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B-Team / Re: The_Dominator77
May 25, 2017, 03:12 PM
Since Dom is not being unbanned, I believe someone should lock this. :)
Well you got me lol. This is why clickbaiting will never end.
Please do not bump old topics ;),Thanks!

Have a great day! (:
Why have it open then? Besides it's just a voting post so not really bad that it shows up now and then xP
this and it wasn't really old anymore as it'd already been bumped at the point that they said that lol
It's Sentence, not Scentence. Also after a comma, you should always have a space.  "English Time" isn't exactly the best thing you could have put, try googling your timezone and replace that instead. Also you forgot a fullstop on "To join fill out this" Not criticising, I like the idea but maybe someone else should judge it. Who knows?
There minor mistake though,and at this time,I was so hyped for it.
*they're minor mistakes ;)

Anyways, best of luck with this, hope you get a good turn out and it goes well! :)
Request Staff Help / Re: Rank
May 12, 2017, 01:15 PM
Changed you back to Member! ;)

General Discussion / Re: Cocoa
May 05, 2017, 02:32 PM
Aaand she has mites and a bacterial infection :S
That's horrible :'(

Hopefully she gets better soon!
Problem resolved and server is back online! :)

@Lucy_23x read tow's post on front page :P
Just wanted to make a quick post to inform everyone that the Pocket server is currently offline for emergency repairs as we work to fix some major security problems that have arised today.  Please be patient as we work on this, we're working as hard and as quickly as we can.

It will be back up as soon as possible, I will reply below to inform everyone when it's back online and things are back to normal! :)

Other Servers / Re: copbot1001
May 01, 2017, 03:53 PM
Requesting move to the "Other Servers" board. :)
The president is not able to be voted out of power as i need some grasp of the RE. Government-wise or not, it's still my nation, and I choose people to separate power so I am not supreme dictator. With votes of congress and the constitution I still have all the rights of impeaching executives and shutting down polls.
You're NOT dictator but you can't be voted out and have the power to make any decision that you want apply to everyone but yourself...yeah, you're definitely not a dictator....

Just as a reference for you:
As president I have the complete right, backed by the RE Constitution II, to put down such a poll like this threatening to remove the founder (illiegal) from his own nation.
So basically what's the point of having an H.O.G. and all your rules if it means nothing and you don't even follow them yourself?   I personally don't know or play a part in any of this, but just saying from the past few posts alone you've really contradicted yourself. lol

As well, your rules are not the same as the forum rules, and this post breaks no forum rules....even if you may not like or agree with it, there's nothing wrong  with him making this post and you have no right to lock it.  Nothing against you, I just personally disagree with censorship is all. (unless it starts a lot of drama/arguing of course)
1.) CSGO (or CS:S but CSGO is better).  Also, I'm aware that CSGO is primarily hosted by valve, but it's also possible to make/host custom servers through the workshop.

2.) H1Z1? It's become quite popular the past few years, so it could be a good thing to consider.

Also, we should really try to revive the GMod server as I believe either it wasn't ever finished or it was never properly announced to everyone.  I'd be happy to help with this if you want, just message me on Skype.

IGN: BluetigerESW (currently BluedaddyESW, but I'm changing it back in 2 days)
B-Team uptime: 307h 33m
Are you able to obtain 6 hours of uptime every week on B-Team? Easily yes, currently active on 2 other servers each week.
Have you been banned before? If so, why should we overlook this? Nope.
Do you have Skype or can you get it? Have it.
What do you know about B-Team mods wise? EVERYTHING.
Any previous experience staffing on SFT? If so where and what rank? Yes, Ex B-team EventHost, and currently Admin on Pocket and Mod on Survival.
What rank are you applying for? JNub (cause I'm a nub) preferably, but I'm cool with either.

Haven't played B-team for a while now, but I really miss it and  wanna get into it, hopefully this would motivate me to do so lol
So, just to be clear, if you want your rewards for voting, you'll have to wait for the vote party, right?
That's the idea, however we won't apply that just yet. But in the near future
But wouldn't this make voting worthless if you aren't online during a vote party? Could discourage players from voting in my opinion.
B-Team / Re: Time to go :'(
Apr 24, 2017, 01:27 PM
@ironman3000 Oh my god...gonna miss you so much damn much, my old friend! Thank you for making the bold decision to serve our country!

Best of luck with whatever journey life may take you through, and good luck in the marines!

You're a great person and friend, and I know I'm gonna miss seeing you around a lot :/

Message me on Skype if you're ever back home and get the chance to talk! :)

Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy birthday Blakus
Apr 23, 2017, 09:06 AM
Happy birthday balk! :D :cake:
Our pocket server has been updated to 1.0.7! Everyone should be able to get on and play now! Come check it out and join the fun! :D

Server ip:
Pocket Minecraft / Re: [Pocket] FALSE ALARM
Apr 21, 2017, 05:09 PM
You're a nub @BluetigerESW
I know lol
In my defense though, it usually takes a few days for PocketMine to update, whereas they did it in less than 24 hours this time :P
So just over 30 minutes after posting this an update was released lol

Should be updated later today :)
Pocket Minecraft / [Pocket] FALSE ALARM
Apr 21, 2017, 01:12 PM
So I know we literally just updated a week ago, but apparently Microsoft hates us because they've now released another update, 1.0.7. 

This, just as the past few updates, this one is quite frustrating because of the fact that the only things that were added were a skin pack, a texture pack, and a downloadable map.

Anyways, if you've already updated, I'm really sorry and I promise we will update again as soon as we possibly can.  For those who have not updated already, please wait until I make a post saying that it's safe to update before you doing so!

If you wanna to sure you won't be affected by future updates and will still be able to play, just turn Automatic App Updates off on the device that you use to play on.  If you don't know how to do this, you can learn how by following the instructions for your device found in the link below.

How to turn off automatic app updates**:

**For Windows 10 users do the following to turn App Updates off:
  • Open the Windows Store app (called "Store").
  • Click your profile icon in the top right corner and select "Settings".
  • Under "App updates" disable the toggle under "Update apps automatically."

Again, sorry about this, and we'll be updating as soon as a PocketMine update is made available! :)
You had nothing to worry about, we like you for who you are no matter what tow.  And I respect you so much more for feeling comfortable enough to open up about this to all of us, I know it took a whole lot of strength and courage to do so!
IGN: Dantdm_jr123
Bug:  Putting items In chests.
Explanation:  When you put items in a chest the items go back into your inventory
This bug was there even before the restart.
hmmm.....that's odd, will look into it. :)
Thanks tow and fear! :heart:

The useful links section makes it so much easier to find things! :D
@MrChanango Going to try to notify the PMMP creator of the crafting bug. :)