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It's kinda embarrassing, minecraft just isn't in my interest any more being 20ish now it kinda just got old, and i lost interest because I done everything in the game I could do. Also I'm focusing more on life stuff. I've kinda played so many years to the point where it is just repetitive and at the end of it idk what to do in the game anymore to entertain myself.
General Discussion / Thank you SFT
Mar 28, 2021, 06:13 PM
I wanted to say thank you for being a awesome community that I've enjoyed for multiple years, I believe almost 10 years I've been here! That's insane! I've met a lot of players and awesome players during those years and it's been awesome! I lost interest in minecraft recently, but I really wanted to thank SFT, towelie, friends, and the awesome cool staff for making my experience on here fun and cool. Keep making this server a cool fun place everyone!!  :heart:
Quote from: ropeclimber on Feb 12, 2021, 10:58 PMSFT is the only server I have ever really played in MC. I always come back because I always have fun. Today I am trying to decide if I ever come back. Or if this one incident is determinate of a larger problem in the rules of the server. I watched somebody use offensive language and when somebody else was offended and asked them not to use that language the offender started using more curse words and insulting people. I got involved to remind them to be respectful to others as it is part of the rules. The response I received was "Fuck being respectful if your going to be a ****". I then went on to ask mods how that is not bannable or why they at least werent taking any action. The offender's friend told me to "calm the fuck down". I am not playing a childs block building game to face language like this. The mods and admins online went on to say "i think this has run its course everyone be quiet". no action was taken and me and two other people were left offended by the language of two players. I understand that a lot worse things happen, but this server is called superfuntime, not superabusivetime. I will be interested to see if I am drawn back to SFT in the future. Hopefully staff can get the players under control. Cant be letting people use offensive language like that in any organization.
To combat this I believe I may have a few suggestions to staff; tolerance of suggested words should be minimal for swearing I understand we allow a degree of swearing and I respect your opinion to that, but furthermore, we should have very minimal tolerance towards trolls like these, like give a warning, then a 5 day ban to help them calm down, if they desire to continue, direct ban. That's the best way to combat this trolling.
Frogpek (autpek) is my favourite staff, he's a funny guy, and I am good friends with him ❤️

Second favourite is dogggeh, he's a good friend and has helped me many times in past plus he slaps me :D

Both of them have always helped me when I struggled as staff and not staff, many staff have helped me but these 2 helping me means the most I think. ❤️
It can be a benefit and a con, I like the fact sft is one whole, where before it wasn't "one" in future maybe expand to staff-related to expand bonding with other sft staff as whole.
Ooopsie! Back to 0! 3
I remember you having a ton of spawners, congratulations on 9 years!
Some number idk
Poleluck-poles but with leaves instead
Faction Recruitment / Re: Envy
Apr 25, 2020, 08:50 PM
IGN: N1ux
Discord; N1ux#7780
Active: can be active enough
Skill: pvp, building, mining
Up for a laugh: yeah sure
Faction Recruitment / Re: TMF
Apr 25, 2020, 08:11 PM
Name: N1ux
Time zone: gmt-4
Discord: yep
Factions experience: yea, I do I have experience
Skills; killing, mining, building
General Discussion / Re: Ello
Apr 09, 2020, 01:36 AM
Sup nice to see your back
General Discussion / Re: garywb
Apr 01, 2020, 08:50 PM
Gary was badass, we will miss you Gary ❤️
Team name: Yeetsweg
Team members: N1ux_
Warp to build: /warp YeeChristmas
General Discussion / Re: 5 Years on SFT
Sep 29, 2019, 07:02 PM
Congrats on 5 years!
IGN: Nawkk_
Uptime in last week: 5 hours
Overall uptime: 5000+ hrs
Banned in past 6 months?: no
Ever banned for xraying/advertising/etc: yes, a few years ago
What rank do you wish to be?: eventhost
Why you want the rank?: because I think it's great to host events, and also it's fun to involve players in such events, plus more events hosted the better fun experience people can have.
What region are you from?: Canada
Discord: yes I do have it if needed.
I don't want rewards, I just want to have fun with playing the game and friends.
I got to say w2 looks awesome nice job
Happy birthday dpa! 🎂
It's sad to see old players like you leave, but it happens in life sometimes, ofc there is always memories of fun times with old friends that were always great, thank you for being awesome part of SFT quic! 😁
I'm not bothered by the reset, but thanks for trying to save survival from a world reset. Its truly appreciated how hard you work for SFT
PTSD isn't only for military, there is a lot of reasons of why a certain person can have PTSD, (ex: abuse, trauma, car accident, etc.)

ADHD effects concentration on a certain task and sometimes can make you be distracted by something else and might make you lose interest in what you were doing to do the other task instead.

Hopefully that somewhat helped you in a way.
If it's the issue of activity on forums personally I used to like when forums involved the community and had interesting topics to engage people in. Heck, I might even be more active if it was suggested above.
It's not the community, the community is great trust me, it's the aspect of the game which is just repetitive. I've done everything possible in this game to find it fun in the past years. I mean I could try to give suggestions but that won't bring me back to the game.

But aside from that I left because the aspect of minecraft got boring it happens, I don't know what else to say, it's complicated to find a game like this fun after a few years...