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General Announcements / Dpa's 6th anniversary
Feb 20, 2017, 08:13 PM
Today marks @Dpa1991 's 6th anniversary with SFT.
That may not be a surprise, but you know what is a surprise? Dpa spent less than 24h as a player on SFT. Keep in mind we didn't know each other when he first join, he was just a guest which showed potential.

Congrats person who is now my best friend!
I'm not asking anyone to kiss my ass but a little respect would be nice.
I founded this gaming community 6 years ago and since you chose to play here then it means I must've done something right.
The fact that you now may have a different agenda and don't care about SFT/me any more, doesn't mean you can just go and turn every post I made into a drama fest.

To be clear, the following types of behaviors are not tolerated and will never be tolerated:
- Flame baiting. Posting for the sake of starting a flame war discussion
- Hateful replies. I make a post about something and you use it as an excuse to start shit with me

I would also like to suggest that if you just can't stand me any more, leave SFT. And by that I don't mean just stop playing on Minecraft but keep posting on the forums to show how much you disagree with me, I legit mean quit sft. Delete your forum account and leave SFT for well.

Second of all, I would like to remind you  / enforce that administrative decisions ARE NOT UP FOR DEBATE. If I decide to ban someone or give someone untrusted it's not up for debate.  You can show your dislike for my measure but the moment you turn that into a popularity contest thinking you'll "show me", I will sanction it.

Third , use this logic: Do I have something to give to this post by replying ? (eg constructive criticism, feedback, suggestions) or am I just replying to be a jerk?

I encourage all my staff to apply warnings from now on for all the situations above. It's time to have a cleaner, more well-mannered SFT.
General Announcements / Life changing news?
Feb 19, 2017, 02:42 PM
So, I have some life changing (for me) news.
Tomorrow I start my new job at Oracle, as a GIT Systems InfraOps - Snr Systems Support Analyst (Senior UNIX Sysadmin for short)

My working hours will be considerably longer (11am-7pm with 1-2h of overtime daily) and I'll be working every other weekend.
I'm not going to get into details but it's an upgrade in every way xD (career wise, income wise, perks wise).

I'll be available / working on SFT from 7:30 to 8:30 AM each day and then from ~9PM to 10PM each day and during the weekend, whenever I'm not working. (Before I used to work on SFT from 7:30 to 8AM and hten from 8PM to 10PM.

In order for Survival not to suffer, I have recruited @Nafi as a RightHand. He's a special kind of right hand though, with console access and file access, so he will be able to do pretty much what I can.

During work, I won't be able to check in AT ALL, but I do have alerts on my watch showing me playercounts and stuff and I do have my phone so I can always smuggle it into the bathroom and quickly fix any crashed server.

Thank you all, I ask that you are sympathetic with these changes in my schedule, and that if you ask me to do something (transfer perms, sort out donator options, etc) and I don't respond in a reasonable timeframe, feel free to contact Nafi as well.

It's going to be tough for the first few months but if I manage to adjust well this isn't just going to be a new job, it's going to be a career.

You know what grinds my gears?

That people want to execute you when you make a mistake...

... but quickly ignore any good / positive contributions you may have brought.

You can now get Hatchable Eggs from VoteParty!
These eggs have various perks and are unlocked by various statistics. In order for an egg to unlock you have to have it in your /incubator and perform said statistic.

You can purchase more Incubators slots from the shop -> http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/683943

NOTE: It will say on the egg what it takes to unlock it and what the reward is. If you already have that egg / those perks, either sell it as it is, or get enough stats to almost unlock it and then sell it for a higher price.

Thanks to @Nafi (for developing the plugin) and @SashaLarie and @TheStarNomad✯  (for helping me test).
How would you feel about adding this plugin and adding spawners to the emp as well with a really high price and one per person limit ?

For the duration of February, we have enabled discounts in the premium shop varying from 5% to 15%

In addition to that, we have modified the Monthly Goal and increased the rewards.

Upon unlocking this goal (22% completed when writing this post), the following rewards will unlock for everyone:
- 2 weeks of Global Market perms
- 2 weeks of /talk perms
- 48h of 1.5x XP Boost

NOTE: The goal is increased by buying any package from the Survival premium shop. The target of the goal is $600
Spread the world about SFT!
Tell your friends, post on social media, post flyers and win a $30 gift card on your favorite SFT server.

- Tell your friends to join SFT and then link us to their forum account (The join date must be > Feb 14th and if you win they will be asked if they were brought by you
- Post on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Tumblr/Reddit/etc)
- Post flyers where allowed (community boards, etc). Print the flyers in this attachment then post them at community boards

- Share a picture of either your social media post, your flyer on a community board, or a link to your friend's forum profile (either way goes)
- Each member invited or each post or each flyer at a differnet message board means a different chance to win (make sure to post each in a different post)

On February the 26th, we will do a random number draw, and the number corresponding to your post reply # will represent the winner.
You may post until Feb 25th.

NOTE: If you post anything but an entry to the contest, your post will be removed.

I found this gem today. I believe @fearthe1337 made it (either that or @mordalthunder )
SteveCo Crate #51 is now out! It is the Valentine's day set.
All the items are meant for you to give to a special someone (or collect if you're forever alone)
General Announcements / Avatar Query
Feb 13, 2017, 02:42 PM
Introducing - Avatar Query
(also accesible from the menu Tools -> Avatar Query)

You can see the player list and a realtime feed of joins/leaves from our servers (only bungee connected ones for now).
It's currently in the testing phase.
Hey everyone, I'd like to announce a rather important change to the Secretary rank.
Namely, it's now named RightHand again and there's two Right Hands:
- @TheOfficialMiner  - will handle stuff in-game and on forums, his job is to help me with a list of what i need to do, as well to "mingle" in the community and find out the preferences of the community and send them to me / help me in identifying things people dislike and fixing them and so on
- @Nafi  - will handle stuff on the back-end. He now has file access and console access, and his duties will be to restart the server in the event of emergency, have access to updating plugins in case of emergency and so on.

Together they will make a great team and I'm sure it's going to be more than enough to cover for my reduced presence after February 20th (when I start my much more demanding job, therefor not having as much time for SFT as I did, but these changes will make it so that isn't felt).
Ok, I must admit, I got this idea from a plugin I found on spigot. It seemed interesting but then it was broken and hell as badly coded, so I asked @Nafi to code a replacement from scratch. Should be ready within a week.

The idea: You know how in Pokemon GO you have incubators which you can use to hatch eggs? Well I want to implement that in Minecraft but slightly differently.

The idea:
- You will get eggs from VoteParty. These eggs will each have different goals and rewards.
- The goals will consist of all the minecraft statistics (walk a certain distance, fly a certain distance with elytra, kill a certain number of mobs, etc  http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Statistics)
- The rewards will consist of any command I want. So it could either be something like an item or money, or even permissions for stuff like global chat, etc. Obviously the ones which give bigger rewards will last a fuckton to hatch.
- Everyone will have a free incubator but you will be able to buy more (from the premium shop, so you can hatch more than one egg at the same time for example)

I want to make this worth your while, so  even though we won't be giving rewards from the top 10 sold items in the shop, we will give interesting rewards, and even some premium shop perks (talk perms for example)
The Pixelmon server will be updated to 1.10 (meaning everyone will start fresh as we cannot carry over your pokemon/world/etc).
The 1.7.10 server will continue to run independently for those players that are overly attached to their pokemon and don't want to start new (although we strongly recommend the 1.10 Pixelmon experience, which was designed from the ground up, by @Dpa1991 with a few key ideas: More things to do, more fun content and some core minecraft mechanics now enabled (eg: hunger), but also with plentiful food sources (vanilla as well as mods such as PAM HarvestCraft and so on)

Stay tuned, @Dpa1991 is hard at work on the server update, at this time we cannot give a clear estimate but we can say it will happen sooner rather than later!
A discount (up to 15%) is now active in the Survival premium shop!

In addition to that:
- The monthly community goal rewards were doubled (2 weeks of /market create and 48h of xp boost when goal is met)
The Emp Prices have been updated!
Final list -> http://puu.sh/tY9q3/d1d5ae99d9.cfg
Suggest a plugin to be added to our Survival server. The only categories we are looking for, are:
- EULA compliant premium shop perk
- Minigame which would be fun and played by everone
- Something else which would add content / playability (like Slimefun was)
- Has to be updated for 1.11.2

NOTE: You can also suggest ideas for our devs to make.

Where to look:
- Bukkit
- Spigot

NOTE: Let's keep this one plugin per suggester to have it clean and easily manageable.
Thank you and have a nice day!

PS: We already have like a ton of plugins, nearing 100. Adding all suggested is not going to be possible so I am going to stick to 1-2 of the best ones
Factions / Coming soon!
Feb 09, 2017, 05:09 PM
Factions is coming soon!
Real progress is being made towards releasing this server and we are aiming for a mid-february release!

Good job @saywhat2365 and @iLaxrv10 !
Probably the best PS4 game I've ever seen, my life is changed!
I have removed the Firework Maker plugin as it's broken and the developer seems to have quit maintaining it and won't provide sourcecode.
If you have bought Fireowrk Maker, please send me a forum PM with transaction ID, and what you'd like in return (anything from the shop worth max $11.5)
SteveCo Rare Crate #9 was added - The overwatch set.
I'm going to let you guys discover its contents.

Remember - you can drop a rare crate/key for everyone via the shop:

Idea by MrEpicWonder
Radiation Island is now on Survival! You can visit it via /radiationisland.
Currently the islands are not for sale, but they will be within a week, until then, we invite you to explore.

Radiation island is a special world where people cannot break blocks / mine unless they buy an island from a Manager+. Once you buy an island, a protection will be created in your name and you can do whatever you want with your island.

More details coming soon!
Based on an idea from @GotAnError (telling us to revive Skyworlds), and after hours of myself playing with world presets and world generation configs, I believe I have found a hidden gem!

I call it - Radiation Island. Desolation and darkness on the ground, beauty and splendor in the sky!
The idea is to replace our current resourceworld with this (as well as no longer resetting it monthly). The world will run in a way that former skyworlds ran - everything will be protected and you can buy land (islands will be more expensive, ground land will be cheap and affordable)

Could we please get 1 billion likes? Smash that god damn like button! (I'll know if you like my idea and if we can get 50 likes, I am going to implement it!)

@TheStarNomad✯  4.99/5 - Would buy again
@Nicadean33 4.97/5 - Liked subscribed and recommended to my friends
@donnydoom604  4.98/5 - I liked it so much I am now addicted to it and I had to go to an AA meeting.
@Towelie 5/5 - I love it. If players don't want it, we'll just add it as a secret manager+ world
@TheOfficialMiner 4.99/5 - Dank memes, highly recommended, 10/10 would buy again
Please note that to add your town/nation/community to /town, you must pay a submission fee of 2 million EmpBucks.

To get your town listed with the submission fee, reply with the following:

Code Select
Town name:
Town warp:
Owner name:
Describe your town in 10 words or less:
Screenshot of you paying TowelieDOH 2 million EmpBucks:

Current Towns/Nations/Communities, in no particular order:

  • Nommy Island - omelott
  • GbTown - MrC0W and garywb
  • Rednian Empire - Rednian Empire Government (REG) ©
  • Petit Paris - Prof_Thanos
  • RedWood - George_Filos + YoavMal
  • Paradise Island - ochoaj
  • NYC - 11darknight11
We have discussed and debated and reached a final version of the emporium prices we will adopt on February 11th. Consider this your official  1 week notice during which you will have to adjust your prices.


- We are no longer increasing the autoshop tax to 15% (it will remain 10% as it is)

These prices will become active on February 11th. The pricelist is final and we will not modify it any more unless we find any balance breaking issues (in which case we will extend notice by an additional 48h for each time we modify the pricelist)

Vote in the poll and explain in the topic!

After discussing with my Manager team, we decided that instead of giving people Untrusted, we would give them Admin/Owner to teach them some responsibility.
Also, Admin/Owner will be purchaseable from the premium shop for $10 / $20

Also, Virg will be getting a special form of owner called, 'Camacho'.


PS: This is a joke
General Discussion / What games do you play?
Feb 02, 2017, 02:24 PM
What games do you play?
I've resigned from my old job and I start on February 20th on the new job, so I have some time to kill and I want some new games to play.

What I currently play:
- Overwatch
- Minecraft

Xbox One:
- Overwatch
- GTA Online

- Uncharted 4

It brings me great pleasure to introduce our new monthly community goal, courtesy of Buycraft.
Whenever we will meet our new goal of $600 / month, everyone will receive GlobalMarket (/market create) permissions for a week.
Consider it a way to thank you guys for being so awesome.

Add me so we can play Overwatch kthx.
Version 4.1.2
+ Added GitHub API to retrieve Credits and Repo Info
+ Added Settings / Info Menu to the Guide
+ Added /sf versions
+ Added (API) ChestManipulator Interface for Cargo Nodes
+ Added (ADMIN ONLY) Slimefun Guide Cheat Version

Bug Fixes
Fixed Radioactive Items not radiating in Off-Hand Slot
Fixed Message Colors
Fixed JSON Parsing
Fixed Juices in Off-Hand Slot
Fixed a few cases of Data Corruption
Fixed Ancient Altar duplicating Items
Fixed Ancient Altar dropping invalid Items
Fixed Soulbound Shovel Duplication
Fixed Tier 2 Electric Ore Grinder Speed
Fixed Monster Jerky Duplication in Off-Hand Slot
Fixed duplicated Messages when using the Debug Fish
Fixed Small Armor Stand Handler
Fixed GuideHandler API
Fixed XP Duplication when using the XP Collector
Fixed Cargo Nodes Placement Message
Minor Changes
Changed the Slimefun Guide's default view to be the Chest GUI
Changed the Slimefun Guide's Item

This update will be applied later today, when the server is restarted.
Obviously, my reason for making this post is NOT because I want to make people angry, but because I want to find a way to give people stuff to do again.
A full reset currently would probably kill SFT as a lot of the existing players would be frustrated and leave.
So how about we find the causes of why the economy is as it is (and fix them) and then do an economy reset?

What I want you to do:
- Tell me why you think the economy is as bad (stick to facts, not opinions)
- Vote in the poll whether we should have an economy reset on Survival

NOTE: This is just a poll to find out people's opinions. Don't panick yet.

We are now accepting Bitcoins (via Coinbase) for the Survival premium shop, as a test run to see if it works out.
We've had it in the past and removed it due to some technical difficulties but now sorted those problems out.


NOTE: A 5% offset has been added meaning paying with bitcoins will cost 5% more (to cover our fees for exchanging the bitcoins)
So, as it turns out, B-Team is currently our 2nd most popular server, after survival.
I am guessing some attention is due.
I want you guys (b-team players only please) to tell us what we should add to the server. Seing as this is a server running on old software (1.6.4), it will only be able to add plugins which our developers make or plugins who have 1.6.4 support (about 10% of the plugins released nowadays).

Also, I'd like to ask @blalp to work with @iLaxrv10 on better maintaining B-Team, even if that means neglecting Lost a bit (let's face it, lost barely pulls 2-3 players)

Also, @iLaxrv10  - I want more premium shop package ideas (maybe @blalp can help with that)

Some small changes I've made:
- Updated voting sites and added link to superfuntime.org/vote in /vote
- Re-done broadcasts to mention discord, voting site packages and various useful help messages
- Fixed the premium shop's theme. I chose a dark theme (we cannot customize our theme since we don't have a premium account)

I've seen people ask me lately if I'm ok or what's wrong with me.
Well, I'm battling with depression and anxiety because I've just quit my job in what is a huge leap of faith.
If this new job works out, it could mean something huge for me (seing as it doubles my income and I should finally stop having so many money problems and debts to banks and stuff), but if it doesn't work out it could destroy me (seing as my apartment is mortgaged in my father's name and he's terminally ill).
Then I also have problems with my family (my father has Class 2 Heart Failure and Aortic Stenosis), with Stafida (my pet cockatiel I've had for ~18 years and is basically the closest thing in the world for me) who's dying due to old age (and is blind / has growths/masses which continue to re-grow and he needs daily treatment) and then with me being extremely worried about SFT (I mean let's face it, pix died, and it's all in dpa's and saywhat's hands atm, if they can manage to make pix 1.10 / factions a success for SFT, then we'll be fine, otherwise we'll just continue to struggle month to month.

I've got baggage and that baggage is some times going to make me not have the available resources to deal with people's bullshit (Obviously i mean when it is bullshit and not valid complaints).

So yeah, in short, I'm not ok, and I'm doing everything I can to not let it affect my performance on SFT, but for the love of god can we all just realize THIS IS A GAMING COMMUNITY and it's rather simple - you either like it in which case you play here and stay as a member or you don't in which case you leave.

The reason I posted this topic is not just to complain, it's to show people I'm a human being dealing with human things and SFT isn't the only thing in my life.
General Announcements / The state of things
Jan 26, 2017, 08:55 AM
I'd like to adress some people's concerns in this post, as well as my own:

Pixelmon 1.10:
@Dpa1991 is making big progress with Pixelmon 1.10. There's a beta group which is playtesting this server as we speak, turning it into a fully fledged server. Obviously there are some obstacles which come from migrating to a new platform (Spigot -> Sponge), but overall things are going ok.

I heard progress has been made with Factions and it's close to release. @saywhat2365 @iLaxrv10 can give more info

Pixelmon 1.7 / Lost
Sadly, a bug with nvidia's newest graphics card drivers makes these modpacks crash on launch, therefor unplayable for anyone with an nvidia card and the latest drivers. @Dpa1991 and I spent a couple of hours last night at 3 AM trying to figure this out, however it was @Stariieyed that figured it out.

Our revenue and playerbase is on a descending trend. It's not critically bad, but it could use some improvement. Word of mouth is amongst the powerful means of advertising, so please tell your friends and loved ones about SFT and post on social media sites! Also, if you can afford, donate and last but not the least, vote daily on all the websites!

My attitude
I'll be the first to admit, I need to work on a few things with the biggest  = not being so impulsive. I'm working on that and I hope it shows. I also interact more with people. However please understand that when I come on the server I am after a 12 hour shift so I am all tired and stressed.
Also, I'm not saying this to start anything, just to ask for some leniency / understanding, but there seem to be a few people with the sole goal to contradict me and disagree with me. I'm not always right, I admit that, but do give me a shot and don't be holier than the pope please.

Peace and let's have ourselves a better 2017!
These are difficult times. However, we are helped in these difficult times, by two very important resources, which you the players, can help us with:

#1 Votes (help us show up in the minecraft server lists, and get more players)
#2 Donations (help us pay for our bills, advertising, and any other costs we may incur).

Shop -> https://www.superfuntime.org/shops
Vote daily on all voting sites -> http://www.superfuntime.org/vote
In order to prevent and catch even more exploits/glitches/modded clients, I have tuned our Anticheat plugin.
However, this may also result in false positives (example: When flying you'll get rubber banded or stuck in the air for a bit. When mining, your blocks will re-appear after breaking them, or it will feel like you are having block lag).
Please report this.

Staff: When you see anticheat alerts telepor to players. See what they are doing. If you see players repeatedly getting tagged for reasons which don't seem to exist (eg: they trigger a block break anticheat error even though they're just breaking a tree), then take a screenshot of the alert, and post in staff board explaining the situation.

Thank you!

Come and paint the world on our very own Splatoon server. 
IP: towelie.sftmc.org:1337 [MC 1.8.9]
The server is hosted on my VPS, and is intended as a temporary event server. In the future, I plan on hosting such small minigame/event servers every weekend, where our players can un-wind without that inherent risk that comes with losing your items.

NOTE: You need MC 1.8.9 in order to be able to play. So create a 1.8.9 profile.
The optimal game size is 4v4 but the max is 8v8

Using sethbling's Splatoon map
SteveCo Crate #50 is out - President Trump Set
Join me in un-crating one of the most unique crates on Super Fun Time!
Just two for now, with more that will be added in time. Check them out!


NOTE: Players who have already bought the subscription, will receive the Basic subscription at the next renewal.
General Announcements / The Conclusion
Jan 20, 2017, 05:55 PM
After recent events, I can only say I deeply regret my course of actions and I fully intend on changing / improving myself with the feedback I received, and through that SFT.
It's going to be a process, so it's not going to magically happen overnight, but you should start seing improvement.

Thank you for your continued support to Super Fun Time, and I'm sorry to those I drove away from SFT. I wish I could magically fix it but sadly, once you burn a bridge, it's hard if not impossible to re-build that bridge. It's not going to be in vain though, I am going to use that as a building block for the next bridge (meaning I will use what I learned about myself, to improve myself and SFT)

Please help us by voting for us at Minecraft Servers List

We had to re-submit as minestatus now became Minecraft Servers List. We really depended on minestatus as we were on top a lot, now seing as i just added the server we're on #9500 something.
I will proceed to modifying the vote lists now.
General Announcements / [Survival] XP Boost
Jan 18, 2017, 06:15 PM

XP Boost was added to the premium shop! Plugin made by @AmusingThrone
You can buy a 24h 1.2x XP Boost for $10 up to a 3x XP Boost for $22.5

So, here's my thought. While we are having problems with Pixelmon not getting enough new players, we also are having problems with old players leaving because they are bored having done anything there is to do.

We have three options:
Option #1 - Full reset. Everyone starts over
Option #2 - Pokemon reset and 50% is taken of everyone's balance
Option #3 (Dpa's idea) -> Have people choose 6 pokemon they want to keep. All the others will be reset (the computers will be reset basically)
Option #4 Do nothing (condemn Pix to die a slow and painful death)

How we'll handle donations:
Fully reimburse donations up to the last 6 months
And then partial reimbursement for 7-12 months
Do you just hate swearing and people who curse? You can now block that!
Just turn your Personal Censor (plugin developed by @Nafi) on. It will censor more cursewords, with more and more being added each day (feel free to report via forum pm if a curse makes it across the censor)

- /pcensor on (turn your censor on
- /pcensor off

NOTE: Personal Censor only blocks the bad words for you. So if you have the censor on and you type a bad word, it will not be censored.

Inspired by @Delmoren I have added Boosters on SFT!
Check them out at http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/851697

The boosters last for 2 hours and apply to everyone online when bought.

Once again, thank you @Delmoren for your idea, I don't know how I haven't thought about it so far.
Link to original post: https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,169472.0.html

More boosters (such as XP Boost) will be added when it's technically possible (eg: when @AmusingThrone or @darknuju or @Nafi make us a working XP boost plugin which also integrates into SFTMMO. I have talked to @AmusingThrone so far, but I'd like it if he coordinated with the other devs too on this one)

Additionally, a 10% sale has been added until the end of January!