BST/1PM PST/4PM EST.

Countdown timer here!
Quote from: Groot_69 on Mar 28, 2021, 06:32 PM1. Slimefun- Some of the items required for the "End game" machines are stupid af. like nether stars. no one is going to pay 15 mil for 1 nether start to make 1 machine when realistically you need quite a bit of them. I think we should make other recipes as we did with the cargo system.
New recipes are currently being discussed within the Manager+ team and will be implemented as soon as they are decided on :)
Quote from: Mazeworker on Mar 28, 2021, 09:56 PMEvent Hosts: Can events not be parkour or spleef all the time... or avoid playing same events as planned Weekend Events.
This is somewhat unavoidable as most EventHosts ask players what they want before hosting, and events like parkour and spleef tend to get the biggest turnouts. Carissa did still bring this up with the team though so they are aware!

Unsure of what you are referring to about '10 minutes and 0 seconds seconds'?
Quote from: omelet on Mar 28, 2021, 10:33 PMI know there's a huge space in the emporium that isn't being used right now. What if you turned that space into an autoshop with admin shop signs so players could buy/sell some of the most popular items (all the gem types, baked potatoes/melons, etc.) when the emporium isn't open. We had something like this a few spawns ago and it would make life so much easier for the managers because people wouldn't be constantly nagging them to open the emporium.
This is a no unfortunately, would be way too generous to allow players emp prices 24/7. We'd have no way to regulate it like we do with the 1 mil emp per visit cap and it would allow for abuse of the system. Emp is a luxury for players, autoshops are where you can sell goods like this out of hours.
Hey everyone!

We'd love to hear your opinions on what 3 issues survival has right now that you would like to see fixed (current backpack issues not included as this is already being looked into).

As well as this, I'd like to let you all know that samanthasnee and I are your current Community Ambassadors and you can reach either of us on discord at any time if you ever have any feedback regarding survival.
Our usernames are samanthasnee#4569 and UnicornOnACob#1941

Thanks! :heart:
Creative / Re: Creative Feedback/Suggestions
Jan 31, 2021, 08:44 AM
I think there should be a plot purge. I was on yesterday trying to find a new plot to claim and the amount of empty plots belong to players who had clearly logged on once and never been on again/been inactive for a while now was crazy, I know there's a command to find a nearby plot but I think it's still needed. I also like magnet's idea of a non-flat world :)
I really liked this suggestion from George
Quote from: George on Jan 19, 2021, 06:40 PMI suggest using different kinds of skulls for the type of spawners on /spanwer instead of just zombie skulls.
I'm from North West England and these are the books we studied in English throughout high school that I remember (not in chronological order):

A View From the Bridge - Arthur Miller
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare
To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
An Inspector Calls - J.B. Priestley
Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare
Othello - Shakespeare
Atonement - Ian McKewan
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Agatha Christie
Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller

At English Literature A-Level I also had to do a piece of coursework on a book of my choice, I chose The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
As per Towelie's request this is a poll to see what the general consensus is about allowing players to see (but not type in) old archived mc discord chats from before the chat merge happened. This doesn't really serve a purpose other than being able to look up memories or funny quotes in chat :)
Quote from: _Afishingmike on Oct 06, 2020, 03:52 AMI just had an idea that I thought would be good to put on here:

Create a "vote week" event. I have two ideas that go along with it
1: make vote tiers go up faster per daily vote (0->5 in 3 days)
2: If we get a certain amount of votes in a week everyone can get perms for anything on the premium shop for a week or two (ex: we hit 200 votes in a week, we all get disguise/glow for a week)

Its a small idea that I thought of a few mins ago but I think it'll make more people want to vote throughout the month :)
This was seriously considered and talked about for a while but it was decided that right now we are going to focus on revamping regular vote rewards and then come back to this in the future.
Quote from: Sassy1233 on Oct 09, 2020, 04:46 PMhttps://www.spigotmc.org/resources/deepstorageplus-1-13-1-16.74145/

Can this be added????
Denied I'm afraid, we have too many plugins right now and it just doesn't bring enough to the table
Quote from: winston_b on Sep 30, 2020, 08:09 PMIs it possible to make so that your voting tier affects how good of items your receive during a vote party? (I don't believe that it currently does that)
This is unfortunately not possible, no.
Quote from: badbrad01 on Sep 27, 2020, 10:13 PMAny updates on this?
Dogggeh is handling this suggestion but needs to confer with Tow about it first, we will update you as soon as we can :)
General Announcements / Re: New Server
Sep 26, 2020, 07:47 AM
Quote from: badbrad01 on Sep 25, 2020, 02:26 PM
Quote from: Dogggeh on Sep 25, 2020, 02:24 PMAnother option could be a survival skyblock type of server? idk

Or bed wars? Would be cool to have Ngl
I second this, bedwars or skywars for me
Quote from: Lou671998 on Sep 20, 2020, 12:02 PMDoes this also mean that the W2 reset will come sooner to allow for a 1.17 world?
No world 2 reset is planned as of right now
Hey guys,
The Manager+ team have decided to push forward the world 1 reset to November 4th - 45 days from now. We decided that waiting for 1.17 would be too much as we have no idea when it's set to be released.

Once again, you can request a build move using this form if no one is available online.

Quote from: _Afishingmike on Sep 19, 2020, 06:26 PManother idea i had; making a vetworld. After the last major reset, I remember a staff (dont remember who) saying something about adding vet world again after 1.14 and we still haven't gotten one.
Towelie says this will likely never be a thing again, sorry!
Quote from: Lou671998 on Sep 19, 2020, 03:19 PMI still feel like we're too harsh on redstone, and it always comes back to lag. its definitely nice to finally have the LWC implementation with minecarts now, makes smelters and sorters much more streamlined.

Is there any way to track piston limits directly? without needing for staff to place them. It can get rather irritating to have to ask staff to place pistons if you're building anything that uses more than 10.

Pistons/slimeblocks are a huge part of redstone, and its a shame that they're flat out banned in any sort of crop farm. MCMMO + fortune makes these farms almost obsolete anyway, so it would be nice if we found a way to actually let people use pistons in semi-automatic farms.

With auto sorters and hopper counts, we have a cap of 100 hoppers for sorters. with the most efficient sorter design possible and no leeway for inputs and outputs, that's 50 items, which makes sorters only viable for bulk storage, and nothing more. We can significantly reduce the lag of hoppers just by placing a block on top of them (stops the check of input from above) so It would be nice to see this reviewed.

Building on from the last one, the region count of 200 basically forbids having more than a single large machine in a region. If you own a large smelter and sorter, you don't have enough hoppers for both in the same region.

Finally, as Mike said, It would be nice to be able to get drops of the rarer mobs more easily (especially since slime farms are banned). perhaps we could have a built in drop rate increase? The emp price seems pretty hefty on these items as well so I can't see why anyone would ever buy them directly from emp, especially if you need large numbers of them (slime blocks are 500 emp each).

That's all I can think of really. I'm not staff so I can't exactly suggest in depth ways of changing these things. Just a few thoughts :)

I have opened up a discussion with the manager+ team about the possibility of this and so far the only one we can consider changing is whether or not to allow pistons in semi-auto farms, the other 2 queries (not needing staff to place and monitor pistons & increasing the hopper limit) have been denied because we unfortunately can't trust all players to follow the rules on pistons and redstone contraptions without certain restrictions. The hopper limit is not what it is to make players' lives hard, it's to prevent lag being generated.

Feel free to suggest any other ideas you may have!