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So I am specifically interested to hear from our premium users and patrons, but also from everyone else.
We were discussing about potentially supporting a charity with $50 / mo if at the end of the month we can spare the funds after covering the costs.
The charity has to be a legitimate one, and we were thinking either a suicide prevention non profit or a mental health non profit, but we are open to other suggestions.
If this gets massive support, we will look into finding a charity, share that with the community and perhaps ask the community again if they are fine with the charity we have chosen.
If you believe our small contribution can be put to better use another way, we are interested in hearing that too!
It's about time that SFT started giving something back after getting support from a lot of awesome people over these 10 years.

Want some money? It's now simpler than ever with SFTLoans - Request a loan today and have the low low interest of 150% per week! Limited time only!
For our first 10 customers, the interest is only 125% / week !
Loan as high as $1000 or as low as $100 in only 6 installments (*****Our special introductory low low interest of 125% / week will help you get started!)
After further testing, we determined Tractors not to be at fault for the potato issue. Therefor, they have been re-enabled and /tractorshop is now available again!

As a reminder, tractors farm and auto replant crops so they are very useful
Death coordinates is back! But with a few tweaks:
- It now costs 25k emp instead of 10k emp.
- It is now not available in nether/end
I am going to start working, this week, on a new server. It's a vanilla Minecraft server, called Survival Lite Hardcore.
Here's how it's going to be different from Survival and other servers:

- This server will be whitelisted, and you will have to apply
- The server will have a single world, but considerably larger than Survival worlds
- This server will be as close to vanilla as possible. Meaning no economy, no fun plugins (Eg: Vehicles, pyrofishing/mining, mcmmo)
- This server will not have an economy
- This server will be in hardcore mode. Meaning if you die... well you die. And you won't be able to play any more for a while (To be determined, 2-12h). Oh and no health regen.
- This server will not have staff, instead survival staff will moderate the chat (seing as we will generally whitelist those who already are a familiar presence on SFT, this should be possible)
- This server will block dupes and glitches, but we will try to leave as much as possible to you (pistons, hoppers) with no limits, however if you create something that is lagging the server extremely, we may remove `
- This server will have TNT, creepers and all such stuff enabled
- Protections will be done by the players, there will be no staff to help with that
- The server will have a small max players to limit the lag (12-20 players at most)
- There will have to be some monetizing to cover hosting, but at a minimum.  It will be EULA compliant as we are, and we are still deciding on that aspect. Playing on the server will be free though, perhaps implement a priority queue system, TBD based on demand.
- This won't be for everyone. It is highly possible that you can work for weeks, build a base, gather all the loot then permanently die and lose everything and nobody's going to help you recover it.

This will be our implementation of Anarchy. We don't intend to punish griefing or looting.

We are removing the XPBank plugin in 48h, as we found out there are still bugs causing people to lose their stored xp.
If you used XPBank, please withdraw all your XP ASAP, otherwise you don't need to take any action
How many of you remember Survival Lite?
How many of you would like it to come back?
It's basically a survival without any fun plugins whatsoever (like no slimefun, no pyros, no economy, or item economy, also no staff protections, only self claims)

Please like this post if you would like Survival Lite to come back
There are currently 3 tiers with increasing speeds, up to 4x cooking speeds. You can use them to smelt ores and cook food. If you don't have a power station, you can use the one at /warp airstrip, just drop your furnace near a connector and start cookin'
I have added a new plugin on Survival. After you die, you will see a message in chat with your death coordinates. If you click on that, you can be taken to the place of your death for the modest sum of 5k EmpBucks.

- Clicking on the message only works up to 5 minutes. After that you can no longer return
- When you click the message and teleport to your death spot, you will be charged 10k EmpBucks
- Staff will no longer freely teleport players to their death location, except  Guests which may not otherwise be able to afford it, and untrusted if they choose so as Untrusted cannot use this plugin.

Edit: Increased price to 10k empbucks from 5k
So, until now, we had separate commands to play MurderMystery's many maps: /murder /village /rooftops.
However, today, I consolidated those commands into one:

- /murder <map>. EG: /murder village or /murder rooftops or /murder terminal
- Typing just /murder in chat will show you the available arenas without actually taking you to one!
Good news! We now have parachutes! Check out /parachuteshop and see you around soaring through the skies!
To use: While in air, right click on the parachute chest to deploy parachute. While back down, shift + right click to get it back.
Today we found a critical issue/incompatibility with Tractors and Slimefun Backpacks.
Basically tractors can be used to dupe.

Due to that, I have removed permission from everyone to use tractors.
If that bothers you, I was told you can achieve a similar result with mcmmo (auto replanting), so I would suggest looking into that instead.

For the people that built tracks for tractors:
- Don't worry, I will be making a new KART but based on vehicles rather than tractors in the next days.

What you need to do:
- If you have any tractors, stop using them
- If you have a tractor that is already spawned and you are not able to put back in its chest, please make a ticket in #support and leave a warp to the tractor, an Admin can come and help you with that.
- If you would like to use tractors purely for decoration, that is fine (eg: if you already have them deployed that way). However, they will no longer be obtainable / useable.

Sorry everyone, I liked the tractors too :S
- We will not provide refund for existing tractors (since this is an emergency removal of tractors and not something we planned)
We have a Valheim server, put together by our wonderful @saywhat2365
It is currently being tested, and extremely in beta / vanilla.

Server IP:
Password: DM me on discord and I will give it to you if you are a known community member.

NOTE: This requires Valheim to play
So, we've deployed a possible fix for XPBank, but in order to do this, we had to reset the XPBank database.
We are not 100% sure this has fixed the issue, but we think it may. Please use with caution and know losing XP is possible, while not likely.

I guess now we will have to test the plugin for a few weeks, so if you notice any xpbank xp loss, please bring it to our attention, and we'll take a decision later: if the bug is still present, we probably will remove the plugin, if the bug is fixed, we are keeping it.
Please withdraw all your XP from XPBank and don't use it until we say it is safe to use again. We discovered a bug (xp loss), and in order to fix it we need to use another storage method for the db, meaning any XP still in the bank by then will have been lost.
First of all, I'd like to say that this is not some spur of the moment thing, but we needed such a rule for a while now:

- If you get banned 3 times for the same reason (not in a row, 3 times overall), you will get permanently banned from SFT with no chance of ever being unbanned.
- This does not apply to people that already have 3 bans for the same reason, but it will if they eg: have 3 now, and get one more, or have 2 now and get one more

This will be added to the rules soon.

Today we took a group picture with SFT Regulars, featuring some heavy names returning recently, see if you can spot who.

Admit it, you're bored of the same old boats and want something new and cool, with a bit of flair. Look no further, /raftshop is here for all your see journey needs.
Seen in the picture above is the elusive pirate raft for the low low price of just 69420

Hi everyone,

We are trying to expand our dev team with one new Java dev (bukkit plugin dev) and one Frontend / PHP OR web dsigner to work on an ongoing project.
This is not a paid position, we are too small to be able to pay anyone sadly, your perks will only be (after you are approved as a dev) just our recognition and Developer rank on discord/servers.

If you are interested, please let us know:
- When did you learn Java/PHP?
- Did you write any bukkit plugins / PHP / websites?
- Would you be ok in making a test project for our devs to review? This will be for us to determine your skill and whether you can fill a need in our team.

Please reply to this topic with your responses to the questions above.
Do you have any feedback that you wish to provide to us? Feel like you are trying to get heard but nobody listens to you? Post here and someone in the Manager+ team will get back to you in max 3 days.
Anything goes, if it's private, you are also welcome to discord DM me.
General Survival Discussions / Mob revamp
Jan 25, 2021, 02:53 PM
I have revamped mob spawning on Survival. Please let me know how it feels, and what you like/don't like about this.

- Mob spawners now tick every two ticks instead of one tick. This should help server lag and be almost unnoticeable
- Mob spawning (and animals) have been increased, but now mobs are spawned "per player" (via the paper setting)
- Mobs should no longer be frozen unless the server is lagging
We've switched to a new redstone engine, one that is being ran by paper. There should be 100% compatibility but less lag with redstone.
After being told that tridents are randomly dissapearing, i went in search for the solution.
I found the cause: trident despawn rate being set to 300 ticks (15s). This was a default value that we didn't notice it had popped up.
We have now set it to 3 minutes. That means you have 3 minutes to pick your trident from the moment it lands. IF you get there within 3 minutes, you can get it, if not, it will be lost forever.

Want some Karts for your Go-Kart track? Build a cool track, post a picture of it here and then you can get up to 4 Karts.
Those karts will be for you to give to anyone who wishes to play on your racetrack, and we are going to feature the tracks in a /kart command, so i encourage you to get creative and build the most unique track!

Karts are modified tractors, who do not farm but go at an increased speed, fast enough to be fun but slow enough to be controllable (unlike cars and bikes and other vehicles which are too fast to make a fun race).

Karts are otherwise unobtainable, so this is your only way to get them.
To the players - I'm sure you will be able to play Go Kart on a track of your choosing :D

PS: I will also be subsidizing anyone who takes me up on this offer with 500k empbucks. Meaning i will give you 500k empbucks upon completion of an appropriate track (a tractor can be 2-3 blocks wide so tracks need to be wide enough)
General Announcements / Under attack
Jan 20, 2021, 02:49 PM
Hi everyone,

We are currently under attack by a sub-group of '2bt2' "for being pay to win".
Since we are not pay2win, and there are probably thousands of other servers way worse there, the running assumption is that they were mislead by someone to attack us.
As our general policy is to not negociate with hackers/blackmailers/script kiddies, we are not negociating, and instead doing our best to mitigate the attack and keep as much as possible of our infrastructure up.
We have currently banned almost 4000 ip's and countless nicknames and we will continue to do that until the attack is over.
Frankly, I haven't seen anything impressive in this attack, other than its scale, which is larger than average and while they will manage to probably take down our site from time to time, most of everything else should stand.
There has been no breach on our servers, there is no reason to believe any data was exfiltrated or leaked.

If you are playing on a VPN, you will notice you can no longer join. However, if you are Member or above, please contact any manager+ from the server you play on and they will whitelist your nickname to be able to join via  a VPN.

For the month of January, we are going to be adding towns/shops/spawners to /town /autoshop /spawner.
In order to get your shop added, please fill in this form and paste it as a reply to this topic:

What are you advertising: town/autoshop/spawner
What is the warp to your business? : /warp ...
What is the name of your business? : BusinessName
Who is the owner of the business? : TowelieDOH

- Your town/autoshop/spawner must be complete and open to the public before advertising it
- You agree that your listing will be removed the moment those terms are not met
I am looking for feedback from players that have either stopped playing on SFT or haven't played in a long time. Just a few questions, the answers will only be visible to Owner+:

PS: I would really appreciated if you could pass this to your friends who also have stopped playing SFT (PS: Unless they were banned)
Hi everyone,

Tell us who your favorite staff member is (any staff from any SFT server), and why.
Let's get some appreciation going!
I'm looking for someone who's good with making events/games to make a new big thing, like "board game" is. Something new that everyone will want to play, full of interactive stuff. I'm thinking something like minecraft monopoly? IS that even possible?

Please let me know if you would be interested in making a new in-game "game" for SFT
As a token of our gratitude for having you as players, everything is discounted 20% off in the Survival premium shop http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939613

Stay awesome!
Two new crates now hit the Survival server!
- The Rare SteveCo crate #12 set made by @samanthasnee and @MasterX70 containing a netherite themed set
- The SteveCo Crate #60 set, containing Animal Crossing items, also made by @samanthasnee and @MasterX70

I have also added a "Rare SteveCo Bundle" to the premium shop, so both new crates are now drop-ready in our premium shop

As some of you may know, the 10th of September will mark SFT's 10 anniversary.
We have a few things prepared closer to that date, starting NOW with an awesome SFT 10 anniversary wallpaper, commemorating Fractalion and Spheretown as the awesome things that pushed SFT forward (look up captain sparklez' sphere town and you will see why). This awesome wallpaper was made by @MsDanteMomĀ£. Enjoy it! It is 1080p.
Keep an eye on SFT in the first half of september for more awesome surprises. Enjoy the wallpaper!

Link -> https://imgur.com/gallery/I5kNchS
So our current vote plugin is pretty cool as it it was custom made and has vote tokens / voteshop.
But with every MC update this becomes less and less functional.
I think it's time considering to switch to a new vote system but we would lose vote tokens.

How does everyone feel about that?
We need your help!
We need you to tell us what multiplayer games you play. We are interested because we want to expand our presence to other games, either with dedicated servers or guilds ran by community members.

Please say what games you are playing at least 2h/week that are online multiplayer.
Hi guys, I have some premium shop changes (the summer cleanup if you wish), that I hope you will all be excited about:

- The "pet" packages were removed and there is now a single pet package, containing all disguise types for $7. If you have previously purchased any "pet" package (/pet not other pet packages), please make a ticket by 8/1/20 and we will upgrade you to the new pet package, containing all types of pets. NOTE: This is a limited time offer, valid only until Aug 1st 2020
- The "Mega Disguise Pack" was reduced from $30 to $15
- Removed all individual disguise packs from the shop (since the full disguise pack is $15 normal price and around $10 when discounted, those don't make sense any more)
- Re-added helicopter shop access
- Glow package price was reduced to $4 and there is now a mention that only WHITE glow works for now.
- mcMMO XP Boost 20x - 12h is now mcMMO XP Boost 15x - 24h and costs $7.5 (reduced 25%)
- Custom Prefix is now $12.5 (was 15)
- Fly global unlock 1week is now $30 (was $35)
- Spawn hologram (advertise your shop/grinder) now costs $10 (was $17)
- Rank prices were reduced (Contributor 12-10, Benefactor 22-20, Philanthropist 35-30, Eccentric 42-37.5, Sponsor 75-60)
- A 20% long running sale was added to the shop
- NEW Tank shop unlock (drive tanks)
- NEW Helicopter shop unlock (fly helis)
- NEW Hoverbike shop unlock (fly hoverbikes)

PS: Got any ideas for new premium perks/plugins? Please suggest!!!
Survival was updated to 1.16 and most of our plugins are now functional and updated.
Emp prices have been adjusted accordingly, with reductions in price for gold items.
Thanks to Autpek for updating the price list! Price list: https://pastebin.com/VAUPD6vJ
NOTE: If a price is -1 it means the emp does not buy/sell that item
Please adjust your autoshop prices accordingly!
Are you getting constantly disconnected from our servers in these last 48h, and you are 100% sure it is not your internet? Please tell us the following:

- What country are you from?
- What ISP do you use?
- Can you run "ping mc.superfuntime.org -t" for 30 minutes in a command window and then paste the out put?
- During that time, also ping google.com to rule out any clientside internet settings
- Tell us anything else you think it's useful
General Announcements / Thank you everyone!
Jun 03, 2020, 06:57 AM
Just want to say - Thank you everyone!
A few months ago I was sure SFT would die, I was constantly worried about not being able to pay bills.
Now our bills are covered by Patreon, we have more hosting capacity than we ever did, and people keep making servers for SFT (from blalp / xquic - the modded masterminds, to saywhat and evan, the vanilla heroes xd).

Just... thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I feel less choked xd I feel less pressure to perform because others are performing as well (but that doesn't mean I plan on giving up or reducing my involvement).
Now let's hope @Dpa1991 returns in full force, with new ideas when he is able to sort his IRL issues, which are much more important than a game server. (you know, the rioting, the covid pandemic, unemployment due to covid, etc)

With that, I want to say RIP George Floyd - America, land of the free and the opressed.
I have removed the ChestSort plugin from the server and from the shop, as it was found to potentially lose people's inventories.
We have had several cases with inventories being lost and ChestSort seems to be the culprit, so I'm afraid we are going to have to do without.
If you purchased ChestSort in the last ~48h, reach out to me to either receive a refund or something else in return. If you purchased it earlier, open a ticket in #support and we will replace it for you with something of an equal value in the shop.
We are making some changes to build inactivity rules. Until now, if you were inactive for 3 weeks without notifying us, your build was removed. From now on, that term is 1 month for guest/untrusted (anything below Member) and 2 months for Member and above.
So it turns out, most of the lag we had/have on Survival, is due to hoppers, and I can take a couple of actions to reduce the impact:

- Starting May 16th (00:01), I am disabling LWC protections for hoppers. That means you will no longer be able to protect your hopper with LWC
- Depending on how effective this measure is, we will see what is still needed to do.

We believe this will reduce lag a bit, due to LWC not running so many hopper checks, but hopefully, I hope it will also discourage users from using hoppers, as they are terrible and Mojang should feel really bad about their implementation :S
I almost forgot to post this message :)

So, we've recently made an important change that should reduce lag and improve your experience across our server.
We've upgraded from our previous two dedicated server (one for survival + pix + bungee + web, one for modded, vanilla, creative, factions) to just one bigger, stronger machine.

Our infrastructure until now:
Main Machine (Xeon 4c8t, 64GB DDR3, 240G SSD) - Survival, Pixelmon, Waterfall (proxy), Webserver VM
Games Machine (Xeon 4c8t, 32GB DDR3, 120G SSD) - 1.7.10, Factions, Creative, Discord Bots, Pix Dev

Our new infrastructure:
EPYC Machine (AMD EPYC 16c32t, 128GB DDR4, 1TB nVME RAID1 (hosts all of above and still has room to spare for a few more. Survival view distance already increased from 6 to 8 with no big performance penalty (on the old server, this impacted performance negatively)

We've managed to keep our costs roughly the same, increasing them only with $2 / mo.
Hope you will notice the change, and if you did, tell us what is different!

Faction players, if you keep disrespecting factions staff, I am coming after you and you will not like it.
I don't think it's a secret that I was strongly opposed to Factions reopening and that I am absolutely disgusted by it. But when I saw that a global owner and a local owner (saywhat and evan) were promising to take full responsibility and to run it for SFT, i very reluctantly said "eh, whatever".
Why do I hate Factions? I hate what it does to people. I hate how it turns people against one another and how it makes them these incredibly toxic assholes who are not someone I would ever want in my community.
Last time we had a Factions server, things ended badly. Very badly. We keep a lot of stuff that happens private because it may be shocking to see, but trust me, it got really really bad.

This time, I need to set some boundaries if this is to work:
- @saywhat2365 and @BluetigerESW manage and run the server. This means I don't want to hear any complaints about factions or people crying about losing. Take it to saywhat, Blue or their staff team
- If a [real life] law has been broken on Factions, I want to hear about it ASAP, with pictures / proof. If this is very serious (eg: pedo level shit, or blackmail / stalking), I will report this to the proper authorities.
- If you suspect that an fMod or higher up is corrupted and is spawning in items (maybe not for themselves, but for others), I want to see that, but ONLY IF IT CAN BE PROVEN! Don't come to me saying X did this or that without any proof because I WILL SIMPLY NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!. Also don't contact me without trying to solve the situation with @BluetigerESW or @saywhat2365 !!!
- Discord support for Factions will be given for only the following two scenarios: 1. Premium shop support 2. Reporting something illegal that happened on Factions. For anything else, DO NOT use the #support channel, instead a Factions-specific support method is currently being decided and will be announced.

The plague (coronavirus) didn't kill SFT, let's hope Factions doesn't...

TL;DR: This is a Super Fun Time server but I have almost nothing to do with it despite helping set up some plugins and managing the premium shop support. Don't make it my problem unless you really really have to (eg shit has hit the fan)
Hi Survival players,

If you don't know, an Angel Investor is someone that will fund a business.
I come here, with the mother of the angel investment : 10 mil EmpBucks, non refundable, to one lucky person who meets some criteria:

- You must open a new business or have an existing business that was not launched more than ~1 week ago
- You must hire, or promise to hire 5 helpers for your business, for at least 2 months, otherwise you will have to re-pay me the 10mil
- You have to justify how you would use the 10mil, and how you think that would help you and SFT.

Submit your plans, I will pick the one I think is best
There was a minor rollback (3 days) in the forums and uptime progression (/pstats). Any uptime gained in the last 3 days was lost, and any post made on the forums in the last 3 days is also lost.

We apologize for that, however we should be fine now.
General Announcements / Need to raise $200
Mar 03, 2020, 11:10 AM
So, currently, we are using Dropbox Business (120 Euro / year), for our backup needs. However, I have recently discovered pCloud. This also has a yearly plan, of 60 Euro / year, but the most interesting proposition is the 175 EUR for lifetime 500GB access, which would be more than enough for our backup needs.
Basically, what I am proposing is spending a little money (~$200) to get a lifetime subscription, so we no longer have to pay 120 EUR yearly for dropbox.
Your thoughts? Would you be interested in contributing?

How can you contribute:
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia
Premium shops: https://www.superfuntime.org/shops
Direct payment to: donations@superfuntime.org
We have began pre-work for the 1.16 update, currently trying to analyze each new feature and make sure how it fits with the rest of SFT, perhaps adjust emp prices if we have to.
1.16 is just around the corner. I do not have a date right now, but this will be done in three stages like every time:

- Stage 1: ViaVersion. We use a plugin such as ViaVersion to allow 1.16 clients into our 1.15.2 server until we manage to update
- Stage 2. Update the server to 1.16
- Stage 3. Reset world (won't be needed for 1.16 since they only made changes to the nether, so reset nether)

If you wish to be able to keep playing on Survival, please do not update to 1.16 until you see a front page post saying we now accept 1.16 clients.

Thank you, any questions?
There is a new self-assignable role on our Discord server. The role is called PartyGamer. It is for people who wish to attend in events hosted by myself or others, for games such as jackbox party pack and other similar games.
I have bought the full collection of jackbox party pack, specifically to host events on SFT, and I plan on doing this daily.
Please join our Discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/P56dXsD Then go to #bot-spam and type the following:
t!selfrole get PartyGamer
Then when we will host a game, we will ping everyone with the PartyGamer role.

My goal behind this is to turn our discord and SFT into more than just a minecraft server community: a  community of friends who do fun things together.
NOTE: You do not need to own the game to participate in any Jackbox events, only the host (me) has to.

Please take this survey. It is made by me, for my own use and nobody but me will be able to see it*.
You can give your nickname or you can send it anonymously (instructions inside), your call.

* We may share some graphs and grades, but we will NOT share your actual text responses.