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Topics - Towelie

We've noticed a lack of players and donations, and for a change, I'd like to reassure you and tell you how we are going to handle this:

- Pixelmon 1.10
@Dpa1991 is really close to releasing Pix 1.10 to the general public. All that's left is for a spawn town to be built (@Dday694 is leading the efforts for that) and for a pstats plugin to be developed for it (seing as it is now using Sponge and not Spigot) - @AmusingThrone is on top of that with the help of @darknuju and @Nafi

- PE
@saywhat2365 has recently updated PE to the latest version and a new spawn is being built for it. We are trying to "Revive it" because as data shows, Minecraft players are now mostly on mobile

- Sabotage
@darknuju has promised me a beta version of Sabotage for next weekend. Once we test that and deploy it to Survival, it's going to help give bored players something to do. It's going to be awesome!

- Donator perks
@darknuju is currently re-working fun wands and adding more, so we can split them in packs (which will be more affordable, and we will be able to add more more easily)

- Advertising
I have placed some advertising and will continue with Reddit ads later today (I need @Dpa1991 for that as I need to use his credit card)

So have no fear, we are on top of things and are doing our best to mitigate this / improve.
We are planning on revamping the Fun Wands plugin.
The following actions will be performed:
- The wands will be split per packs
- Each pack will be affordable
- For now 1-2 new wands will be added
- In the future, we will keep adding.

Please suggest wands if you have ideas! Any entity works (not just mobs/animals)

Current wands:
We seem to be losing players due to two things. 1. Less and less new players joining and 2. Old players getting bored and leaving.
We've collected some feedback and applied some modifications to hopefully at least slow down 2., but to my knowledge the only way to make 1. happen is to invest in advertising.

I wanted to run an idea by you. Should I spend ~$300 on ads (reddit, promoted slot, project wonderful ads)?

If everything goes right, we will get quite some new players and it will help us get known a bit.
If everything goes wrong, we won't gain much from spending the $300 and we'll end up risking our literal hide this month, risking not being able to pay bills.

I feel like this is something that we HAVE to do right now and I believe it would help. I believe what would help even more would be having a youtuber who would make a video for SFT but a) big youtubers are not found easily b) they usually charge large amounts, starting at $1000 for a video.

I am also open to other ideas regarding how to get SFT better known on the interwebs.
4 -> Premium shop, anything you buy here will help us -> For the really generous ones, this is a monthly pledge you can help us with

We are currently in a weird spot - there are new projects in the working but Survival has remained largely the only providing server for SFT.
Pix 1.10 is going to be launched soon as well - currently we are in the spawn building phase (The server itself is ready for launch more or less, with the exception of a pstats plugin which is under development)
Seing as Survival's donations slowed down recently (always happens before Summer), we need your help to be able to optimally continue development on all these new projects (and not have to cut costs / cancel projects)

This set contains Zelda - Breath Of The Wild items and is now available!
You can also "Drop a SteveCo Crate for everyone" ->
Going to let it be a surprise what the set contains, I will drop a crate shortly!

I have revamped /gui (tell me if you like it, stuff like calling for mods have been completely changed / made friendlier, added and re-ordered stuff and most importantly, the /gui now opens when typing /help (so by not making our players read a 20 page book (mind you that's still the first item in the gui so players can read it if they wish), we should hopefully retain more players.
Support us on Patreon ->
Donate to our servers ->
Vote Daily ->
Like us on Facebook ->
Follow us on Twitter ->
And tell your friends about us!

PS: If you are a Legend, reapply ->
General Discussion / Please help us!
Mar 16, 2017, 04:39 PM
I was forbidden to make gloomy posts by @Dpa1991 but since we just got hit by the mother of all chargebacks (I'm talking hundreds of dollars in losses) we need your help to stay alive!
Please support us on Patreon or buy something from the premium shop
We never depended on your help as much as we do now, so please, if you can, donate.
NOTE: These were money donated ~10-15 days ago so already spent which means this made it harder for us to pay our upcoming bills which is why we need your help.
At @AmusingThrone 's recommendation, we have added our site to the Minecraft Forum server list.
Please vote for us! ->

PS: I am in the process of adding the link to /vote as well as site links
Since @CaykoMarie resigned to Specialist for a while to deal with IRL issues, I have appointed @Mrs_Ender88 in charge of hosting weekly events and coming up with new event ideas.

It seemed like a proper fit since she is also the HoH (head of eventhosts).
Look forward to some cool events.

@Mrs_Ender88  - There seems to be demand for Fridge of Death (an event I invented a while ago then we lost it in resets). Maybe get someone that was there for the original event and try to rebuild it, I can help as well with advice on how to make it challenging:

TL;DR - It's like a maze with arrows and poison potions and the floor is lava and yoru goal is to get the goodies from the fridge without dying. Should be really hard in order for it to be fun :)
General Announcements / Ongoing Projects
Mar 15, 2017, 06:29 AM
A quick reminder of SFT's ongoing projects:

Dpa 1991 & Stariieyed
- Pixelmon MC 1.10.2 - Close to completion, had some bumps in the road but seem to be ironed out now. Just needs a spawn and @Dpa1991 will talk to @camster65  / @Dday694  as soon as he's not sick any more (I swear this guy keeps getting sick a lot, and not fake-sick, real sick.)
- Top Secret Project - Starii and Daps are working on a secret project for SFT. It's a fun new server, based on Minecraft but with very different mechanics from vanilla minecraft. It looked very cool when I joined it, almost like it's not even minecraft.
- Ark revival, he'll be reviving our ark server and switching to a (hardcore?) PVE server

- Prison - blalp/ilax/miner are working on continuing the Prison server made by @saywhat2365 . The plan is to get it near completion and then shelf it until an appopriate release day (we don't feel it should compete with Factions)
- RPG Bot - blalp/frosty - A cool RPG bot for Discord, progress is being made and it looks interesting. Think text-based RPG.

- Sabotage Rebirth - darknuju/amusingthrone/nafi/fear are working on completely re-making the Sabotage plugin we had a while ago (which was awesome but kept crashing the server). They are almost done and pretty soon we will do a beta test.

- I want to make a 7DaysToDie server, maybe with the help of @Sparkle_Sun if she agrees. There seems to be demand for this and while I wouldn't really be able to actively maintain it, I can at least set it up and try to find a maintainer for it.

There may be others which I'm either forgetting or not including because I am uncertain whether they will happen. Just thought I should make this post to remind everyone we are still working on new things. PS: This post just contains new projects. We did not include the work put in maintaining ongoing projects.
As a side-note, I am recruiting more "content makers", Miner being the latest addition to our team, for a test period (he will try to make a minigame server, for exercise and depending on how that goes, we may keep him)
General Discussion / Got a Switch? Add me
Mar 13, 2017, 07:36 PM
My friend code -> SW-6574-1607-3796
My Games: Zelda, Bomberman R, Shovel Knight

@GotAnError  - I remember you saying you got a switch so add me or fite me. Valid for everyone else with a switch
We need your help to ensure Super Fun Time's long-term stability.
Please tell your friends/family/schoolmates/coworkers about Super Fun Time and share your experiences with them. Word of mouth is a very powerful way to ensure our continued existence!

Thank you!
General Discussion / Discord RPG Bot
Mar 13, 2017, 05:51 AM
@FrostyRaiden and @blalp are working on a cool RPG bot for Discord :D
Stay tuned! This is just a small "leak".
General Discussion / Patreon Tier 4 Prefix
Mar 11, 2017, 01:17 PM
<- Return to Patreon page

This is how the Tier 4 Patreon custom prefix looks (color scheme):

In this case, the actual prefix is -> &6[&bP&aa&et&6r&do&cn&6]&5

Tier 4 was added on Patreon which gives the opportunity of gaining a custom prefix! ->

There is currently a 40% sale going on in the Survival/Creative/Factions premium shop ->

I have sent a newsletter to all our registered members reminding them about our community and asking them to tell their friends about Super Fun Time and check us out!

I apologize if this annoys you, however I only send such newsletters no sooner than 3 months apart and only when I feel like they are needed.
Only registered forum members will receive the newsletter!

Thank you and please post your feedback regarding the newsletter.

PS: I just noticed an error in the newsletter, it seems some words were cut out "Looking forward to see you around and ". This was meant to say "Looking forward to see you around and on our servers"

Thank you!
General Discussion / New Companion Soon
Mar 11, 2017, 08:52 AM
After seing the silence and emptyness of losing Stafida, I have decided to get a new companion.
The new pet will be an African Grey and due to the expensive nature of these birds and their accesories, I am going to start slowly, first buying a cage and accesories and then, a month later, getting the bird.

For those of you that don't know, famous African Greys include:



They are extremely intelligent birds and make great companions. Their intelligence levels near those of primates. They live ~60 years so chances are I'll die before him (will be something I'll have to include in my will)
General Discussion / Pet Bird Assistance
Mar 10, 2017, 12:30 PM
Do you have a pet bird? Are you thinking of getting one but not sure how to best provide for it? Ask me!
I've had pet birds (cockatiels) for over 16 years and have gained extensive knowledge about them. Key fields include: feeding info, breeding info, bonding info and what you should/should not do.

As a curious person, I researched a lot about this wonderful creatures. After having lost Stafida, my ~19 year old cockatiel, this has left a huge gaping hole in my soul and I am now considering getting an African Gray to fill that hole (but waiting a bit to allow for the grieving process).

Let me know how I can be of help!
He was in pain and had convulsions so I decided, after being advised by vet to end his suffering by going to the vet for "the shot"
I am heartbroken and speechless and I can't believe I've lost my best non-human friend in the world which I've had for more than 16 years.

General Discussion / Leave of absence
Mar 07, 2017, 05:53 PM
I will be unavailable today and possibly tomorrow.
I just got back from the vet with Stafida and he said it's basically 50-50 him making it through the night.
I was given a treatment to give him every 2 hours which contains a cocktail of ingredients who do various things such as stop any internal bleednig if present, calm his stomach and feed him with nutrients and was told to take his food until tomorrow.

Those of you that don't know what happened - stafida is very old and blind and on Saturday he fell from the fridge (his cage is on the fridge) and instantly puked. Ever since then he's been puking and getting weaker and weaker.
The vet told me his survival chances depend on how serious the internal damage is, something he couldn't tell me. Also, due to the fact that he is very old his recovery is also more difficult.

I'm going to get some shut eye now as every two hours I need to wake up and give him his treatment until tomorrow morning.
I won't be around because of that so see you guys tomorrow, hopefully with good news :(
This affects players who have purchased the Particle Trails permission from the premium shop.
If you wish to purchase it, look for it under ->

- Increased max active trails from 2 to 3
- Enabled clear trails on logout (fixes a bug with some trails getting stuck)
- Added new particle effects (camel spit, totem, fallingdust and possibly others although I'm not sure which others are new, check page 2) - for existing buyers and future ones!

@Dpa1991 and I need your help - We need active beta tester for our Pixelmon server. We need people who are willing to give a hand with testing and so on. Sadly we were met with a "I won't play on a server where I don't keep my progress" but the whole reason of a Beta is to iron out all bugs and then have a reset. So don't see this as starting to play, but rather helping us test. Doing all commands, catching a few pokemon, trying to glitch the game / crash the server and reporting to us if that does indeed happen.

How to get on the beta version:
- In Technic launcher, choose the SFT Pixelmon (  version manually and set that in the 5.x branch (whatever the latest is for exanple 5.0.1i
- Download that then join the server that will automatically be in your favorites
- Report any bugs you encounter in this board, and also keep up with announcements there ->,412.0.html

NOTE: The reason Pixelmon MC 1.10.2 is going slow is because Dpa is doing everything himself, not having a beta team (apart from a person).
We need your help to keep SFT alive!
Please tell your friends about Super Fun Time and share us on Social Media!

It would help us immensely and it would ensure the longevity of SFT, so please do and you will have our gratitude!
General Discussion / Nintendo Switch Review
Mar 02, 2017, 08:13 PM
Today my Nintendo Switch has arrived (a day early before release date) so I am able to write a short review for it.
Score: 4.8/5

It looks like the best handheld console yet, with a great looking IPS LCD screen, innovative controls, an average battery life and awesome games!

The good:
- The build quality seems to be great except for a few quirks (in detail later)
- Games look stunning on the IPS LCD (sadly not OLED), the screen has excellent viewing angles and great brightness
- Innovative controls, suitable for both handheld mode, as well as to be used with the JoyCon Grip
- Doesn't get hot, only luke-warm after playing in handheld mode.
- The user interface is clean and sharp. They dropped the whole "kiddy" feel.
- They seem to have fixed the JoyCon connectivity issues with the Day1 update (even though some articles say they didn't, I tried holding them behind my back, putting an obstacle behind me and the dock and they worked fine.

The bad:
- Flimsy stand, I'm sure it will break in a month if you don't treat it with care. Doesn't seem to be easily replaceable either
- The JoyCons, while firmly in-place, don't make that satisfying sound that the Marketing department of Nintendo has done such a good job at advertising (it's just a plastic on metal "ok-ish" sound.
- They advertised the joy-con connection as being metal rails, when in reality, only the rails on the console are metal. The rails on the JoyCons are plastic.
- The plastic on the JoyCons feels somewhat low quality.
- No games or apps that come with the console. If you get the console without any games like I did (couldn't afford any), then you're left with only the Snipperclips demo.
- Lack of game demos... Only one game has a demo in the eShop - Snipperclips
- The Joysticks on the Joy-Cons feel like a dumbed down version when compared to Xbox One / PS4 contollers (plan on getting a Switch Pro controller with your console)
- The power brick is huge and the cable is very thick.
- Charges rather slowly.

I know there are more "bad" things in my review, with that being said, I believe the Switch is a game-changer and a revolution in gaming. I don't expect it to compete with the Xbox One / PS4 any time soon (it's too underpowered for that), but the system is great and there are a lot of awesome exclusives for it!

My recommendations:
- When you buy the console, also buy the following: A Switch Pro controller, a carrying case, a decent USB-C portable battery (WARNING: Most aren't powerful enough to drive the switch, let along charge it. Do your homework!), a 128GB SD Card (I will settle with my 32GB for now, if you have a 32GB laying around, it will do fine as there aren't that many games at launch) and probably a screen protector


Xbox One controller for scale:

NOTE: I am not important enough for nintendo to provide me a review sample. I purchased this with my own (hard worked) money.
General Discussion / Test for spoilers mod
Mar 01, 2017, 06:19 AM
Spoiler: show
This is a test

How I did this:
Code Select
[spoiler]This is a test[/spoiler]
Thanks to @blalp for porting it to SMF 2.1 Beta branch
This post is for Patreon subscribers only. To become a patron, see

How to claim your rewards:
Step 1: Create a post here (don't click until you've read the tutorial)
Step 2: In the post title type "Patreon Tier x reward - depending on the tier you have purchased. Always specify the biggest tier you have purchased)
Step 3: In the post text tell us what SFT server you would like to claim your reward on, as well as what donator perks you would like to receive (only if applicable, see for perks)
Step 4: Hit Post and wait up to 48h for our response

I have completely revamped our Patreon page, including rewards and goals hoping it will get a fair chance now. Please support us on Patreon, even the smallest contribution helps!

In addition to that, there is currently a fundraiser running in order to advertise SFT. Raised so far: $24/$200

Fundraiser info:
I want to raise $200 in order to buy some advertising for SFT on MinePick / Project Wonderful, which should in turn help us by gaining more players which will get us more votes/donations.
Use the code FUNDRAISER-200 on Survival/Factions/Creative/Pixelmon (valid until March 5th)
The deadline is March 5th. May the force be with you and thank you all for being awesome!
@blalp wants to study making forum mods for our version of the forum (because we are using a beta branch, most mods aren't compatible).
With the oversight of @fearthe1337 I'd love to see that happen.

What mods would you like to see for SFT forums ? (start small)
In my opinion, the first mod should be a port of the "Send locked topics to bottom" mod for the current version.
General Announcements / SFT Community Meeting
Feb 26, 2017, 03:10 PM
Countdown timer ->

As some of you may know, we were supposed to have a small meeting today with a few voluntary participants.
Because @American_Walrus and most of the other participants couldn't make it on time (no hard feelings, we did just drop the time on people rather sudden), I decided to reschedule it for next week.
The meeting will reoccur next week, on discord in the #sft-meeting channel (not yet created)

Guides and regulations:
- Don't bring up past events (Should've/would've have no place in this meeting, we are focusing on future improvement). It is ok to bring up past situations in order to show " i believe you should do this next time when something like this happens", but without dwelling on the events of that.
- No personal attacks allowed
- Don't complain for the sake of complaining (eg: don't say "I don't like x" but rather "I think we could do a better job with x by doing y instead")
- Avoid speaking when multiple other people are talking at the same time (Seen by the typing indicator)
- Generally only constructive criticism will be allowed. Criticism for the sake of criticism will not be tolerated.
- The meeting will be moderated by a representative of SFT and a representative of the players ( @American_Walrus  ). Please respect what the representatives say, if they ask you to not speak for a moment then don't

NOTE: A post will be made closer to that date with instructions on how to access the meeting. Until that time, you are welcome to comment or suggest anything about how the meeting should be conducted.

I have been receiving complaints about dynmap on factions recently - how it gives away player locations and how it's kind of pointless for a non-hardcore server.
Should we disable it? vote!

General Discussion / Dear Leader
Feb 24, 2017, 07:00 AM
So, as most of you may know, my forum text said "Dear Leader".
I changed my personal text because new people could interpret that as me having a huge ego.

Just to remind, that was a joke. I have changed my title into something that should be more easily identified as what it is - a bit of humor, and not something serious.

Please vote in the poll!
General Announcements / Dpa's 6th anniversary
Feb 20, 2017, 08:13 PM
Today marks @Dpa1991 's 6th anniversary with SFT.
That may not be a surprise, but you know what is a surprise? Dpa spent less than 24h as a player on SFT. Keep in mind we didn't know each other when he first join, he was just a guest which showed potential.

Congrats person who is now my best friend!
General Announcements / Life changing news?
Feb 19, 2017, 02:42 PM
So, I have some life changing (for me) news.
Tomorrow I start my new job at Oracle, as a GIT Systems InfraOps - Snr Systems Support Analyst (Senior UNIX Sysadmin for short)

My working hours will be considerably longer (11am-7pm with 1-2h of overtime daily) and I'll be working every other weekend.
I'm not going to get into details but it's an upgrade in every way xD (career wise, income wise, perks wise).

I'll be available / working on SFT from 7:30 to 8:30 AM each day and then from ~9PM to 10PM each day and during the weekend, whenever I'm not working. (Before I used to work on SFT from 7:30 to 8AM and hten from 8PM to 10PM.

In order for Survival not to suffer, I have recruited @Nafi as a RightHand. He's a special kind of right hand though, with console access and file access, so he will be able to do pretty much what I can.

During work, I won't be able to check in AT ALL, but I do have alerts on my watch showing me playercounts and stuff and I do have my phone so I can always smuggle it into the bathroom and quickly fix any crashed server.

Thank you all, I ask that you are sympathetic with these changes in my schedule, and that if you ask me to do something (transfer perms, sort out donator options, etc) and I don't respond in a reasonable timeframe, feel free to contact Nafi as well.

It's going to be tough for the first few months but if I manage to adjust well this isn't just going to be a new job, it's going to be a career.


You can now get Hatchable Eggs from VoteParty!
These eggs have various perks and are unlocked by various statistics. In order for an egg to unlock you have to have it in your /incubator and perform said statistic.

You can purchase more Incubators slots from the shop ->

NOTE: It will say on the egg what it takes to unlock it and what the reward is. If you already have that egg / those perks, either sell it as it is, or get enough stats to almost unlock it and then sell it for a higher price.

Thanks to @Nafi (for developing the plugin) and @SashaLarie and @TheStarNomad✯  (for helping me test).
For the duration of February, we have enabled discounts in the premium shop varying from 5% to 15%

In addition to that, we have modified the Monthly Goal and increased the rewards.

Upon unlocking this goal (22% completed when writing this post), the following rewards will unlock for everyone:
- 2 weeks of Global Market perms
- 2 weeks of /talk perms
- 48h of 1.5x XP Boost

NOTE: The goal is increased by buying any package from the Survival premium shop. The target of the goal is $600
Spread the world about SFT!
Tell your friends, post on social media, post flyers and win a $30 gift card on your favorite SFT server.

- Tell your friends to join SFT and then link us to their forum account (The join date must be > Feb 14th and if you win they will be asked if they were brought by you
- Post on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Tumblr/Reddit/etc)
- Post flyers where allowed (community boards, etc). Print the flyers in this attachment then post them at community boards

- Share a picture of either your social media post, your flyer on a community board, or a link to your friend's forum profile (either way goes)
- Each member invited or each post or each flyer at a differnet message board means a different chance to win (make sure to post each in a different post)

On February the 26th, we will do a random number draw, and the number corresponding to your post reply # will represent the winner.
You may post until Feb 25th.

NOTE: If you post anything but an entry to the contest, your post will be removed.

I found this gem today. I believe @fearthe1337 made it (either that or @mordalthunder )
SteveCo Crate #51 is now out! It is the Valentine's day set.
All the items are meant for you to give to a special someone (or collect if you're forever alone)
General Announcements / Avatar Query
Feb 13, 2017, 02:42 PM
Introducing - Avatar Query
(also accesible from the menu Tools -> Avatar Query)

You can see the player list and a realtime feed of joins/leaves from our servers (only bungee connected ones for now).
It's currently in the testing phase.
Hey everyone, I'd like to announce a rather important change to the Secretary rank.
Namely, it's now named RightHand again and there's two Right Hands:
- @TheOfficialMiner  - will handle stuff in-game and on forums, his job is to help me with a list of what i need to do, as well to "mingle" in the community and find out the preferences of the community and send them to me / help me in identifying things people dislike and fixing them and so on
- @Nafi  - will handle stuff on the back-end. He now has file access and console access, and his duties will be to restart the server in the event of emergency, have access to updating plugins in case of emergency and so on.

Together they will make a great team and I'm sure it's going to be more than enough to cover for my reduced presence after February 20th (when I start my much more demanding job, therefor not having as much time for SFT as I did, but these changes will make it so that isn't felt).
The Pixelmon server will be updated to 1.10 (meaning everyone will start fresh as we cannot carry over your pokemon/world/etc).
The 1.7.10 server will continue to run independently for those players that are overly attached to their pokemon and don't want to start new (although we strongly recommend the 1.10 Pixelmon experience, which was designed from the ground up, by @Dpa1991 with a few key ideas: More things to do, more fun content and some core minecraft mechanics now enabled (eg: hunger), but also with plentiful food sources (vanilla as well as mods such as PAM HarvestCraft and so on)

Stay tuned, @Dpa1991 is hard at work on the server update, at this time we cannot give a clear estimate but we can say it will happen sooner rather than later!
A discount (up to 15%) is now active in the Survival premium shop!

In addition to that:
- The monthly community goal rewards were doubled (2 weeks of /market create and 48h of xp boost when goal is met)
The Emp Prices have been updated!
Final list ->
Suggest a plugin to be added to our Survival server. The only categories we are looking for, are:
- EULA compliant premium shop perk
- Minigame which would be fun and played by everone
- Something else which would add content / playability (like Slimefun was)
- Has to be updated for 1.11.2

NOTE: You can also suggest ideas for our devs to make.

Where to look:
- Bukkit
- Spigot

NOTE: Let's keep this one plugin per suggester to have it clean and easily manageable.
Thank you and have a nice day!

PS: We already have like a ton of plugins, nearing 100. Adding all suggested is not going to be possible so I am going to stick to 1-2 of the best ones
Factions / Coming soon!
Feb 09, 2017, 05:09 PM
Factions is coming soon!
Real progress is being made towards releasing this server and we are aiming for a mid-february release!

Good job @saywhat2365 and @iLaxrv10 !
Probably the best PS4 game I've ever seen, my life is changed!
I have removed the Firework Maker plugin as it's broken and the developer seems to have quit maintaining it and won't provide sourcecode.
If you have bought Fireowrk Maker, please send me a forum PM with transaction ID, and what you'd like in return (anything from the shop worth max $11.5)