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For a limited time only, you can get a free image firework from the premium shop -> http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/168593

This firework will contain the following image:

Say hello to Circlespawn 2.0 (A build by @Dpa1991 and the architect team)
World2 has been reset.
The old world can be accessed at /oldw2 until January 2018.
We will start build moves within a week, you will see a front page post when that happens.

Link to old world download -> http://srvdev.sftmc.org/World2.zip
NOTE: This file is 2.7GB and hosted on our dev server, meaning bandwith is limited, so don't expect fast speeds unless you are from Romania.
Last night, I was involved in an incident that I found to be quite honestly stupid and exaggerated. I was joking with XZ, I said something along the lines of "Are you a racist?" which was an obvious joke... I was met with "let's not" and "stop that".
I don't know when the SFT staff became a team of robots without a sense of humor... To be honest, people did complain about this to me but I kind of defended the staff team "by default".

Now, what I want to accomplish from this, is to make everyone less of a special little flower. Distinguish when something is said to someone as an insult or as a joke. Don't punish people for joking. Words don't have power, words are just words... so it should be perfectly ok to say words like "racist, dick, bitch" just to name a few, as long as they are not used to insult someone. How do you check that? You ask that other person, in private "did those words insult you?" and if they say "no, it was just a joke", maybe ask them to keep dirty jokes in private if they are overdoing it but don't go on banning them and so on.

I don't get why everyone is so prude and even a word such as "racist" triggers people. I am honestly fed up with all this politically correct bullshit, and I feel like that's a thing dumb people adhere to when they can't distinguish between a personal attack / insult and a joke.

I've seen this happen to other people recently too (an example being blue, very obviously saying "i am a racist" as a joke (at least I hope it was a joke... @BluetigerESW  can you clarify?) and being labeled as a racist and peopel requesting me to take action and stuff....

What I am describing, everyone is guilty of... players, staff (up to Owner), etc.

So uhm, please, for the love of all that is holy, loosen up, learn to distinguish a joke from an insult and drop the SJW / PC bullshit because it's really not fitting in a gaming community.
Please let @darknuju and I know what you think about the latest version.

Damage has been doubled for both parties (to make it more frantic like Murder), chest locator ability added,

Also, please TRY THE GAME (/sab join) and give us feedback (either in this topic or via pm to dark / I)
dark and I will look at EACH AND EVERY suggestion and see what we can do to implement them if we agree with you.
So, I'd like to start a poll. The goal of this poll will be to revamp Survival a bit.
There are two stages: #1 A list of plugins which you will be asked whether they should be renamed #2 A list of plugins which you will be asked whether they should be added (coming AFTER the first section)

- Should we be removing the MobArena plugin?
- Should we be removing EliteMobs?
- Should we be removing MiniBoardGames (/play)
- Should we be removing SFTEggs? (the eggs you get from voteparty)
I'd like to pitch SurvivalHardcore for you.

SurvivalHardcore is:
- An almost vanilla server with no economy, MMO plugin, warps, homes, disguises, trails and so on
- A server that will be max difficulty, zombies will be able to break your doors and creepers will blow up your place
- A server that bans you for 30 min when you die (because failure is NOT tolerated)
- A server available only to Patreon Supporters or Subscribers (subscriptions coming soon)
- A server without a staff team (or with a very small staff team, think 1-5 people).
- A server where breaking the rules means being de-whitelisted (making it impossible for you to join again)
- A server where PvP is always on and anything goes. (even griefing if the person didn't protect their builds properly)
- A server where you protect your own builds. If you fail at it, too bad, griefers and creepers will mess up your stuff.
- A server where you can place everything (dispensers, pistons) without limitations (abusing glitches/exploits will still get you banned though)
- A server where there are no limits to how many animals you can have and where animals/minecarts/boats don't despawn (unless really needed eg: unless someone spawns 10000 minecarts and the server is at 1TPS)

SurvivalHardcore is not:
- A replacement for Survival. Survival and SurvivalHardcore will co-exist in the Bungee instance.
- A server where you can gain ranks from uptime (or from any method for what it's worth)
- UHC, Factions, etc.

NOTE: There won't be any premium shop items for this server other than subscriptions (needed to play on the server) and prepaid packages (12 month packages, lifetime memberships, etc). Due to this, I will not re-consider and I will not open the server to the public. I have high hopes but low expectations so it's ok if only 3-4 people turn around to check the server. This is a fun project for me which I want to try.

Discuss here or at -> https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,180865.0.html
Vote what features the server should have here -> https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,180890.0.html

Release Date: Coming Soon! Rough estimate: ~1 month
I am going to use this topic to create multiple polls (in this same topic) for various plugins (to find out if you guys want them)
So please vote.

Poll topics:
- Do we want EliteMobs on SurvivalHardcore (ofc, tweaked and nerfed as we won't have the op SFTMMO weapons here) -> NO
- Do we want PyroFishing on SurvivalHardcore?
- Others (coming soon)
I've recently began working on a new server, in my spare time.
This new server will be named SurvivalHardcore, and it basically relies on the "less is more" principle.
This new server will be whitelisted and accesible only to Patreon supporters.

- There are no warps
- There are no homes
- There is no economy
- There are no autoshops
- Nether, End are enabled and can be accessed normally
- Creeper damage is on
- Enderman damage is on
- Protections will be self-serve
- Pvp is always on
- There are no "perk" plugins. This will be a Patron only server and without a premium shop (only supporters from Patreon will be able to play on the server though)
- Near vanilla mob/animal spawning
- Fire spread was disabled (in order to make sure someone doesn't accidentally burn the whole map)
- Difficulty is bumped to the highest level, health regen is (hopefully) off, zombies break doors
- You can place everything (dispensers, pistons, etc)
- There will be no staff or very little staff (seing as protections are self-serve and we won't even have a kick/ban system as we'll rely on the whitelist system)

No "fun" plugins (eg Vehicles, Holograms, Flamethrowers, Particles, etc)

What I want to know
- Does such a server sound interesting ?
- What plugins do you feel it SHOULD have (particle effects, fishing, slimefun, bla bla)

At the moment the server is barebones, meaning, I am deciding what plugins to add to it and so on, but until then I have a working near-vanilla server (with some plugins configured like votes, permissions, chat, etc)

Here's how to win this. Play some Sabotage (/sab join) and get 1000 Karma (should be doable in 2-3 games).
Then post a picture of your karma (/sab karma) as a reply to this post.

You have until October 22nd to enter. On October 22nd, I will do a random number draw, and the reply number corresponding to the drawn number will get the winner the following prizes: 200k EmpBucks and 2000 Karma (for Sabotage)

Thank you and good luck!.
NOTE: Do not post anything other than contest entries here. If you have any questions make a new topic entitled "Questions regarding the Sabotage giveaway" and post there
Good news! Murder is out, Sabotage is in!
I have removed the buggy mess that is Murder, to make room for Sabotage, which is currently in it's second beta. @darknuju  added a shop and polished the plugin a little bit. Try it out with your friends, we promise it'll be fun.
To play, /sab join then /sab ready.

Sabotage is actively developed so expect [beta3] real quick, with more shop items, more balancing, more chests, more fun, more explosions (!?).

NOTE: Sabotage is in BETA. Please report ANY BUGS to @darknuju  or I!
General Announcements / We gotta talk
Oct 12, 2017, 10:43 AM
Ok, so it's obvious we are not doing well, both playerbase-wise and donation-wise. I mean we've made $70 so far on Survival, and seing as it's almost the half of the month that's really bad.
However, that's not really what bothers me, but the really shitty and disgusting attitude of some people. I am fed up and will no longer tolerate stuff like "Towelie's begging for money again" or "every other post is about money" or "I am not going to vote".
Listen here, I understand that you are broke / low on money and that I can perfectly understand and respect, but for the disrespectful players who bring nothing good to SFT but only complain and bitch and create drama, have you considered that maybe I am making so many posts about needing money and stuff because I am trying to save this community and that I don't intend to pay for it out of my own pocket forever?
Have you considered that your negative, bullshit attitude brings nothing to the table but more frustration / disgust? If you're not going to donate or vote, at least have the common decency to keep your damn mouth shut rather than making witty remarks meant to make you look "kewl" to your friends about how much I "beg" for money or about how you're not going to vote because you are carrying this important strugle inside you against SFT.... HINT: There are other servers out there.

Now for the people who care:
- This post is just me being angry about some stuff and venting. SFT is not shutting down and I will continue to pay the bills from my own money if impossible otherwise, but at least I want some respect (or not even respect, just don't start shit about it) for that.
- I perfectly understand that not everyone can donate (due to the hardships of life, not having a paypal acc, etc) and I've never blamed / held it against the people for those reasons. If you still want to help though, there are many ways that don't involve spending real money: vote daily and convince your friends to vote daily as well, invite more players/friends/schoolmates (eventually one of them is going to donate), post on social media / etc (but only where allowed)
- If you're thinking of donating but don't want to do that fearing that the server will shut down, do know that all the bills are paid for 3 months in advance by me and I will continue to pay them  out of my own pocket if needed, I just wish I wouldn't have to spend all my "non essential income" on sft and rather on stuff for me / etc.
- There is the possibility that some day I'll lose my job / have problems of my own and won't be able to help SFT any more. That's why I want to see SFT winning enough to sustain itself.
- I've long given up my "dream" of seing SFT become a huge server and will settle just with it surviving / paying for its own bills. I don't want to give it up / let it die because SFT is basically thousands of work put in by me / other people.

This post is not targeted in any way to a specific group of players, but to everyone with an attitude that matches what I have described in the first paragraph. I've done my best to either make amends or ban the people that were creating drama/toxicity on a daily basis and as a result of that, things are a lot more quiet. I just wanted to specify this so you know this post is not targeted at anyone specifically or meant to inflame.
General Survival Discussions / Share the love
Oct 11, 2017, 04:54 PM
Hi Everyone, I'd like to ask you to invite your friends / schoolmates to SFT! Share the love and spread the joy!
Thank you and stay awesome.
New Rare SteveCo Crate #11 - Dragon Ball Z Set!
You can buy a rare crate drop here -> http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939609

Thanks to @blakus87 and @Mrs_Ender88 for helping me with the crate ideas.
There's no denying that our playerbase has shrunk quite a lot as of a few months ago. Here's what we are doing to try to bring that back on track:

- Survival World2 Reset. The Manager+ team is currently protecting temples/villages and we are making the finishing touches for the World2 Reset. Once everything is done, we will post a front page announcement after which you will have 3 months to get everything moved. I am hoping the World Reset would bring some players back
- New Bungee Server: UHC / KitPvP. I recognize the need of some sort of PvP server on our Bungee Network, but I really don't want Factions again. Prison would also be a candidate, but I believe that in order for it to attract players, it has to be something that can be played with only a few players online (but better with more), it has to be something that can't possibly attract drama and it has to be something fun. @BluetigerESW is trying his hand with a UHC / KitPvP hybrid that he is making for SFT. There will be custom plugins, but also readily-available plugins such as mCMMO, etc. The combat / pvp will be the old style combat (not 1.12 combat)
- SkyFactory: @blalp is working on replacing the very flawed and buggy modpack Lost Islands with a new one - SkyFactory. It's his project and he is putting all his resources into that, including developing some unique plugins for it.
- Pixelmon: @Dpa1991 is constantly trying to re-invent the wheel and add new and cool stuff to the SFT Pixelmon 1.10.2 Modpack. I strongly suggest checking it out, you wouldn't believe how much Dpa works on this modpack each day..
- Ads. I am currently paying for ads from my own pocket (seing as we aren't getting enough revenue), in hopes of making SFT a bit more popular

Overall, things are looking not so good, but there are a few rays of sunshine (described above). Also, please do know that I will continue to support SFT out of my own wallet.
I'd also like to thank the recent wave of donations that occured in these last few days. It's encouraging and I want everyone that is thinking of donating but not doing it because they are afraid it would be in vain that SFT won't be shut down any time soon, or at least as long as I can help.
Everything is discounted 15% off in the Survival premium shop! Enjoy this limited offer.

I'd also like to remind you about Patreon - the place where you can support SFT and get awesome/unique rewards in the progress
Charms have been added to the fishing plugin.
I haven't had time to test them as I have to go to work, but here's how a charm looks and how upgrading it will happen.
NOTE: I think you have to find these charms by fishing first.

Would you like this plugin to be added to Survival?


It's basically Akinator, but in Minecraft.
If you don't know what Akinator is -> http://en.akinator.com/
SFTMedia practically invented the term "data hygiene". The branding factor can be summed up in one word: out-of-the-box. We will optimize the term "customer-defined". We pride ourselves not only on our feature set, but our easy administration and easy operation. Quick: do you have a vertical plan for dealing with unplanned-for fractal, granular plug-and-play, best-of-breed B2C, sticky iteration? Without meticulously-planned solutions, 24/7/365, 60/24/7/365 e-services are forced to become long-term. We will augment our capacity to monetize without decrementing our capability to repurpose. Think co-branded. Think backward-compatible, sticky. Think plug-and-play. But don't think all three at the same time. A company that can streamline faithfully will (at some undefined point of time) be able to brand elegantly. We understand that if you evolve robustly then you may also innovate holistically.

SFTMedia has revolutionized the theory of re-purposing. Think virally-distributed. Think user-defined. Think extensible. But don't think all three at the same time. Think cyber-end-to-end. Think one-to-one. Think customer-defined, proactive. Think resource-constrained. But don't think all three at the same time. The convergence factor is real-world. Without sufficient e-businesses, cyber-six-sigma mindshare are forced to become 24/7. Your budget for meshing should be at least one-half of your budget for scaling. Without well-planned methodologies, nano-scalable, bleeding-edge development are forced to become cutting-edge. We will empower the term "vertical". The angel investors factor is strategic.

At SFTMedia, we think we know how to enable intuitively. We will cultivate the term "interactive". We usually grow ubiquitous fractal web-enabled, infinitely reconfigurable functionalities. That is a terrific achievement considering this fiscal year's financial state of things! We will streamline the standard industry jargon-based term "innovative". What do we streamline? Anything and everything, regardless of obscurity! We will step up our aptitude to upgrade without diminishing our power to disintermediate. We believe we know that if you productize seamlessly then you may also architect perfectly. What does the term "portals" really mean? Think 60/24/7/365. Imagine a combination of VOIP and ASP. The customer-defined obfuscation factor can be summed up in one word: intuitive. Your budget for synthesizing should be at least one-tenth of your budget for targeting. Think collaborative. Think real-world. Think B2B. But don't think all three at the same time.

Best Regards,
Sergiu N
Chairman of the Board
General Discussion / Talk about going low...
Oct 03, 2017, 01:33 PM
I'd just like to point out what happened.
I'm going to start with a screenshot:

As you can see, from this screenshot I received from a SFT member it would appear AmusingThrone is distributing my picture to everyone on SFT. I have no reason to believe this image is fake and all reasons to believe it's real. I've just edited out the name of the person for privacy reasons.
In my opinion this was a really low and immoral move to pull, especially knowing that I've succesfully hidden my face for ~6 years now. If you're wondering how he got this picture, it was obtained by Stugang about a year ago from a friend's facebook page (it's one of a few pictures of me he uploaded on facebook then deleted immediately when I noticed / asked him to delete it).
The fact that Amusing would stoop so low as to distribute this publicly when not even Stuart has done that, to me shows a complete lack of character, ethics and morality. This to me makes him a person I do not want to work with and only reinforces my opinion that my decision to part ways with him (developer wise) was a good one.
This is only aggravated by other members of his community (mikemiller for example) who have shown that they are up to no good, and will stoop as low as they have to get, to  "get me". I would even dare to imply that the picture above would suggest the possibility of them preparing something illegal for SFT / me (that wouldn't be too far, seing as one of our bot tokens were not long ago hacked and used to delete all the channels on our discord page)

I am making this post as I would at least like to show everyone what it has gotten to (not due to my fault, please keep in mind I haven't communicated / done anything to amusing since we parted ways)

In the end, I would like to share some other screenshots, related to this, that were given to me by various people, so hopefully you can see who your friends are. The pictures are in no relative order.

NOTE: This post represents Towelie's personal opinion and is NOT an official communication by Super Fun Time. I (Towelie) assume all responsibility for what was written here and I believe I have provided enough proof to show it as real and not fabulation.
In the end I believe we, as owners have the right to pick our playerbase and to decide when we want a player removed from this community, provided it's not made by criteria of race, gender or sexual orientation.
Our thoughts and positive feelings are with the victims and the families of victims from the Las Vegas / Canada terror attacks.
We must show solidarity and fortitude in the face of terror attacks and to show these monsters that we will not bow to their attempts to cause terror and mayhem.
Let's also remember that terrorism occurs regardless of religion, there have been Christian terrorists, Catholic terrorists, so let's not pinpoint this on a peaceful religion, but rather on the perverted minds of the individuals who commit these heinous crimes.
We made some changes to the fishing plugin to re-balance it a bit.

First of all, we bumped the prices:
RawFishMoney: 15
BronzeMoney: 200
SilverMoney: 750
GoldMoney: 1500
DiamondMoney: 7500
PlatinumMoney: 15000

Then we changed where each fish can be caught:
      Name: Tuna
      Biomes: OCEAN, DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: Tuna? Who doesnt love tuna?
      Name: Piranha
      Biomes: RIVER, JUNGLE
      Description: Ouch! Watch out, it bites!
      Name: Koi
      Biomes: RIVER
      Description: Want to make a pond for this one?
      Name: Bass
      Description: Someone turn that bass up!
      Name: Rainbow Trout
      Biomes: RIVER
      Description: Its a bird! No it is a rainbow!
      Name: Eel
      Description: Absoutely shocking.
      Name: Manta Ray
      Description: Its a ray! No thats a fish.
      Name: White Fish
      Description: I think this one is white?
      Name: Mackerel
      Description: Sardines anyone?
      Name: Lionfish
      Description: Fiery Beautiful
      Name: Shark
      Description: JAWS!
      Name: Angler Fish
      Biomes: OCEAN, DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: Glows in the dark! Spooky!
      Name: Viper Fish
      Biomes: OCEAN, DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: RUN!
      Name: Tiger Fish
      Biomes: JUNGLE, RIVER
      Description: What about a lion?
      Name: Barracuda
      Biomes: OCEAN, DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: It killed Nemos mom!
      Name: Swordfish
      Biomes: OCEAN, DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: He doesnt even need a blacksmith
      Name: King Mackerel
      Biomes: OCEAN, DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: Must be a reason why hes king of his castle
      Name: Tarpon
      Description: You cant catch this one with a tarp
      Name: Arapima
      Description: Largest freshwater fish in the world
      Name: Coelacanth
      Biomes: DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: Hes older than my grandma!
      Name: Blobfish
      Biomes: DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: It's a pile of goo, no wait it's a fish!
      Name: Barreleye Fish
      Biomes: DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: You can even see it's brai from here!
      Name: Oarfish
      Biomes: OCEAN, DEEP_OCEAN
      Description: He likes to go canoeing

Other than this, the BEACH biome bug was fixed (not catching fish in BEACH), the author is adding CHARMS and levelup and will basically turn the Fishing plugin into a very cool mmo-like plugin centered around fishing so exciting things to come!
I'm getting increasingly bored of running Survival and each day feels more and more like a chore.
Seing as @Mrs_Ender88 will be taking an extended break from RightHand, as soon as we get her temp replacement @blakus87 trained, I'll vanish for about a week and let blakus run Survival, with the help of @darknuju
Obviously, I'll still be around for emergencies and reduced maintenance (once every two days instead of daily) but I want to disconnect myself as much as possible from Survival for a while (a week?) in order for it to feel less of a chore when I'm back.

I'll still be on the forums and on discord since I don't really see that as a chore, more like socializing with friends and family (yeah, you are all a big family for me, even people who some times annoy me like @XZ_SLAUGHTER  ( :heart: )

PS: You don't always like all your family like you have some distant family members you haven't talked in 20 years because they annoy you and you have close family members you talk to daily so this applies here too xd
I'd like to take this opportunity to fill you in on some things that are happening on Survival:

- The /fish menu plugin has been updated. All the bugs should hopefully be fixed (although if you have fish you have caught ~1 week ago, you may not be able to sell them or use them for quests as the fish have changed since then)
- The fish caught via the plugin (the ones with custom names) will now be dropped at your feet rather than put in your inventory
- There is a Buy one / get one free promotion going on Survival until October 1st (see the post below)
- We are nearing an official announcement for the World2 reset. Basically, the staff are performing finishing touches (protecting structures, etc) and once we are ready, there will be a post on the front page. Please note after the date of the "reset" the world will still be there for ~3 more months, so you will have all the time in the world to move your builds (we usually allow 1 month for moving/etc). We will announce when moving starts (this will start only when the new world is added)
- The broadcasts on Survival have been thinned out  (less of them)

As usual, please vote daily and consider buying something from the premium shop (we will need money for bills pretty soon).
Also, if you have any suggestions for any new plugins to add or new SteveCo Crates and so on, please feel free to suggest! Thank you.
Good news!
- I've added Market Perms to the shop! For as little as $6 you can now add items to /ml
- Unofficial BOGOF going on until October 1st. Read on to benefit from it.

- Until October 1st, for each single transaction over $20 (including), you will receive a voucher giving you as much as you spent in donator credit. So for example if you buy items totaling $20 in a single transaction, you will receive $20 worth of donator shop credit
- To obtain this credit, you will have to send me a forum pm after each single transaction over $20. You can use this as many times as you wish
Win a gift card (up to $25) on your favorite platform by sharing Super Fun Time!

:diamondsword: How to win:
  • Make a post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Steam) reading "Do you play Minecraft? Check out Super Fun Time! https://superfuntime.org" OR Get a player (from any SFT server) with less than 2 hours uptime to say "Player <yournamehere> invited me to SFT"
  • Post a screenshot with either the social media post or the player confirming you invited them
  • Each social media post / player refered, is an extra chance. However, in order to make it an extra chance, you will have to make a separate post on the forums for each social media share / player refered

:diamond: The prize:
The prize will be awarded with a random number draw. The winner is the person who's post reply number (top right of your post) corresponds with the drawn number. There will be only one winner.
You will get to choose between the following:
  • $25 Premium Shop Credit on any SFT server
  • $25 Xbox Live giftcard
  • $20 PSN giftcard
  • $20 Nintendo E-Shop giftcard
  • $20 Steam giftcard
  • $20 iTunes giftcard

:paper: Rules:
  • The draw will occur on the 24th of September 2017 (so you may enter until then)
  • You may not post anything but contest entries in this topic. If you have any questions about the contest, please use this topic: https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,180349.new.html#new
  • We may change the contest terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice
  • We reserve the right to disqualify a winner if it is proven foul play was involved (eg: the invited player wasn't actually brought by the player)

:leather: Special Considerations:
If you support Super Fun Time on Patreon (or if you are going to support us https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia), you can get a free entry in the contest by attaching a photo proving you are a supporter of SFTMedia on Patreon. This applies for existing and future Patreon Supporters)
General Discussion / Giveaway Discussion
Sep 16, 2017, 01:23 PM
This topic is reserved for any questions regarding the contest

Fishing has received a really big update on survival!
Fishing now has a purpose. Type /fishing menu to see what it's all about!

- Each fish will be sellable for a pre-determined price directly into the gui (/fish menu then click fish shop)
- There are daily quests, specific type of fish you have to catch. If you do the daily quests you can get a couple of diamonds, and some other items
- Countless new species of fish added and more will be added soon!
I have added a rather hacky fix for Murder -> 1 minute after each restart (and every 48h) it will automatically re-load the plugin and broadcast a message saying "Murder was reloaded, you can now play"
Once that message appears, it will be safe to play, you shouldn't lose any items , etc.

Reminder: To join MCMurder, type /murder join 1 (it's basically TTT but for Minecraft, you can read how to play once you get there)
Please report any expired/broken discord links.
Basically, I'm talking about links from either in-game or website/forum which give you a link about how to join the Discord servers.

Due to a technical issue,, these will be expired and will need replacing.
Please specify:

- Where you got the link from (eg: typing /discord on Survival)
- A screenshot of the message if possible.
General Announcements / Roast me
Sep 13, 2017, 03:50 PM
Roast me! Do your worse! I promise you I won't ban you.
Use any words but please have a bit of decency as this is a front page post so I'm going to have to insist to not use excessive cursing.

NOTE: Any post that is not a roast and just "airing grievances" will be removed. This is not the place for that.

EDIT: I will award the best roaster with a custom item on survival. I will pick the best roaster.

EDIT: For those of you going like "Did towelie go mad" The answer is no. I just wanted to do something that's fun (not for me though :P) and would un-wind people.

EDIT: Be original. Don't just copy stuff from google... C'mon..
I'm posting this as a way to get your opinion about a serious matter.
Few days ago I have become aware of a player (we'll call him Player X) who abused a glitch/exploit in order to obtain large quantiteis of items (thousands of beacons, tens of stacks of diamond blocks, etc).
Player X didn't just stop at spawning the items for themselves, they've also just given it to their friends and proceeded to place vast quantities of diamond /gold blocks all over the world, in unprotected areas.
Player X was banned (with no chance of ever being un-banned) and some of his friends had their emp balance confiscated (set to 0) along with other suspected items. The reason we confiscated for some but not all, is that some of these players shared a protection with Player X which hosted chests full of shulker boxes full of diamonds/beacons/etc.

This post is not about punishing Player X or his friends, but about the following things:

- If you find blocks of gold/diamond/beacons etc in the open world (unprotected), please report to a Manager+ ASAP. If you take them, you will be liable for punishment (ban, confiscation of all belongings, etc)
- If you already took them or if Player X spawned items for you, report that within 24h to a Manager+ and return ALL the spawned items, or you may be further punished.
- If you find a glitch/exploit, please report it to a Manager+ and DO NOT ABUSE IT.

Furthermore, Player X was a known glitch/exploit abuser, having been punished before, but being un-banned due to his friends forming a "gang" (it had the word gang in the name) demanding for this player to be unbanned. Lesson learn. Everyone caught abusing glitches/exploits which result in items being shared with other people will result in a ban with no change of unban ever.
It's time for us to filter negative elements like Player X from this community, only then will we be "healthy" as a community.
Before everyone goes off on me - This is just an idea.

- The complete removal of the fly plugin for everyone (regardless if the perk was purchased or received as part of Eggs / etc
- Adding a new fly plugin which is given to everyone, and uses XP  (basically it will consume a certain amount of XP when flying)

- Because it adds a good use for XP and adds a reason to hunt mobs / get XP

Rate my idea between 1 (terrible) and 10 (greatest thing ever)
General Announcements / Florida Events
Sep 09, 2017, 10:15 AM
Posted on behalf of @PurpleShlong

For those who are in Florida or have family in Florida may god help you. I along with 24 (former and active duty) search and rescue divers will be headed to Florida to help with what we do best. If you are or know someone who is immobilized or severely injured please reach out to me on discord and I will give you my sat phone number. We are leaving Texas at 6 am est 9-9-17 and will be entering through the I10 then the I75 south until we reach Naples. (If you are on the way we can stop to help.) We will be in Naples coastal area for 2 days then we will play by ear for the next day or so deciding to leave to Miami or to stay. We have the means to be spread in both areas. If anyone needs help again don't be afraid to reach out. We will have gasoline and water.
It has recently gotten to my attention that someone has obtained an older copy of MusicBot and is now threatening to sell it / distribute it. I would like to inform everyone that MusicBot is an open source platform, on top of which FrostyRaiden and others contributed to proprietary code.
We are all within our rights to file a DMCA claim if this ever sees the light of day, and we will. I didn't write any code for the bot, but I will help FrostyRaiden file a DMCA claim and so on.

There is also a question whether this was obtained legally or not. There are two possibilities: Either this person hacked our server to obtain it (which in itself carries a 6 month to 5 year jail time in Romania, as you can see here -> https://legeaz.net/noul-cod-penal/art-360). Seing as the server that was hosting the MusicBot files is based in Romania, this means that this matter is the jurisdiction of the Romanian court systems. I am still trying to find out if our server was breached, but more likely, it seems that someone who formerly had access, copied the files and distributed them without our authorization or approval. I am currently investigating this, and know at least one person that formerly had access to our dev server, had access at one point, to our MusicBot files (without my approval or consent. As the person who manages the server, such consent would be needed).

Second of all, I'd like to put an end to these unfounded accusations and pure speculation. It seems people are getting only one side to this whole AmusingThrone - SFT thing. To clarify:
- Both Hoven and SFTBot are based on a publicly available, open source bot : https://github.com/Cog-Creators/Red-DiscordBot
- SFTBot is not using any proprietary code of Hoven. Everything is either part of the opensource bot mentioned above, or coded by bluetigerESW
- What happened between Amusing and SFT - To be honest I don't think it concerns third parties which were not even part of SFT at the time. However, I can say, there's more to it than one side. To give an example, when all this broke down, Amusing asked me for the Hoven sourcecode (which was in my posession at that time, because AmusingThrone created Hoven while part of SFT and using SFT servers and resources). I had given him the sourcecode, in return asked him for the right to use the bot and for the sourcecode of the plugins he made for SFT. I haven't received neither. (Yes, he did offer to let us use Hoven, but not as we initially had agreed upon - letting us host our own instance).

In closing, I would like to mention I will help FrostyRaiden get to the end of this and we will put an end to any attempt to sell stolen code.
I will also continue to investigate how these files were obtained, and if there is any indication of fowl play, I will further report this to the local authorities.
Unserious Section / New staff
Sep 06, 2017, 12:00 PM
As we all know, humans are messy, biased creatures. Therefor, I am replacing all the staff with a new model:

Because Robots aren't biased and they aren't meatbags like the damn humans.

Now I just need $20mil to pull this off. Does anyone wanna chip in?
SteveCo Crate #54 was added - It contains the Olympians set (Gods of Olympus).
Includes some pretty rare loot, including a Mending 2 Elytra.

You can drop a crate for everyone from here -> http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939609

Stay tuned, a new Rare Crate is coming within a week.
I am sure you've heard about the massive damages that occured after Harvey. Here's how you can help:

Red Cross: https://goo.gl/qz4e8q

Feed The Children: https://goo.gl/NYHqpS

Americares: https://goo.gl/2CcZTf

Team Rubicon: https://goo.gl/4bbJ3d

And read @American_Walrus 's post here, describing it all -> https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,180013.0/topicseen.html
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
Sep 03, 2017, 05:15 PM
Please support us on Patreon in order to ensure the continuation of SFT and get awesome perks and rewards, unavailable anywhere else.

General Announcements / SFT Fundraiser
Sep 03, 2017, 05:15 PM
Currently Raised: $43/$1000

I am trying to raise $1000 to save SFT. The money will be used to pay our bills and invest ~$200-400 in advertising.
To paricipate, donate on any of our servers https://superfuntime.org/shops or become a supporter on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia then send me a forum PM with the amount you donated and a brief explanation (eg: $100 - i bought this and that).
Anyone who donates over $100 as of now and until September 15th (When the fundraiser ends) will receive an unique item with enchants and nbt mods (100% health up). The item will need to be provided by the player due to EULA considerations (any item will do)

NOTE: You don't need to have one donation worth $100, you may have multiple donations totaling $100
Please note only contributions from this moment on will be counted.

List of contributors (amounts will not be included unless contributors ask, for privacy reasons):
- TeraStorm
- happypinecones
- LordSlacky
General Announcements / MusicBot Updated
Sep 03, 2017, 05:14 PM
The following changes have been made:

New commands:
!addnp - Adds the currently playing song to our auto-playlist
!repeat - repeats the current song
!promote (song number) - puts a song from the queue to the top of the list, to be played next instantly!

addnp can be used by any staff member on discord (discord staff only, not in-game staff)  AND by donators! Do not abuse this privilege donators. Please do not be adding any remix or "meme" like songs. I ask that there only be normal songs made by legit bands, or EDM of sorts (ex. Linkin Park or Nightblue Music).  Multi-language does not bother me. If you are curious if it would be considered okay to add, ask Mrs or myself.
Note: auto-playlist is a list of songs that automatically play when there are no songs queued

repeat is only used by DJ or Admin, useful for events, giving some intro/waiting music. (you will see this being used soon)

promote is only usable by DJ, Manager, or Admin. Useful for large queues and events. If a DJ has a large queue and you want to play a song do not hesitate to ask! :)

- You no longer get @mentioned every time your song plays, good for DJs or for large lists where a person may leave before their song plays
- Response text has been reduced (still could be reduced more, will push with next update)
- Music bot now works for in-game usage on Creative and PocketEdition!
- Added more log abilities (staff only)
- Removed tntwars from the servermsg, as it's not a properly linked server

Bug fixes:
- Music bot now shows which song is playing in its status
- Servermsg now shows in pixelmon as well as pixclassic
- Channels no longer conflict with each other as they were before (channel ids, back end stuff)
- Logs are still not reading out with correct formats, And frosty doesn't know how to speak so his logs aren't written right
- Users no longer get random @mentions when the bot is restarted, avoiding any un-needed beeping

Post originally created by @FrostyRaiden , recreated by me.
General Announcements / Please upvote
Sep 03, 2017, 05:13 PM

Please upvote the SFT reddit post!

Thank you @Lansdiinio for creating it!
General Discussion / Newsletter
Sep 03, 2017, 04:26 PM
I messed up... I was trying to send a newsletter that looked like this:

(not exactly beautiful but not horrible either)

and it somehow ended up like this:

Basically it continues with a huge separator between each section

Sorry about that, I don't know how that happened. Please don't kill me when you read your e-mail.

Absolute masterpiece
Hey everyone,

I'd like to make a newsletter that will be sent out to every forum member via e-mail. What should it include?

What I am thinking so far:

- Asking players to tell their friends about SFT and share on social media
- Tell the players about the Pix 1.10 Revive

Let me know any significant recent-ish events (in the last few months) that should be included in the newsletter. Please note that this is a newsletter that's sent with the hope of bringing back some ex-players so we should make it relevant for them.

@Dpa1991 @blalp @BluetigerESW
Should we add this plugin?


Pros: Looks cool
Cons: Could really mess up the delicate balance of Minecraft, and make an OP tool problem even bigger
Due to the fact that we cannot guarantee your safety (seing as a lot of personal information is exchanged in such a process like buying items from  a player), we will no longer allow the sale of items/empbucks for real money. This applies on all the SFT servers.

We invite you to create a chargeback if you have bought any items from players with real money. If you are willing to help us by telling us who you bought the items from, we will let you keep a part of the items.
I'm glad to introduce the following new perks for Survival:
- Autoshop Unlock http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/683943
- SFTEggs http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939613

In detail:
- Autoshop Unlock brings back the old autoshop unlock item that was in the premium shop
- SFTEggs - Allows you to buy a SFTEgg. This includes two brand new eggs (not available elsewhere) and three remixed eggs (existing eggs, but modified slightly). After purchasing a SFTEgg, you will still have to "hatch" the egg (it will say on the egg what you need to do).

NOTE: The SFTEggs package was initially intended as a global item, but I've noticed that the plugin does not support giving eggs to multiple people, so until we manage to fix that, it will remain as an individual item.
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
Aug 23, 2017, 04:15 PM
Hi guys,
Seing as we are struggling with bills, I'd like to remind you all about Patreon and ask you to check out the unique perks that are available only on Patreon. By pledging to support Super Fun Time, you are doing two things: 1. Securing SFT's future 2. Getting a killer deal

+ Added Parachutes to the premium shop for $5 http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/683943
+ Added Custom Prefix for $20 http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939613
+ Added Firework Maker for $7.5 (allows you to create unique fireworks in a GUI) http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939613

Created a 25% discount on all items until August 25th (to commemorate my birthday on August 22nd)

Thank you @blalp for hte Custom Prefix plugin and @abandoncaptian for the Firework Maker plugin
Right, so, here's how this is going to go.
It's not an idea, not a suggestion, just a plan we are applying regardless of the opposition or any people that may not like it.
The Zero Tolerance Policy stays. There is absolutely nothing to talk to that, it's giving good results, the level of toxicity is already decreasing on Survival so it's staying.

I've asked my staff team what they thought about the Zero Tolerance Policy and the people who said it's bad, the only reason they thought it was bad was because of how some staff members were applying it (over zealous)

Quick recap:
- What the Zero Tolerance Policy is: It's an invitation to staff to apply the rules and no longer allow any toxic behavior to be part of our Survival server and SFT in general. Please note that this DOES NOT MEAN that players are not allowed to swear. They are allowed to swear and use any curseword as per our rules (eg: they can swear as long as not directed as someone).
- Who the zero tolerance policy was made against: The people who are always salty/toxic and who are constantly crossing the border between ok and not ok. For example, people who constantly troll staff / use cursewords to troll staff, people who constantly discuss sexual topics in main chat, even after asked to stop

The important part (for staff):
- Always make sure you warn someone / ask them to stop before you punish them. Afterwards, apply the punishments as per the punishment matrix. Please treat all ranks the same. Just because someone is a Legend, that doesn't mean they can get away with something.
Also, please let's be like lady justice: impartial (justice should not be applied based on wealth, social status, etc), swiftness (justice should be swift and final. Once we make a decision we cannot get back on it unless it is proven that the staff member in question acted with anterior motive) and in balance (don't apply different punishments for the same actions of two different people, maintain consistency)

The important part (for players):
- It's becoming obvious for me that some players took the Zero Tolerance Policy too literal and that some applied unjust punishment (eg: two people punishing the same issue differently). I'd like to let you know that it's IMPERATIVE that this is reported, otherwise we cannot know who is doing what wrong and correct it. A lot of criticism comes from the "lack of action". I ensure you / give you my word, action is ALWAYS taken, however some times it's handled privately / internally. For example, don't expect me to demote a staff member for doing something wrong, instead they will be first re-trained / explained what they did wrong and not how to make that mistake again

Please feel free and report any acts of abuse / impartiality of staff members, via forum pm to @TheStarNomad✯ @Britney1177 or @Towelie  (me). If you indicate that you wish to remain anonymous, we will NOT tell the staff members who the complaint is coming from. We value privacy, so we will sort this internally and will also give you an answer, in rough lines, what decision was taken.

This is my final decision and I accept all consequences from this, even the death of SFT if so it shall be.