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Discord Moderators are discussing your request, in the meantime got a couple questions for ya

Quote from: AutoHandler on Sep 09, 2022, 08:47 PMIn the time being away from SFT I've developed myself to be a more responsible human being.
How would you describe your state of being in the past? What are your goals now? For example, I noticed myself thinking bitterly (previous state of being), and now I'm trying to focus on reminding myself that I'm loved, and to share that love with others (goals now). Feel free to respond directly to me if you wish.

Quote from: AutoHandler on Sep 09, 2022, 08:47 PMI hope I have expressed my regrets and sorrows in the most sincere and formal way I possibly could have
Thank you; it shows. Apologies are nice and all, but what I really want to see is the new you. I want to sign on to discord, and want to think "Man, I'm glad Rampage is here, they truly make this place brighter, lifting others up, nothing like they were before". Apologizing to the staff is one small part, it's the community that both you and I are here for, be the change you want to see the world.
Lost's coming back!
As previously promised, we'll be reviving my first lov... I mean The Lost Islands, it's a wonderful pack, lots of options for everyone from casual players to the more hardcore. Modpack's not published yet.

It's a modded skyblock with loads of magic and tech. Whether you're into flower power, wizards, witches, or blood magic Lost's got it all. Whether you're into automation, reactors, automation, ludicrous machines, Lost's got it all. This will be the same mods we used back in the day. Minecraft version of 1.7.10. Mod list will be shared as release gets closer.

You'll fit right in...(exceptions apply)
Enjoy making your machines just a LITTLE bigger than they need it and got an itch to automate? You'll fit right in. Enjoy stringing together spells and rituals to cast lightning from your wand? You'll fit right in. Enjoy making your base purely out of cobblestone? You'll fit right in (you can do better if ya want, but I'm just too lazy sometimes). Enjoy starting your own business? Well forget about it, people here give away items for free, your business won't exist when people will literally pay you to give items.

Having fun with some old friends (and meet new ones), cause some chaos, and supporting each other. Whether that's in showing off your cool machines, in the pvp arena, or on the wrong side of a tnt cannon. But not just having fun from stuff that's on the server, but building each other up and making up your own games. That being said, I can't promise it will last forever, but every second that it does I'll cherish. Nor can I promise large player counts, but even if it's just you and me on the server we can have a super fun time (sorry had to), the rest are just missing out. They'll never know what insanity this is .

Note to the Veterans
While I know the temptation is there to stick to what you're familiar with, try some mods you haven't gotten as far into before. Enjoy your time here, don't rush through the pack, but live in each moment, build crazier than you need to build, mess around with friends. If your only goal is to complete the pack, you'll miss all that matters. Enjoy each moment, whether honing your craft on your island alone, or sharing with others.

We are not who we once were when Lost released all those years ago. If you expect this re-launch to be exactly like the good times you remember, you WILL be disappointed. Don't EXPECT (though I certainly hope it will) this to be the fun, friendly environment you it become the good times you remember. Be the change you want to see in the world. I need you to make this server what Lost was. I need your friendly attitude, your willingness to help, your insanity, your quirkiness. The server without you is just 1s and 0s, with you it is a place I can call my home. Thank you in advance, you're amazing, can't wait to see what wonderful people you've become :heart:

P.S. Join our cult

B-Team and Tekxit will be shutting down in a little under two weeks (on the 31st) to make room. World downloads available on request as always. I'm sorry that I failed you, we'll take what we've learned to the next server.

In typical modded fashion TNT will fly. @Live2Ride17 Will sound the battle horn (probably Saturday night). Let's see some carnage! You'll have creative, no protections, feel free to make things go boom boom or build massive machines or whatever. If you want to get screenshots of your base, I highly advising doing so BEFORE that weekend (doubt you want a picture of a crater).

What you can do to help
Fill this post with post with beautiful builds from bteam, massive machines from tekxit, anything you want to show off from either server, post it here. Looking forward to seeing all that you've made!

Re-visit the memories of old, recall what you love(d) about this place (whether that's Lost, B-Team, Tekxit, anything modded or any of our servers). Then tell your story below. It is important to remember why we are here, together.
Quote from: AutoHandler on Mar 04, 2022, 04:55 PMI honestly don't intend on really coming back, I don't really want to, not actively like I used to be

Doesn't sound like you really want to come back, no unban.
Everyone join me in welcoming @AtomicPulse to the Modded owner crew! From helping out on the backend, helping players in-game, having fun, being one of the major driving forces between multiple large modded projects, he's been alongside helping every step of the way. Thank you for everything Atomic, I know I can count on you, and trust you with the highest modded rank, Congratz!

P.S. He's also heading up the next modded project
Removed Pix (archived), added hexxit2
Applications now closed :( . If you still got an itch to build a dungeon, send me a dm and I can add you to my (not in the contest) dungeon. The constructing of the dungeons has begun! They're hard at work puking their creativity onto the plank canvas of a superflat world! They've even adjusted some rules!
Quote from: Maya546 on Nov 08, 2021, 07:16 AMTeam Witch for me c:
Time to brew some potions!
Quote from: Stalkeroo on Nov 07, 2021, 08:31 PMTime for the almighty wardrobe armory to defend against those witches (joining wardrobe team)
Welcome to the Wardrobe!
Quote from: ZyrinePrime on Nov 05, 2021, 07:17 PMThe Witch for me!
For the hall of prizes? A gun staff from Chocolate repoired

Updated discord name to primus
Quote from: NotChocobo654321 on Nov 07, 2021, 04:04 PMI'll toss my hat in and join the Wardrobe team because I ain't a witch.

For the prize pool i say toss something in that can be used in the next rotation *IE if a tech some kind of capacitor banks or similar*
Added to disc channel
Quote from: ZyrinePrime on Nov 05, 2021, 07:17 PMThe Witch for me!
For the hall of prizes? A gun staff from Chocolate repoired

Quote from: AtomicPulse on Nov 06, 2021, 04:08 PMWardrobe!
Woo! Added your both to the top secret discord chats!
Duel of the Dungeons

I challenge you to a duel! This contest will not be decided with swords, nay, but by our wits and our skill as dungeon masters.

To answer the call, divide yourself evenly into two teams; the Witch and the Wardrobe (post below with the team of your choice). Each team will construct their dungeon from the 13th to the 21st of November (feel free to plan), be it a labyrinth, a boss fight, traps, riddles, or something of your own making. I know what you're thinking, and while a death trap would be an effective way to keep people out, you must prove to me that it can be completed from start to finish with not a shirt on your back. To help things along each team will be provided a stack of redstone and 8 secret rooms items of your choosing.

If you want to make your dungeon say... come alive, each team will have the option to summon as many bosses/entities (within reason) as they want at anywhere in the dungeon (give me a valid Hexxit 2 (1.12.2) /execute command to be my the 20th) (look up MCStacker for a command generator)

If you want your dungeon to be protected from some blocks being broken by the ancient magiks of Prut Ect 'In, let me know what areas you want block breaking allowed/forbidden by the 20th)

If you answer my call, and emerge victorious, you and your team will get a trophy (of sorts, you'll see), and an opportunity to pick some prizes from the HALL of PRIZES (post below some suggestions of what you want in it (the more reasonable the more likely I'll include))

The winner will be the team that takes the most attempts to solve (with time as a tie-breaker)! Don't forget about having fun or aesthetics though (the winning teach in either of these categories will get a small prize)!

Team (Witch or Wardrobe):
Hall of Prizes ideas:
Server releasing as Open Alpha, will move into beta on Monday
Delayed by an hour, unforeseen technic difficulties
Welcome back! Sorry about that, we're forced to enforce discord's policy, not our choice. We'd love to have you back! What's your current discord name? Didn't see any entries under Simp.
Yes, someone needs to dethrone @BluetigerESW and @RallyReaper
Throwback Survival
Raw Survival
World Survival
Craft and Chill
Forum Games / Re: Last poster wins!
May 22, 2021, 07:38 PM
Nice try george.
Quote from: Nubbun on Apr 20, 2021, 11:43 AMupdate could happen and make the grind obsolete
There hadn't been a reset in years, and we don't plan to do another one in years. We've set the server up so we don't need to do a reset of player bases even if new update comes out with new world gen.
Teaser trailer:

After completing a computer themed quest you will be awarded with a basic AE2 system (and power). If you complete the quest within the first week you'll get a bonus 4k storage cell! Further drives will be available for purchase at a shop in the shopping district.

List of changes:
  • Item Computers from AE2 Added
  • Dynamax
  • Player run shops in the Shopping district (/autoshops). Pokeballs, ores, and more!
  • The End opened (/theend)

Existing features:
  • Legend quests in addition to natural spawns
  • Beatiful Gyms
  • Breathtaking chisels and bits structures
  • Pokemon
old unban found here,196493.0.html . To proceed with the unban respond to Tow's last messaage.
Quote from: Mazeworker on Mar 01, 2021, 03:47 PMTo whomever duped items... you suck and should be permabanned with no chance of unbanning.
Thankfully it was reported before it was abused. A huge thank you the reporter and @BrainyDevil for help testing!
Postponed release, it is not ready yet.
Quote from: AutoHandler on Feb 23, 2021, 01:06 PMIf it's not too much to ask
ofc not, what's your discord name?
Quote from: NotChocobo654321 on Feb 05, 2021, 03:00 PMtbh 100% honest the main reason I stopped playing was I noticed I was falling for a similar pitfall that I had last update where I did the pokedex and nothing else really.
We are lacking in the end-game content. We have a couple ideas of things we could add. Right now our focus is one new feature/thing at a time, and when that's done to our satisfaction, we start working on the next one.
Quote from: NotChocobo654321 on Feb 05, 2021, 03:00 PMAlso if its possible add things like a pokemon triathalon that was seen in the anime. (Ofc people bringing their own 3 pokemon that pass rules) or we could have like an area where people could fight while being on the same pokemon as each other (EX: Ponyta pvp)
ooo interesting idea.