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General Announcements / Open letter
Apr 26, 2018, 07:25 AM
So, it seems like someone is ruining SFT's good name by "hacking" people and putting our name (claiming they were hacked by us).
I would like to say that we are not hackers, we do not hack people. We are a gaming community with a 7+ year history.
Over the time, we have had a bunch of people work with us, only to turn out to be completely unstable and malignant. I have no doubts that one of these people are involved in ruining our name.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we ask that you do not listen to malignant persons trying to ruin the good name of SFT.
General Discussion / Add me on PSN
Apr 24, 2018, 01:14 PM
Hi guys,

I have a PS4 again, so if you want to maybe play a game some time, add me -> Towelie_DOH

Peace out!
We are currently looking for new JMods for our Survival server.
Got what it takes? Apply for JMod by using this form:

Code Select
Your IGN (in-game nickname):
Your age:
Your current uptime for this week (check with /pstats):
Were you banned in the last 6 months?:

- If you are selected you will be messaged within 5 days of your application. If you are not selected you will not be contacted
- Anyone posting joke applications / mock applications will receive a forum warning

I have temporarily disabled the lucky block plugin, so if you get a lucky block - DO NOT PLACE IT until I announce that the plugin is back up.
Due to a really big bug, I had to disable the plugin, but I reported the issue to the author and hopefully it will be fixed soon.
General Announcements / [Survival] Quests!
Apr 21, 2018, 05:38 PM
I have added a Quest plugin.
Currently, there are only 6 starter quests (adding them is tedious), but my plan is to get to ~10 starter quest and at least another 10 repeatable quests in the first week.

Just type /quests to get started.
Please note I haven't had time to properly test, so report any issues that you find with the Quests plugin here.

Hi everyone,
I'm here to ask you to please subscribe to Cocoa on youtube.

Why? Because I need 100 subs to get a custom url (eg youtube.com/c/cocoa) and other awesome stuff like custom thumbnails (currently we're at ~41 subs)
I only post videos of Cocoa, and mostly about her doing funny things.
After consulting with @Dpa1991  - we decided to discontinue PixClassic.
The reason is obvious - no players.

I'd like to remind everyone that Dpa is preparing an update for the current Pix server which will significantly reduce the resources needed to play (eg: anyone that was able to play pixclassic, should be able to play the new pix, starting with the upcoming update)

Apparently joining a PixArk server via steam invite or steam connect link can corrupt your profile.
To avoid that, please connect to the server as follows:

  • Open Steam
  • Open the Steam server browser via View -> Servers
  • Click on the "Favorites" tab
  • Click on "Add Server
  • <- Paste the IP address and then click "Add this address to Favorites"
  • Launch PixArk and start a single player world at least once
  • Click "Join PixARK"
  • Where it says "Official" click and select "Favorites"
  • Click on Join on [US] superfuntime.org ...

NOTE: You only need to perform steps 1-6 for the first time. After succesfully joining the server once using the method above, in the future, only follow steps 7-9

Click to learn how to Join -> https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,184508.0.html
Server name: [US] superfuntime.org - 2xXP/3xTAM - Fresh

I am happy to announce that we have finally moved from our lousy host zap-hosting to self-hosting the server on a OVH VM.
The server maintains the same characterictics, but for the sake of choosing a better seed (which contains all biomes in the game apparently), I had to reset the world.
Full resets won't be a common thing, so we apologize for this and we promise we will do our best to make this as rare as possible.

PS: I had to keep the server name short so it will fit in the server browser.
I would like to thank @RallyReaper for his help and for managing the server.
Nether has been reset on Survival.
Please allow ~60 min for the new nether to generate then you can go there without lagging

PS: We have also changed the new player spawn to World2 due to less lag.
I have made some modifications to the premium shop, and I'd like to ask you all to check it out

- Removed multiple packages which were not performing well
- Added a SteveCo Bundle which drops a key and a crate and is way cheaper than before
- Reorganized packages a bit
- Slashed prices to several packages (waiting for feedback, if you guys think some packages are overpriced/underpriced)

Please let me know what you think!
General Announcements / Let's talk Terraria
Apr 14, 2018, 07:23 PM
So, over time, you were promised a Terraria server by @BluetigerESW and @saywhat2365
That never materialized because both of them are lazy slobs... #truthhurts

However, we now have @RallyReaper and he proposed getting a TShock Terraria server instead? Why? The TShock Terraria server allows for better anti-hacking / anti-griefing.
Do you think we should have a TShock Terraria server? If you say yes, seing as @RallyReaper is going to set it up, we actually know it's gonna be set up this time xD

PS: @BluetigerESW @saywhat2365  #sorry
General Announcements / Game of the Decade
Apr 13, 2018, 05:27 PM
I would like to recommend the best game I have ever played until now - The game of the decade for sure.

Do you have what it takes?
Let's never forget SFT Rebellion.
I am declaring April 11th the SFT Rebellion remembrance day (almost 6 years after the rebellion)

A bit of a back story: A group of people were really unhappy with the fact that I had increased the /money pay taxes
Instead of dealing with it like the 99% of the server, they proceeded to make a series of videos and "Rebelled" in a completely idiotic but funny way (wasn't really funny for me back then, more like a minor nuissance, but now it's funny).

As you can see in the final video, stupidity DOES NOT pay off...
Funny Stuff / Sinclair Soldiers
Apr 06, 2018, 07:02 AM

Not really funny... more like sad
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8-5-12-12-15 19-6-20
9-6 25-15-21 3-1-14 18-5-1-4 20-8-9-19 13-5-19-19-1-7-5 20-8-5-14 9-20 9-19 1-16-16-1-18-5-14-20 20-8-1-20 25-15-21 8-1-22-5 6-9-7-21-18-5-4 15-21-20 13-25 18-21-4-9-13-5-14-20-1-18-25 3-25-16-8-5-18 16-12-5-1-19-5 4-15 14-15-20 12-5-20 20-8-5 15-20-8-5-18-19 11-14-15-23 23-8-1-20 20-8-9-19 13-5-19-19-1-7-5 13-5-1-14-19 1-19 9 23-1-14-20 5-22-5-18-25-15-14-5 20-15 20-18-25 1-14-4 6-9-7-21-18-5 9-20 15-21-20 2-25 20-8-5-13-19-5-12-22-5-19 1-14-25-23-1-25 9 1-13 7-15-9-14-7 20-15 12-5-20 25-15-21 9-14 15-14 1 12-9-20-20-12-5 19-5-3-18-5-20 20-8-5 6-9-18-19-20 20-8-18-5-5 16-5-15-16-12-5 23-8-15 4-5-3-15-4-5 20-8-9-19 13-5-19-19-1-7-5 1-14-4 3-18-5-1-20-5 1 19-21-16-16-15-18-20 20-9-3-11-5-20 15-14 4-9-19-3-15-18-4 9-14 20-8-5 19-21-16-16-15-18-20 3-8-1-14-14-5-12 23-9-12-12 23-9-14 1 20-5-14 4-15-12-12-1-18 16-18-5-13-9-21-13 19-8-15-16 22-15-21-3-8-5-18 6-15-18 20-8-5 19-8-15-16 15-6 25-15-21-18 3-8-15-9-3-5 12-9-22-5 12-15-14-7 1-14-4 16-18-15-19-16-5-18 20-15-23-5-12-9-5 15-21-20
General Announcements / New support system
Mar 31, 2018, 06:46 PM
Do you have a problem with one of our servers / forums / website / discord?
Have you tried to ask a staff member for help and they were unable to help?

Then post in #support on our Discord -> https://discord.gg/uuSBVNT (the main SFT discord) and then follow instructions.
We hope to improve our proffesionalism with this awesome support system made by Scarsz
General Announcements / Happy Easter!
Mar 31, 2018, 03:20 PM

Happy Easter everyone!

Everything is 25% off in the premium shop

Or get killer rewards from Patreon by supporting us with as low as $5 / mo

PS: If you are not observing Easter on April 1st (for example Orthodox Christian Easter is on April 8th), you can still take advantage of a good discount / offer.
Please vote in the poll.
Should we remove the TNTWars server (/tntwars from Survival)
Vote YES if you dont play on it and are ok with us removing it, vote NO if you play on it from time to time   and are NOT ok with us removing it
So, I was thinking, since I have put some work setting up Survival Hardcore, and our devs @darknuju and @BluetigerESW have developed stuff for the server as well, it would be a pitty to not have anyone enjoy that.
As of now and until April 2nd, you can play on the server for free (no whitelisting needed, just join by doing /shc from Survival)

What is SHC?
- Shc is a mix between Survival and a UHC server. It doesn't have an economy, warps or teleports. Auto regen doesn't work, you are healed once every ~2h, and if you die, you get banned for 30 min.
The goal of this game is to play with friends, which is why we have a MMO like Party plugin, with XP share and other cool features. This server is meant to be enjoyed by groups of 2-8 people and not alone. Although playing it on yourself is possible, it may prove too big of a challenge.
- Shc doesn't have any premium shop, because normally, only patreon supporters / top voters / donators can play on it, but for this weekend, everyone can!
General Discussion / New Avatar
Mar 30, 2018, 03:44 PM
I got a new avatar!
Thank you @Dpa1991 and @Stariieyed  for the prop xD

Hi everyone,
We currently have two candidates for games we should host next:
- Unturned
- PixArk

- PixArk is like Ark : Survival Evolved + Minecraft combined into a game
- Out of the two Unturned is the least resource intensive (meaning it will work on a wider variety of computers)
- Unturned is said to have been made very hard to play (the difficulty is high) so that may be an issue
- PixArk seems to require a beefier PC than Unturned
- Unturned is Free to Play, PixArk is $20

Please vote for the game you would play between the two if SFT had a server
General Discussion / RIP Mr. Pinkerton
Mar 26, 2018, 09:18 PM
We've met Mr. Pinkerton on one of our voyages, we shoved him into a small cage without his consent and then blew him up.
Mr Pinkerton had short but probably miserable life, constantly bothered by drunkards and mutineers.
He wasn't afraid of showing his dislike for the sea, but his whine was like music to our ears.
He got blown up because I tried to do a mutiny and Dpa called my bluf without consideration for dear mr. pinkerton's life.

Unfortunately we could not find his corpse to give him a proper burial  - making bacon out of him and then eating it over a campfire.

RIP Mr. Pinkerton 2018-2018

PS: Sorry for blowing you up.
The nether has been reset on survival.
Also, Blackjack was added as a single player minigame in /play (on Survival)

Also, we had a Slimefun update ~15 days ago, and I forgot to paste the changelog so here it is:
Version 4.1.14

* Bug Fixes

Fixed Miner Androids breaking Slimefun blocks incorrectly

Fixed Cooler not accepting Juices

Fixed Reinforced Spawners always being Pig Spawners

Fixed Slimefun Items being registered twice (Apple Pie, Hot Chocolate)

Fixed Auto-Disenchanter duplicating Items

Fixed "Falling Block" Duplication Bug

Fixed Error Reports generating only up to 10 files per tick

Fixed Electric Dust Washer allowing to choose what dust to produce

Fixed Soulbound Items ignoring "Keep-Inventory" systems from plugins

Fixed Talisman of the Hunter duplicating Mobs' Equipment

* Enhanced Ancient Altar Code
Share our gaming community / servers on social media and enter to win $15 Premium Shop Credit.

How to enter:
- Post on Social Media promoting one of our servers or the community in general
- Take a screenshot of your post
- Upload it to imgur or another image hosting site
- Attach the image as a reply to this post

- You may enter as many times as you wish. Each post is one chance.
- Please keep separate entries for separate posts. Eg: Make a post for each en try
- You must specify either a link to our website https://www.superfuntime.org, or the IP of one of our servers (eg: mc.superfuntime.org) or the link to our modpack (eg for pixelmon/lost)
- Example: "Fan of Minecraft? Join me on mc.superfuntime.org - Minecraft Server)
- Don't post in this topic unless you are posting an entry. If you have any questions, ask them on discord, or send me a PM

How to attach an image:
- Take a picture of your social media post (eg using the standard Windows Snipping Tool, or a program such as ShareX)
- Upload that picture to imgur (or another voting site, but the instructions here will be for imgur)
- After uploading the image, wait ~30s then right click on the image and click on "Copy image address"
- Put the image address between img tags as follow:

Code Select
Giveaway Info
- You may enter your submissions until April 1st
- On April 1st a random number draw will be performed using  a random number generator. The number drawn will correspond to a post reply #. That post reply # will win.
- The prize is $15 premium shop credit on a SFT server of your choosing
Funny Stuff / SFT Music Awards 2018
Mar 21, 2018, 05:52 PM
Here are the top 3 music videos that were discovered in 2018 (by me):

3. Hot Dad - Big Money Salvia

2. Takeo Ischi - New Bibi Hendl

1. Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied
Here's some premium shop packages I'd like to recommend for players that are considering supporting Super Fun Time but aren't sure what to get:

Featured category:

- Image maps (get ANY image converted into a big, lavish painting)
- Custom Prefix (get ANY custom prefix, in the color scheme of your current rank (want your prefix to say [Badass] ? We can do that. Just don't make it obscene)
- Glow (doesn't need further explanation... you glow in any color you want)
- MobWorks (launch beautiful fireworks that also have a mob riding on them. Awesome to impress that significant other, or your villager friends)
- Fun Wands (hurl dozens of animals at your desired target)
- Hats (HATS!)

Cosmetic  -> Particle effects:
- Particle hats  (Ride a raincloud or have an aura made of TNT explosions... the sky is the limit)

Cosmetic -> Pets category:

- RPGPets (Have a pet that will follow you and help you defeat other monsters or players. All this, while levelling up your pet and boosting their stats like a RPG)

Enjoy this month's recommendations!
This is a new "feature" of the plugin. It cannot be removed, however I do not want to remove it either way.
Why? Because a lot of people have been abusing god mode to farm elitemobs loot and that's plain just not cool.
Moral of the story: Even if you have god mode on, don't assume you are 100% safe, always leave your important stuff in your chests.
General Announcements / Help!
Mar 14, 2018, 05:40 PM
Look, I know I'm being obnoxious posting topics every other day about how we need your help with donations. The truth is, I don't enjoy begging either.
But it's kinda needed... So this time, I'll skip the begging and I'll present the facts:

Survival donations:

NOTE: The numbers represent the revenue per week, not per day (I wish..)

SFT Monthly Costs:

Bottom line: Our monthly costs (recalculated today) are $363 / mo. We are making $227 / mo from Patreon (ty <3). that leaves a necesary of $136 / mo to be covered. Sadly, that is not covered more than it is... (not to mention that this is legitimately the smallest amount we need to live. If we had more, it would allow for more advertising, which would bring more players, which would bring more revenue, which would help)

What you can do to help (in the order of importance):
- Support us on Patreon. From as low as $5 / mo you can become a Patron, and get exclusive rewards, while also helping the server. Patreon is SFT's only chance of a continued existence!

- Donate to our premium shops. There are literally hundreds of packages available, if you just spent ~5 min / week browsing, I guarantee you would find something you liked

- Vote daily on all voting sites. Voting is extremely important! It helps us secure the 2nd (or maybe even 1st) most important resource -> Players. Please vote daily on all voting sites, if not for the rewards, then for helping us / that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Thank you <3

PS: Patreon is our lifeboat right now. Without Patreon, SFT would be dead already. Thank you to all the patrons, you guys are amazing <3.

I'd like to introduce a new Rank on Survival - TopVoter.
It is awarded to the top 3 voters of the month.

What perks does it have?:
The rank gives you access to the following perks, for the duration (while having it):
- Fly perms
- /ml perms (creating listings)
- Colored chat (ability to use colors in chat)
- Vanity Pack (firework is launched when you join and a thunderstrike hits when you leave
- Firework Maker (/fwm)

How to obtain it:
- If you are one of the top 3 votes of the month, contact me on the 1st of the next month, requesting the rank and providing a screenshot / proof (To see who are the top voters, go to https://www.superfuntime.org/votes and then click on "last month" (since we are checking on the 1st, we will have to use the "last month" tab.
- After receiving your message, allow up to ~24h until you receive your rank in-game.
- You will get to keep the rank until the 1st of the next month (1 month)

For example, the current top 3 voters are:
Mazeworker 291
garywb 222
Wello945 210

Message me to request the rank @Mazeworker @garywb @Wello945

Good news everyone! SteveCo Crate #56 is here - Fortnite set.

4dan7, MasterX70 - Creating the crate / helping with it
This random youtuber - The image (I just found it on the internets and used it, so I am crediting it because it's not nice to use and not specify source)
General Announcements / Subscribe to Cocoa!
Feb 28, 2018, 10:37 PM
Cocoa is now on youtube! Subscribe for awesome / cute parrot videos!
I am opening up SHC for a free play weekend. On March 3rd/4th, join SHC, simply by typing /shc from Survival.
You will be able to play for two days, completely free, then you will be able (if you haven't already) to redeem a 5 day free trial (redeem it after the free days)

To our existing subscribers - Your subscription will be extended by 2 days.

SurvivalHardcore is a server which is similar to vanilla (no economy, no warps, no autoshops), but with a very high difficulty. With our awesome MMO-like Parties plugin (which adds MMO-like party features like shared xp, party teleport and so on), it's quite a fun experience to play with your friends.
Recently, I've deployed a really good / working anti-xray solution.
Here's what happens when you try to use an X-Ray Mod / Texture pack:

However, there is a side-effect: Under special circumstances (lag, etc) you may briefly see some blocks that are not there. I have configured the plugin in such a way to minimize this effect (in my initial attempt diamond ore kept appearing, now that is no longer possible).
Please report if you see any blocks that are not actually there (eg: that dissapear/change when you get close to that location)

What I will need:
- Your location (at least world, preferably position /pos)
- What you were doing at the time (mining, exploring, fighting mobs)
- If mining, what are the specs of your tool (Eff is what I care about, so only mention Eff or anything else that alters mining speed)
- Screenshot if possible
- Type of block that you saw, and what it changed into when you went close to it.

You're probably wondering: Bah, why is this needed? This sucessfully blocks over 99% of the existing xray mods / texture packs, as well as other features of mods (dungeon finders, etc) which are extremely detrimental for the server economy / resource abundence.


Source: Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik YT channel

Source: placeboing YT Channel
I have disabled EliteMobs in veteranworld because some times the treasure goblins would spawn there, making it impossible for anyone to obtain the treasure.

Also, because who goes to veteranworld to hunt elite mobs..
Funny Stuff / PSA: Tornado Safety
Feb 25, 2018, 09:29 AM

Source: /r/funny
Funny Stuff / Double Standards
Feb 25, 2018, 09:26 AM

Source: /r/funny
Funny Stuff / Dare to be batman
Feb 25, 2018, 09:23 AM

Source: /r/funny
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
Feb 24, 2018, 05:17 PM
Check out Patreon (link below) for awesome perks and unique rewards

NOTE: The Patreon perks are far better than premium shop. I strongly urge you to at least spend 5 minutes checking out the Patreon tiers. By supporting us on Patreon, you are not only donating to us, but ensuring SFT's future.

Thank you!
If you don't know - SurvivalHardcore is a server which is similar to vanilla (no economy, no warps, no autoshops), but with a very high difficulty. With our awesome MMO-like Parties plugin (which adds MMO-like party features like shared xp, party teleport and so on), it's quite a fun experience to play with your friends.
For an undetermined period of time (few days at the most), I am reducing the requirements to be whitelisted on the server to:

- Patreon subscriber
- Over 2000 votes (down from 3000)
- Sponsor / SantaClaus rank
- NEW: Did you donate to any of our servers in the last 30 days, in total more than $10 ? Then you are also eligible.
- NEW: Have you donated $100+ on the Survival server, in total? If you have, then you're also eligible to join.

Please note, once you get added to the whitelist, you can stay, so if applying with these new reduced requirements, you will get to stay afterwards as well.

To apply, post in this topic, in this form:

- Nickname (your exact Minecraft nickname)
- Criteria you are applying on (Patreon/Votes/Sponsor/Donated in last 30 days over $10 or have donated $100+ in total on the Survival Server)

Please allow up to 24h for your whitelist request to be processed.

NOTE: To connect to the server, join Survival (mc.superfuntime.org) then type /shc (after being whitelisted)
Funny Stuff / Let's get fat!
Feb 19, 2018, 07:13 AM

Source: memes.com
Funny Stuff / Doggo Call Center
Feb 19, 2018, 07:07 AM

Source: /r/memes
Funny Stuff / Man brutally ran over by train
Feb 19, 2018, 06:52 AM

Source: 9gag.com
Funny Stuff / Dinosaur Pun
Feb 19, 2018, 06:50 AM

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Funny Stuff / Restoration 100
Feb 19, 2018, 06:49 AM

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Funny Stuff / Homer wants a hot-dog
Feb 19, 2018, 06:46 AM