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Team name: Christmas Dog
Team members: Kakota, Ollie505, Spiritdance
Warp to the build: /warp kakchristmas
Survival / Re: Hazelnut711
Dec 03, 2019, 10:41 pm
Hi Hazelnut! You were banned by someone who is no longer staff. Let me discuss this with the manager+ team and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Me and Maya will be hosting this weekend event!

Multi-sponge hunt in w3!

Each winner gets a Christmas themed surprise! Plus 100k emp!

Event begins Sunday, the 24th at 8PM est time!
Survival / Re: magic_spoon4
Oct 25, 2019, 03:11 am
Hello Magic_spoon4, Sashalarie banned you for a hacked client.

Please allow 48hrs for a response.
Hello SFT community & players!

Me and @MasterX70 are hosting this weekend event on Saturday, October 12th at 9PM Eastern Time

There will be duds, decent and awesome chests!
Duds will contain little value to them.
Decent will have good items in them and worth a good amount!
The awesome chest will have a stack of diamonds and worth over 70k! It may contain even other diamond related stuff or other goodies

For those unsure how to play, here is a guide.

There are 6 units. Each unit will be voted on, one will contain the high value, while there may be a dud or 2!
Players will be publicly auctioning on these chests, and whoever has the highest bid wins that unit!

All unit items can be claimed after the event is over unless otherwise mentioned or instructed!
There may be item frames and/or armor stands holding just a few items you may find within the chests!
Hello guys!
I have already talked to Towelie about this and he has approved it.

I have owned my own business since 16 and now 21.
I have experience in sewing, embroidery and gear making for pets and humans alike.

Our discussion was to embroider the SFT logo(more like words) onto items such as hats, & blankets
Any other ideas YOU GUYS have? I want to hear!

Items we can't do - Backpacks(mainly the thick ones like school backpacks)

What do you currently make?
Pet gear like collars, leashes, harnesses and even gear for service dog teams(such as patches)
For humans, paracord bracelets & bracelets to match their pets gear as of  right now.

How do I buy and/or where does it ship from?
Please contact me privately(preferably discord) to place an order or for questions.
I accept PayPal as payment.

It ships from the USA, but I do ship to Canada!

25-50% of profits will help fund the server depending on product <3
Hi guys!

This post is for SFT gameplay for current things ingame to improve gameplay.
Example phantoms were killing many...they were removed or the piston limit being doubled, etc.

Please post below for suggestions or things you wish to see improved for a more balanced, fun gameplay  :heart:
Thank you, guys! I am proud to be helping with the community to improve this server <3 
I do agree 3,500 hours are a lot, but I feel it takes away the "fun side" of survival....which is...surviving. While I agree with the kits, I feel enabling godmode; even though obtaining those hours are extremely hard takes away the side of survival. Staff only have it because it is necessary to do our jobs or else, we would not be able to correctly.

I feel the kits are a good asset, but I am agreeing with Sasha on godmode and lava placement. Item frames I don't see an issue with, but placing actual lava - no.
Quote from: SashaLarie on Aug 24, 2019, 05:26 pm
Quote from: omelott on Aug 24, 2019, 12:21 amLegend 4: Lava placement perms (Would save staff energy, much like BCV perms)
Gonna say no as lava can be used to troll/kill players and I believe that only Mod+ should be able to place it.

Quote from: omelott on Aug 24, 2019, 12:21 amLegend 5: God Mode (Controversial. But if a Jmod who only has 100 hours has it, why can't a player who's played for 3,500 and been with the community for more than 4 years?)
Staffing would be quite impossible in many ways without god mode and that is the reason staff get it. Not just for the sake of it. I don't really think its something that should be added to this.

I agree with this, lava can be an easy troll method and attempt to kill others just for fun. Godmode, as Sasha stated is pretty much only used by staff; because staffing would be nearly impossible otherwise.

Plus, what fun would survival be with if everyone had godmode once they reached a certain hour amount?
I'll miss you Boox :( <3 be safe and focus on yourself!! Your happiness is first priority
Will we have 1 move or the standard 2 and 3 where we pay to move those(used to be 500k and 1mil)

This hotel I have been working on for about 5 months, is in the world that is about to be resetted. Like any build to anyone, this build is important to me, though I fully understand if denied.

I was in the middle of tearing it down for useable materials(wood, clay, etc) so please ignore the messiness. I will be fixing once either moved(since I got the okay for it to be moved for 2mil emp). I will be adding 3 additional floors again, and fixing the current mess ASAP.

The hotel has a huge waterpark with 3 slides, bumper/battle boats, and lazy river, outside hottub(Ill refix once moved), bar and too add, a cafe, indoor hottub, restrooms(with shower) and lockers. All water was removed before I got the ok)so everything will be up and running again once moved :)

The warp is /warp kotashotel which brings you inside by the lobby/welcome desk, there are working elevators.
I paid Nafi 750k.

One build to be moved to an 75x75 area in Vet world

Then another 500k in w2
Name of Coaster: Extreme Ice
Story/theme: You take a wonderful winter vacation that turns deadly.
Warp to coaster: /warp extremeice
Builders: Kakota, Locurawolf, Warhammerneard
Username: Kakota
Rank: Jmod
Screenshot of payment: This was from Katherines side :) Mine wouldn't let me open the screenshot ;-;

I am USA EST zone :D.