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Some changes to the Brickport housing market have been made, as suggested by omelott and discussed by the Manager+ team.

New prices are as follows:

Central square house standard - 300k
Central square house corner/centre - 500k
Standard house - 200k
Corner house - 250k
Marketstall - 200k
Shopbuilding - 500k

The rules are as follows, with changes made to the rules being in bold:

-No changes can be made to the exterior of the houses
-Players can now have more than one house but only one within the inner/central ring
-Only one marketstall/shopbuilding per player
-The player must frequent the location (includes decorating the interior in some way) but is not required to live there
-Players who are inactive for 2 months will be evicted from their homes without the return of their money but with return of items within the building
-Staff no longer get discounts on these prices

In order to purchase you will still need to contact a Manager+ and pay them the money before you are allowed to have the building protected.

Howdy diddly neighbours!

This weekend event, samanthasnee and I are spoiling you with an Easter-themed Treasure Hunt, so get your tools all efficiency'd up and your egg hunting hats on and be ready Sunday the 11th at 9PM BST/1PM PST/4PM EST.

Countdown timer here!
Hey everyone!

We'd love to hear your opinions on what 3 issues survival has right now that you would like to see fixed (current backpack issues not included as this is already being looked into).

As well as this, I'd like to let you all know that samanthasnee and I are your current Community Ambassadors and you can reach either of us on discord at any time if you ever have any feedback regarding survival.
Our usernames are samanthasnee#4569 and UnicornOnACob#1941

Thanks! :heart:
As per Towelie's request this is a poll to see what the general consensus is about allowing players to see (but not type in) old archived mc discord chats from before the chat merge happened. This doesn't really serve a purpose other than being able to look up memories or funny quotes in chat :)
Hey guys,
The Manager+ team have decided to push forward the world 1 reset to November 4th - 45 days from now. We decided that waiting for 1.17 would be too much as we have no idea when it's set to be released.

Once again, you can request a build move using this form if no one is available online.

Hey guys! Please use this post to tell us about any ideas, fixes, changes or improvements you may have for our survival server. We will pass on as many of your ideas as possible and try to report back if they've been denied/accepted.

As your community ambassadors, Chill, Doggeh and Kakota are always welcoming feedback from you guys so please feel free to shoot us a pm on here or discord at any time!

Edit: if you agree with a post made by another player, please like it so we can keep track of how popular these suggestions are!
Hello Survivalists!

This week's weekend event will be brought to you by myself and Autpek! This will be on Sunday the 6th at 10AM EST/3PM BST.
We will be hosting 5 rounds of anvilluck with prizes of 100k each round, and we will not be allowing repeat winners.

Anvilluck, as I'm sure you are all aware, is a death event so be sure to put all of your valuables somewhere safe before joining us!

Here is the countdown timer for the event, we look forward to seeing you there! ;D
Hey everybody!

This Saturday at 9PM BST/4PM EST, Chill2000 and I will be hosting buildcomp... with a twist ;). Instead of a theme to build to, we'd like you to follow a block palette we've created for the event. These blocks will only be given to you on the night.
Each team (of no more than 4 players each) will have 60 minutes to build whatever they like following this palette and the prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st place - 300k and a playerhead (per team member) of your choice
  • 2nd place - 200k
  • 3rd place - 100k

Here is the timer for the event. We hope to see you there and look forward to what you come up with!

EDIT: this event has been pushed back to 9PM BST/4PM EST on SUNDAY the 14th due to something coming up for both Chill and myself, to compensate for this last minute change we've decided to allow everyone an extra 30 minutes to build, so you'll have 90 minutes in total. We're extremely sorry for this last minute change and hope you can still make it. <3
Hi everyone!

So with the recent influx of old players returning, the Manager+ team has decided that there will be some changes in the application process for the Legend rank.

Anyone that is currently Legend will not have their rank taken off them, but anyone applying for Legend from this point onwards will have to meet some new requirements:

  • 1000 hours on survival
  • 2 year old forum account (unless it was deleted)
  • 1 year with no bans
  • 1000 votes for the server

In your application, you will also be asked to explain something you have done for the server/community that might warrant the Legend rank.

To reiterate, we are NOT removing current Legend ranks, but from this point forward these new requirements will be in use and the Legend rank will only be given to those who can justify it with the above terms.

Thanks :)
Hi everyone!

Please join myself and samanthasnee this Sunday at 12PM PST/8PM BST for a mega sponge hunt! There will be several chests hidden with clues in leading to a final sponge to find for a grand prize of 200k. Hope to see you there! :heart:

Bugs/Suggestions / An Informational Update
Jan 23, 2020, 05:41 PM
'So, what is this server?' - a question I was asked recently. I often see Guests joining for the first time and then leaving again after an hour or so, never to return. A possible explanation for this could be a lack of information available to new players about plugins and such; all that new players are really presented with (that I'm aware of) at spawn and /warp guide is SlimeFun, the rank system and a few fun commands. I'm thinking SFT could do with an updated guide or at least a way of seeing a list of plugins that players are going to come across and have access to (therefore needing to understand how they work) eg. Steve Co, PyroMining, PyroFishing, PyroMon. We get a lot of questions about these plugins in particular and I think they can be rather intimidating to new players that just do /random as soon as they see that you can and are thrown into a world they thought was going to be vanilla but is really far from it!

One potential option would be an exit message when a player leaves spawn that asks them if they've read the rules and such, maybe detailing a warp such as an updated guide where they can find information on things they're likely to come across in the early stages. We have some really great plugins on SFT that a lot of new players just aren't educated on, having the potential to essentially overwhelm them when they do come across them. If we could make it clear to players there are a few things to learn about the server before they learn that they can just warp away off the get-go we might get less confused new players who take the easy option of just leaving as soon as they come across something they aren't familiar with from other servers/singleplayer.

TL;DR - we could do with an updated guide :)