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General Discussion / 8 years ago! *DAB*
Jan 13, 2021, 11:16 PM
wassup simps i as so many others have an anniversary this month. 2013 was dope cuz that was also when we had peak pixelmon and sft prison.

I have hundreds of dope screenshots from back then on gyazo but they make you pay so if anyone wanna throw a couple bucks my way i will show u sexy screenshots of boymac and miricx
General Discussion / Year6
Jan 13, 2019, 05:01 PM
1/13/13 six year going strong just waiting for prison server
So about a year ago I asked if anyone had a spare level 30 account League of Legends account that they don't play anymore and don't plan on playing again. I never got a reply and I forgot about the game, until now! I would really love if someone who used to play, and doesn't play anymore, would hook me up <3
Hello SFT, it is onionboys! For my 3 year anniversary I want to do something amazing. This Saturday the 16th at 12:00 ( MST ) I will be hosting a build contest with 10 million emp on the line!

:slimeball: Where? : /warp buildcontest in W3

:slimeball: When? : Scheduled for Saturday at Noon for Mountain Eastern Time in United States COUNTDOWN

:slimeball: How do I join? : To join solo or with a friend ( max per group is 3 ) fill out this application

How many people in group :
Name 1 :
Name 2 :
Name 3 :

NOTE : If you would like to donate to make the prize pool bigger, pay me in game when I am online or post below a screenshot of money you sent to me ( /pay onionboys [amount] )

NOTE #2 : This is on a short notice, only 2 days to plan / prepare teams. So if not enough people are able to sign up before saturday I will reschedule it


1st place winner : 6.26 million emp and 2 random heads
2nd place winner : 3.1 million emp and 2 random heads
3rd place winner : 1.1 million emp and 2 random heads

Quote from: Kaninka on Jan 14, 2016, 12:37 AMNote:
Managers will be helping with this, so you will start off with some normal blocks like dirt, wood, cobble, stone and such.
And whenever you are done, you can make signs that tells the Manager what blocks you want changed to what blocks.
Like change all cobble to obsidian :)

The theme will be introduced later by The Onion :)  :zombie: