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SFT Modded / [Suggestions] Events!
Jul 30, 2022, 07:39 PM
With the re-release of Lost Islands on the horizon, I wanted to make a place where players can suggest any events they want to be seen, hosted, added, etc.!

Please leave a reply with what you would like to see hosted, added to the event world and so forth! I want to make sure we have a clear way of communicating, especially for Lost events : )
SFT Modded / [Modded] Apply for Staff!
Jul 25, 2022, 04:11 AM
Like playing one of our modded servers? Enjoy helping people? Interested in a staff position? You're in the right place! Make sure to read the requirements and rest of the post before applying!

 - At least 75 hours of uptime on a modded server
 - At least 6 hours of uptime in the past week
 - Must have a discord account
 - No serious bans in the last year
 - Be a dedicated individual willing to help the server

If you meet the above requirements, copy the code to the application below and reply!

Application Form:
[b]What is your IGN (in-game nickname?)[/b]:
[b]What is your uptime in the last week?[/b]:
[b]What is your total uptime for modded?[/b]:
[b]Have you ever been banned on SFT?[/b]:
[b]If so, what have you been banned for?[/b]:
[b]What core mods do you know and to what depth?[/b]:
[b]What do you wish to accomplish given the rank?[/b]:
[b]What region are you from? (US/EU/AUS/OTHER)[/b]:
[b]Do you have a Discord account? (need to be at least 13 years old)[/b]:

Extra Information:
 - You will be contacted within 1-2 weeks if you are accepted.
 - If you do not receive a reply and wish to know why you were denied, you may contact any Modded Manager+ to receive a reason.
Hey everyone!!

This weekend on Sunday July 17th at 7pm EST, Britney1177 and I will be hosting a marathon of Luck events!

Sheepluck, grassluck, lavaluck... you name it, we play it! So come online this weekend for some lucky fun c:

(winner of each round will get at least 40k, depending on if your life was on the line : ) )
This week I will be hosting a (semi)new event... an uptime competition!
Whoever has the highest amount of uptime within the next week will win 2 million emp & an ender backpack!
Now get your uptime grind on! legally pls i beg

Start Time: Sunday, April 17th, 8pm EST (UTC-4:00)

End Time: Sunday, April 24th, 8pm EST (UTC-4:00)

oh right, second place wins 1mil & 5 SteveCo. Keys  :o
Sorry for the uhh very late announcement!
ep9954 and I will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow, April 2nd, at 8pm EST!

There are some very special easter eggs awaiting discovery...
But I guess elaboration can wait until tomorrow!

For now, I inform you that a 50k emp prize awaits the winner (;

Due to lack of players, event will be rescheduled for a later time ):
B-Team / [B-Team] Events!
Mar 28, 2022, 08:54 AM
Here is a list of all the events in the Gaming World.
The events are split up into 4 "seasons": Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.

  • Arena                 /warp arena
  • Grassluck          /warp grassluck
  • Lava Luck          /warp lavaluck
  • Wipeout 1         /warp wipeout1
  • Wipeout 2         /warp wipeout2
  • Quiz                   /warp quiz

  • Death Match                 /warp deathmatch
  • Hide and Seek              /warp hidenseek
  • King of the Ladder       /warp kotl
  • Spring Spleef                /warp springspleef
  • Mob Arena                   /warp mobarena
  • Track                             /warp track

  • The Maze                          /warp themaze
  • Needle in a Haystack       /warp needleinhay
  • Spirit Hunt                        /warp spirithunt
  • Traitor                               /warp traitor

  • Tower Spleef               /warp towerspleef
  • Simon Says                  /warp simonsays
  • Snow Fight                  /warp snowfight
  • Snowman Spleef        /warp snowmanspleef
  • Winter Maze              /warp wintermaze

This is list is ongoing, if more events are added, they will be placed within their seasons here!
Please inform the current HoH if you edit this list!
    Banned Items, Mobs and Mods List!
    Here is a list of the official banned items, mobs and mods for the Attack of the B-Team Server!
    With the new launch, we decided to allow higher ranks (Geologist+) to have access to some items.
    The privilege of these items were granted to you, do not abuse them.

    Disabled Mods
    • Archimedesships (Crashes)
    • Minions Mod (Bypasses Grief Prevention)
    • Q-Craft (Crashes)

    Disabled Mobs
    • Iron Golems (Lags Server)
    • Ocelots & Cats (Lags Server)
    • Pixies (Lags Server)
    • Silverfish (Lags Server)
    • Snow Golems (Lags Server)

    Banned Items
    All items allowed for Geologist+ are highlighted in orange!

    /dev/null            OpenBlocks          Duping
    Advanced Item Collector            Random Things          Duping
    Alpha TitanFlans ModGriefing
    Ancient StaffBiomes O' PlentyLag
    Auto Output UpgradeAdvanced Genetics    Server Crasher
    BackpackBetter StorageDuping
    Bibliocraft CaseBibliocraftServer Crasher
    Blazing Pyrotheum BucketThermal ExpansionGriefing
    Block BreakerRandom ThingsDuping
    Block MoverRandom Things
    Block TeleporterRandom ThingsGriefing
    Brew of ErosionWitcheryGriefing
    Brew of Hollow TearsWitchery
    Brew of SproutingWitcheryGriefing
    Brew of WebsWitchery
    C-4 & RemoteFlans ModGriefing
    Chunk LoaderMineFactory ReloadedLag
    ClaymoreFlans ModGriefing
    Cloud in a BottleChisel
    ComputerMrCrayfish's Furniture Mod    Duping
    Crane BackPackOpenBlocksGriefing
    Crane ControlOpenBlocksGriefing
    Crafting Station SlabTinkers' ConstructServer Crasher
    Destabilized Redstone Bucket  Thermal ExpansionGriefing
    Disarm SpellWitcheryDuping
    Display CaseN/AServer Crasher
    DrawbridgeTinkers' MechworksDuping
    Drill ItemWeather and TornadoesLag
    Ender & Nether BucketsN/AGriefing
    Explosive Barrett AmmoFlans ModGriefing
    Florbs (all)Thermal ExpansionGriefing
    Golden EggOpenBlocksGriefing
    Gelid Cryotheum BucketThermal ExpansionGriefing
    GrenadesFlans ModGriefing
    Item CollectorRandom ThingsDuping
    Large BombsFlans ModGriefing
    Magnetic ForceRandom ThingsTeleport Bypass
    Masters StaffMinions ModGriefing
    NapalmFlans ModGriefing
    OvenMrCrayfish's Furniture ModCrashes client
    PackageMrCrayfish's Furniture ModDuping
    Poppet ShelfWitcheryLag
    PortaspawnerMineFactory ReloadedGriefing
    PresentMrCrayfish's Furniture ModServer Crasher
    Proto TitanFlans ModGriefing
    Redwood SaplingNaturaLag
    Routed Crafting PipeProjectRed TransportationServer Crasher
    RPG-7 & AmmoFlans ModGriefing
    Sacred Oak SaplingBiomes O' PlentyGriefing
    Shock WaveWeather and TornadoesLag
    Sledges (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)     ArtificeDuping
    Small BombFlans ModGriefing
    Sonic GlassesOpenBlocksProfile Corruption
    Soul of the WorldWitcheryGriefing
    Statue HammerStatues
    KnapsackTinkers' ConstructDuping
    Test ItemWeather and TornadoesLag
    Tornado GunWeather and TornadoesLag
    Tornado SensorWeather and TornadoesLag
    Tornado SirenWeather and TornadoesLag
    Tropics Portal EnchanterEnhancedPortals 2Changes Spawn Location
    Weather CollectorMineFactory ReloadedLag

    This list will continue to be updated as the server progresses. If there are items missing from this list, please message server staff in game or on the forums to have the item added.[/list]