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Topics - Towelie

+ Added Parachutes to the premium shop for $5
+ Added Custom Prefix for $20
+ Added Firework Maker for $7.5 (allows you to create unique fireworks in a GUI)

Created a 25% discount on all items until August 25th (to commemorate my birthday on August 22nd)

Thank you @blalp for hte Custom Prefix plugin and @abandoncaptian for the Firework Maker plugin
Right, so, here's how this is going to go.
It's not an idea, not a suggestion, just a plan we are applying regardless of the opposition or any people that may not like it.
The Zero Tolerance Policy stays. There is absolutely nothing to talk to that, it's giving good results, the level of toxicity is already decreasing on Survival so it's staying.

I've asked my staff team what they thought about the Zero Tolerance Policy and the people who said it's bad, the only reason they thought it was bad was because of how some staff members were applying it (over zealous)

Quick recap:
- What the Zero Tolerance Policy is: It's an invitation to staff to apply the rules and no longer allow any toxic behavior to be part of our Survival server and SFT in general. Please note that this DOES NOT MEAN that players are not allowed to swear. They are allowed to swear and use any curseword as per our rules (eg: they can swear as long as not directed as someone).
- Who the zero tolerance policy was made against: The people who are always salty/toxic and who are constantly crossing the border between ok and not ok. For example, people who constantly troll staff / use cursewords to troll staff, people who constantly discuss sexual topics in main chat, even after asked to stop

The important part (for staff):
- Always make sure you warn someone / ask them to stop before you punish them. Afterwards, apply the punishments as per the punishment matrix. Please treat all ranks the same. Just because someone is a Legend, that doesn't mean they can get away with something.
Also, please let's be like lady justice: impartial (justice should not be applied based on wealth, social status, etc), swiftness (justice should be swift and final. Once we make a decision we cannot get back on it unless it is proven that the staff member in question acted with anterior motive) and in balance (don't apply different punishments for the same actions of two different people, maintain consistency)

The important part (for players):
- It's becoming obvious for me that some players took the Zero Tolerance Policy too literal and that some applied unjust punishment (eg: two people punishing the same issue differently). I'd like to let you know that it's IMPERATIVE that this is reported, otherwise we cannot know who is doing what wrong and correct it. A lot of criticism comes from the "lack of action". I ensure you / give you my word, action is ALWAYS taken, however some times it's handled privately / internally. For example, don't expect me to demote a staff member for doing something wrong, instead they will be first re-trained / explained what they did wrong and not how to make that mistake again

Please feel free and report any acts of abuse / impartiality of staff members, via forum pm to @TheStarNomad✯ @Britney1177 or @Towelie  (me). If you indicate that you wish to remain anonymous, we will NOT tell the staff members who the complaint is coming from. We value privacy, so we will sort this internally and will also give you an answer, in rough lines, what decision was taken.

This is my final decision and I accept all consequences from this, even the death of SFT if so it shall be.
General Announcements / Please Donate
Aug 13, 2017, 01:11 PM
Please donate / buy something from our premium shops or support us on Patreon. As we are nearing the half of August, we are discovering we've only made $75 so far, which is insufficient for our monthly bills which near $500 / month.
I'd like to ask you to donate / buy something from our premium shops or become our supporter on Patreon!

NOTE: Do you feel like you have nothing to donate for any more? Why not spread the joy and buy someone something? Or perhaps suggest a donator perk?
In addition to that, the SFT Pixelmon Premium Shop is coming soon so if you are thinking of donating but waiting until then, I'd like to advise you to become a Patreon supporter instead as that will give you donator shop credit you can use at a later date, as well as some immediate perks.

Methods of donating / supporting SFT:
Premium Shops ->
Merch Shop ->
Patreon ->
Paypal -> Send any amount to donations[at]superfuntime[dot]org
The accounts of two staff members (fortunately not Owners) were accessed illegally. We don't know exactly what was hacked  but it seems there wasn't any serious damage (it wasn't a hack per say, someone just logged in with their passwords obtained elsewhere - that's why we STRONGLY suggest not using the same password for all sites-.
Worst case scenario they could've gotten e-mails and ip adresses, as passwords are not stored in cleartext, but so far it doesn't look like they took anything or did anything but log in to the two accounts.

However, as a safety measure, please change your password if you suspect your account may have been accessed.

I'd like to remind you about Patreon. It's a great way to support SFT and get awesome unique perks.
Check it out, we need your support now, more than ever!

I'd also like to remind you about TNTWars. To join, first join Survival then type /tntwars.
@abandoncaptian  and @Mrs_Ender88 have put a lot of effort into fixing the bugs reported by you so I strongly suggest giving it another shot!
TNTWars is a proprietary minigame, made by @abandoncaptian for SFT.
Interesting find by @darknuju

ClickDye is a lightweight plugin that allows you to color wool, terracotta, concrete, carpets, shulker boxes, beds, and glass by right-clicking with a dye. A simple, fun, and useful addition to creative, minigames, and survival servers alike.

Harvest was added! It allows you to harvest crops using right click. When using that, it also auto-replants (so just a single right click on a fully grown crop will harvest it and replant it). The only downside is that you won't receive all the boosts that SFTMMO offers, however, in my opinion it's a really good tradeoff: ease vs yield. For the same time spent, you'd probably harvest just as much as SFTMMO, because you don't have to go back and replant the crops.
You are able to still harvest the crops in the old way if you wish to do so

Nether was reset so there's fresh nether resources to be had!
I'm not sure if you remember but a while back we used to have two RightHands. Nafi and Miner. They did wildly different things.
Nafi was in charge of the back-end, maintaining the server, finding new plugins, etc and Miner did well, normal Right Hand stuff.
Sadly Nafi had to resign so since then, we've been functioning with a single RightHand @Mrs_Ender88

However, as of now, we are going to get a second Right Hand - @darknuju

@darknuju -  Back-end server maintenance / troubleshooting, identifying new plugins (fun minigames / donator perks to add to the server) and finding sollutions to every day problems
@Mrs_Ender88  - Making lists of what people want changed and bugging me every day until I do what's on those lists.

Please congratulate dark. What this means is that my lack of free time no longer has to translate in Survival suffering. Dark is basically me when I can't be around (and it works out great since he's US timezone)
General Survival Discussions / [Poll] Harvest
Aug 09, 2017, 09:19 AM

A replica of the mod found in popular mod packs, this plugin allows your players to harvest crops by right clicking them. Optionally, they can be automatically replanted too!

The Transport-Pipes plugin adds several different pipes into Minecraft. At the moment there are colored pipes, golden pipes, iron pipes, extraction pipes, void pipes and ice pipes. Similar to the BuildCraft mod, these pipes can transport any kind of item. In the following wiki you will learn how to craft and use this pipes and what the difference between those pipe types is. Also some basic information about the plugin's commands and config is described.

Read description in plugin page
Right so, there's been a ton of misinformation and lack of information so I'm going to do something I've never done before.
I'm going to leak something I posted in the staff board:

Pixelmon now has Pstats!
Tracking on front page, and in-game are now possible. The /pstats command was not yet added, hopefully soon.

Project started by @AmusingThrone (based on Fear's code) and finished by @fearthe1337
Remember a while ago, we promised we would replace the old Saboteur plugin (which was really buggy / kept crashing the server) with a plugin made by our developers from scratch?
I'd like to introduce you Sabotage Beta. During the beta period, you will be able to play (/sab join) and test, and report any bugs here or to @darknuju. Once we are confident we have ironed out most bugs, we will push forward with a release.

Things not working in the beta:
- Shops (/sab shop, etc)

Things that work
- Roles, Detector, Chests, Per role chats
General Discussion / Regarding Amusing
Aug 06, 2017, 08:54 AM
I'd like to clarify a few things:

- Amusing left SFT to work on another network. It was his own choice to do so, he was not forced / demoted or anything like that
- When he left, I discussed with @Dpa1991 and we both agreed that since he is no longer a Developer he should no longer contribute to SFT with code/etc (would just confuse things)
- Some stuff spread around lately that quite honestly is just not true (some false information)
- We decided to no longer use Hoven for this matter, and instead create a new Bot. We've been accused by people that we are stealing Amusing's work so I'd like to clarify that too: We are using the same public, open source codebase that Amusing is using, without using a single line of code from his bot. We aren't doing anything illegal, immoral or unethical, we are respecting the GNU GPL license.

Basically, a lot of unpleasantness stemmed from lack of fact checking:
[11:41 AM] AmusingThrone: as you can see ...
[11:41 AM] AmusingThrone: I had no idea what was going on
[11:41 AM] AmusingThrone: <someone> told me something was added that I had
[11:41 AM] AmusingThrone: and then I checked this
[11:41 AM] Towelie: Well, I assume you knew you added that from a public cog
[11:41 AM] Towelie: sooooooo
[11:42 AM] Towelie: you should've diffused the situation
[11:42 AM] Towelie: saying "Well that's ok, he is using the same public cog i am using"
[11:42 AM] Towelie: instead of contributing to the drama
[11:42 AM] AmusingThrone: Actually
[11:42 AM] AmusingThrone: I had no idea it is a damn public cog

I'd like to apologize for any drama created and to say @AmusingThrone and I are on friendly terms, I am honoring his decision to leave SFT and focus on something else, and he is honoring our decision to no longer contribute to SFT with code (otherwise things would get confusing)

@AmusingThrone  - Please feel free to add anything you may want to add. I made this post to clear the tons of confusion and false information being propagated.
SteveCo Crate #53 - Undertale Set was added.
Made by @Mrs_Ender88, idea by @nixcluster

I will keep the contents a secret
Have you seen someone making a habit of cursing people? Or someone using sexual innuendos on a daily basis? On someone that is overall rude and toxic to the communtiy?
Report them here, or via PM to me, WITH A SCREENSHOT (only reports with evidence will be processed, otherwise, they will be ignored).
Please feel free to report regardless whether they are Guest, Legend, JMod, Manager or Admin.

This is regarding this ->,179222.0/topicseen.html

PS: Don't post in this topic unless you are reporting someone or contesting a report. Otherwise, you will receive a forum warning.
It really pains me to say this but Survival has become a cesspit of filth at times. What goes on in that chat is vile and disgusting.
As of now, I have instructed my staff team (you could even say forced) to punish everyone stepping over the line and treat everyone equally whether they are a guest that just joined or a legend that's been on SFT for 10 years.

Personal attacks / repeated insults / sexual innuendos / and anything else that will be considered toxic, will be first warned and then punished as the staff see fit (up to permanent ban)

Whether you are a Guest or a Legend, my friend or my greatest enemy, you will be punished if you are part of the problem.

Zero Tolerance Policy / What not to do

- Cursing when it's continued. It's ok to curse now and then, it's not ok when it's a way of life and when you seem to do that every time you join. So cursing with moderation will be allowed, cursing excessively will be punished
- Personal attacks - Attacking someone is never a good idea, and will always be punished. If this contains making fun of a shortcoming or defect they may have, you can bet on it to be a longer punishment
- Sexual innuendo - Our community is frequented by kids. I really don't need to see people chatting about how moist x or y is when I join, or other traumatising (for kids) sexual innuendos
- In general being toxic. This covers a broader scope. Basically, when you're always arguing with people and acting like a "Smartass" (trying to circumvent the rules at all times).
- Any insult will be punished, even if the player being insulted took it as a joke

A few examples of being toxic:
- Throwing constant little jabs at staff. eg: "I would do x but i'm still banned"
- Being overly vicious to a person while not directly insulting them using curseworlds
- Constantly using sexual inuendo in your speech. Like if on a daily basis

More will be provided with time.
Hi guys,

You might have unavoidably noticed that I've been around a lot less lately compared to before.
That's not due to me losing interest in SFT, it's due to my life being busy / er than usual (a combination of work and IRL issues).
However, that doesn't mean I neglect Super Fun Time. I do Survival maintenance daily and I talk with Dpa and blalp on a daily basis offering them my support with various things (e.g.: Discord for Pix, Pstats for pix, talking to blalp about priorities and so on).
The good news is, that I have a right hand - @Mrs_Ender88, and I've taught her more and more stuff lately so she should be able to look into premium shop issues, prefixes, permissions issues as well as me. So what I want to ask you is that you contact her if you can't get to me in time. Some times I forget to reply so I'm not ignoring anyone, just FYI.

As for Survival, I have began the process of locating a new world (For the World2 reset), but at the same time am debating whether to postpone the reset for 1.13 (in case they add something new / modify world generation somehow, that may be the wiser choice)
So I'll keep you posted with that once I know more. If anyone knows something about 1.13, please do fill me in (Eg: release date, new features added and so on) as I haven't really kept track of things lately.
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
Jul 30, 2017, 06:08 PM

I'd like to remind you about Patreon. It's a great way to support SFT and get awesome unique perks.
Check it out, we need your support now, more than ever!

A few updates:
- Prison has been picked up again by @blalp and @iLaxrv10 and should be release within 3 months if nothing horrible happens until then
- Other secret projects are work in progress (both Minecraft and non minecraft)
Hi everyone,

I've replaced the Pets plugin. This one is slightly different but I made sure everyone that purchased pets before got to keep an equivalent number of pets, and I have also replaced the pets that come with the ranks.

So if you purchased pets before or if you have a donator/sponsor rank, the pet perks will now work again

In addition to that, check out the new Pets - Rare bundle which contains a Wither pet, a Giant pet, a Skeleton Horse pet and a Zombie Horse Pet.
General Survival Discussions / A clean slate?
Jul 22, 2017, 03:44 PM
So, this isn't really easy for me to say, but in order to move on, I have to admit that part of this was my blame (At least 50%). Nobody's forcing me to admit, I just have to admit to myself.

I'm talking about the conflicts between me and a portion of our playerbase, most of which were old, respected players.
What happened was, it started as some of these people making inappropriate and unfortunate jokes about things, but sadly my response was carried out by anger and not by reason. So every time I "acted" to punish people for these offenses, the only thing I managed to do was to alienate other players. It got to a point where people who did nothing wrong ended up suffering due to my short sighted-ness and vengeful nature.

I'd like to say I'm sorry to those I've hurt with my actions, especially those like @DarthAxonaxirah  who were caught in the "cross-fire" for just trying to express their concerns.

I'd also like to apologize for an incident that happened today. I called @DarthAxonaxirah  something really ugly and really bad (I'm not going to reproduce it here, I'm ashamed of it to be honest) for stating a fact which I drastically misinterpreted  (completely my fault on this one)

I'd like to start fresh with the people that I've pissed off (for the lack of a better term) all these years (obviously, I'm talking about the people I've pissed off un-justly), and to propose that we start with a clean slate.
Ask me anything regarding SFT.
My hope with this post is both to answer some questions and hopefully to get some direction for SFT's future from you guys (as from experience, I know the questions you guys ask are tough and make me really think)

So ask me anything about Super Fun Time.
I'd also like to invite @Dpa1991 @saywhat2365 @fearthe1337 @blalp to participate to this, and answer any questions addressed to them, but ultimately it's their call.
General Discussion / Let's talk Premium Shop
Jul 20, 2017, 07:38 AM
I'd like to clarify a few things because I feel like people are misunderstanding some things about the shop

- When you buy something from the shop it's in no way guaranteed to last for a lifetime. If the server will shut down, then don't expect us to refund the money. We have running costs (stuff we have to pay each month) and we don't hoard the money from you, we use it to pay bills. Instead, consider it as "best effort" (we will do our best for your perk to be there for as long as possible but some times, tough decisions need to be taken, such as shutting down a server that's not making money and not having any playerbase)

- Plugins break. Some times, multiple plugins break on Spigot updates, and due to the nature of the Spigot/Bukkit community, a LOT of the plugin devs give up  / quit after a few months. Meaning that a donator perk we've added in a MC version, won't work any more two updates in the future. This is legitimately nothing I can do about. Our policy when this happens, is to ask the users to wait for up to 1 month (in case the dev updates the plugin after all) and if nothing happens in that month, we will ask the users to choose another perk of that value

- Developing plugins takes time. Some times, we will get our dev team to take over a certain donator perk or minigame when it breaks / is abandoned (if it's open source, otherwise tough luck). However, developers are un-paid, and are doing their work at the leisure of their free time.  Which means that some times, that may take weeks, or even months. Sabotage is a perfect example of that (although not a perk). The original plugin dev had just a really REALLY buggy release (I'm talking server crashes galore buggy) and then "sold out" to a big network and discontinued his project on Spigot. We did have the sourcecode but because it was really in a bad shape, we decided to start a project of our own, where everything is written from scratch. That project worked well for a while, but then stalled because the majority of the devs working on it didn't continue any more (why? I don't know... personal reasons, free time, etc). Then darknuju has taken over again recently. So we may see Sabotage back (in fact I really hope we do soon), but it was a really big project and something hard to pull by an unpaid dev that also has a life and a job/school to deal with.

Please feel free to ask anything else that's on topic but not covered here.
General Discussion / Host a server for SFT!
Jul 18, 2017, 07:08 AM
So, here's my idea:

Do you know of a game that's widely played and you think would be good for SFT?
Do you play that game a lot and would like to host a server of it for SFT?
Then read on!

What I am interested in:
- Almost anything that is not Minecraft and has a large active playerbase
- Can be hosted on Linux (but worst case scenario, Windows works too)

Why you should be interested:
- I will offer a place to host your server (only spot left is in Europe, so on the dev server. If it picks up, we can relocate later)
- You will have the access you need to manage that server, and you will technically be the Owner of that server, but you will have to follow some guidelines imposed by me (server has to bear SFT branding, etc)
- If by any chance the server becomes huge and by magic, you manage to get some revenue, we can negociate a revenue share deal (where the majority of revenue goes to SFT, but some of it goes to you as well - in return you get the hosting costs covered, as well as a community with thousands of peopel to serve as a launchpad for the server)

Why I am doing this:
- It's obvious the community needs some new servers and we need to find the "next big thing" like Minecraft once was to us, but it's also obvious I don't have the time needed to host 100 servers and be active on all. I will help you with my knowledge and expertise, as my time allows it.

How to know if you qualify:
- You must be someone. Your name must mean something on SFT. I'm not going to trust a new player with access to a server :)
- You must have an original idea. Like why you want to host a certain game, and why you think it would work
- You must find at least ~10 people who will say they would play on that server (From SFT or outside). Otherwise it would be just a waste of time for us to host empty servers.

So yeah, let me know if it interests you.

NOTE: I am willing to make exceptions to the "no minecraft" rule, provided you come up with something unique (eg: you develop an unique plugin/gamemode not available anywhere else or you have a modpack)

:fire: Launch the game
:fire: Click on "Multiplayer"
:fire: Click on "Connect to IP"
:fire: Enter:
:fire: When asked for a password, enter: RisingSFT

Link to server ->
Giveaways / Rising World Giveaway
Jul 17, 2017, 11:47 AM

Enter to win a copy of Rising World (steam key).

To apply:
- Post a link to my post introducing the SFT Rising World server on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  Link ->
- Submit a screenshot of your social media post, as a reply to this forum topic.
You may post multiple times, but notmore than once per social media site (eg: if you share on twitter and facebook, you may post twice to increase your chances)

How the winner will be decided:
- On July 19th 2017, I will perform a random number draw using . The number that is drawn will win (to check if you've won, see if the number corresponds with the post reply #).

NOTE: Please don't post in this topic unless you are applying to the contest. If you would like to discuss the giveaway, create a new post in Off Topic -> General Discussions
Courtesy of @fearthe1337  - We bring you the Super Fun Time Rising World Beta Server (of an alpha game)
Server IP:
Password: RisingSFT

Link to game: (You can find cheaper keys on Kinguin).
It's a rather cool Minecraft-like game (but at the same time, not very similar to Minecraft)
@camster65 and @fearthe1337  can share their impressions about the game.

Youtube vid ->
Allows you to wear particles on your head / as a cape / under your legs (but different than the normal particle trails plugin)

@iLizardv10 has tested it out and he can let us know what he thinks.
Added /petshop - you can now buy 16 x pet food for 500k EmpBucks
Added 1.12 blocks to the emp

Uhm, that's about it for now xD
General Discussion / List your Discord woes
Jul 14, 2017, 06:07 AM
Please list your Discord woes here. What annoys you about discord, how it's ran, what you'd like to see and so on.
I must admit, I came to this realization way too late but Discord is a really important asset to SFT (or rather our discord server, not the whole of discord), so we should at least TRY to keep people happy.

So ask anything or say anything (but do it in a polite manner)
General Discussion / Owner life
Jul 11, 2017, 05:44 PM
Some people just don't have a life... Like the kid who's trying to hack my PS4/Origin/Xbox Live accounts, or the kid who's ddosing me on an almost daily basis (probably the same)

Look, I get it, as an Owner, I have to take some controversial decisions, step on some glass, but how is a good justification of your time spending a lot of time for what feels like a year now, trying to hack my accounts on a daily basis?

Or even succeeded a couple of times:

And that time when you hacked my Origin account and I had to talk with EA support for hours to recover it.

Your message came across. Please stop now. I am almost confident that person is from SFT or at least visits sft, hence why I'm writing this post here.
General Announcements / [Survival] RPG Pets
Jul 11, 2017, 06:39 AM
I'm happy to announce a new premium shop perk being added! - RPG Pets.
These pets will help you fight monsters and have a level system, so you can grow them as you would in a MMORpg.
A random pet + 16 pet food (one use = one revive) can be yours for just $6
Read on for more info about how this amazing plugin works.

PS: Are you a Patreon supporter? You will get RPG Pets for free! Check out this post for details ->,178008.0.html
If you aren't a patron, then what are you waiting for? Becoming one is possible from as low as $5 / month and it's really rewarding
I am selling my NES Classic Mini for scalper prices - $200. All the proceedings will go to SFT.
If you are interested, let me know. I probably shouldn't mention the fact that it's modded and has like 30 more games added so I won't.
The box is chewed by cocoa a bit, other than that it's in great condition.

I realize this was like $60 when it first released, but good luck finding one at that price (on the current price is $190 for an used one)

NOTE: If you are under 18, I will not ship to you. I will accept your parents' shipping address/name though.
Everything is discounted up to 25% in the premium shop ->
Also, support us on Patreon for cool exclusive rewards ->

Ok it's time to talk... revenue-wise, Survival has performed really bad in the first week of July. We made $52. If you multiply that by 4, it's $208. Seing as our monthly costs are in the neighborhood of $600, that's not enough, even if we were to add the $150/mo Patreon is pulling right now. And the bad news is, Survival is currently paying for our bills in proportion of 95% so the other servers are not helping either.

I realize money is precious but I ask you to at least check out the shop. In the last few weeks I've done many premium shop modifications, from adding new packages to slicing prices on almost every item. That, coupled with the discounts we have now, are going to entail some really good deals for you. So please, if you can, buy something.

Also, I noticed the monthly goal category in the shop is showing 92%. That looks like we have our costs covered 92% for this month, but actually, that goal doesn't reset monthly :) Meaning We've got 92% of the goal since 2-3 months ago, not just this month. Meaning we are making 2-3 times less than our goal. So don't let that fool you. So yes, it does say Monthly goal but that's not accurate. That's just a name I gave it, wrongly I may add.

Thank you <3. Stay awesome!
Do you have a town that has at least 10 ACTIVE members?
If so, post the name of the town, name of the members and a screenshot of the town here.

As you may have heard, I have made an exception for nommy island and have decided to have it moved.
This wasn't because I'm biased for omelott or anything like that, but because I decided to bend the rules a bit and transfer things that affect >= 10 people.
So yeah, if you have a town/settlement with >= 10 people ACTIVE, I will consider moving it.

NOTE: I don't want to see 10 towns with the same 10 people so please don't try to cheat the system or it will turn against you.

Everyone needs to watch this, seing the whole nudegate scandal we've had few months ago.
I'm not going to give details, but what I hope you learn from this video - As a major, is it worth sending/getting a nude to/from a minor if you will spend up to 30 years in jail?

If you are a major sending/receiving nudes to/from another major - then you're doing nothing wrong. Just make sure your nudes don't get to a minor.
If you are a minor sending/receiving nudes to/from another minor - it may sound like you're not doing anything wrong but that is illegal and can get registered on the sex offender list which will seriously fuck up your life.

I don't want to spark a debate about this, so please only get the message and let's not start a debate on this disgusting matter.
General Discussion / Happy Birthday Dpa!
Jul 07, 2017, 06:02 AM

Please join me in wishing @Dpa1991 a happy birthday!
Thank you for being with SFT for so long and thank you for being a friend!

- Reduced the price of Flamethrower to $6 (was $8) and increased its max reloads to 32 times instead of 20
- Reduced the price of Wings Pack #1 to $8 (was $12)
- Reduced the price of Wings Pack #2 to $6 (was $8)
- Reduced the price of Particle Trails to $8 (was $10)
- Reduced the price of Chat Badges to $6 (was $7.5)
- Reduced the price of Better Bow Trails to $5 (was $6)
- Reduced the price of Incubator +1 Slot to $5 (was $9.5)
- Reduced the price of Airhorns to $4 (Was $6)
- Reduced the price of Rainbow Armour to $6 (was $7)
- Reduced the price of Miniature Pets to $6 (was $8)
- Reduced the price of Colored Chat to $7 (was $9)
- Reduced the price of Jukebox to $5 (was $6.5)
- Reduced the price of Helishop Access to $5.5 (was $6.5)
- Reduced the price of Stack Permissions to $7 (was $10.5)
- Reduced the price of Disguise Perms - Player Pack to $9 (was $12.5)
- Reduced the price of Disguise Perms - Tamed Animal Pack to $6 (was $7)
- Reduced the price of Disguise Perms - Nether/End Mob Pack to $6 (was $7)
- Reduced the price of Image Holograms to $6.5 (was $10)
- Reduced the price of Text Holograms to $5 (was $6)
- Reduced the price of Spawn Hologram (Advertise your shop/grinder) to $17 (was $25)
- Reduced the price of Hologram Bundle (Great for shops) to $7 (was $9)
- Reduced the price of Level 1 - Donator - Cosmetic Pack to $6 (was $7)
- Reduced the price of Level 2 - Contributor - Cosmetic Pack to $18 (was $20)
- Reduced the price of Level 3 - Benefactor - Cosmetic Pack to $25 (was $30)
- Reduced the price of Level 4 - Philanthropist - Cosmetic Pack to $40 (was $46)
- Reduced the price of Level 5 - Eccentric - Cosmetic Pack to $49 (was $54)
- Reduced the price of Level 6 - Sponsor - Cosmetic Pack to $83 (was $93)
- Reduced the price of Level 5 - Eccentric - Custom Prefix Upgrade to $27 (was $30)
- Reduced the price of Level 6 - Sponsor - Custom Prefix Upgrade to $18 (was $20)
- Added a 10% discount for all the items on the Featured Page
- Added a 20% discount for all the items on the Boosters Page

- All ranks will be re-balanced (and potentially re-priced) this weekend with perks being changed/added. The current price changes for Ranks are just temporary.
- I expect pets to be fixed within 72h
General Discussion / Happy 4th of July!
Jul 04, 2017, 05:36 AM

Happy Independence Day to all our 'merican friends!
Also check out this event
Reminder: Support us on Patreon to help us continue!

I'd like to ask you all to please request your Donator or Patron forum rank.
The reason for that is that as of now, I will be posting polls in the Donator Discussions board, in which I will ask whether to add certain donator shop perks. I will do this for perks that I am not 100% sure whether I should add.
The ranks Patron and Donator have access to that board, as well as admins from every server (but not any lower staff).
Even if you already have a forum rank, please ask for Patron or Donator forum rank to be added as a secondary rank. When asking, please provide proof of donating on any SFT server (either a screenshot of your donator+ rank in-game or a screenshot of the e-mail received when purchasing a package (be careful to not include any personal identifiable information such as address, e-mail address, etc)

Request it in this board, as a reply.
Add me on Nintendo Switch -> SW-6574-1607-3796
Also, what games do you have?

I ran out of things to play, so I created a japanese account and got a coolio game for 1000 yen (roughly $10) that looks like an old school resident evil, as well as a demo of a spelunker like game

Games I have:
- Spelunker like japanese game
- Vaccine (old school resident evil type game JAP)
- Blaster Master Zero
- Mighty Gunvolt Burst
- Ultra Street Fighter 2
- Arms
- Snipperclips
- Shovel Knight
- Bomberman R
- NBA Playgrounds
- Graceful Explosion Machine
- Mario Kart Deluxe 8
- Zelda (finished)
- Lego City Undercover (finished)

Let me know if you know any other gems for this.

Beeping @GotAnError @magl as I know for a fact they have 3DS'es

Good news! There is a new minigame on Survival:
Murder is a very simple game that consists of 3 roles.
- Murderer:  Spawns with a knife (iron sword) and their goal is to eliminate all the other players
- Detective: Spawns with a pistol (bow and arrow) and their goal is to identify and shoot the murderer (But be careful, you only have one arrow)
- Bystander: This is everyone else. They are capable of collecting scrap (given randomly) to be given a pistol in an effort to eliminate the murderer. To get a pistol, you need 3 scrap.
The goal is for the detective and bystanders to identify the murderer and shoot him

/murder join 1 or /murder join random to join
/murder leave to leave

Check out the new toy in town: Flamethrower.
The flamethrower allows you to spew fire and burn everything in your path.
NOTE: The flamethrower is a consumable item. Each charge lasts 10 seconds and it can be charged 20 times, afterwards, you must buy another one.
The flamethrower will also set blocks on fire. Using this to kill other players is strictly disallowed and will be punished
Reminder: Support us on Patreon to help us continue!

Shop changes:
+Added Disguise 1.12 Pack - (disguise as Parrot or Illusioner)
+Added Parrots - (have parrots on your shoulders)

A 20% sale is active until July 3rd in
General Announcements / SFTBin
Jun 26, 2017, 08:15 AM
So, this is a tool that fear set up a year ago for dev use. I have cleaned it up and have decided to launch ti as SFTBin.
So if you need a pastebin alternative, you may now use SFTBin

Posting warez/piracy/identifiable personal information will be punishable by ban.
General Announcements / [Poll 3] 2017 Census
Jun 24, 2017, 05:32 PM
Please vote here, as we are doing a Census of the players of SFT.,175072.0.html
SteveCo Rare Crate #10 was added - The Parrot Crate.
In order to get it, you can purchase the "Drop two rare crates for everyone" perk, from:

What it contains:
- Three unique parrot eggs (All parrots are glowing, and have various particle effects: Regeneration, Resistance and Speed
- One of the parrot eggs contains a Fast Parrot with it's speed set to 0.5 (vanilla parrots have their speed set to 0.3 so this is almost double)
- There is also a "fail item" in this rare crate, due to the value of its drops. The Fail item is 8 seeds
Due to some infrastructure maintenance with our host - OVH, there may be a possible downtime around 10 AM UTC, June 22nd.
This shouldn't last more than 1 hour according to them.

Follow @SFTMedia on twitter for news and updates in case our website goes down.

Not even 2 minutes after taking this picture, she took a key off :\

We are updated to 1.12. All the major functionality seems to work!
Nether works again (no longer corrupts player profiles)
New donator perk (Parrots!) ->

Note: Parrots DO NOT currently naturally spawn.  For now, the only way to have parrots is via the perk (or via voting, as voteparty will give sfteggs which contain parrot eggs)