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My friend code: SW-6574-1607-3796
I need friends so that we can play games on the switch :D
Leave your friendcode here as well.
Due to some infrastructure maintenance with our host - OVH, there may be a possible downtime around 10 AM UTC, June 22nd.
This shouldn't last more than 1 hour according to them.

Follow @SFTMedia on twitter for news and updates in case our website goes down.

Not even 2 minutes after taking this picture, she took a key off :\

We are updated to 1.12. All the major functionality seems to work!
Nether works again (no longer corrupts player profiles)
New donator perk (Parrots!) -> http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939613

Note: Parrots DO NOT currently naturally spawn.  For now, the only way to have parrots is via the perk (or via voting, as voteparty will give sfteggs which contain parrot eggs)
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
Jun 19, 2017, 02:15 PM
I'd like to remind everyone about Patreon -> https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia
I'd also like to thank our existing Patrons and tell them I love them and they are one of the main reasons that SFT is able to continue <3
So, this isn't a post saying we updated to 1.12, but rather a post explaining why we haven't updated yet and a few more updates.
Currently, the biggest blockage in updating to 1.12 is SFTMMO, and @ColesyM is on a break until later today, so he was unable to update SFTMMO.
Other than that, there will be a bunch of other plugins that will break such as Pets and possibly even Particle Effects (but should be updated shortly).
After updating, the parrots and so on won't naturally spawn yet, as that will require a new world, which should be here in a couple of weeks.
As a reminder, World2 will be reset, but it will be on Survival for 3 more months as oldw2, after the new world is added.
I want the new spawn to be a surprise, all I can say is that it's a re-imagining of an older spawn, done by dpa and the architect team. If you can figure it out, please don't ruin it for others.
So, after dealing with this countless of times, I want to ask you something.
When you have something to report to me (eg: Person x is mean and he does this or that), provide proof or don't report it at all.
Because when I go to the other perosn they'll be like "Do you have any proof?" and It'll be your word vs their word.

Please provide proof when reporting something about someone, ALWAYS. Screenshots, video recording, etc.

Thank you!
As some of you may know, Katherine and I decided to switch from a system where every in-game staff also gets staff on Discord, to a system where discord has it's own staff team based on votes from the existing staff.
This was done due to several reasons, one of them being, the need to have a real, solid discord staff team who will clean up Discord from all the drama and spam. A staff team that will be accountable and will pay with their rank for their mistakes.
This staff team will be formed by applications. So you can apply if you wish (answering the questions below), and the existing discord staff will vote whether to accept you or not.

Discord Nickname:
Have you ever been staff on a SFT server before? If yes, which and what rank?:
Most uptime gathered on a single server:
Why you wish to be discord staff:

Troll applications will be deleted and warnings will be issued.
Please allow up to ~72h for the processing of applications (probably a bit more in the beginning)
Good news everyone! You can now unsubscribe from the Discord <-> MC chat sync and no longer see discord messages or have your messages be broadcasted in discord.

Usage: /discord toggle (same command if you wish to re-enable)
@garywb @omelott  -> You might appreciate this feature :)
General Discussion / So, I got Cocoa a tree
Jun 13, 2017, 05:26 PM

I think she's happy:

Very happy...

PS: Ignore my shitty chair, I've had that chair for like 7 years and I'm always too lazy to change it. It currently has a blanket on it that's been chewed up to hell by cocoa..

General Announcements / Am I a good owner?
Jun 13, 2017, 09:25 AM
Do you think I am a good owner?
Just vote Yes or No, no explanation needed and the vote is fully anonymous.

Thank you!

PS: I have decided to only show results at the end of the poll so as nobody is influenced.
So, I'm fed up with people using discord (especially on the linked #mc-survival channel) to have really inappropriate discussions,
I'm also fed up having my every decision being called out by people who don't even play any more but use Discord as an outlet.

I get it, disabling Discord is something people would dislike, but as of now, I will either use custom permissions or the Warning ranks to block people from speaking in the #mc-survival discord room when they cross a line.

This will be at my discretion and the staff's discretion.

To clarify: Upon acting inappropriately or causing drama in the Discord #mc-survival room, you will receive a warning which will make you unable to talk in that channel.
I need you to tell me if I'm going in the right direction with the recent developments:

- The addition of EliteMobs
- The removal of GlobalMarket and addition of the new market plugin (this was needed to do for the update anyway)
- Various other things

I basically want to know if you feel like i'm doing a good job or not. PS: Please don't count the recent restarts as a bad thing, that was needed to ensure compatibility with 1.12 (if you don't know what I mean, I restarted around ~5 times in a day the other day)
- Nether has been temporarily disabled (Will come back within a week) as there is an important bug that corrupts player's profiles when going there
- GlobalMarket was re-added for 48h so that everyone can get their stuff back from /mm, so please do so.
- EliteMobs was re-added and the plugin cna now drop procedurally generated loot
- Slimefun and the Warp plugin are the biggest things keeping us from updating to 1.12
Seing as GlobalMarket was wildly outdated and abandoned by its original author, and that it would have been broken by 1.12 due to an API change, I had to find a replacement.
I found Crazy Auction, seems to do exactly what we need minus one thing I can live without for now (Tax)

Please note:
- The plugin is in a trial period. Add items at your own risk. We will not refund any items lost with the plugin. We are trying to determine ourselves whether this plugin is a suitable replacement. My testing showed there are no major bugs, but please sell items at your own responsiblility
- Everyone that had /market create perms will have perms for this plugin as well
- The items seem to preserve their enchants, name, lore AND custom stats (eg: additional hp), which GlobalMarket didn't
- The plugin also has a bidding component, we will not enable that for this test stage

-/ca /ah or /ml -> Open the auctions page
-/ca view <player> -> View a player's auctions
-/ca sell price -> Sell the item(s) in hand for the price defined
-/ca listed -> See all your listed items
-/ca expired/collect -> See all your expired/collectable items
Today, I was driving around on my electric scooter, going to get some food for Cocoa and for me.
Then it started raining and let me tell you, these things with their small wheels are dangerous as hell in rain, you lose every bit of traction and it easily skids. Which is what happened... While taking a sharp turn, at ~20 km/h i skid, dragged a few meters on the pavement and almost got ran over by a car (like stopped really really close to me).
I have a really messed up left knee (which hurts like hell when touching it or when trying to walk on it) and other than that just scrapes and bruises. Xray will tell if the knee issue is going to be permanent. Here's to hoping it isn't.
General Announcements / [Survival] About 1.12
Jun 08, 2017, 09:21 AM
About 1.12... This is going to be a bit more complicated than I expected to update so my estimation right now is 1-3 weeks.
A lot of things are broken, including some plugins which are no longer maintained (so we will either have to find replacements or our dev team will have to try to fix).

However, as of now, you can join with 1.12 on Survival. (but the server remains on 1.11.2)
General Announcements / My two cents
Jun 06, 2017, 02:54 PM
I'd like to say that this post is split into two things: Facts and my personal opinions. They will be marked as such.
It's basically a collection of random facts and opinions that I felt everyone should know, despite not having a place for each.

- WorldEdit is often broke on worlds that were generated prior to the MC version we are running. For example, currently, regen and other worldedit operations are broken in World2, World3 and possibly veteranworld. Meaning BCV's will always be harder to perform in older worlds (that were not generated with the latest MC version. It's just how WorldEdit / Minecraft works, I think it sucks but oh well..
- We have an entity freezing bug. I've been working for a week now, trying to determine what it's caused by, disabling plugins one by one (obviously I can't take too much time testing because during that time the server is unavailable), but yes, I am aware entities (monsters/animals) have small "freezes". I am not sure of what the cause is and we had a meeting with the devs about this, the other day.
- Donations stink this month. We only made our target the last month because I sold my 3DS and donated the proceedings to SFT. If donations continue going so bad we're going to have a problem real fast.
- We are currently working on a new 1.12 spawn. @Dpa1991 is in charge of the project and various people are hoping. I won't tell what the spawn town is, and if you guess, please don't share. When 1.12 is out (possibly today), I am hoping for us to have a new world within a week.
Then World2 will be renamed as oldw2 and kept an extra 3 months (hence why I haven't announced a reset yet), and the new world will be probably named World2. Build moves will be done for every player, but not until we make an official announcement about the thing.
- bluetigerESW and xQuicScopex are currently practically running PE and pushing updates to it and so on. Be nice to them. I have had reports about blue's attitude and we talked about it / am sure he will improve it. But they are crucially important for the future of PE. They have my blessing and support in managing the server
- blalp is currently in charge of bTeam along with TheStarNomad. Their goal is to add more perks to the shop, fix any bugs they may find and keep b-team running in tip top shape. bTeam is of high importance to us now that it's our #2nd or even #1st server, popularity wise (Survival still makes 95% of the revenue)
- Prison was not officially cancelled, but is not being rushed either. It'll be done when it's done, if it's done. Blalp is focusing on the other modpack now (Skyfactory? I forgot) since we received funding from players with the specific target of a skyfactory server. So prison is not a high priority right now, at all.

My personal opinions / rants:
- Look, I get that SFT isn't as popular as it once was, but that doesn't mean everyone can just act with a complete lack of respect. I hate seing people that were once good, now only coming on SFT for drama and getting kicks out of drama. Get a life people. Either leave or grow up. SFT is not your circus, it's a gaming community and we want to have fun and enjoy ourselves here, not tolerate your crap
- Everyone needs to calm way the fuck down and realize this is a gaming community. Including me some times...
- Lately we've been turning a blind eye for a thing too many regarding staff (often high ranked staff) attitude issues and behavior issues. I'd like to instruct @TheStarNomad✯ and the other HoS'es from the other servers to start enforcing the rules. Use warnings, use demotions, us e whatever is in your power to stop this wave of drama and bs and personal attacks that's going on. It's time to stop giving people a reason to complain about the staff on SFT. I mean this.

That's about it, if I remember anything else, I'll update the post. Ask me anything.
General Announcements / Please donate!
Jun 05, 2017, 09:33 AM
Please donate if you can, we really need money for advertisements and paying our bills!
There is a 50% discount running on Survival and a 25% discount on bTeam. So please, your help is needed!

+ EliteMobs are now stronger (more health and damage, higher maximum level)
+ 200 new drops! Unique items unobtainable otherwise.
+ Nerfed the vanilla drops of these mobs (they will drop less than normal

If anyone is caught abusing god mode to farm loot, they will be punished. It is strictly forbidden to fight EliteMobs with godmode, with the only exception being if you need to kill them off your property. This applies to staff as well.
Everything is discounted by 25% on Survival and B-Team. 50% off limited sale on Survival
Please check out the donator shop -> https://www.superfuntime.org/shops and our patreon page -> https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia

I recently paid all the bills for this month and we are left with a gaping hole in our budget, hence why I'd like to do a fundraiser, hopefully get some advertising money and maybe even some rainy day money. So please donate if you can, it would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED and HIGHLY NEEDED.

General Announcements / [Survival] EliteMobs
Jun 01, 2017, 05:20 PM

Introducing EliteMobs! Elite Mobs are powerful mobs with special abilities and a chance for unique, rare drops. The mobs can level up by defeating players or by living for a lot.

How does EliteMobs help us?
- Elite Mobs will spawn randomly around the world. They will drop awesome and unique loot (random chance)
- Mobs will be stacked - For every 25 mobs in an area, an Elite Mob will be spawned instead. When killed, this elite mob will drop loot like 25 mobs would drop + a chance of special loot
- This also helps decrease the lag. By merging entities into one, there are less entities in the world, and less lag

I am going to let you read the description from the plugin page -> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/elitemobs.40090/

Please let me know what you think of this plugin, BUT ONLY AFTER GIVING IT A CHANCE! (don't just post at how you think it will be, post only after you have fought Elite Mobs.
General Announcements / Player of the month
May 30, 2017, 07:56 PM
It's time we elect someone as Player of the month.
Nominate who you'd like to be Player of the month.
Then I'll make a poll and whoever wins will be Player of the year (and will receive a honorary [POTM] prefix for a month.

- A player must be nominated by at least 3 players to enter the poll
- The player must be an active player
- The player must not have any major bans in the last 6 months
- The player can be any rank (including staff)
- Players cannot nominate themselves
- You can only nominate ONE player
Start nominating!
I'm going to keep this short and to the subject. I was asked to post a break-out on how we spend our donations and how donations help SFT.

Our expenses:
Main (Survival + Pixelmon)   $116 / mo
Games (bTeam + Lost + PE + Ark + GMod + Creative + Factions) $50 / mo
Website (website + forum + ssl cert) $66.739776 / mo
Buycraft (payment processor eg /buy) $12.783382 / mo
Backup (Dropbox Yearly) $9.2268 / mo
Advertising   $200 / mo

Total $454.74 / mo

- Main and Games are dedicated servers. So shutting down Creative + Factions + Lost for example would save no money because we would still have the machine for bTeam which is still our 2nd most popular server, as well as PE and so on
- Advertising is needed at this point and it's not optional. Without it, we wouldn't last. $200 doesn't go far in the way of advertising. A bid for a "sponsored spot" on a list site goes as high as $1000+. So $200+ is the minimum possible. Preferably we should be putting $300+ in ads
- Please note that apart from this, I also host a server in my apartment for SFT. This server is the "Dev server" and is used to host the bots (Music Bot for discord, Skype bot and dev servers for Survival where we build new spawns / train staff / test plugins). I don't take any money for the power bill or for the internet line I have dedicated to this server.

How donations help
Your donations help us pay the bills, and most importantly, keep SFT alive by means of advertising. As you can see $454 / mo is the minimum necesary for SFT to not shut down, but obviously, the more we get the better. Because more money gets into advertising, more players will come resulting that, more donations and in turn it makes SFT healthier and more able to sustain itself.
Patreon is probably the best way for someone to support SFT because not only does it give us revenue, it also gives us peace of mind, knowing people are commited to donating monthly (and getting some cool perks following that)

Breakout of May 2017
- In May 2017, Buycraft shows a revenue of $561.5. Out of that $225 is actually me who sold my 3DS to magl and I decided to have her send that money to SFT instead of me. So a more real revenue figure for May is $336.5 + another $133 from Patreon (out of which $40 / mo are also pledged by me). So that is the bare minimum and May was what could be considered a good month compared to previous ones where we made a lot less. How are we alive if we didn't make our monthly costs for the past few months? Because anything extra from the previous years was left in our accounts (which are running dry) instead of being spent. So when I said your money was used to pay the bills, I meant that. I didn't take any money even though we had a hefty surplus ~3-4 years ago. Instead that's how it's possible to keep SFT alive now.

Shiny Charts

PS: How's this for transparency?
A 25% discount is active in the premium shop on all the categories (except the Featured category which has the 10% discount applied)

- Modified the Cartoon fireworks and Meme fireworks packages to contain 3 of each firework instead of 2 of each firework, for the same price.

The discount is valid throughout June 4th
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
May 25, 2017, 12:33 PM
With your help we are now making $138 / month. Help us reach our goal of $200!
Support us on Patreon and get awesome rewards, only available as a Patron!

Thank you to our existing supporters  <3
I'd like to add that this is very very important to the continuation of SFT so even a pledge of $5 / month is extremely valuable for us (PS: You also get awesome, exclusive perks so it's even better than donating via the premium shop)
General Announcements / G2A Reflink
May 24, 2017, 02:30 PM
Hi! I'd like to take a minute of your time to explain what this G2A reflink is -> https://www.g2a.com/r/sftmedia

Basically, whenever you make a purchase from G2A (cheap steam games, etc), a small portion of that money goes to us, so we can cover server costs, AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!.
So please, next time you are considering buying a game, use our reflink above, AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, and buy cool games at low prices!

NOTE: All the money goes to Super Fun Time and are put towards paying the bills and our services. We are not responsible for any purchases on their website. This is simply a referal program meaning we get money by having people buy products with our link so we have no access or control over what G2A does / anything they sell.
General Discussion / Let's play TF2!
May 17, 2017, 07:27 AM
This weekend, SFT plays TF2.
I will set up a TF2 server on saturday which will be running throughout the weekend. I am inviting you all for a weekend of TF2 goodness.
The server will be close to vanilla (Would you like MvM or normal ?)

The time of the event start will be announced closer to the weekend, when I have a server ready.

^Click on banner to join ( click here to subscribe to our mods first)

Vote for us -> https://ark-servers.net/server/91192/

Updated to latest server version
Added Auction house
Added SE+

Courtesy of @Dpa1991
The hats plugin was revamped. We can now have more than 36 hats. Due to that, I have separated the hats perm into hat packs (and obviously, each hat pack will be cheaper than hats used to be until now)
People who already owned hats will have access to Pack #1 and #2 (basically what was added until this moment).
I plan on adding more hats with time

General Discussion / Cocoa
May 04, 2017, 05:46 AM
So it turns out Cocoa is a girl, not a boy.
A girl with an identity crysis because she keeps saying "cocoa the boy" (her former owners taught her that :P, they thought she was a boy)
Had tests done, got a parasite shot and we'll know in 2-3 days why she chews her feathers. Vet thinks it started due to stress from previous owner but just wanted to run test to rule everything else out
General Discussion / [PAL] Selling my PS4
Apr 30, 2017, 08:56 AM
I'm selling my PS4. It's a PAL model so this one is for Europeans, not americans.

Price $360 / 278 GBP + Shipping

You'll probably be like "Pfft, that's too much for a PS4" but first listen out.
This console has an upgraded 750 GB 7200RPM drive, a project skylight faceplate (rare) a limited edition Avenged Sevenfold SCUF controller and a few more goodies:

- Faceplate Project SkyLight Beta - Little Big Planet (rare)
- Controller SCUF Avenged Sevenfold (limited edition)
- Vertical Stand
- DriveClub Game
- The Order 1886 Game

Let me know if interested. I ship in the European Union. The buyer will need to be 18 years old or more. If you are under 18, then please provide your legal guardian's shipping information (only if you buy it, ofc)
General Announcements / 3DS Giveaway Removed
Apr 30, 2017, 08:23 AM
The giveaway was removed after @Dpa1991 posed some legality issues.
He believes this enters under gambling and we could get into trouble.

I apologize for any inconvenience
General Announcements / [Survival] New Hats
Apr 29, 2017, 07:44 PM
- Added Totem hat
- Added Potato hat
- More hats coming soon!

Buy Hat Selector from the shop! http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/683943
My Friendcode: SW-6574-1607-3796
Also share your friendcodes.

My games:
- Mario Kart
- Bomberman

I've onyl mentioned online multiplayer capable games.
Please vote in the 2nd poll (what is your age group)
General Discussion / Please send help!
Apr 28, 2017, 05:54 AM

RIP boxes
General Announcements / About Super Fun Time
Apr 27, 2017, 10:23 AM
Support us on Patreon -> https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia

Super Fun Time is more than just a game server/gaming community. It's a community of people and friends. It's a place where people can talk without the fear of being judged and hated for who they are (whether it's their race, gender, sexual preference or any underlying conditions). I believe such a place should be cherished and appreciated by everyone.
We've had servers die before, and we jumped back on track a month later with a new popular server or with the revival of another server. However, Super Fun Time as a website and as a safe place for everyone will never die.

While there will be bad apples everywhere, the majority of the people here are extremely supporting, understanding and best of all not judgemental (as I have found myself when revealing my condition)

On that note, I want to ask you that you support Super Fun Time on Patreon and in this way, help us pay our monthly bills (web server, ssl certificate, dropbox subscription for backups, licenses - all these cost money. And these are all just to keep the website up).
I want you to know that I will personally never give up on Super Fun Time, and despite us having a rough time right now, I have faith in the creativity and dedication of everyone involved to turn things around. For that, we need your support, especially in these harsh times.

PS: If you want proof that this isn't just some bullshit to get you to donate and that I really mean it, please know I myself support Super Fun Time on Patreon and have repeatedly paid from my own pocket for ads/other services for SFT. You can easily see that on Patreon, by checking the list of supporters.
General Discussion / What games do you play?
Apr 27, 2017, 06:15 AM
Please suggest games that you think SFT should host.

- Must have a dedicated server (So Overwatch/Rocket League etc are out of the question)
- Must be played by more than a few players on SFT
General Discussion / [Poll 1] 2017 Census
Apr 26, 2017, 06:55 PM
I decided to create a Census to get to know our playerbase a bit better.
Please vote in the poll as truthfully as you can.  Every two days a new poll will be posted until we have the results for the following questions:

Where are you from?

What age group do you belong in? >Current question<

What gender are you?

What device do you use the most on SFT?

NOTE: I'd like at least 50 people voting for each poll to be conclusive.
Here's a list of actions I will take beginning now to try and bring Survival back on track.

#1. Step up our advertisement game, even if it means covering from my own pocket. I have no issue with paying from my own pocket to promote SFT and thankfully my wage now makes me afford that. So effective immediately, I have placed a bid on the best minecraft server listing website for a sponsored slot (bidding $205). It ends in a day.
I've also ramped up our advertising on Project Wonderful (in case you don't know what that is, it's basically a place which allows me to bid on our ads showing up on various sites, all which feature Minecraft content, so a prime target for new players. I also plan on starting either a Reddit or a Twitter campaign. Overall, I estimate spending about $400 on ads this month (we made $311 this month so far, so I assume I'm mostly going to cover that from my own pocket)

#2 Develop our portfolio - Look into adding more servers to the network to give players what they might like in order to retain more players. To this effect Prison is being developed by @blalp and we are considering other projects such as a minigame server.

#3 Identify weak areas on Survival which need to be fixed. @TheOfficialMiner  - you are in charge. Get in there, talk to people, find out what their complaints are and get back to me with an aggregated report.

#4 Solidify my position on a full reset. Which I am doing right now: There won't be a full reset for now. Yes, for now. Because I can never say without reasonable doubt that I won't want to do a reset in 6 months or 12 or 5 years. That possibility is always there, just as it always was. But for now there won't be a reset, I encourage everyone to get back in-game and build. Even if we do make a reset, I guarantee I will come up with a way for you to still be able to visit your own builds (either by offering the old worlds for download, or by setting up srvdev as a museum, which people can visit any time). Also, in the event of a full reset, I can guarantee we will transfer items without any value but with sentimental value. However, like I said, there will be no reset for now. I would like to add however, that when I will think that there is the time for a reset and I think the benefits outweigh the risks, I reserve the right to do it without asking anyone for a poll.  Ultimately my first goal is to ensure the survival of the survival server, and that may mean stepping on some toes in the process, something I am not afraid to do. I did that in the past, and it proved to be a succesful move. The only reason I am not doing it now is because I don't think the benefits outweigh the risks.

#5 Punish anyone speculating / spreading misinformation or false rumors about the full reset. There won't be a full reset for now, so anyone saying otherwise, will be punished as I see fit. I encourage the staff to apply this rule

#6 The attitude of some older players needs to change. They either need to show some respect or be punished appropriately (whether that means losing their ranks or whatever). Gone is the time when I will allow legends to make a circus. Legend should be a respectable rank and I expect the bearers of this rank to comply.

#7 Tweak the vote system. Vote Party is the future! In time, we will give up the current VoteRewards system and only remain with VoteParty to become fully EULA compliant. To that respect, I've made some changes to VoteParty:
-Added SteveCo Crates 51,52
-Added Totem of Undying (1/4 rarity)
-Added nether star (1/64 rarity)
-Added mending enchantment book (1/8 rarity)
-Added frost walker enchantment book (1/8 rarity)
-Added end rod (1/4 rarity)
-Tweaked various drops and drop chances

Thank you and feel free to comment/suggest a better way of doing things.

NOTE: I want to stress out that we really need donations to pay our bills. I would like to get to the bottom of why people aren't donating and what I can do about that. If you are a former donator that no longer donates, please drop me a PM explaining why, and most importantly, what I can do to get your interest again.
Donate to ALTSO -> https://altso.kindful.com/campaigns/262483?utf8=%E2%9C%93&amount=25

Donations are important for Super Fun Time as they help us pay our bills. However,  for the children that benefit form the charity I'll mention below, this can literally be the difference between a normal life and a life full of difficulties.

A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) is a non-profit providing life-changing treatment to children with limb disabilities in the developing world. By offering prosthetic limbs, mobility aids and corrective surgery to children who would otherwise go untreated, we provide each patient the chance to get an eduction, live a self-sufficient life and positively impact their families and their societies by challenging traditional views of disability. For more on ALTSO's impact check out our Cool Kid series here https://www.altso.org/meetthekids.

If you wish to get involved in another way, perhaps to spread awareness or if you think you could otherwise help, reach out to Beth Ann Deadmond (Director of Development)

Charity Information:
A Leg To Stand On
401 Park Avenue South, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10016
direct: 212.683.8809 | office: 212.683.8805
fax: 212.683.8813 | web: www.altso.org
email: bdeadmond[at]altso[dot]org

Good news everyone!
Mob Arena now has wolves and horses integrated into the kits!
Come on by at /ama join default to test it out!

NOTE: You shouldn't lose any items or XP. It was tested by me. If you want to be sure, take a screenshot before playing so your xp levels and inv is visible.
This is my coming out post. I'm coming out from a closet, but not THAT closet.
Gather round kids, as you will learn the reason I never show my face and speak with anyone on SFT.

I suffer from a condition caused by the pituitary gland. Basically, as a kid, my growth hormones stopped well.. doing their thing, and that has caused me to basically stop growing up. That always resulted in me looking a lot younger than I was. Highschool? Look like a primary schooler. College? Look like a freshman in highschool. 34 years old? Look like a 14 year old and sound like one.

This is not a joke and can be attested by @Dpa1991 who has talked to me and seen me.
This took me 6 fucking years to say and I'm glad I finally got it out. If you want to make fun of me, I'm not gonna stand for that shit. I was made fun of all my life, I was bullied in school because of that and even had a suicide attempt in highschool because of that, until I finally discovered my lord and savior weed and I stopped giving a fuck.

That's all I got in me for now, taking questions if you have any. No, I will not post a picture / speak in public for the forseable future. At least not on anyone's terms but my own.

I need to know what games you play that we could host servers for (eg: that have dedicated server files). PC games only please.
What would be your first action if you took over SFT?
Can be something serious, silly, funny, etc.
General Discussion / Super Fun Time + Charity
Apr 19, 2017, 05:08 AM
I will soon do a post on front page asking you guys to donate to "A leg to stand on" for the front page.
Before I do, I want to make this as transparent as possible, so here's how I found out about them (they e-mailed us after I sent the newsletter):

Quote from: ALTSO
Hi - My name is Beth Ann and I believe I'm on this list because your server once did a donation for a charity and we (A Leg To Stand On) were one of the charities in the running. We ended up not winning the voting contest, but thought I reach out to see if you guys were planning on doing anything like this in the future.

A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) is a New York based non-profit organization that provides children with limb disabilities in the developing world with orthopedic care they need - and we have already provided nearly 16,000 children with treatment since 2003. This means we are offering prosthetic limbs, orthotic braces, mobility aids, corrective surgery and rehabilitation to some of the most vulnerable children in the world to give them the opportunity to gain or regain their mobility. Mobility offers these children the ability to walk the average 3 miles to and from school to earn an education, to find employment later in life and live self-sufficient lives.

I'd love to chat with you or whoever might be best about how we could do something fun. We could do a competition between different factions on the server or just have a general goal. If you are already collecting funds it could be a dual campaign where 50% goes to you and 50% goes to charity, etc...

If this is something you might be interested in please feel free to reach out. I'd love to chat more!

Beth Ann

Beth Ann Deadmond
Director of Development
A Leg To Stand On
401 Park Avenue South, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10016
direct: 212.683.8809 | office: 212.683.8805
fax: 212.683.8813 | web: www.altso.org
I asked them to provide a brief description of their Charity and links where people can pay:

Quote from: ALTSO
That sounds awesome!

We typically don't use Paypal because they take about 5% in fees so instead we use our better negotiated credit card fees of 3% through our account with Stripe. That link is here and at any point in time will tell me how much has been raised through that link, if you'd like any updates. But, if you think that will deter people from giving, let me know and I can work on setting up a donation link via paypal instead.

Here is the description:

A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) is a non-profit providing life-changing treatment to children with limb disabilities in the developing world. By offering prosthetic limbs, mobility aids and corrective surgery to children who would otherwise go untreated, we provide each patient the chance to get an eduction, live a self-sufficient life and positively impact their families and their societies by challenging traditional views of disability. For more on ALTSO's impact check out our Cool Kid series here https://www.altso.org/meetthekids.

Really appreciate it! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help promote and if you have any questions.

Beth Ann
I am waiting for them to provide me with some links (for payment) waiting for you to check them out and hear your input before I make the front page post. Until then, you can research them and make an idea for yourself if their cause is worthy (I personally think it is)
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