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Still around. One of the first. Still remember New Torchstone.
Gonna add Fortnite as usual (bring on the haters! I find enjoyment in the game)

Just started a new CS:GO/Valorant type game called Rogue Company. I got a beta key for it :D
Been playing a lot of Rust later if you want to give it a chance again
Quote from: camster65 on May 03, 2020, 10:58 AMIt's a good idea to trial and could end up being a positive, however it would be pointless to do right now in this current reset because all i'd have to do is take a screenshot of each persons cord's now and i'd know where each base and spawner is so would defeat the point in removing it.

I disagree. You might see some groups decide to move bases to somewhere else because people know where their current base of operations is.
I think the proposal of doing it for a week to try it out is reasonable. This gives the option for it to return after a week if it seems to be an issue with how the game is being played.

There is no other multiplayer game similar to mc factions(Rust come to mind because I play a lot of it) that has a map that shows where other players bases or other players locations are.

If you can give me a reasonable and logical game play reason to keep a map in a multiplayer game to show where every player, base and claimed land is then I will change my vote to keep the map.
I vote other. Would love to see a great/fivem server. Willing to help admin it.
Quote from: Towelie on Jan 27, 2018, 02:35 PMI suggested making it 25% success chance to steal cars. So yes, you can now steal cars (not from the first try though, but you should find a ride within 3 minutes)
As for revive if no EMS around - @Candi  - Do you think we could do something like that ? (allow players to revive if there's no EMS online)

Thanks for listening and trying to implement these changes!
Going to say this again along with another suggestion until the server builds up:

Give the ability to steal cars. If I join a server with little to no population on it, and I cannot steal a car. I leave and go to a different server. It's a must with low pop servers. You can change it later. I only stayed because I want SFT one to grow.

Allow repsawns without EMS at hospital. I was the only one on, I died. What do? Leave the server and go to a different one. That is the only option right now with low population.

Please hear me on these suggestions until the server grows larger.


I made a post about this a couple of weeks ago with no response :(
Anyone? Please....
So my son just told me he needed more information :(

If you have glasses or hearing aids please let me know.

You guys are freaking awesome and this is one of the reasons this is the best gaming group out there
You guys are awesome! Thanks and need much more if anyone else can.
Study Corner / Science Project help please
Nov 24, 2017, 03:16 PM
My son is working on a science project and needs more data. If anyone could help that would be great.

All you need to do is go to the following sites on your home computer(doesn't work on mobile devices) and take the following tests and post the results. You don't need to sign up so just click the anonymous results and reply here.


Visual: http://cognitivefun.net/test/1
Audio: http://cognitivefun.net/test/16

Many thanks in advance!
This will help.

I've already signed everything I can and written my congress men and women.

Without net neutrality your internet provider could limit what you can do, where you can go, what you can see. Essentially taking away the freedom of an open internet.
Quote from: Towelie on Nov 12, 2017, 08:08 AM
Quote from: Jyncs on Nov 12, 2017, 02:20 AMGlad to have been here for all 7 years of it too
Crap, I forgot to add you too.  Added, I am sorry.

Oh I don't need recognition. Just glad I have been part of it for this long.  :D

From being one of the first Mods/Managers/specialist to being an admin over vanilla server and now Rust.
Glad to have been here for all 7 years of it too
I think what he means by protecting your own build is that you make it hard to get into or fight off others trying to get in. Not a protection system.

think Vanilla on Hard

I could be wrong though
You saw in the other thread :D

First world problems and all that.
General Announcements / Re: Florida Events
Sep 13, 2017, 02:28 AM
We were without power for 24 hours. We are lucky it is back on. The people right behind us do not have power and someone I know down the street about 5 blocks does not have power.

There are plenty more people without power.

Last night without power was awful. With no breeze to push the air from outside throughout the house it got muggy and hot real quick. You can do nothing but strip down and try to stay as cool as possible to sleep. I think I fell asleep out of exhaustion and woke up in a pool of sweat.

All of our food in the fridge we had to throw out which was a lot. A lot of stuff in the freezer is ok but still had to throw some out.

Fences and trees are knocked over all over the place.

We have a 23 hour curphew but it was lifted at 11am yesterday. Restaurants started opening at 3pm yesterday and were quickly overran with customers because of no power to cook. Some had to wait at least 2-3 hours for food. McDonalds driver thru was at least 3-4 blocks long on a major street. Chic-Fil-A had 3 drive thru lines running and still had a line of cars wrapped around a block. Arby's the same.

Today is a little better for restaurants but still a lot of people without power. We went to the grocery store to see if we could get some stuff to cook at home and the shelves were starting to get empty.

We prepared but were still not prepared enough. I know what else I need for the next one and plan to be even more prepared but I still don't think it will be enough.
General Announcements / Re: Florida Events
Sep 10, 2017, 01:36 AM
Quote from: Towelie on Sep 09, 2017, 02:20 PM
Quote from: Jyncs on Sep 09, 2017, 01:18 PMThanks for the help!

There are always some stubborn people who will need to evacuate who will not!
Like Dpa but he's not stubborn, he just didn't have enough gas and all gas station were closed (and even if they weren't closed, getting the money would've been tough for him)

Yeah definitely not talking about him.
Yeah now it looks like it is going to go right over to top of Dpa now.

Let's hope it shifts even more to the west as that has been the trend over the past 24hrs
General Announcements / Re: Florida Events
Sep 09, 2017, 01:18 PM
Thanks for the help!

There are always some stubborn people who will need to evacuate who will not!