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Hey everyone, I've been looking everywhere, and haven't been able to find a list of all the cluescrolls rewards for each type of scroll, so I have started to compile a list. If you ever get a reward not on this list, please message me in game, reply to this forum post, or send me a discord message (RoadtoMars#7261) so I can add it to the list!


- Music Discs
- Enchanted books
- Village spawn eggs


I will continue to update this as I and others earn rewards
Hey everyone!
Meme here, and I'm introducing the newest guild on our survival server, the crop guild.
This guild is a guild for any farmer, new or established, any crop!
The crop guild is currently located at /warp cg and currently consists of a barn, stream with wheat growing (not to be harvested), and a plot area, where a farm is being built.
Future plans for this guild include auto shops (If and when I ever get perms  ;) ) and a massive public farm, bigger than sftfarm, a Slimefun smelter, and a normal autosmelter (with limited hoppers). These two smelters will be member only, but the farm and auto shops will be public, for anyone to use!
We also plan to create purchasable maxed hoes, and have a tractor display  8) !
Our farm currently on has 4 different crops available to farm, but it is expanding at a rapid pace, clearing land just takes a long time!
If anyone is interested in joining or donating, reply to this forum post, message me in game (MinecraftMeme11), or message me on discord! RoadToMars#7261
Hope you all have a good day!
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for some people to work on a Skyblock island with! I expect to be an active player, and have lots of experience on various modes of Skyblock! If anyone is interested, you can reply to my forum post or let me know on discord, which is RoadtoMars#7261 and on the SFT discord, my nickname is Meme. I sadly won't be able to play at the time of release, but should be on a few hours after that to get a good start!
Thanks, and I hope to see you on my island soon! ;)
General Discussion / SFT earth server!
Jan 10, 2021, 03:44 PM
Taking this down as I haven't really thought about it, could come back later though, be sure to check it out.
Hi everyone! I saw an old post by Katherine which had a thread of player screenshots, that fell out of use, so here I am reviving it!
I'll start us off with a screenshot from Halloween with Me, Londonboyz2015, kray0ns, DarkHeroPiggy007, and Cheddarsoup!(oops file is too large... will try again :( )