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Now introducing HobbitAuto to the Survival community

HobbitAuto is a consistently updated, mainly vanilla Autoshop ran by myself, Nicadean33. The following items are currently being sold;
  • All valuable materials like diamonds, netherrite, gold, iron, etc...
  • Basic building blocks like stone, gravel, sand, deepslate, etc...
  • Wood, saplings, and leaves
  • Food and natural items of all kinds
  • All mob drops
  • Nether
  • Dyes and concrete supplies
  • Ocean Monument Blocks

Also being stocked on limited availabiliy are;
  • Mending books
  • Mending and Unbreaking III
  • Shulker Shells

HobbitAuto is continually stocked, a great alternative to the EMP, and easy to use! Come give it a tour, and feel free to comment below requesting big orders or other items to be sold that currently are not.

Visit at /warp HobbitAuto
Survival / [Survival] Commenting on Unbans
Nov 23, 2017, 07:07 AM
Within the last month an onslaught of comments on unbans that aren't the person's that is commenting has happened. (Warlock_ben being the best example).

This is just a reminder that if you comment on an unban that is not yours, and you were not asked to comment, you will be forum warned. This will be strictly enforced starting now. This could result in loss of rank for Legends if it is excessive and repeated. Just use common sense.

If you absolutely must say something, either ask the staff member in charge of it or the Manager+ team before posting or be at peace with the warning you will receive.
Study Corner / WordPress Guidance
Feb 17, 2017, 02:48 AM
Hello! Recently, my Ag Business class has taken over a website hosting ag jobs. The program used behind it is WordPress. We want this website to be developed and marketed by students, so I asked to learn how to run and work it.
Only one teacher has training behind it, so if someone who has ample knowledge and is willing and able to teach it to me could, I would love it. A little more than the basics but I do not expect to excel in the program.

Thank you!
Polls / [Potato] Favorite type of potato
Jun 01, 2016, 11:01 PM
Howdy ;D ! We all love potatoes. Towelie even had a potato awareness day. Now, anyone who is pro-potato please look away, but what form do you love to eat? I could eat fried potatoes all day long. Chips are good, especially hickory-smoked barbecue.

What about you? What kind of potatoes do you love most? Do you only eat potatoes with a certain type of condiment?
Polls / Etiquete
May 23, 2016, 11:29 PM
Hey there!

What kind of things are considered rude/inappropriate/impolite in your life and culture? Are there things that are considered such that you think are unique only to you and your life? What kind of things do you find rude/impolite/etc? With different cultures practicing different things, maybe some things you do would be shocking for other cultures to do.

In my life, speaking with food in your mouth, having your phone out at the dinner table, and chewing with your mouth open are all considered extremely rude. No one really cares about taking off your shoes or if you speak out of turn.

If you leave a comment, try to point to what part of the world you are from/what kind of culture you are influenced by!
Marketplace / [Survival]Frozen Marketplace
Feb 10, 2016, 03:01 AM
Sang to the tune "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from Frozen:
Do you want to sell some items?
Auction off your favorite hog? :christmaspig:
I never see y'all anymore,
Please click on my board,
It's on the forum waaAAAAALLLLLL!
I get a little lonely
Prowling here,
Watching our topics diiieeEEEEE!X(
Do you want to buy some diamonds? :diamond:
It doesn't have to be some diamonds. :chest:
Okay byeeee.

You sang it, I hope. Our Marketplace is getting a little slow. Let's clean out our chest and sell some stuff to others. Maybe you're one of the others that needs some stuff, make a post saying you'll buy it! The board really is a great place to get what you want. Whether it be buying, selling, or auctioning I'd be happy to see you make a post!

Remember to do the following when you make one!
  • Read the forum rules before posting
  • Read the Marketplace rules before posting! This is an important one. There are quite a few special rules for posting!
  • Keep active on your post! Don't forget about it! I'll eat it if you do  ::)
  • Remember a closing date! Something that is always forgotten. 1 day to 1 month!