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General Survival Discussions / Re: SFT 3 year
Oct 10, 2017, 07:48 PM
Congrats u nurd ben,

dpa getting sleep? thats a first to hear and see xD

jk you need it man after what you did for us <3 props to ya
Will there be a rule on littering items in TA or na?
For the first time ever you guys will get to hear my finally!

So you get to hear the voice behind the bird i guess?

idk waluigi time
Several Legendaries have a hidden ability actually.

For example Lugia has a much coveted hidden ability of multiscale instead of normal pressure.

I beleive Ho-oh has the much coveted Regenerator as its HA, and I think mewtwo has Unnerve, to name a few.

Also, I have seen 3 latios including my own, I believe I was third, no idea who was first

Caught mine roughly Aug 17 I want to say

Im talking about the Latios he mentioned
Hey Guys your boy Chocobo is here and I'm happy to say that if you ever need help with hatching eggs I encourage you guys to do....

/warp EggHatching

Its a giant loop with Concrete blocks that allows you to move super fast allowing for easy egg hatching.
Also bring food or Dusk Stone Armor  ^_^   :cookedmeat:  :cookedmeat:  :cookedmeat:  :cookedmeat:  :cookedmeat:

Note this is not a build to compete against /warp hatch owner magl2904 so please do not think that ^_^

Anyway i hope that you all breed and get some good pokemon eggs

P.S. In the near future i am going to be adding A SPEED 2 BEACON!  so look forward to it.
On August 18th I will increase the xp rates of battles by 35%, this will last until August 21st.

I was going to do increased legends/shinies again but I accidentally set the legends spawn rate too high after the last event and we ended up spawning a ton of them ;)
You should tots set it up higher xD

Anyway cant wait to totally not abuse the system and kill everything in sight xD
Gotan, just to say. LEGENDARIES CANT HAVE HA

one of those

Just saying during the beta testing we did have tinkers construct in the mod pack, yet we had to remove it due to there being a lot of issues that happened with the mod so more than Likely its not going to be added again just saying. Also i think the reason why sftmmo was that there was a bug with it and it was bad enough to be removed so ya...

If mcmmo ever gets updated than ya i suggest that
Pokemon that can be annyoing A F are awesome so uhh

Pichu in smash melee
General Announcements / Re: Hey guys
Jul 22, 2017, 12:14 AM
If ya need it heres a list of pokemon i found that are easy to kill and give fairly good evs the only repeat one being golem
Jumpluff speed 3
dustox sp defence 3
beautifly sp attack 3
golem defence 3
luxray attack 3
walrain hp 3

chose pokemon that arent good stat wise and are fairly common as well so it could help out ^_^
Out of all the things that have happend on the server (The good and the bad) what was the best experience you had with the server?
How do you guys feel about me finding potential exploits on each of the servers and reporting them to staff? *Note i will do my best to help find stuff in pix so plz dont hurt me*
General Announcements / Re: Hey guys
Jul 20, 2017, 10:15 PM
Will we get like a huge announcment when its ready and public?
General Announcements / Re: Hey guys
Jul 20, 2017, 09:02 PM
Its k dpa  #PersonalLifeComesBeforePix
I would say Remove side mods, as much as these are useful i believe people or at least me would prefer to be on 5.1.2 and find it a better experience
You have to remember that sometimes newer is not always the better experience

we might have the ability to have the newest things, but we might also have to deal with more bugs and issues.

(after all with all the bugs and corruption errors it took to get to just this version, who knows how many more we will have to face to get it to 5.1.2)
Fair enough i know obviously we gotta make sure that things like bugs and issues that come with the new update are to be found or have a way around them but i just feel like after all this waiting for the ability to use things like mega evolution along with other features that come with the 5.1.2 update others wouldnt want to go back. Just overall i find getting the up to date version would benefit everyone more and worth the effort of looking at these potential bugs and errors that come eith the new version.
Also not to mention that being on a newer version of pixelmon we would get more people and potentially they would stay for a while longer than if we weren't

They dont add much change, tho the one thing ill miss is /ivs /evs and /hp
Its like the pokemon company will see "Hey this game has pokemon in it, Lets take it out and flinge it for copyright!" or something like that :P
Forum Games / Re: Would you press the button
Jul 13, 2017, 02:59 AM
no i would not

Would you press  button if u could punch whoever you want and get away with it, but you will be weak for the rest of ur life?
Merry Christmas (wait wut)

anyway Happy Birthday!

Helped me out a lot in pixelmon
Patrick Square Pants
Cant wait to see this fully done =D
and if hoppers are still useable for duping there's always this ( http://file-minecraft.com/item-transportation-mod ) as a replacement :3 (it looks sooooooo coool!! ;D)
yet can it collect items that fall on it?
Now before i get started i want to say this. Yes I know the reason why that hoppers were banned from the previous version of pixelmon that we  all know and love yet for this new version would it be possible to add them back?

For example we could do different things to make sure none of the issues hoppers caused would happen again such as...
A. Making staff(like Manager+ maybe idk up to the staff team) be able to place it down provided the player having the right stuff for it.
B. Making it like a special perk people can get
C. Having Players who want to use hoppers fill out a special like forum thing saying they wont use it to abuse stuff(I know ill have to do this alot...)

If you guys have anything you think would be better/nice/any reasons against this reply with a message. I wont hunt you down and burn your toast....