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Welcome to Season 1 of our Community Events: Valtellini Valley

"Welcome to Valtellini Valley. The earth has fallen to pieces and this is the last safe-haven that exists. The walls are fortified from the outside world, but you can still smell and hear some of the chaos that exists. You are tasked with rebuilding humanity in a way that can withstand the cruel environment outside these walls. Take a few days to create a base and get familiar with the area. Soon, the outside will start creeping in. How long can your civilization last?"

How Community Event Seasons Work
In an effort to bring together the community and provide some more interesting ways to engage, the Manager+ team has taken an idea originally suggested in our #survival-feedback chanel. Community Events allow for our users to have a set-aside time to work together as a community towards the Season goal. This season, the survivors in Valtellini Valley must band together to create a thriving society. The world is chaos outside the valley, and players will be faced with many challenges that they must prepare for. Zombie hoards, extreme weather, and even back-stabbing are all possibilities while restarting the world.

A Manager+ will announce 2 weeks in advance the time(s) that they will be hosting the event. A regular schedule would be 2-4 play sessions prior to a "wave" coming on, and the participants needing to defend or recover from the devestation. A schedule will be outlined in a post in the Community Projects board, as well as posted in the Discord. Plan on attending to earn your way towards the Season 1 special prizes and memorabilia!

Current planned schedule:

First Release: Saturday, February 24th at 8pm CST (countdown here: link)
Following Play times:
Monday, February 26th at 7pm CST
Friday, March 1st at 9pm CST
Tuesday, March 5th at 7pm CST

First Wave: Saturday, March 9th at 12pm CST

See you all soon! Warp will be provided in-game!

Please excuse the quality of the video. I did the best with what I was working with. Click spoiler to see my setup.
Spoiler: show
This month's voting contest will be slightly different. Were you aware that you are able to leave a review on many of the voting sites we use for SFT? We will be starting a campaign over the next few months to increase these reviews, as it is a search and rank criteria on these websites!

February Website: MCServerList https://minecraft-server-list.com/server/181430/vote/

While voting, make sure to click "Review and Rate" and leave us a 5 star review! Tell others about the plugins, staff, community, or your history with the server.

Leaving a review inside the month of February will earn you a coveted, completely unique, collectable, and legendary prize. This prize is only available during this month, so get to voting and reviewing!
Rewards paid out! We had a total of 16 players receive payouts.

Join us Monday, January 22nd at 7 pm CST for a couple rounds of /warp Boat Race! Prizes will be 75k 1st, 50k 2nd, and 25k for 3rd!  :boat:

The Grand Opening of Royal Mountain Casino and Arcade (A product of FishyBusiness) will be Thursday January 25th at 8 PM CST.

This is gonna be an absolutely awesome party, and starting off the nights agenda will be a tour and reveal of multiple new attractions. After that will come a drop party consisting of all sorts of goodies, with a max prize of 2 Purple 250k chips being dropped at random.
After the drop party, the chip buy station, gift shop, and all machines will be open for purchase and play.
While the slot machines are occupied, a series of Poker games, Blackjack tables, and roulette games will be in motion, switching between the hosted tables periodically.

Everyone who shows up will receive a free token to one of the new games that's to be revealed.

/warp casino
/warp RoyalMountainCasino
/warp RMC

1. All Forum rules (can be found here) apply! You have to abide by them on any posts or replies you may do in this board!

2. Do not make replies that mock the poster's work. Negative Feedback is allowed but it has to be respectful.

3. Do not provide videos with the higher purpose of advertising your YouTube channel! It is visible if you do.

4. You are in charge of locking a post if your Shop/Business or Town has been removed for any reason.

5. Do not leave your topic untouched for more than 15 days. Replying to them saying you updated the information makes it clear they are still active. Any topics older than 15 days will be locked and eventually removed.

Not knowing the Rules is no excuse to not abide by them!
The Exhibition is a board of the Survival Server.
It is used for the demonstration and advertisment of Towns and Businesses.
It consists of two Sub-boards, the Marketplace and the Community Projects Board.

Board Moderators:
Survival Manager and Survival Admin

Use The Exhibition to make posts about your Towns or Businesses.
Use Community Projects to make posts about any landmarks you might be building. The current Playerbase Project will be posted here.
Use Marketplace to make posts to advertise items or buildings you might be selling.

Remember to include!!!
Ownership Information
Builder's/Employee's Information
Brief Explanation of what you're demonstrating
Great to hear from you Darth!
Happy New Year! For the first month of the new year, many people decide to make a resolution to start doing something more consistently. Many choose exercise or eating healthy, but here at SFT I would like to challenge you to include daily voting into your habits for the month of January.

For every 7 votes casted during January, you will receive 50k!

Happy New Year and Happy Voting!
Thank you to all of the following people for voting during the month of December! Your gifts have been left at your /home. You received a new gift for every 7 votes! Ask around some of the higher-voting people to see what kind of goodies they received!

Mazworker, Leo_sonic, and _Jqke, please reach out to me on Discord or forum pm to collect your rewards, as you do not have a /home.

Mazeworker 453

emily142 250

RonaldReagan8189 237

Palker 185

ropeclimber 142

Nicadean33 115

Calamador 54

Roast_My_Toast 45

Kakota 44

AidenBwah 43

Mini_1 38

Lansdiinio 37

Specterminate 28

Maya546 26

KadenTheVillain 18

Megasmilax 16

ShadowTaco 16

Vacsinator 9

_Jqke 9

Groot_69 9

Chops96 8

Leo_Sonic 8

Hi @KingOfPop2

I will alert the appropriate people of this unban. Please be patient as we work through the process.
Christmas is coming and the server has some great builders! That being said, how well do these builders build under pressure? What if someone else is giving the directions? From the mind of a current Survival Player (Thank you TheKingOfPop2) we are going to have a Ratatouille style build contest.

Players will partner up (if enough allow) and one person will "sit" on the head of another. The person on the bottom will be given a simple 2D image to construct while the top player will be given necessary blocks. After a certain amount of time (2 minutes - 5 minutes) an (un)biased judge will decide who did the best!

Prizes for each round will be 2 arcade vouchers and 100k for each player! If not enough players show, it will be a singular based event.

Let's see how this goes! We will play at /warp Pictionary, with some modifications made to the arena. See you Sunday at 6pm CST!
Survival / Re: TheKingOfPop2
Dec 02, 2023, 03:34 AM
Hello @KingOfPop2 I will contact Kakota for you. Please allow them 48 hours to respond.
Happy holidays to you and yours! December is the time of year with lots going on and a lot of things to be grateful for. I'm grateful for each and every one of our supporters out there. With that, it's time for another Vote Contest!

For December, I have some great little gifts made for each and every one of you. For every 7 votes you make, you'll get another gift added to your shulkerbox! You have a possiblity of 31 great and unique items, like custom echanted armour, diamond and netherite blocks, experience bottles, heads, more shulkerboxes, etc...

Happy voting!
Hola chicos, chicas, y chicxs. This Friday at 9pm CST we will be doing a parkour run at /warp racekour! Feel free to practice between now and then with any of the /parkour options while online. The winner of the parkour will be receiving 5 arcade vouchers and 500k! 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners will each receive 1 less.

Can't wait to see you there!
Congratulations to the following people;

1st - Mazeworker
2nd - RonaldReagan8189
3rd - Roast_My_Toast

Also, if available, everyone who voted at least 50 times, and for every 50 thereafter, has had their arcade vouchers delivered to their /home.

Mazeworker and George, you did not get yours delivered unfortunately. Please connect with me with a warp to have them delivered.
Quote from: Fractalion on Oct 15, 2023, 03:18 PMI am a person that has been known to like big floating things, and I approve.

Would love to see a Fractalion sphere make a reappearance!
Imma bout to carve a pumpkin SO HARD. All y'all suckers going down.
Quote from: NotChocobo654321 on Oct 10, 2023, 10:51 PMcan i have a square sphere

Absolutely. They're all square spheres, I got confused in the making.

Can't wait to see the creativity of everyone!
Happy Spooky Season everybody! I hope everyone has a spook-tacular October coming up. This month's voting contest has a wonderful bonus besides EMP payout.

Top Voter: 500k EMP and TopVoter rank
2nd Place Voter: 250k EMP
3rd Place Voter: 100k EMP

Also, for every increment of 50 votes a person casts, they will recieve 1 Arcade Voucher. For example; 150 votes = 3 Arcade Vouchers.

Happy Voting!
Thank you all for voting this month. In the top 50 voters, we received a total of 2,223 votes!

1st Place: Mazeworker with 385
2nd Place: RonaldReagan8189 with 266
3rd Place: Calamador 217

Payouts have been made in-game!
Quote from: Mazeworker on Sep 26, 2023, 12:20 AMYou got a time... but whats the date?

Heh... maze.

Fair question. Updated!
Come and run like a rat in Nicadean33's Hedge Maze weekend event! Join me at 11pm CDT on Friday, September 29th for prizes to every finisher! Each finisher will receive 100k, with extra bonuses to those finishing first, second, and/or third!

/warp HedgeMaze
Happy September and soon enough, happy fall! Winners for this month voting contest will be the following;

Top Voter: 1 million EMP
2nd Place: 500k EMP
3rd Place: 250k EMP

Happy voting!
Quote from: MarisaKirisame on Jun 26, 2023, 03:31 PMI'm still here from time to time ^^

Great to see you! That's a name I can remember!