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Forum Games / Re: What's Your Excuse?
Jan 11, 2018, 11:57 AM
I'm not Wario

Fix Terraria server plz

Got the looks and am ready to take names and kick butt, yet one problem. I'M OUT OF FREAKING GUM

(anyway cant wait to play around with that leveled mod looks awesome from what i seen so far.)
@graven2603 the boss you are talking about is Devourer of Gods and yes it may lag people out ^_^
(¬_¬) that was cleared up and yes hopefuly one brave soul with a beefy computer can end it so we can get into end game calamity
I'll go after it with my r9 390x 8gb gpu and 16gb of ram... XD don't worry. i got this.

phht Ill defeat it easily and do it with throwing (that is if we can have joost mod plz that mod is fun as balls)
@graven2603 the boss you are talking about is Devourer of Gods and yes it may lag people out ^_^
@RallyReaper If you want to theres a mod called Experience and classes which is a lot like what you were mentioning - the mobs being powerful as well. For example every new player with this mode would start out with a novice token and this would give you +.5 hp per level up(Leveling up involves killing mobs and stuff lol) After 10 you can change off into the novice token and turn it into a class specific token. In this case I choose the Rouge token which is more towards throwing and getting behind the enemy. After that I gain up to 25 levels I can change that token to Ninja which is more throwing based. The  General gist is that its kinda fun, also you can put a level limit on the server in the config files to pervent people from going over the top.

(I know Ninja gets stupid with a lot of levels as 100+% crit chance is nothing to laugh at)
@RallyReaper  Why not use the Gem blocks instead of Water and Lava? Would be a lot less dangerous to players instead of using the lava. Also can have some random dart traps if your really that evil...
What is terraria
@Lucy_23x To sum it up in a few words.

2d minecraft with new things
You know what would be fun, Having teams so we can all fight each other like groups of people or teams ^_^ (mostly cause i want to kill graven...)
Will the Mods include: tremor, calamity or spirit? ( sadly they dont work together T_T)  and will we be able to just use tModLoader to get the mods?
I mean i have all three of these mods in my tmodlaucner and it works perfectly fine. Also using Tmodloader is fantastic to have and not that hard to use. Also if you need help than I'd be down to provide a tutorial for this on how to download tmodloader and how to get it all sat up and everything ^_^

*If we use mods lets use calamity and put on death mode >:)*
Hey guys ur friendly chocobo here and I was wondering what on earth happened to everyone?

I know the answer might be "Oh there isn't much to do" or "there's not a lot to do"

So leave a comment on why your not playing as much and maybe things will change?

Who the heck knows I for sure don't xD

P.S. Repopulate pix plz .-.
Name: Nicholas
Age: 17
Vision: 323.60 ms
Hearing: 571.00 MS

Am i special yet?
General Announcements / Re: Black Friday
Nov 25, 2017, 03:33 PM
It's Saturday though..
Black Saturday Sale?
In before another new new new ta was made lol

Anyway great idea

Also just a suggestion maybe we can use concrete to help speed up travel in between the areas
Btw Guys if you want this to happen I need a good builder or something to aid me in it for like design wise to make it look like something people want to play in so hit my up in discord. (Just add like a 7 after Chocobo and ill pop up or something)
So ive been thinking of an idea for a new quiz build something tottaly diffrent from the one we had on classic.

With a few twists
For example the changes will be the following
1. If you get it wrong... YOU DIE! ^_^
2. The winners get to watch the loosers die
3. There will be a barrier to stop cheaters *Filthy cheater scums*
4. If i notice someone cheating who dosen't switch sides at the last second I will see if i can get a gun from *cough* Dpa *cough* and shoot you down >:)
5. Something something lava

So let me know with some comments and if i see a lot of comments than it will be put to effort

Also one last thing you need to prove to me that you are able to host if im not on. So far the only ones who I trust is well dpa and the managers+ since they wont do anything bad (Im watching u dpa)
The Choco of bo is happy to be part of the community (Mostly cus i get to cause a lot of banter and maybe driving dpa crazy by asking him for inventory pets on pix or something like that) ^_^
Add like a ranking system like something simmilar to Mcmmo, If you want me to i can try to find something like that that would fit the plugins we are using. Don't have much to do other than school xD
Gg to all

and to the @TheTrueMadKing better hide or my pumpkin might come and get you xD
Count me in boys ^_^
/warp pumpkinMurder

I added a few signs so you can tell what it supposed to be if u don't get it right away

P.S can my prize be an inventory pet instead?
Great builds so far guys..
I have Filled this gap so no need to thank me.

(P.S. Inventory Pet plz)
Something Something, catching contests or something
dpa getting sleep? thats a first to hear and see xD

jk you need it man after what you did for us <3 props to ya
Will there be a rule on littering items in TA or na?