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Hello survival community!

The staff team & community have been working hard on this project for the last few months.
We are happy to announce the "Helpers Guild!"

What is the Helpers Guild?
It's a community guild to help out new joins by donating items to the donation chest; provided by the entrance to the left. Items will then be organized and distributed into the chests to their appropriate category for guests to use!
Items may include - building blocks, food, armor, tools, misc items, and more!

We also have some interactive information books & signs with additional information about our server!
You can find out about PyroMining, PyroFishing, MCMMO, Emporium, Autoshops, Public Farms & Guesttown!

Anyone is welcome to donate items at /warp HG
To donate, simply warp and go to the left(away from the staircase) and there is a chest for donations! 🙂

New to SFT?
Simply take the staircase to your slight right, go up and the chests are labeled with items!
Hello everyone!
This weekend will be hosted by myself and @ValVenus!

We will be hosting 3 grounds of towerspleef with a mix of emp prize of 125k, arcade vouchers and other rewards!
This event is happening at 2PM EST, Sunday the 22nd!
--->Countdown here<---

Happy spleefin'!
Helloooo survival players!

I'll be hosting Driprun this Wednesday, May 4th at 5PM EST!
We'll be playing 3 rounds of driprun with a mixture of emp prizes & item prizes!

Emp prizes will be 30k!
2 arcade vouchers
And other rewards!
Helllooooo everyone!

This weekend event will be hosted by myself & @Mayalilz!

We will be hosting 3 rounds of bedwars on our Minigames Server with varying prizes of vouchers, etropy/zeta, and a few other cool rewards for survival! ;)

For the best experience, it is recommended you use 1.8 otherwise you may encounter a few bugs!

We hope to see you there at 8PM EST on Saturday, the 23rd of April!
---> Countdown here <---
Hello survival!

This weeklys event will be hosted by @Noahd2005 Thursday at 9PM GMT!

Noah will be hosting wipeout 1, 2, 3 and 4 for 25k each game!

Hope to see you there :)
Hello Survival!

As many of us know SFT has been around for the last 10 years and that is a major milestone!
Over the years SFT has become a smaller community and while that is fine, we thought it'd be awesome to reward YOU to bring your friends to SFT! :)
Our survival relies on you and the more players we have, the longer SFT will be around!

This offer is valid to any rank and not restrictive - if you're an elite, you qualify! An owner who refers their friend? You also qualify! Are you a guest who referred a friend? You too qualify! Your friend must meet our requirements posted below is all ;)

Whats the catch?
Any friend you bring to SFT must get 6hrs of uptime on survival for you both to qualify for this prize!

What do I get?
You get 50k for each friend that gets 6hr of uptime on survival!

Do my friends get anything?
Each friend that hits 6hr of uptime will also get 15k!

How many friends can I refer for 50k?
There is no limit, you may refer everyone at your school if you wish!
As long as each friend gets 6hr of uptime on survival, you both will qualify! :)

I recently referred my friend, do I still qualify?
If you referred your friend in the last 30 days, you can qualify for this referral system!

You will not qualify if you do the following!
-Use an alt for the referral program
-Your friend must not be using a VPN for the first 6h so we can tell for sure it is a true referral and not people cheating the system

Refer a friend fillout form!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask below! Happy referring
Hello everyone!

This weekends event will be hosted by yours truly & @TheStarNomad✯ !

We will be hosting Hockey Saturday the 19th at 1AM GMT/9PM EST
--> Countdown timer <--
The first team to score three rounds will get 200k spilt amongst them!

This is not a death event

Hope to see you there and get skating!
Hello SFT!

This weeklys event will be hosted by me, we will be doing 3 rounds of Skyfall for 25k a round.
This is a death-event

See you guys there Wednesday, the 9th, at 3PM EST!
Hello guys and gals, potatoes and flowers!
This weekend event will be hosted by yours truly and @Autpek

We will be hosting 3 rounds of Hide And Seek for 40k per round!
Get your game on this Saturday, the 5th at 2PM EST.

Countdown timer

See you there!
Hello SFT!

This weeks weekly event is hosted by me, Kakota this Tuesday at 8PM EST!
We will be playing 3 rounds of sheepluck for 25k a piece - a grand total of 75k!

Event Countdown

See you there!  ;D
Hello SFT community!
While Christmas may be almost here, we have released a Secret Santa!
(we apologize for the lateness!)

Due to how late this has came out, with Christmas only 5 days away we have extended gift giving until the end of December!

How does this work?
Contact any manager+ online and request a row of chests to be unlocked for you!
Once the man+ removes the lock, you simply do /cdonation and tada! The chest is yours :)
No one can take back. You can leave anyone a gift in their marked chest by simply opening it and placing the item in there ;)

All names are in Alphabetic order to easily find your friends and signs posted for what chests/side is for A-Z!
You will find a board at /warp SS2021 with quick warps to builds for names A-D, E-H and so on!

What happens if you put the wrong item in there?
Inform an admin+ ASAP to retrieve it for you!

When does this event end?
While collecting gifts may happen on Christmas day, gift giving is extended until December 31st!

How long can I claim my gifts?
Until January 15th, all unclaimed gifts will be left at your /home via an Manager+ with a marked chest - so no risk of being stolen!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kakota via ingame or discord(Kakota#2524)

Merry Christmas to all!
/warp SS2021 to claim your chest and start the Secret Santa gift giving!  :heart:
Hello survival community!

The team is super proud to bring you the new Seasons plugin and allow you to experience a unique gameplay filled with realistic similarities to real life while giving a more survival feel overall!

But what is Seasons and how does it work? Well, we will break it down for you!

Seasons is a plugin that allows you to experience all 4 seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! Each season has their own pros and cons and you must adapt to the new seasons as they change. With no further ado lets get into some tips and tricks and further information about this plugin!

Base Temperatures

Winter Temp varies from 5C down to -10C

Spring Temp varies from 5C to 23C

Summer Temp varies from 20C all way up to 40C

Fall Temp varies from 5C up to 20C!

But other things like running, swimming, drinking amongst other things all have effects on how cold or hot you get!

Sprinting/Running Adds +5C to your current temperature
Going into any body of water Will reduce your temperature by -10C in Summer and Winter and only -4C in Spring and Fall!
Drinking water Gives you a cooldown buff if your temperature is 25C or hotter for 5 minutes real life time bringing your temperature down instantly by -15C!
Full Hunger Bars Gives a +10C buff if temperature is lower then 25C
Block lights Add 0-30C until temperature is 25C
Rain Reduces your temperature by -4C
Storms Reduces your temperature by -5C

All clothing add the following warmth buffs up to 25C
Leather will add +20C instantly to you - ideal winter clothing!
Iron, Gold and Diamond Armor only add +10C to your temperature
Netherite only adds +8C to your temperature

Farms and Crops

Now you may ask yourself what about farms, how are they effected?

Winter All outdoor crop growth is stunted; bonemeal won't work when winter arrives! However, indoor farms will allow crop growth and bonemeal will work.

Spring Everything is growing! Flowers are flourishing, and crops do grow, just at a delayed rate! Potatoes and carrots you may notice take a bit longer to reach maturity.

Summer Everything is growing like weeds and you'll notice normal speeds for crop growth! You may notice berry bushes blooming too!

Fall Just like Spring you'll notice a delay with some crops like potatoes and carrots taking a bit longer to reach maturity.

Saplings however should grow year around, you may notice some delays in certain seasons though!

How long do the days last? How long does each Season last?

Unlike vanilla minecraft days where each days lasts 20 minutes real life time, in Seasons each day will last 40 minutes giving a more realistic feel to the game and allow you to experience the Seasons even longer!

December: Daytime; 18 minutes Nighttime; 22 minutes
January: Daytime; 17 minutes Nighttime; 23 minutes
February: Daytime; 18 minues Nighttime; 22 minutes
March: Daytime; 19 minutes Nighttime; 21 minutes

April: Daytime; 20 minutes Nighttime; 20 minutes
May: Daytime; 21 minutes Nighttime; 19 minutes
June: Daytime; 22 minutes Nighttime; 18 minutes
July: Daytime; 23 minutes Nighttime; 17 minutes

August: Daytime; 22 minutes Nighttime; 18 minutes
September: Daytime; 21 minutes Nighttime; 19 minutes
October: Daytime; 20 minutes Nighttime; 20 minutes
November: Daytime; 19 minutes Nighttime; 21 minutes

Each season has about 72 minecraft days
Which gives each season about 2 days real life time to cycle thru or 48 real life hours or 2,880 minutes
Overall view and feel of each season

Winter will have a blue-greenish color to leaves and the ground. The sky will appear a bit more white to give it a wintery feel. All exposed water will have a thin layer of ice across when winter arrives. It will snow instead of rain and snow will be a bit more common. Crops will not grow unless indoors. You may also notice more wolves, polar bears, and snowmen around!

Spring will be lustful in flowers - they are everywhere! Bees will be out and about collecting honey. The world will appear in beautiful pink spring leaves, flowers, and a light-blue tint to the waters.

Summer all biomes will have light-blue waters and the sky will appear a bit lighter - leaves in most biomes will get the color of jungle leaves. Spring flowers will disappear and patches of summer berries will appear! Outdoor farms will yield crops 2x faster then indoor farms. Jungle animals will be in every biome and the weather will be clear and beautiful!

Fall will bring much needed rain. Trees will turn into all kinds of colours: orange, blue-green-ish, green, yellow and brown and grass will appear a bit darker and muddy. The sky will linger in grey, giving it the fallish feel! Bats will spawn at night and more spiders(and even cave spiders!) will spawn at night - you may notice even foxes and mooshrooms too!

Temperature effects

Freezing effects -10C will give you increased hunger, -15C will give you slowness and -20C will give you frostbite damage! You'll lost half a heart due to frostbite every second until you warm back up.

Spring effects When your temperature is between 15-30C you'll get 2 extra hearts of health!

Heat effects 55C will not let you heal, so you'll need to lower your temperature to heal back up! 60C will give you slowness and 65C you'll start suffering signs of heatstroke; you will take damage and lose half a heart every second until you get 64C or lower in temperature!

Each biome has their own pros and cons; example a desert biome in summer will be much hotter then a summer birch forest or taiga biome.
A desert biome will be much warmer in winter then a summer birch forest or taiga biome in winter!
But no matter the biome, winter will yield no crops unless it is indoors!
Hello everyone!

I will be hosting 3 rounds of Tower leafluck this weekend, Saturday, December 4th at 5PM EST!
Each round will be worth 250k!

Countdown timer here

Hope to see you there! :)
Hello everyone!

This will be the final week of the SFT Olympics!

Wednesday, November 10th at 9PM EST we will host luck events!
Only one member per team may compete

Sheepluck, Lavaluck, Grassluck and Leafluck!

Each luck event will grant the following points....
1st place - 7pt
2nd place - 5pt
3rd place - 3pt

Thursday, November 11th at 9PM EST we will have boatrace, speedway and KOTL!
Only one member per team may compete

Each event will be granted the following points...
1st place - 6pt
2nd place - 4pt
3rd place - 2pt

Hello everyone!

This is the 5th week of Olympics, which means more events! Yay

This weeks event will be Musical Beds and Ninja Warrior Tournament

Musical Beds will be hosted, November 2nd at 9PM EST! November 3rd at 9PM EST!
Only one team member may compete!

Ninja Warrior Tournament will be hosted Thursday, November 4th at 9PM EST!
All team members may compete, but only one needs to cross!
Oh, and unlike Wipeout and Mudder events, it will be per event and not overall! ;)

Points will be as followed....

Musical Beds
1st place - 5pt
2nd place - 3pt
3rd place - 1pt

Ninja Warrior
(1 & 2)

1st place - 7pt
2nd place - 5pt
3rd place - 3pt

PS; you may practice the Ninja Warrior events in the meantime!

Happy parkouring, hope to see you there Olympians!
Hello everyone!

While we wait for the results of Olympic event #3, lets hop right into Olympic event week #4!

This week we will be doing several events

Tuesday, at 9PM EST we will have a Wipeout Tournament.
The teams winning the most overall Wipeout Events will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!

Thursday, at 10AM EST we will do a Mudder Tournament!
The teams winning the most overall will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd :)

Like the past events, all members from each team may compete, but only one needs to cross to win!

Each event(wipeout and mudder) get the following points....

1st - 7pt - if you win all you get 3 additional points!
2nd - 5pt - if you get 2nd in all you get 2 additional points!
3rd - 3pt - if you get 3rd in all you get 1 additional point!

Goodluck to all! Happy competing.
Hello everyone!

This weeks Olympic event will be a bit different then our past 2 events + with a twist!

Instead of competing against eachother, this will be a timed event.
The team to do this the fastest will get 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

You may compete as a team, but whatever team member finishes first wins for the team!
You cannot win any additional placement.

The top 3 teams with the fastest team will win the following points

1st place - 7pt
2nd place - 5pt
3rd place - 3pt

We will be doing /warp rockwall for this weeks Olympic event!

I will host each team individually with a timer, please contact me personally to setup a time to compete in this or wait until you see me ingame :)
My discord is Kakota#2524 or you may PM me on here!
I am around mainly in the mornings and evenings  :heart:   
Myself and @samanthasnee  will be hosting this weekends event - Storage wars; haunted theme!

Each container will be based on a certain movie or TV show that is spooky and haunted  :jackolantern:

We will be hosting this spooky event at 4PM EST, Saturday the 16th and hope to see you there!
Weekend event countdown timer

Sell all your junk, farm those potatoes and get that dough!
Hope to see you there
Happy bidding!
With the first Olympic event done and over, lets move onto #2

But before we get more in depth, here are the teams with points so far!

Pink Team - 5pt
:egg: team - 3pt

This is still anyones game!

Now, back on track, this weeks event will be Hedgemaze!
For this event, one member of each team will compete.

Each team will receive the following

First place - 5pt
Second place - 3pt
Third place - 1pt

This event will be held Thursday, the 14th of 2021 at 5pm EST
Countdown here

Hope to see you there  ;)
With sign-ups closed is now our big release for our very first Olympic event!

This one will be with a bit of a twist!
Each team will face off at eachother & ALL members can be apart of this!
(those with solo members will be paired evenly)
Each winning team will then face off eachother to get 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Ice Hockey!

If we do not get enough teams to show, the raincheck event will be either Connect4 or Boatwars :)

This event will be hosted Tuesday, the 5th, at 4PM EST!

1st place - 5pt
2nd place - 3pt
3rd place - 1pt
Hello everyone!
Me and @AtomicPulse will be hosting this weekends event!

Hide and Seek - with some possible twists ;)
3 rounds at 300k each.

We will be hosting Saturday, the 11th at 3PM EST/8PM BST
Countdown timer is here ---> https://countingdownto.com/?c=3815183

Hope to see you all here
Better get hiding ;)
Hello Survival players!
This weekends event will be hosted by myself and @Mayalilz!

We are hosting BATTLE BOATS this weekend, on Saturday the 7th at 8PM EST!
Countdown clock here ---> https://countingdownto.com/?c=3754091

Normal bows only! No enchanted bows or any OP weapons!
Last remaining team wins! :)

You will need a boat buddy - one for steering and one for shooting!
Don't worry if you don't have a buddy, we will pair you up with someone or make sure you get a chance to play! :D

We will have 5 rounds at 120k spilt between the winning team - so 60k each!

Bring your bathingsuit and have fun!  :heart:
Hello SFT!
This weekend event will be hosted by me and @Dogggeh;D
Event begins 10AM EST/9AM CST on Saturday, the 19th!
Countdown clock is here ---> https://countingdownto.com/?c=3661206

We will be having 3 rounds, each round being 300k each
Past round winners can play again and win again!
You COULD win all 3 rounds!  :heart:

Hope to see you there!
Hello everyone! Me and @GlitterBomb84 will be hosting this weekends event!

We are hosting 3 rounds of TOWER SPLEEF this Saturday at 4PM EST/3PM CST  ;D
Countdown here

Each round is 300k - but there is a twist!
If you win one round, you can play the next round, BUT 2nd place will take home the $$!!
This is so everyone gets a chance to win!

Hope to see you there!  :heart:
Hello SFT community!

A player reported to me of items being shot out of item frames by skeletons, so I looked into it myself and figured out the cause.
Skeletons and players can shoot items out of frames if they are unlocked
Skeletons and players CANNOT if they are locked with /cprivate

To prevent your items from being shot out(and possibly disappear forever!) we are highly encouraging you make sure all your item frames are locked with /cprivate - you can use /cpersist to have this command repeat until you turn it off with /cpersist again.

Have fun playing guys! :heart:
Hi everyone!
This weekends event is hosted by myself, Kakota and @MasterX70 X70 !
We will be hosting Run from the beast!

This event begins Friday, 5PM EST!
Countdown clock below

We will have 3 around of 150k each!
Hope to see you there ;)
Mini-games release postponed for now, its not yet ready.

Hello everyone! We are really excited to announce this.

*intense drumroll...*

We are releasing Minigames this weekend!
Let's give our Minigames build team a huge shoutout for putting in the time to make this possible!

The server currently has BedWars on 1.8.8 for an old pvp-style. We are planning on adding more exciting minigames in the future!

We all hope you enjoy this awesome minigame and hope to release future ones if you all enjoy BedWars! Do you want to see any minigames or other things added? Let us know below!

Note to anyone wanting to play - Minigames will require 1.8.9 to play, since we are using the old combat system. You will have to create a profile for 1.8.9 on the MC Launcher.

Additional information will come this week!

We hope you have a lot of fun!
This weekends event will be hosted by I and @MasterX70  on Saturday, the 20th at 5PM EST!
Use this link to see when it begins!

We will be hosting ALL wipeouts 1 thru 7!

Prizes are as followed

1-2 for 50k
3-4 for 75k
5-7 for 100k

Hope to see you all there  :heart:
Hello everyone!
I will be hosting this weekends event!

We will be playing luck events!
Leafluck, Lavaluck, Sheepluck and Anvilluck!

Leafluck and Sheepluck will have 150k prizes!
Anvilluck and Lavaluck will have 300k prizes!

I will host up 3 rounds of sheepluck and anvilluck so everyone has a chance!

This event begins Sunday, the 24th at 11AM EST

Hope to see you there!  ;D
This has already been discussed with and approved by Towelie.

Hi everyone! I have released keyfobs and can do drink coasters in these designs too upon request!
30% of all profits will go directly back to SFT to help the server  ;D

All keyfobs are custom made - choose the thread color(s), and even button color!
I am selling these on my Etsy for domestic and International can be done via PayPal!
I can ship these pretty much anywhere in the world via First-class mail with insurance.

For those wanting to buy outside the USA, please contact me on discord Kakota#2524 to discuss shipping prices & total payment price!

(The long wait times on my Etsy are just for the custom ones due to COVID19 delays & to ensure the customer is happy before shipment!
Most will ship within the week for instock supplies!)
Hello everyone! Me and @T4Tom2 will be hosting this weekends event :)

Event starts 1PM EST/6PM GMT on Saturday, January 16th.
Use the link below to see when the event begins!

We will be hosting all Ninja Warriors for 250k prize per game! If you win one of the Ninja Warrior rounds you CANNOT win the next ones for prize money, but can play for fun!

The top 3 will then face off at ragekour for 350k prize pot and a head of their choosing!

Hope to see you there  :heart:
Hello everyone!

I know there was a poll about this before, but we are redoing it!

Please comment below why you'd like to see this on SFT or why you wouldnt!
When you think of SFT, do you think of it having bedwars or do you not?
If we added bedwars, would it effect you staying or would you leave?

Please give your honest input, we want to know why you'd want this added or why you don't want it added! Can be for any reason at all, we want to know if its worth adding :)

We came across a very neat bedwars plugin that would work similar to our other minigames like /murder /terminal /rooftops etc on how it'd work!

This plugin in will be a minigame and work like the ones mentioned above ie you will not loose your levels, items, etc.
Hello everyone! @Chill2000 and myself will be hosting this weekends event - tower leafluck and tower spleef!

We will be hosting 4 mini rounds of tower spleef and 4 mini rounds of tower leafluck.
Each mini round will have a winner, that winner cannot compete again until our big final faceoff where the 4 winners will either shovel their way or luck their way to victory!

Prizes will depend on the amount that show up and how many events may lessen if we only have 4 players that show up for example!

We're hoping with a good turnout the mini events will be 100-250k per winner and the faceoffs with 500k!
Winnings are subject to change depending on how many show up  :heart:

Event starts at 12PM EST, December 13th! Bring your shovel and your lucky numbers ;) Hope to see you there.
Here's a countdown clock for those in different timezones! https://countingdownto.com/?c=3363031
Hello survival players of SFT!

We are very excited to announce our Secret Santa for 2020!
First off, lets give a big shoutout to @TheStarNomad✯ for designing this years Secret Santa!

How does this work?
Contact any mod+ online and request a chest to be placed for you!
Once the mod removes the lock, you simply do /cdonation and tada! The chest is yours :)
No one can take back what they placed - so no risk of being stolen!

You can leave anyone a gift in their marked chest by simply opening it and placing the item in there ;)
All names are in Alphabetic order to easily find your friends. There are warp signs located at the beginning and on the floors on the posts outside the rooms!

What happens if you put the wrong item in there?
Inform an admin+ ASAP to retrieve it for you!

When does this event end?
December 24th is the final day of gift giving!

How long can I claim my gifts?
Until January 8th, all unclaimed items will be left at your /home via an admin+

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact TheStarNomad via ingame or discord The Star Nomad ✦ ᛖᛚᛋ - ᛖᚾᛞᛖᚱ#8100

Merry Christmas to all!
/warp SS2020 to claim your chest and start the Secret Santa gift giving!
Hello everyone! To start off November, myself and @Wppvater will be hosting Monopoly Sunday, November 8th at 1PM EST!

I added a countdown for when it starts for those in other timezones! :)

Sign ups will be 30min before starting time! I'll be handling sign-ups and teams :)
Which is 12:30PM EST!

  • 1st place - 300k per player
  • 2nd place - 100k per player OR 150k per player if we get 7+ teams
  • 3rd place if we get 7+ teams - 50k per player

How will Monopoly work?

More then likely there will be mandatory teams to keep gameplay at a reasonable pace and so everyone can enjoy!
Lets say we have teams with 3 people on every team. Each person will get $1,500(so 4,500 between 3) in fake monopoly money. This also means buy prices, rents, and etc will be doubled, tripled, etc based on the average person count per team.

More then likely we will be playing by the OG rules - if you pass up an property it goes up for auction for anyone(including yourself) to snag!

You will NOT be spending any emp to play this weekend event! All funds are disturbed via renamed items!
We will be having max team count of 8 different teams!

Depending on how many people do show up, we may alter gameplay & rules to ensure a fun game!

Have fun & hope to see you there!  :heart:
Hello SFT community!
Me and @samanthasnee will be hosting this weekends event.

We will be hosting sheepluck, lavaluck, tower leafluck, and anvilluck.
100k per round and there may be several rounds of each!

Events begin at 8PM EST Saturday the 4th!

Bring your game on  ;)
Me and Maya will be hosting this weekend event!

Multi-sponge hunt in w3!

Each winner gets a Christmas themed surprise! Plus 100k emp!

Event begins Sunday, the 24th at 8PM est time!
Hello SFT community & players!

Me and @MasterX70 are hosting this weekend event on Saturday, October 12th at 9PM Eastern Time

There will be duds, decent and awesome chests!
Duds will contain little value to them.
Decent will have good items in them and worth a good amount!
The awesome chest will have a stack of diamonds and worth over 70k! It may contain even other diamond related stuff or other goodies

For those unsure how to play, here is a guide.

There are 6 units. Each unit will be voted on, one will contain the high value, while there may be a dud or 2!
Players will be publicly auctioning on these chests, and whoever has the highest bid wins that unit!

All unit items can be claimed after the event is over unless otherwise mentioned or instructed!
There may be item frames and/or armor stands holding just a few items you may find within the chests!