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IGN: ZestyG
Change you Want: add in /rtd
Rank on Factions: something

Pros: Something fun, can be useful if you get the right things
Cons: Can kill people I guess?
just use pots lol
Survival / Re: Alexoop
Feb 18, 2017, 01:37 AM
Hey Alex! I was the one who originally banned you, however after further investigation of your actions on that day I found MANY more things that you said, which resulted in your ban being changed to permanent.  I will forum pm you them if you wish.

Due to the seriousness and the mass amount of instances I found, you will not be getting unbanned at this moment.  You may post another request a month from now. :)

Requesting lock.
Factions / Re: [Factions] Suggestions!
Feb 17, 2017, 03:37 PM
- Aparently most expert PvPers that look for factions servers look for old style PvP ones, but we don't want these toxic people anyway do we?

My second suggestion would be having a laundry list of players blacklisted from the get-go, such as past large troublemakers and people who create a disturbance within the community, and if they wish to play they'll need to pitch their case, but just my thoughts on it.
Like it says in the post, us changing out MC version is highly unlikely and I'd like to refrain from those suggestions for a while. Were on the latest version of MC with some old feature combat plugins, happy mix for everyone. As for this list, ill talk to say what and see who we can get on it/if it should be a thing. Ill let you know if we decide to give everyone a fresh start or not. :)
I disagree with this actually. Don't get me wrong, I understand the reasoning behind this idea, I really do, but I think that since it's a new server with many new changes, that we should give everyone a chance themselves to start over as a new person and have a chance to show that they've changed.

Of course, it's fair that we get rid of these people if they begin to show that they have not changed and do not plan on changing.

But I personally think that many of the troublemakers from the past really do love the server, and will gladly be willing to behave if it means a second chance to start over....

Just my opinion though.
This is an awesome idea, we should give it a try! (So long as the tired arm thing with SFTMMO is removed).
Survival / Re: kracken55
Feb 14, 2017, 06:47 PM
Hello kraken55! You were banned by _smallfry5545 for "Being highly disrespectful towards staff, inappropriate comments."

  As small is no longer a staff member I willl contact a Manager+ to take over this request.  Please be patient as it may take up to 48 hours for them to respond. :)
I remember this omg

Survival / Re: Alexoop
Feb 14, 2017, 03:33 PM
Hey there, @Alexoop ! I was the person who banned you for "Sexually harassing a staff member and making lewd comments."  Sorry it's taken me this long to reply, I just needed some time to come to a decision. 

Before I say anything I want to make it clear that  you can cut the act right now....you wrote your request as if you have no idea of anything that you've ever said or done that involved this behavior on the server, when clearly that is not true.  You said that you had not been given any warnings and that if you had been that you would have stopped.  I recall the before this ban was issued, myself giving you about 10+ verbal warnings/kicks before you received a timeban, for the same general reason I might add, from Nicadean, which considering that you had already been given a timeban recently before that one, was very generous of both him and myself in my opinion.  So as for your warnings, these bans were timebans and NOT permanent, the reason being to warn you that if you continue this behavior that you will receive a permanent ban which will be much harder to get out of, so these timebans were  your warnings.  And considering that as Nicadean mentioned, this is your third timeban for the same general reasoning in not that much time, including one only a day before, I see no reason why you should have been given any more warnings, you should have been well aware of the rules at that point.

As for this ban, I was informed by a staff member that you still making inappropriate, lewd comments in chat after all of these warnings, and that you even went so far as to tell that same staff member that they "made you bust a nut."  This kind of behavior, whether it was intended to be a joke or not, was not taken by the person mentioned above as a joke.  No matter what your intentions may have been here, this behavior is not acceptable, and will NOT be tolerated by any means. 

Even considering the behavior described above, upon searched for the evidence backing up this reasoning, I found  MANY examples of you making other offensive or inappropriate statements that same very day, which I had not been aware of at the time.  You've been given easy warnings up to this point, yet you have clearly learned nothing from them, nor have you made any effort to behave and stop this behavior. 

Therefore, you will be given no unban at this time.
If you still wish to discuss this with me, feel free to send me a forum pm.

Requesting lock.
Congrats Nafi! :D
I only knew the basics of this before I read this, good post, was very helpful! :)
My favorite thing would have to be coming back to SFT, and continuing to be a part of this awesome community that I love so much! ;)
General Announcements / Re: Inactivity notice
Feb 06, 2017, 09:48 AM
Wow, sorry to hear that....
Hope she gets better soon!  :)
Even if you reset the economy I seriously don't see this problem being fixed without a full reset, and it's been years since we've had one, so I think it's about time for one.  I know that many people say "if there's a  reset I'll quit SFT" but I seriously doubt that even half of the people that say that seriously mean it.  If they like SFT, if they enjoy the community, they'll stay no matter what.  I know you're scared about what would happen to SFT  if you went through with that Towelie, but trust me...we survived it before, and we could survive it again. Just my opinion though....
Pixelmon Beta Testers / Re: Skype Group
Jan 26, 2017, 09:12 PM
Will try to remember to vote every day :)
Minecraft name: SerialSlayer

Minecraft name history: BluetigerESW, SerialSlayer

Pixelmon Rank: YouTuber

Current hours on Pixelmon: 34h 50m

Current hours on SFT (All servers combined): 3178h 23m

Have you been banned before? If yes, Why: Yes, nothing in the past year or 2 though.

Technic Client ID: 1a3cb50d-2d46-4476-a192-521a0f376398
Username:  SerialSlayer
Have you ever been staff before, and if so, where?: Yes, was EventHost on B-Team and Admin on  PE.
Have you ever been banned before, and if so, what for?:  Yes, but nothing recent (well over a year or two).
How active are you on discord?: Extremely, I have discord open pretty much whenever I'm on my computer (which is almost always).
What do you plan to do as DJ?: Play music and encourage others to check it out ofc ;D 
That's awesome, hopefully we can really benefit from this!  Some more new players would be amazing!
Read the continuation, it was a scam sadly
Aww, that sucks :/
That's awesome, hopefully we can really benefit from this!  Some more new players would be amazing!
Inactivity Board / Re: Might leave forver
Jan 19, 2017, 02:11 PM
I know the feeling, I left about 4 months ago cause I need a break and just recently came back....hope it helps and hope to see you around again in the future! :)
General Announcements / Re: Reddit Post
Jan 19, 2017, 02:06 PM
Can't seem to remember my reddit login, but I'll make a new account and upvote it :)
Will try to remember to keep voting everyday again!
Awesome, will try to be there!
I think the best thing to go for right now, would be to reactivate Factions and bring that base of players back to SFT.  :steve:
I agree but I think bringing it back without doing it properly would be even worse than not having it at all,so time care and attention needs to be spent doing it well and not rushing it out because of the hype around it right now
Yeah, I've been saying that it should only be brought back as long as it is run with strong-willed staff members, and a strong staff team.
Yes but it would need staff members that ACTUALLY PLAY factions, not just random staff from other servers.  As well it doesn't need many rules other than no cheating, the biggest problem it had before was too many unnecessary rules.
I think the best thing to go for right now, would be to reactivate Factions and bring that base of players back to SFT.  :steve:
That doesn't magically happen over night and seing how prison tanked I am not counting on factions at all.
Ehm...prison never tanked, it was just never released.  You can't fail if you don't even try lol
Hopefully the upcoming factions server will bring in some other players :)
I honestly doubt this...this community can't handle it. There's way too much whining and complaining when people actually play the game the way it's supposed to be played. Many because a lot treated it as a social server that you could do whatever you wanted to on (no offense or anything but the staff enforced literally nothing) rather than as a factions server. And honestly if about 90% of the previous rules aren't removed and rules such as no cheating or whining are actually enforced then I seriously doubt anything will change.

Biggest of all it'd have to be on nothing higher than 1.8 to be actually playable.