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Cluescrolls Re-release

Hello Survival players, today I have an exciting announcement to make: Cluescrolls have been completely revamped to be more fun, more rewarding, and more challenging! Every aspect from clues to rewards have been revamped and improved so there are more ways to get more and better loot.

New Features:

New Clues

Clues have been completely revamped to include new and fun challenges with added variety, with changes made for balancing. Clues that are impossible or hard on SFT have been removed or altered, and some new types of clues of varying difficulty have been added, including but not limited to:

  • Altered mob kill quotas
  • Fairer crafting and mining clues
  • New clues, like crafting tricky items, exploring, and voting
  • A mix of challenging and moderate legendary and special clues
  • Some joke-based clues, added for fun
  • New plugin-integrated clues planned for the future!

New Rewards

 :slimeball: All low quality rewards like the enchanted tools and horse armor, along with many inadequate prizes like ores have been removed from all tiers.

Common Cluescrolls: Common cluescrolls have been revamped to have better loot, including vote tokens, steve co crate keys, slimefun items, pyrofishing items, enchanted books, custom enchanted items (TBD soon), and more lucrative vanilla options. Each cluescroll gets you 3 rewards after you solve no more than seven low difficulty clues.

  • Hazmat Suit
  • Infinity & Flame Book
  • Pet spawn eggs
  • Prismarine Crystals

Special Cluescrolls: Special cluescrolls yield higher loot including better slimefun items, high tier enchanting books, rare items like crying obsidian and ghast tears, valuable custom enchanted items (details TBD soon), music disc vouchers, arcade vouchers, x6 vote tokens, zeta and entropy, a platinum lure, and a slim chance at an Elytra. Each scroll gives you three rewards for upwards of nine clues.

  • Platinum lure
  • Explosive tools
  • Large Backpack
  • Celestial Artifact
  • Fortune 3 Book
  • Channeling, Mending, Prot V, Silk Touch Books
  • x6 Vote Token
  • Music Disc Vouchers, for both classic C418 and 1.16+ Lena Raine discs
  • Elytra

Legendary Cluescrolls: Legendary cluescrolls have the most valuable items. Rewards include:

  • Pairs of celestial artifacts
  • Rare Crate Key
  • x12 vouchers
  • x15 vote tokens
  • Radiant Backpack
  • Turtle cap
  • Shulker Box
  • Heart of the Sea
  • High powered custom items (more details TBD) :)
  • A *rare* (2%) chance of getting a Nether Star

New Methods of Obtaining

You can now *buy* each tier of cluescroll using EMP instead of experience. The new system works as follows:

 :iron: Common cluescrolls cost 4,500 emp
 :gold: Special cluescrolls cost 35,000 emp
 :diamond: Legendary cluescrolls cost 100,000 emp

In addition, you can still buy mystery cluescrolls which have a chance to become any cluescroll for 12 initial exp levels (215 points). Each type of cluescroll has a weighted chance, so special has less than half the chance over common and legendary half of that.

Please note that buying cluescrolls now has a cooldown, so you can only buy one every three hours.

In addition, you can now obtain clue crystals from killing mobs! Ordinary spawner mobs including blazes, skeletons, zombies, and spiders do not drop them, but mobs like creepers, wither skeletons, strays, drowned, and piglins have a 1.5% chance to drop a crystal. These crystals, when redeemed, turn into a random tiered cluescroll (with higher odds than mystery cluescrolls purchased with EXP).

Those are our new changes for cluescrolls, and we have more planned and to be implemented in the very new future! If you have any feedback about these changes or questions about the new system, please leave them in a reply so we can improve them further :)
General Announcements / Parkourpalooza
Apr 04, 2022, 02:29 PM

Hello Survival players, join me for a parkourpalooza this week on Thursday, April 7 at 6pm MST/12pm Friday!

We will be playing:

 :waterbucket: Wipeout 2
 :waterbucket: Wipeout 3
 :waterbucket: Wipeout 5
 :slimeball: Bouncykour
 :slimeball: Bouncykour 2
 :grassydirt: Mudder
 :grassydirt: Mudder 2

Each victor will get 15k, and if we get enough players I'll even host more favorites like spleef, grassluck, and/or events of your choosing ;)

See you there!

Hello fellow gamers,

I come to you with the great news that Autpek and I will be hosting a game of


this Saturday (3/12) at 2pm MST/3pm CST/4pm EST/9pm GMT/UTC.

Now that the Infernal Spongies are loose, the essence separating the End, Nether, and Overworld wears thin! Entropy and magic spill into the overworld where the infernal spongies have by some exceedingly improbable likelihood managed to fall into the Eventworld in devilishly smart and handsome inconspicuous places (I know, right?)! SFT needs your help finding the sponges of End, Nether, Magic, Dimension, and Time!

Each person who finds a sponge will get 100k emp, and be able to keep the custom sponge! So make sure you drop by this weekend's event and help Aut and I round up these pesky spongies before it's too late...
Here's a list of mods you can use on the forge or vanilla launchers with Fabric and Fabric API. If you have any you'd like to add, please feel free to modify this post but make any edits in a different text color.

Forge mods Fabric mods


Forge: Simply configure a profile and download the mods on the curseforge website directly to the launcher (Orange button). Mods compatible with Forge are red. You cannot install Forge mods for Fabric or vice versa.

Fabric: MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD BOTH THE MODLOADER AND MOD API. The api and loader must be the correct versions to work together for the MC version you want to play. I'd recommend getting the most recent fabric modloader and api for your MC version, but that may not guarantee the game won't crash. Fabric modloader can be hard to configure with a lot of mods so they aren't incompatible. I have only run Fabric 1.17.1 with half of the included fabric mods, so it is not guaranteed to work. Be aware that it may take several launch attempts and guesswork to get working. 1.17.1 compatibility: I'd recommend 40.1 API and v0.11.6 since it worked for me with some of the following mods.
Once you download them, run the fabric modloader.exe application and install it. Then open %appdata% (Windows Start Search: %appdata% and enter) on your computer and go to .minecraft. Create a new folder called mods. Put the api .jar in there, along with all mod files you download.  [/b]

Only install mods from credible sources, like CurseForge. .jar files can be harmful to your PC. Some browsers will automatically block installs of .jars, so open the download menu after downloading and confirm you want to keep it if prompted.

WECUI-allows you to see worldedit selections with no limitation on size and helpful red barriers that are visible through blocks. Also allows a hotkey to deselect W/E selections on creative and see chunks on survival instantly.
WECUI is also available for Forge, but isn't updated to 1.17. 1.18 version is underway.

Beehive Tooltips - Shows you how many bees are in a hive! Useful, I know!

Just Enough Items - lists every item in the game in menus and shows you how to make them.

Not Enough Resources - lists every item's obtaining method, from drops to helpful graphs that show you the best levels to mine for ores.

Roughly Enough Items Fabric-compatible JEI. Requires Cloth Config and Architectury API.

Jade - Provides tooltips that tell you what you're looking at. More helpfully, it can be programmed to tell you anything from pet owner names to mob health to redstone power levels to block placement coordinates and registry W/E states (you savvy managers you). Helpful for being staff sometimes, such as by checking coordinates.

What The Hell Is That? - Alternative to JADE

OptiFine-This mod is simply useful because it improves in-game performance significantly and usually doubles frames. Also includes useful features like handheld torches, hotkey zooming and free in-game capes.

OptiFabric or OptiForge - For Fabric users, you must also add OptiFabric to make it run on Fabricloader.

Phosphor, Sodium, Lithium
- Alternative to OptiFine. Improves performance slightly to OptiFine, doesn't include any of the cool features. Not compatible with OptiFine. May be more compatible with other Fabric mods.

Useful Mouse Tweaks-adds useful in-inventory/crafting Quality-of-life mouse tweaks to make inventory management and crafting easier.

Xaero's Minimap Fairplay addition - Provides helpful minimap in the corner of your display, configurable and togglable. Remember you must turn off entity radar, or you're breaking our rules.

JourneyMap for Forge Forge minimap. Remember you must turn off caves and entity radar, or you're breaking our rules.

AppleSkin - Includes useful food saturation info to the hunger bar and shows you the hunger and health gained from eating food you're holding.

Toast Control - Allows you to disable or reconfigure toasts (those obnoxious top-right bumpers that show up for recipes, tutorial, etc.)

Sound Physics Remastered - Improves MC sound generation for better reverb, caves, nether, etc.

ShulkerBoxTooltip - Allows you to view shulker contents in inventory.

TipTheScales - Allows for custom GUI scaling.

Pickup notifier - Notifies you in the corner when you pick up items. Requires two other mods.

Visual Workbench - Allows items to stay in crafting benches and makes them visually render on the bench top. Also available for enchanting tables. Needs other mods.

There's lots more mods you can install from CurseForge! Just remember that they have to be client-side only, and they must not be unfair or give an unfair advantage (if you have any doubts, ask an admin).

If you crash make sure you are using only compatible MC versions, modloader versions, and api versions. This may take some tampering, and I recommend using the most recent modloader and API for an MC version first. Then try removing mods one by one, starting with the most likely candidates to crash (minus optifine/fabric/phosphor/lithium/sodium if you want to use them). Those mods are guaranteed to work, at least by themselves (optfine does not work with phosphor, lithium, and sodium or vice versa).

Happy modding!  ;)
Congrats Atomic, I'm beeping you whenever I have a question now.
Survival / Re: dumoed
Feb 17, 2022, 10:30 PM
Quote from: Trojan on Feb 17, 2022, 10:17 PMBecause you did as I asked I'll unban you now. Please allow me at least an hour to do this.

Again, I will remind you not to:
  • Rage or insult at staff or players
  • Use any sort of hacked clients or cheats
  • Break any other rules or do anything rude or excessive.
Or you may be banned again and for longer.

Thank you for cooperating with me.

You've now been unbanned.
Survival / Re: dumoed
Feb 17, 2022, 10:17 PM
Because you did as I asked I'll unban you now. Please allow me at least an hour to do this.

Again, I will remind you not to:
  • Rage or insult at staff or players
  • Use any sort of hacked clients or cheats
  • Break any other rules or do anything rude or excessive.
Or you may be banned again and for longer.

Thank you for cooperating with me.
Survival / Re: dumoed
Feb 16, 2022, 10:39 PM
Hi dumoed,

I did indeed ban you for trolling. If you remember, I timebanned you for repeated raging as well (in addition to using a hacked client which I asked you to stop using). When your timeban expired you returned in a few hours and started spamming something I don't need to clarify to the main chat. Obviously this is in no way acceptable and can't be taken as "trolling" even in a light sense, you were deliberately railing against the server and me giving you a short ban for you to cool down.

I am willing to consider unbanning you however, because it's been nearly three weeks and you clearly have an interest in returning.

Before I unban you, I'd like you to take responsibility for what you did and properly apologize for it. In your response acknowledge you read and are familiar with our rules on trolling and using hacked clients, and please list two of our rules so I know you read them. Also, I want you to promise not to rage at other players or staff and not use any forms of hacks or cheats again. If you do those things to my satisfaction I will unban you. Understand that we do not take what you did lightly and if you're banned for any of the above again it will likely be for a longer period of time.

You have one week to respond to this post or your request will be locked and you'll have to start again.
Quote from: TheStarNomad✯ on Feb 02, 2022, 11:13 PM
Quote from: hi735 on Feb 02, 2022, 10:05 PMYes I am indeed part of the ambassador team
Who's hi?
not sure but told we were working with him.
Hello! On behalf of StarlordRonin, ValVenus_, hi_per and myself-it's my pleasure to announce ourselves as your new Community Ambassadors!

As Community Ambassadors, we are the team charged with communicating between the staff team and Survival players. This means we'll do the following:

:diamond: Take your concerns, feedback, and suggestions to the staff team and hatever appropriate echelons.
:greenrecord: Try to answer your questions about Survival and changes being made or considered.
:paper: Aid in announcing changes coming to Survival and important news.

As the team in charge of liaison, we're more than happy to hear your suggestions and feedback. Please reach out to us in the following ways:

:iron: On our Discord feedback channel, where many players and staff can see your posts
:gold: Here on the forum Suggestion board, where a more detailed post can be more widely seen without being lost behind other messages and you can set polls (also you can leave a suggestion or poll here and share the link in feedback)
:diamond: DM any one of us and we'll forward your concerns and feedback! We're more tham happy to talk to you one-on-one and confer your ideas to the staff team. Please reach out to us before Towelie or other staff as this is our duty as ambassadors and liaison, and since we take your concerns to the entire team to hear.

Thank you for your time. If you'd like to reach us on discord, here is our contact list:

TheStarNomad ✦ 縁出乱#8100

Hello! On behalf of the SFT Staff Team, it's my pleasure to announce ourselves as your new Community Ambassadors!

As Community Ambassadors, we are the team charged with communicating between the staff team and Survival players. This means we'll update you on important decisions being made, and we will ask for your input on important issues facing Survival.

This also means that if you have suggestions or feedback for Survival, you should leave those ideas in the appropriate places. All players and staff get to see your feedback on Discord, but if you want to draw more attention to a topic without it disappearing behind other feedback we recommend you make a poll here. Please keep in mind this board is where recommendations should go.

Also, if you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to reach out to us directly as well. We're always open to hearing your voice! :) We also ask you take your concerns to us, where we will forward them to the staff team as a whole rather than messaging Towelie so as not to overwhelm him.

Some tips for leaving suggestions here:
:snowball: Be clear on what you're suggesting and provide enough details. If we don't understand the issue or know what needs to be resolved, we can't help you as easily. Explaining why this change is beneficial is also important to helping us understand.
:book: Please be constructive. It doesn't help to attack decisions the staff team makes or be negative towards us or other players. Stating why you think a change should be made is the more helpful feedback we want.
:egg: If you want players to vote, make your topic a poll so they can do so.
:fish: Be succinct and on topic so we can understand the issue better and also so more people will want to read it. ;)
 :leather: Post your suggestion/poll and link it in discord survival-feedback for maximum effect!

Thank you for your time. If you'd like to reach us on discord, here is our contact list:

Nic W.#7772

If you have a have a suggestion for survival or feedback in general you would like to make, there's three places you can leave it:

:slimeball: On our Discord, in the survival feedback channel. This channel will be widely seen by staff and players.
:goldenapple:  On the Survival Feedback sub-board, located under Community Support. Here you can leave a longer post and ask players for opinions through polls, something you should also consider so it won't be buried. You're definitely free to leave a suggestion/poll and link it in survival-feedback!
:cake:  DM one of your community ambassadors on Discord. We're more tham happy to listen to your concerns if you want to reach us personally, and we'll forward your concerns to the staff team. If you need our contact info, please check the Staff Contact list on this board.

Please do not post to this board, or your topic will be moved to Suggestions.
Also, please avoid dmming Tow directly, as we as Ambassadors take your suggestions to the entire team including Tow.

Thank you! :)
Forum Games / Re: Last poster wins!
Jan 29, 2022, 10:51 AM
You will not win pulsenub
Quote from: NotChocobo654321 on Jan 28, 2022, 11:54 PMThis is just me personally yet heres what i have to say
-Some kind of benefit other then two extra hearts for staying at the comfort temp (Like maybe speed, or some other effect)
-Some more leather based armor for when new people join the server so if the server happens to be in winter they won't have to worry about getting to cold incase the helmet isn't enough.

Chocs idea of leather armor when you spawn for the winter is really smart. Giving it unbreaking 1 would also be a good idea.

Quote from: Kakota on Jan 29, 2022, 02:09 AM-Reduce summerheat and raise winter temps. Even if their own biomes.

-Changing the color palette wouldn't hurt.

If I think of more I'll add.

-Hot/cold biomes could def use an adjustment. Cold biomes are cold enough you'll lose hunger quickly, get frozen in the rain, dunking into water or even inside. Leather armor isn't really enough to get past ~0 even in the best circumstances. Rain and snow is also a biggie, and if the commonality/duration of storms can't change it should be +10 in cold biomes and while I don't often find myself in hot biomes or in fire I'm sure it's similar during summertime so they should be -10.

-Different colors would also be nice for things like browner/duller grass in fall and brown/gray in winter. Leaves should all be brown/red/orange in biomes.
-Additional issues with animal farms not able to exist without getting killed off or greatly reduced
-Some biomes could use a cold a cold weather adjustment, as it is hard ti stay warm even with leather armor and mob spawns are a tad high.
Hello Survival Players,

The manager/admin team has decided in order to address potential lag on survival, there will be a new rule regarding hopper usage:

Where hoppers are used for transport of items between places and into containers such as chests and furnaces, they MUST covered with chests
. Why? Because covering a hopper actually improves the performance of hoppers in Minecraft.

Currently, hopper usage is potentially causing unwanted lag that will become a bigger issue as more hoppers are placed. So we're using this rule as an easy way to help mitigate lag from hoppers. If you're not familiar with the rules, you're allowed up to 100 hoppers in one area-that rule has not changed. But if you are found with uncovered hoppers that belong to you, you'll now be asked by survival staff to cover them with chests.

If this issue isn't addressed adequately, there may unfortunately need to be further action taken by nerfing hoppers so they'll generate less lag (which will make them worse)-so please, cover your hoppers!

Thank you for your time and your effort towards making survival more enjoyable.  :)
SFT Modded / Re: Server Idea
Jan 04, 2022, 05:08 PM
Quote from: jasper_Fritz on Jan 03, 2022, 06:30 AM
Quote from: Trojan on Apr 15, 2021, 08:36 AMDungeonDQ, Doomlike Dungeons, Roguelike Dungeons or other: These mods add random and differently sized dungeons to the game which, depending on the mod you use, have different things to offer including different mobs, spawners, loot, and places to explore. Fun for people that run into them, and probably a challenge to conquer and pillage.
Recurrent Complex: RC allows *hundreds* of different user-submitted buildings to spawn in every variety of fashion from temples to houses to ships to dungeons-a lot of these are pretty ridiculous and it is a controversial mod, but all of the sillier and less fittings builds can just be turned off.
Another mod which adds dungeons, temples, and places to explore?
Infernal Mobs: Allows mobs to spawn with all sorts of different conditions, buffs, and nerfs which make mobs more varied and harder to kill. This zombie might have more health, this skeleton revives itself a second time, this creeper is charged and this spider is a lengendary boss! Any mods which add more mobs or bosses will also get these effects!
Mo Creatures?: Mo Creature adds around forty different new mobs you can tame, such as lions, elephants, so on and so forth. People who faint over animals might get a kick out of this, though it might not be important enough.
(Tier 2 Mods)
Tinkers' Construct: Another amazing classic mod, TC allows you to make an incredible amount of powerful tools and weapons. TC allows you to create almighty things like the Shickaxe, an all-in-one tool, and use new and unheard-of tiers of gear with different qualities to them. A great mod for becoming more powerful, secure, efficient, and fearful-TC allows another route of exploration and time spent at the workbench building up that blood-enchanted shuriken.
Minefactory Reloaded: There are a lot of tech mods out there that excel at adding new ways to be efficient and get your tech on. But, MCR is short and sweet to the point: With MCR you can automate your smelting operations, your farm, and even your mining! Plus, it adds unique and sophisticated efficient logic to redstone which can now crawl up walls and be wired to go multiple places through one-block channels. Plus, it adds cool and useful items like the safari-gun which can be used to capture mobs, the omniscient spyglass, or the awesome-sounding needlegun, SPAMR launcher and potato cannon.
Thermal Dynamics: TD adds one large, notable benefit: item and fluid transport. You can move items and liquids through different pipes to anywhere you want, and it uses the same power as MCR.
Project Red?: PR is the successor to the popular RedPower, which adds a ton of new redstone capabilties, likewise to MCR. Actually, MCR incorporated RP's additions after RP ended development. Alas, PR allows for even more! redstone and advanced logic within just one block. Redstonephiles will love this mod. It also has its own itemducts, potentially eliminating the needs for TD. It's just if whether or not this is a more needed or worthy addition, or needed in conjunction.
Applied Energistics?: A great time-consuming mod, AE allows you to create deep storage systems that in conjunction with mods like MCR and TD allow for a nice and orderly system where you can request any item you possess within your system at any access point-even remotely if you get that capability. I don't know if this is justified for such a light modpack, though.
If you have any other great tech suggestions, I would love to hear them!

these are some top tier mod ideas, nice. Beachcraft or something was pretty neat as well and small and prob what youre looking for (was in bteam)

Thanks for the reply, if they were considering it at all
General Announcements / Re: Bedwars release!
Jul 17, 2021, 07:27 PM
Awesome! Thanks Atomix for all the hard work  :) It's been fun and I hope everyone will enjoy it!
I have had a few ideas before, these include:

Terraria and/or Starbound would be fun
I like the space exploration/factory game ideas
There is another game called StarMade which is pretty cool, it's like Minecraft but with spaceships. It's been quite some time since I've played it and I don't know how it's developed but it's pretty cool.
Something like CSGO would be fun.
Or that lite modded pack I suggested; something that has very minimal expansion and hobbies/logisitics for added adventure, tech, magic, combat, etc.,197402.msg934237.html#msg934237
(Ceddy actually responded to this one, forgot his response but I already put it here so I'll include it anyway)
I'm not going to lie, a server by the name of "Hardcore" seems adequate to me. Call me lame, but I think something a little bit too out there is just too odd unless you're really trying to hype it.

Throwback Survival (blalp's suggestion)
Revved up/Revved/Revved Survival
Full Throttle
Extreme Survival
Nuclear Survival/Nuclear Mode
Rage/Rage Survival
Raid/Raid Survival
No Honor (ok, I'm sorry, really cheesy take on "For Honor" but I couldn't help it)
Dystopia/Dystopian Survival
Quote from: Towelie on Apr 28, 2021, 02:44 PMSo I have seen it mentioned before that people are adverse to change and resets and they would like a permanent world that is never reset.
Well, honestly I don't think something like that is possible and whoever promises you that is either lying or wrong.
Mojang changes world structure several times, including complete format changes so there is absolutely no way to say for sure that a world from this version will work in version let's say 2.12 or even 1.18 (minecraft just is volatile like that).
Something you are understanding is: Survival dies without resets, you don't do resets, yeah sure people will be happy but the server will be in pain because of lack of players.

TL;DR and this is something NOT ALL SERVER ADMINS UNDERSTAND: The best for the server is not necesarly the same thing to what the players want, it's actually some times the complete opposite.
Quote from: Kakota on Apr 28, 2021, 05:30 PMWhile I'm not sure how direct this is, to what is being asked. World resets do help majorly in SFT - it allows players to build new and improved buildings, get rid of "inactive builds" that have been abandoned(but can have an active owner/player), and allows us to keep up to date on new MC releases and keep SFT up to par with newly added items and worlds! :)

Quote from: Towelie on Apr 28, 2021, 02:42 PMTL;DR Without adding any worlds, how could we improve our current world layout?

Without world resets, I am not sure how this is possible at its best experience. Only suggestion is reseting SW, nether, and theend...SW could have some resources w1/w2 does not, but longrun I am not too sure myself...I personally agree with Autpek as well.

Yeah I agree with Kak, Aut, and Cr. Would I be possible to have every biome (or not every, but like a snow, mixed forest, dark, mesa, etc) in both worlds combined?

Also I like the portal area idea, lots of new players seem to not know about /servers and are interested in things like creative, pixelmon, skyblock, or modded.

Otherwise my only other idea that stands is one world has a low dungeon count (or at least no villages, since villagers are disabled) in order to have more build room.
Quote from: Towelie on Apr 28, 2021, 02:42 PMOur current world schema is:
world1: 4000 border (in worldborder, i am not sure what that means in vanilla mc but its prob 8000x8000)
world2: 3500 border
world3: event world, irrelevant, it's as big as it needs to be
scavengeworld: small but irrelevant as it gets reset often
nether, end - irrelevant, only specify if you feel either hte end or nether need to be removed from the server.

Now I cannot increase world sizes more than that for various reasons, from disk usage to backup logistics nightmares, but I had a few questions and this goes to the players but also to those who are experienced in running MC servers.

Currently world1 and world2 are both building worlds and reset by rotation whenever needed (either when there are new features that we need to reset world to have or when we run out of space).
But I was thinking... is this order good? Got any better ones in mind?

TL;DR Without adding any worlds, how could we improve our current world layout?

I mean the alternative is a world where the seed is chosen to have biomes of every form (or most forms) for resources and the other world is for building and uses a seed with cool regen. Also, maybe disable dungeons like villages. The other option is equalize their size and make sure combined the seeds give each biome available.

Or just make it one big world. I assume you do it this way for the server though.
SFT Modded / Re: Server Idea
Apr 22, 2021, 08:44 PM
Quote from: Towelie on Apr 22, 2021, 02:12 PM
Quote from: TrojanKitty on Apr 15, 2021, 08:36 AMMy idea is to have a new server that is something pretty close to survival, but adds a few mods that improve several sides of survival: it adds new modes of exploration, be-it biomes or dungeons or what have you; possibly some new forms of mobs as a challenge for players to take on
Honestly I would love a "Modded Survival" with nothing drastic added but some "unofficial updates" with more mobs, biomes, etc.
It's kinda hard tho because with any modded server it's just impossible to keep the economy in check tho.

@xQuicScopex @ceddy24 @blalp FYI, I for one think this may be a good idea. A barebone modded server with just modds that add new content, but we should NOT sacrifice performance like mce/stoneblock, we should FOCUS on performance and if adding a mod kills that, don't add it.
I'd be willing to be involved in such a project if anyone else wants to drive it

Yeah, that was pretty much my idea. So lightweight a lot of computers could handle it, less upsetting to some players who don't want a lod of mods, but adds some new challenges/features/things to do.

Also OptiFine can be installed both serverside and clientside, I believe. When both have it it works the best.
SFT Modded / Re: Server Idea
Apr 22, 2021, 07:27 PM
Alright, cool. Thanks!

Also yeah, knew about Texkit, I didn't know if it was THAT lightweight or not. Thanks for replying