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General Announcements / SHC EOL?
Dec 07, 2019, 08:08 am
Does anyone still play on SurvivalHardcore?
Do any architects have stuff they need there?
Because I'd like to EOL that server.

Waiting 7 days to receive replies

PS: PE was EOL'd as well (Pocket Edition server)
Nether and End were reset on Survival today, as well as the server was updated to the latest plugin versions.

In a separate note, I would like to let you know that @abandoncaptian and I are working on a new MC Vanilla server with a clever twist. One particular "game mode" which has been all over youtube recently. No more details for now :P
Trusted Request / xX_kirito_xX to Trusted
Nov 21, 2019, 02:07 pm
He tried to make a request, but the form is broken (asked sasha to make a ticket and will check)
Recently, I've added a plugin: Bingo. This adds the possibility of eventhosts hosting Bingo games.
I am curious if anyone actually hosts these events / whether the plugin is used.

EventHosts - Please do host Bingo events (not too often though, we don't want to oversaturate the "market")
Players - Please give Bingo a chance. Whenever an EventHost hosts such an event, join, at least once.

Aight, peace out  :diamond:
General Announcements / We need your help!
Nov 16, 2019, 08:03 am
As you can probably see, the end of the Summer Vacation and beginning of school/college has taken a serious toll on our playerbase, as it does every year.
In order for us to continue providing entertainment for you, we ask that you help us by telling your friends / fellow students about our server.

Word of mouth is very powerful and has helped SFT persevere in the past. Tell your friends / fellow students about our gaming community and our servers. Ask them to come play with you on one of our servers and most importantly, don't forget to check in on our servers as often as possible! We miss you  :heart:

Obligatory Sponsor mention:
Super Fun Time is brought to you by:
Our Patrons:
Our premium shops:
General Announcements / Go #TeamTrees !
Oct 26, 2019, 09:02 am
Let's save the planet! Go to and donate. $1 = 1 tree planted. A lot of youtubers are behind this and an actual environmental organization that will plant the trees is involved! So please go to and donate! Every bit counts! (NOTE: Super Fun Time is not affiliated with, this is simply a cause dear to my heart due to the massive deforestation in my country and in the world)

PS: To show you I'm serious about this and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is, I have sponsored the planting of 20 trees:
For the duration of Spooktober, a sale has been added to the premium shop.
Check out here ->

PS: Or, if you would rather instead, become a Patron for $5 / mo and help secure SFT's future!
Try your hand at Whack-A-Mole in minecraft (/whack)
Suggested by @GlitterBomb84 - our resident plugin searcher admin :D

Usage: /whack then whack as many moles as possible!

5 whacks - 100 emp
10 whacks - 500 emp
50 whacks - 1 steveCo Key
100 whacks - 1 diamond
500 whacks - 5 diamonds
1000 whacks - 10 diamonds
1500 whacks - 15 diamonds

For 48 hours, we have a sale on Survival that's practically causing us to lose money (not really).
If you buy stuff worth at least $30 from our premium shop, you will get a 60% discount!
To benefit from this sale, add items to cart worth at least $30 (in total - your cart should be at least $30) and then marvel at the 60% savings you get!

NOTE: The sale is active for 48h. Countdown


The Super Fun Time B-Team Classic server is now open once again, after a year of absence.
This time, we have decided to make it a whitelisted server.
To play, you will need to download the Technic Launcher, and download the "Attack of the B-Team" modpack from there.

To apply, please provide the following details:

Your minecraft nickname:
Have you played on our B-Team server before?:
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Do you promise not to grief / abuse glitches?:
Do you promise to immediately register your account after being whitelisted? (/register <password>):

NOTE: Please check whether you can play before requesting to be whitelisted. If you played on our Survival server before, chances are you were pre-whitelisted.

NOTE: bTeam runs an outdated version of minecraft. It is important that you register your account with our secondary login system. To register: /register <password>, then every time you join /login <password> . Passwords are stored in cleartext due to how Minecraft works, and even though only a handful of people have access to these, we strongly suggest that you do not use a password that you currently use somewhere else. Also, we suggest a strong password made out of words, letters and at least one uppercase character.

NOTE FOR FORUM STAFF: Please do not delete this post. It is being used as a landing spot for the bTeam button on the front page. If you delete this post, you will break stuff.
After studying the cause of lag on Survival, we determined that to be Hoppers.
We are currently trying an experimental fix, which may or may not break your redstone contraptions.

Until now:
  hopper-transfer: 8
  hopper-check: 1
hopper-amount: 1

This means: Every 8 ticks (1 tick = 1/20 of a second), one item gets passed through a hopper (note: this could be slower, the example above is for 20TPS)
Also every 1 tick, hoppers get checked!? (I don't understand that either)

  hopper-transfer: 24
  hopper-check: 24
hopper-amount: 3

- Every 24 ticks , 3 items are passed
- Every 24 ticks hoppers are checked !?

Basically what you need to know is that hoppers will be slower, but will transfer 3 items at once instead of 1 to compensate for it.

Do not adjust any redstone yet, as this is just for a trial period and we are not sure if we are keeping this (if it turns out it helps immensely with the lag, we will)
Survival premium shop is 50% off for today only! Head on and grab something or you may miss it!
I'd like to revamp our patreon tiers, and make it more desirable.
How can we make it more desirable? What perks do you think there should be for each tier?

Currently, the tiers are:
Tier 1 $5/mo:
- Receive a customized item each month (you have to supply the item due to EULA) and a Patron role on our Discord server, showcasing your Patron status on the SFT server of your choosing - please request it after the first succesful payment at

Tier 2 - $10 / mo
All of the above and access to a special forum rank and Patreon-only board on our forums as well as $7.5 worth of premium shop credit every month  -  please request it after the first succesful payment at

Tier 3 - $20 / mo
All of the above, a Patron rank on our Discord server, a Patron prefix on the SFT server of your choosing and $12.5 (total of $20)  worth of premium shop credit every month -  please request the rewards after the first succesful payment at

Tier 4 - $40 / mo
 All of the above, and an unique custom prefix * color scheme ->  *  and $20 (total of $40)  worth of premium shop credit every month  -  please request the rewards after the first succesful payment at

NOTE: If you want to contribute, please tell us what each tier should have in your opinion, such as:

Tier 1:
- Perk 1
- Perk 2

Tier 2:
- Perk 1
- Perk 2

Tier 3:
- Perk 1
- Perk 2

Tier 4:
- Perk 1
- Perk 2

Any posts not in this format will receive a warning
Available now, in the premium shop for $6.4 (undiscounted price: $8)

ChestSort will automatically sort every chest after you have used it.

You can enable or disable this feature if desired with the simple command /chestsort. You can also sort your own inventory using the command /invsort. You can also use hotkeys (shift-click) within inventories to have them sorted, if you do not wish automatic sorting.

The chest contents are sorted by category and/or alphabetically and stackable things will be stacked. By default, items will be put before blocks. Automatic sorting will work with chests, enderchests, shulker boxes and barrels. Sorting by hotkeys works with the player inventory, too. Wool, Terracotta and other dyeable blocks will also be sorted by color.

First of all, I would like to thank @omelott for his suggestion and coming up with the perks (and @TeraStorm as well for perks/kits/organizing it)

Legend 1-5 were revamped (or rather their perks were).

Tycoon: - now gains /kit tycoon
Tycoon kit: experience_bottle 3 | pumpkin_pie 3 | wolf_spawn_egg 1 (24h cooldown)

Legends - these are your new perks (old perks were not kept, so only what is here is in the kit)

Legend: BCV, Cookie, Vanity Pack
Legend 2: Personal Weather
Legend 3: Compass
Legend 4: Big Warp Pack /bus
Legend 5: /Heal /sandwich

NOTE: Permissions are cumulative so for example Legend3 has Legend1+Legend2+Legend3 perks (except kits, those are per rank)

In addition to that /kit legend /kit legend1 through legend5 were added as well.

Legend kit: experience_bottle 4 | pumpkin_pie 3 | oak_sign 16 | cookie 1 | stick 1 (24h)
Legend2 kit: experience_bottle 5 | golden_apple 2 | horse_spawn_egg 1  (24h)
Legend3 kit: experience_bottle 6 | pumpkin_pie 4 | parrot_spawn_egg 1 | compass 1 (48h)
Legend4 kit: experience_bottle 7 | golden_apple 2 | cat_spawn_egg 1 (48h)
Legend5 kit: experience_bottle 8 | pumpkin_pie 5 | donkey_spawn_egg 1 (48h)
Please answer the following question:

- Your minecraft nickname
- Have you played on our bTeam server before
- Is this adorable or what (picture below)
So, I like copying succesful moves from other companies, so seing WoW classic released, kinda gave me an idea...

bTeam Classic. We re-launch b-team, we make it whitelist only and to be whitelisted you have to be a premium user. That means you have to have had at least one purchase from any of our premium shops.

This is just an idea, thoughts?
@TeraStorm @Kakota  - These are your new Community Ambassadors for Survival.
Their role, as described in my post towards them is:

Quoteommunity Ambassadors : @TeraStorm @Kakota
- Your duty will be to constantly communicate with people in-game / discord / forums and hear out their suggestions, hear their woes (eg: when they think a rule should be changed, etc). It will be your job to not only listen to a single person's wishes, but to try and ascertain what the entire community as a whole wants.
- Your tools will be the forum topics, the forum polls. Don't forget, when there's an important suggestion on forums to tag people in #announcements with @Survival Player so they don't miss it out. But forum should be the primary means of ascertaining what the community wants.

Poor: I would consider you not doing your job if players tell me: X never listens to my suggestions, they ignore me
Ok: You do your job, but you do it only for the bare necesities. No improvement comes from your position, and the players are frustrated about changes they requested and either were not listened to or ignored
Great: If your job is impactful, as in, due to you being a great community ambassador, things change that a lot of players are very happy about (eg all players want let's say the tax to be reduced to 5%. You come to me, I'll probably tell you well.. no, but prove me that everyone will be extatic and show me how that will help us as a server. And if you manage to prove me and it actually works out great, that will be considered as you doing your job great.

They will not get special ranks for this, as this is simply part of their Manager+ duties (they are the ones that got assigned this.

So yeah, just FYI, you will probably see them make a series of posts and polls soon, please get involved if you want
We are doing a special giveaway, for amazing SFT-ers who bring their friends to SFT.
You can win $50 on SFT Premium Shops / Steam / XBL / PSN / NINTENDO SWITCH / AMAZON US/CA

To enter the competition, you have to refer a friend to SFT. This can be done in one of two ways:
- Bring friends by posting on your facebook/social media page and asking them to make a post  in this topic,, to say that you invited them, then you make a post in this topic, linking to your friend's post.
- Bring a real life friend over, and have them post in this topic,, to say that you invited them, then you make a post in this topic, linking to your friend's post.

You may enter the competition until 9/7/19  9/14/19. You may enter multiple times (by inviting multiple friends), and each post in this topic is considered an entry.
On 10/7/19 I will draw the lucky winner using a random number generator (

NOTE: Do not post in this topic unless you are ENTERING the giveaway. If you need information about the giveaway, contact me on discord or make a ticket in #support
this post is for the giveaway.

Please post the following:

- Your IGN
- Your friend's IGN
- The total hours you have on /pstats
I'm looking for some places where we can advertise for $50-$100.
These places could either be web ads, or for example an advertisement on a huge discord server.

Things I am not interested in:
- Adsense (I just don't know how to make it work for us, last time I tried it cost us like $2 per click so that's just not worth it and in my opinion the worst unless you have a SEO team and a budget upwards of $5000
- Facebook Ads (Due to technical reasons eg: I owe facebook 300 euro from when I last advertised SFT and their shitty ads didn't stop because of a bug)
- Places that are not for advertising (eg: I am not interested in submitting the site to a vote site or something similar).

Would greatly appreciate it if you have some tips
Do you have any ideas about how to improve survival?
Do you know of a price that needs to be changed, or setting of a plugin that needs to be altered or a rule that would need changing or something else?

Then post your suggestion here.

NOTE: It is very important that you do not post unless you have a suggestion. A suggestion should also include the proposed resolution. Random example: I believe the warp limit is too low and should be raised to <xx>.

NOTE: Saying things like "I hate the ..." or "I dislike the..." without providing a resolution will not help at all. So please refrain

@SashaLarie @TeraStorm @MasterX70  - I need your help keeping this thread organized and clean. If you see a good suggestion, pin it to the first post, otherwise reply to the user and tell them why their suggestion is not relevant right now, or have them make a poll if it's something controversial.
General Announcements / SFT Pixelmon
Aug 06, 2019, 02:48 pm
Do you like playing Minecraft and Pokemon? Why not play them together...
Check out SFT Pixelmon if you want to play Pokemon in Minecraft

NOTE: Server IP is in favorites after you download the modpack and launch it.

..and there's a sweet nod to SFT turning 10 in Sep 2020
ETA to release date: 48h
Giveaways / Win a month of Discord Nitro!
Aug 01, 2019, 03:28 pm

Click on the link above to enter our giveaway. It ends on Monday morning and two lucky winners (randomly chosen by gleam - which is a giveaway service we use).

NOTE: You will need to also make a post in this topic saying you've entered. Otherwise you will be disqualfiied (eg: even though you won, if you have not posted a reply to this topic, you will not get the prize)
Giveaways / [Closed] Discord Nitro Giveaway
Jul 31, 2019, 02:17 pm

Please comment here when you have redeemed the code.
Sorry for the sneaky title xd had to keep it conspicuous
I am sorry to inform you, but due to a breaking update by the EliteMobs dev, all the player progress will be lost (money, etc) and old elitemobs items will no longer work.
The developer ensured us that this is the last time player progress will be lost.

I have taken this advantage (having to reset all the configs and stuff) to also make the elitemobs a bit harder to kill by reducing their damage towards the player by 25% and increasing the damage the player deals to the elitemobs by 25%
I'd like to remind you about Patreon. Patreon is a way to support SFT long term and get awesome, unique perks, better than you could get even from the premium shop.
Even $5 / mo helps us immensely, please become a Patron!

Examples of how Patreon helped us:
- It has helped us not have to be on the limit every month and not know whether we will be able to pay the bills or not. Even the $100 / mo we get right now for Patreon, gives us stability and ease of mind. I'd love if that amount was around $200 / mo, that way I wouldn't even have to beep you with this rare monthly message.
- It has allowed us to better organize tooling and java source code through the purchase of a github pro account. We now have all the SFT plugins in one place, and collaboration between devs is now actually possible (eg: if a plugin needs to be fixed, a dev can commit a fix, another dev can commit another fix). (note, plugins are private so you won't see the sourcecode)
- You people may not know, but some plugins (from spigot) cost. They can cost anywhere from $1 to $20. Usually around the $10 mark. So basically Patreon has allowed us to make our servers more interesting and more diverse.

Thank you, and please consider becoming a patron. You get awesome perks, and my undying appreciation!
This is a rather big debate. I've seen people that are not happy with EliteMobs, but I'm curious to hear from those that are enjoying this plugin and want it to stay.
Vote in the poll. I will do whatever it is decided. I now believe that between pyrofishing, pyromining and pyromon we have enough diversity for players so elitemobs is no longer fully needed as a way to keep players interested.
General Announcements / Pokemon on Survival?
Jul 24, 2019, 04:10 pm

We have added a new plugin called PyroMon, made by our friend @PyroTempus
This plugin basically adapts PokemonGo to minecraft.

You will probably want to read the info in this page to learn how to use it:

If not, just type /pm and try to learn that way

Current features:

    Realistic catching mechanics - Catch PyroMon just like you do in Pokemon GO! You have 3 spins, if it gets past them all, you catch it! Be careful, it can break out. Use better PyroBalls for a higher chance to catch them!
    Full Customization - Everything in the plugin can be customized. Want to make your own PyroMon? You can. Want to translate everything into another language? Done. Want to have fully custom names for the PyroBalls? Also done. If you want something specific adding, let me know!
    CP / Statistic Scaling Features - As the CP of PyroMon go up, their stats increase. The stats can be fully configured in the PyroMon.yml file.
    Easy to use Crafting System - To make the PyroBalls, there is a very simple crafting system (/pm crafter). Use this to access the crafting inventory to make some PyroBalls!
    Player Statistics - Want to see how you compare with your fellow Minecrafters? You can! Use (/pm stats <player>) in game.
    Economy Aspects - Sell your PyroMon to the (/pm shop) and earn money! You can also collect them for future updates!
    Full in-game Codex - See PyroMon in game using the codex command. See all their stats, mob type, elemental types and much more.

Upcoming features:
Elemental Attacks / Custom Attacks
Summoning Captured PyroMon
Raids to allow for Mythical PyroMon (Community effort)
Gyms and PyroStops
Daily Quests
Skill Tree system
Berries that give higher catch chance etc
More Elemental Types
Upgrading system
Battling other players - wagers and tournaments
Egg hatching and related features

- 1% of all the mobs that spawn will be PyroMon
- You can catch PyroMon by throwing a pyroball at them
- You can craft a pyroball via /pm crafter
- You can sell your pyromon, and in a future update, you will be able to spawn them / battle other player's pyromons

PS: /warp blazemagma if you need to kill blazes and magma things to get crafting resources
I'd like to introduce SteveCo Crate #59 - The Toy Story set.
Suggested by @hi735!

NOTE: You can get SteveCo crates by /vote -ing or by purchasing a crate drop from the shop

I have created a 20% sale in the premium shop! Take advantage of that and drop some crates for your friends!
Good news! You can now join using your 1.14.4 client.
The servers (Survival/SHC/Creative/PizzaSpleef) are not yet updated to 1.14.4 but access is possible through ViaVersion / Protocol Hack
General Announcements / Happy Birthday Dpa
Jul 07, 2019, 02:08 pm

Happy Birthday Dpa! Sorry for being a shitty friend :S.
I'll try to do better.

Thank you for all you did and keep doing on SFT and thank you for putting a touch of Dpa in an otherwise boring landscape.
The server was updated to 1.14.3
Normally, there are a lot of broken plugins, however the core essential plugins are working.
We will now expedite work on adding World2 @TeraStorm @xJimJam  (FYI). No ETA at this time but we are working on it.

You can use /petshop to purchase fox eggs if you wish to tame foxes until then.

NOTE: Villager raiding was disabled due to a bug with them causing intense cpu usage on the server

SFTMedia Industries would like to remind you that the Adventurer's Guild (/ag) is just a figment of your imagination and not in fact real. Anyone caught trying to get there will be severely punished by being forced to listen to Nickelback
I have updated Survival to the latest version of Spigot 1.13.2 and updated some plugins.
This is mostly for security, until we update to 1.14.x

As a reminder, 1.14.x is currently very laggy and bugged and not suitable to update to (unless we want a server that lags so much that commands take seconds to execute)

Updated mcMMO, PyroFishing, PyroMining, EliteMobs and a bunch of other plugins

FYI: Staff, fixed CoreProtect (gonna need some time to record data as database was reset)
Today, I've tried to update Survival to 1.14.2.
Well, the results of that were mildly encouraging, because it turns out our world works just fine, even in 1.14.2. Meaning when Mojang/Microshit actually release a playable version, we can upgrade to it (1.14.3, 1.14.100000, who knows).

But I quickly had to downgrade because:
- The performance was like well.. trying to run Crysis on a toaster
- Minecraft is a piece of shit game made by lousy people who don't care about servers and performance (it wasn't always like that, but it seems to be the case now)
- A ton of plugins were broken and we would've lost oh about 30% of our plugins, including critical ones.

TL;DR -> We updated to 1.14.2 then quickly downgraded to 1.13.2, now we are waiting for Minecraft to stop being a shitty game and actually work for a change.

EDIT: Turns out this was yet another flopped update from Mojang and NOT the update that was supposed to fix all the clusterfuck
So, after at least ~30h spent trying to upgrade to 1.14 and then to 1.14.1, something is very clear.
world1 is corrupted. Sadly, since 1.13.2 changed the world format, there are no tools that can allow us to save this world. Upon migrating to 1.14.1, this corruption (which manifests itself very rarely in 1.13.2) breaks world saving, meaning any of the worlds don't save either (meaning, for those less minecraft savy of you that every block you place will re-appear at a restart, and so on.).

It doesn't bring me pleasure to announce this, but we will have to do a world reset when we update to 1.14.1 (the exact timing of that was not yet determined).
We will however allow all players to transfer a building. For owners of huge buildings / autoshops / etc, we will do our best to transfer over, but no guarantees can be given (due to limitations with worldedit / minecraft / etc).

This seems completely unavoidable, believe me, we tried EVERYTHING. and I mean EVERYTHING.

I ask that you remain calm and continue playing. I am still working on finding a workaround, but for now, after weeks of research and trial it seems impossible.
General Announcements / Survival and 1.14.1
May 13, 2019, 12:14 pm
I am expecting 1.14.1 to come within 2 weeks.
From what I've found, they've fixed a lot of bugs, including the extremely annoying chunk loading lag and other lag causing issues.

In fact, you can see here all the fixes in 1.14.1:

Now, when this comes, we should be set to update right away, provided nothing else happens like it did in 1.14 (basically I worked for 6 hours in one sitting trying to upgrade only to encounter a lot of really bad issues such as players crashing on join, extremely bad performance with chunk loading and all that.

I would like to ask, as a precaution this time, that you remove all your items from a) CrazyAuctions (/ml) b) Slimefun backpacks the moment you see 1.14.1 is out (I will not post any further warnings, in theory the transition should go smooth and no item loss should occur from the above mentioned containers, but you never know and WE WILL NOT OFFER ANY REFUNDS (since there is a warning)

Lastly, I hope that 1.14.1 is not the mess of an update that 1.14 was, and I hope everything will go smooth during the transition from 1.13.2 to 1.14.1 and the world conversion (during my upgrade attempts for 1.14 a lot of things went wrong, including the world being corrupted - but I had backups -.

I cannot fully exclude that a world reset will be needed, but it is looking like we shouldn't have any problems with that.

PS: For the past few days I've been on a mini break from SFT which will now extend (hopefully for only a few more days) due to my health. Sorry if I've neglected any tickets or haven't been around a lot lately, that's going to improve once I get back on my feet and 1.14.1 comes out.
We need your help: Please support us on Patreon. As little as $5 / mo can help us stay alive and get you great perks. Every month you get premium shop credit worth your tier on Survival/Pixelmon and that's not even the main reward, that's just a perk! Check out our Patreon and please consider supporting us if you can, it would help us immensely.
I have cancelled all my efforts to upgrade Survival to 1.14 due to extreme performance issues in 1.14 and crashes.
This means, Survival will NOT be updated to 1.14, and we are instead waiting for 1.14.1.

NOTE: It looks like a world reset will NOT be needed for when we do update to 1.14.1.

NOTE: This is NOT paid promotion, which is even more impressing.
Thank you 09sharkboy, I'm glad you enjoyed our server :D

We have three Plants vs Zombies servers set up. The servers are for one player each. You will need MC 1.13.2 to connect, and you will need to accept the custom resourcepack or it won't work right.

Server IPs
PvZ #1:
PvZ #2:
PvZ #3:
Please answer this questions and help me improve Survival!

1. What is the thing that bothers you the most on Survival?
2. What would you change if you were me? (tangible things only please)
3. What is one thing that you feel is not being done often enough?
4. What is one thing that you feel is being done too often
5. What would you add to Survival? (whether it's a plugin, or a new world, please go ahead and say it)

Thank you!
Almost everything is discounted by 40% on the Survival premium shop!!!
Check out the shop at
April has been really slow so far in generating revenue. We haven't had a purchase in days. We need your help! Please consider becoming a Patreon on SFT

You can really help SFT and ensure it stays alive for as little as $5 / mo and get awesome rewards and much better deals than anywhere else on SFT.
You also have access to a patreon only channel that allows you direct access to the Ownership team and any of your ideas/suggestions will be given more weight! Please consider becoming a patron! :heart:
Good news Survival players!
The Nether and The End were reset. In addition to that, I've updated mcMMO with a few bugfixes.

General Announcements / Looking for a VPN?
Mar 28, 2019, 04:35 pm
If you are looking for a VPN that is fast, secure, reliable and can be used for streaming sites, look no further!
Check out ExpressVPN, Towelie's choice VPN here ->

NOTE: This is an affiliate campaign. The proceeds from this campaign will be used to pay bills on SFT!
Sadly, Article 13 has passed.
What this means - I, and specifically myself (as I own the domain am solely responsible for anything anyone uploads from now on.
And responsible as in legally. I can literally go to jail for some random user uploading a pirated movie/music video on our forums.

Now, obviously, this will affect small business owners and small communities like us the most, as in order to comply, you have to spend thousands of dollars developing a "Content filter" that will scan every uploaded file and check whether it is copyrighted or not.

What does this mean for SFT?
- I don't know how this affects us currently. The website was recently moved to Canada, so we are no longer hosted in the european union, but apparently, as long as it is accesible by EU users, it is still my responsibility.
- After this is oficially in effect (it was voted today), I will have to do one of the following things:
- Block access to anyone in the EU
- Disable any file uploads and embeds (this means no more image embeds, no more forum signatures, no more nothing.

Until this is clarified and we decide which path to choose (probably the second), please be aware that uploading any sort of copyrighted content on SFT forums is now against the rules and punishable by 1st time: revoking your posting privileges and 2nd time: a forum ban.
This includes embeds of youtube videos of music/movies/etc.

NOTE: This applies for the forums/website/on the game servers. This does not apply to Discord.
@xQuicScopex‚ú™ @blalp @AtomicPulse   - Congrats for whatever you did - 1.7.10 is picking up in players and we're starting to get some revenue from it (had one purchase today, I'm being told xquic is working on making more packages).

Let this be the thing that saves SFT, you never know xd