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General Announcements / The state of SFT
Dec 06, 2018, 01:23 PM
I like to write such a post at least once a year.
Let's discuss about the state of SFT, future plans and ambitions:

- Survival continues to maintain steady (albeit at a low number of players). I have tasked @TheStarNomad✯ with finding cool stuff (donator perks / fun plugins / plugins that add core gameplay) and generally, I'd say that while we aren't peachy, we are floating around. When the summer comes, I have no doubt, we will see a big bump of players.
- I have plans to add a new world when 1.14 releases (I am delaying that for then, specifically so we can have the 1.14 new features / mobs / etc)
- Staff crysis averted. We had a staff crysis a few months ago, I am glad to say that has improved and is still improving.

- @Dpa1991  - please edit this section with pix relevant info

- There are plans to decomission B-Team, as everyone seems to have migrated to The 1.7.10 Pack anyway, and it's just a huge resource hog at the moment. Look out for a decomission announcement soon. We are pretty decided to do this, so unless a really strong reason comes against this, or unless someone offers to pay the bills to keep it up (no reason if you ask me, since it's empty all the time)

The 1.7.10 Pack:
- Since there are players and it's liked by people, it will stay. There are plans to develop the premium shop and add more to it. @xQuicScopex✪  can give more details

- After discussing with @BluetigerESW and @xQuicScopex✪ (mainly @xQuicScopex✪ ), we have decided that we should not decomission PE quite yet. While it's currently as good as dead, that's because of an update that crippled all our plugins, and we currently lack the resources to fix everything. If you are extremely good at PHP and want to help, contact @xQuicScopex✪ . Please note that the discord integration will be broken by the update, and we do not know if we will be able to fix it.

- While it's not very popular, there are no plans to decomission it due to the very low resources it consumes.

- Currently it is open to the public and whether it will remain or not, depends only on its popularity

- @fearthe1337 is working on moving the website from its dedicated server, to a vm. This move is expected to be completed within 3 months (due to some complications with the new forum version we are trying to update to requiring PHP7 and the website not being PHP7 ready). Once this is complete, it will mean a cost reduction of ~$50 / mo. This has already been shared with our Patrons as an exclusive story, if you want to help SFT and get awesome perks, and get the latest scoop on what's happening, think about becoming our Patron

- As you may have seen, Discord is managed by Loasty and Nubbun. They are doing a great job running the server, so you can expect to see discord events from now on. Perhaps even the creation of a Discord EventHost team who's sole responsibility will be to host events.

- The overall focus is currently self preservation. We are doing everything we can to reduce costs and make SFT viable for long term (we are almost there). So you can rest assured, as long as there are players on our servers / visitors on our website / members on our discord, SFT will be here.
- However, we are still keeping track on new games being released, seing what we could move to, and Dpa is working on reviving Pix (he can comment more on that)

Happy Holidays!

PS: Super Fun Time is only a thing any more because of Patreon. Become a Patron today for as low as $5 / mo and get awesome and unique perks and rewards
I would like to thank our existing patrons very much <3
You guys are awesome and the reason we are still alive.
- Nether was reset
- End was reset
- Nether should have fortresses now (haven't tested but I generated it on another server with generate-structures: on. Normally it's a bad idea to keep generate-structures:on on a survival server because stuff keeps generating, long story)
- End may have end cities (no idea if it does haven't tested, no clue if it even works)
- Expanded World1
General Announcements / Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 22, 2018, 05:10 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans!
Sorry for posting this a bit later, but I am not an american and therefor do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day.
I am thankful for having @darknuju as my lead dev - he helps me quite a lot and running Survival wouldn't be possible without him.
I'm thankful to all our Patrons and donators premium users
I'm thankful for having @Dpa1991 as a friend and a co-owner at the same time, and while our relationship has its ups and downs like any friendship has, we've managed to still be friends after 7 years (while also being co-owners).
I'm thankful for having a wonderful staff team (For Survival and the other servers)
I'm thankful for having awesome contributors that run servers for SFT @xQuicScopex✪ @Mord3005 @ceddy24 @Loasty @Nubbun
I'm also thankful for having @fearthe1337  - without him, none of this would be possible, but I'd be more thankful if he wasn't dead xd
I'm thankful for having all of you awesome people and this wonderful community.
Starting November 23rd and until the end of November 24th, the Survival premium shop is running a black friday promotion.
Discounts from 40% to 55% will be automatically enabled.


NOTE: I've gone ahead and combed through the premium shop, removing any broken perms, to make this black friday as smooth as possible.
I have also added a "Mega Disguises" package which basically contains all disguises (present and future) except player disguises and block disguises. This is currently $30 but will be discounted 55% when the black friday promotion starts, so keep an eye!

Good news! You can now show off your items to players on the server.

/showitem - Shows the item you are holding to the people near you
Type %showitem% in chat (eg: Here's my Pickaxe %item%) and %item% will be replaced with the item

NOTE: This shows the enchants, the name, the lore, but not the actual item, so be sure to mention. Shows the item too, at the end

Good news! For those of you that remember - The furniture plugin is back. Please note that you need to purchase Furniture Perms from the premium shop to use the full features of this plugin.
However, you can obtain holiday decorations (xmas tree, candles, candy canes and so on) for FREE from the premium shop.

Claim your free Holiday Decorations today, from the Free premium shop category


Enjoy snow and other surprises for this holiday season!
Just wanted to mention that nether was reset on Survival, and also, at @garow93 's request, I have disabled the fireworks on mcmmo perk activation/deactivation (they caused a ton of lag)
As some of you may know, I was pretty sick recently (acute tonslitis) and in bed / unable to stay up.
After taking the treatment for a couple of times, I now feel somewhat better (enough to stay on my feet for ~1-2h at a time or at the PC), so here's a small Survival update:

- PyroMining is now back and updated
- Nether was reset
- Various plugin updates and bugfixes
MobArena is back! The old one that we used to have 1-2 years ago, not AdvancedMobArena.
Try /ma join (you can play with up to 8 players).

NOTE: Due to 1.13 I can no longer have potions in kits, so a couple of kits were removed, and some potions were replaced with gold apples.
Some of you may remember /play or /mbg play - The old "board games" plugin we had.
Well, now we have a better one with way more games. Just type /pg play and get started!

/pg play - Shows you the list of games
/pg list - Lists the games (so you can use them later for multiplayer)
/pg multiplayer - Shows you the list of multiplayer games (but you can't start them from here)
/pg duel Cireshie tictactoe - Start a game of tic tac toe with Cireshie (sample command)
/pg duel accept - Accept a duel invite
/pg help - Shows help
MissileWars is back! If you are familiar with the awesome minigame we once had, jump right in at /missile (on Survival)
If you aren't familiar with it, see this video:

NOTE: It is considerably more laggy (frame drops / low framerate) due to how 1.13 works. So unless you have a beefy computer, you may have issues, but the frames only drop when a missile hits the target, so it should be borderline playable even on a weak pc

Good news! There is a new premium perk in the shop: ClickDye. It costs $5 and it allows you to dye blocks (stained glass, wool, clay, etc) by right clicking on them with dyes.
It also has a bulk dye option, where you can sneak + right click with a dye and it will dye up to 32 blocks (if they are connected)

Additionally, a 20% sale has been added to Survival!
General Announcements / SHC is now open
Oct 24, 2018, 02:43 PM
Good news! Survival Hardcore is now open to everyone.
Just connect to Survival and type /shc to play on it.

As a reminder, Survival Hardcore is a server that is meant to give players the experience of the old Minecraft - Tough as nails to Survive.

Regeneration is disabled, eating food doesn't replenish your health, your health is only replenished once every 2 hours, and if you die, you get banned for some time.
It features a great Party system, with shared XP and other MMO-like features.
Give it a try, you may like it.

NOTE: There is no economy, there are no fancy plugins and it's as close as possible to the old style Vanilla.
This post is adressed more to people that played once on SFT, and are no longer playing, but also applies to existing players that would like something new.
What would it take to get you generally interested in SFT again? What kind of game server / other?
Please stick to one per person, because I will take the most mentioned and make them into a poll.

Things that aren't coming back, regardless:
- Factions. I'd rather kill SFT with my own hands than bring Factions back.
There is no update for bungeecord yet, so please don't update to 1.13.2 or you will not be able to play.
I don't have an estimate for when we will be able to update at this time.
For a limited time (til the end of October), it is free to register your autoshop/spawner/town on /autoshop /spawner /town.

If you have an autoshop/spawner/town, please post a ticket in #support on discord, mentioning the name of the autoshop/spawner/town, the owner, and the warp (and a 2-3 word description for spawners/towns)
- Replaced shiny llama from voteparty with a new shiny llama. This one has double the standard health and double the attack damage
- Replaced polar bear from voteparty with a new shiny polar bear (baby).
- Added shiny tropical fish egg to VoteParty.
- Added shiny turtle egg to VoteParty
- Fixed a ton of VoteParty rewards that were broken and no longer dropping due to new 1.13 item ids
Since my post gained some traction on reddit, I decided to share it here as well. Because I share pictures of cocoa and it makes people be like aww, how cute, I want one, here's a post containing info about why you should NOT get a parrot:
This plugin essentially brings your mining experience to life. This plugin adds many different functions that allow you to customize your mining experience and enhance it further.
For more info, see here

Seriously just read the plugin page as there's too much for me to tell. Custom enchants, custom pickaxes, custom everything, and 100% more fun when mining!
Command: /mine

ProFishing Update:
Added Fish of the Day. (Fish that can be sold for more money / less);
Re-designed the codex gui a little bit. (Will update this again soon).
Added Deliveries (repeatable requests - with generous rewards depending on chance and tier);

Prepare to be spooked! (from now and until halloween).
We have a special halloween plugin that I won't disclose what it does, but unlike last year, you won't have random pumpkin heads on your head or mobs spawn behind you to kill you, only spooky scary effects.

Also look out for the special mobs that only spawn during halloween:
ChickenJockey - Is a baby zombie, zombie pigman, villager zombie or a husk riding a chicken. Spawns sometimes when a zombie spawns.
SpiderJockey - Is a skeleton, wither skeleton or a stray riding a spider or a cave spider. Spawns sometimes when a skeleton spawns.
SkeletonHorseman - Is a skeleton riding a skeleton horse. Will equip an enchanted bow and sometimes an enchanted iron helmet. Spawns sometimes when a skeleton spawns.
ZombieHorseman - Is a zombie riding a zombie horse. Will equip an enchanted iron sword and sometimes an enchanted iron helmet. Spawns sometimes when a zombie spawns.
Illusioner - Makes the Illusioner mob to spawn naturally sometimes when a witch spawn.

Nether was reset on survival!
Enjoy farming the Nether again!
General Discussion / Forums vs EU stupidity
Oct 04, 2018, 05:45 PM
Not sure if many of you know, but a LOT of forums are shutting down recently due to the absurd EU laws.
Basically, if the law passes, I am liable if any member of my forum uploads or embeds a copyrighted image on my forum.

Due to this, most likely I will either shut down the forums or disable uploading of files and [img] and [youtube] tags.
Thoughts? comments? Feedback? Inside info?
General Announcements / Happy Halloween!
Oct 02, 2018, 08:43 AM

 :jackolantern:  :jackolantern:  :jackolantern:
General Discussion / Add IdleRPG to Discord?
Sep 30, 2018, 01:57 PM
Would anyone be interested in this?

@Loasty @Nubbun  - FYI
Do you enjoy having power in a video game server? Do you enjoy flexing that power towards the plebe.. er... players?
Then you've come in the right place! We want YOU to be a staff member!

All jokes aside, we actually need balanced people who are past the highschool drama stage to be staff members for us.
Interested? First check if you meet our requirements, then apply:

- At least 20 hours uptime on Survival
- At least 6h/week uptime in the last 3 weeks
- You haven't been banned for anything serious in the last 6 months.

Application form:
To show that you have minimal levels of intelligence, copy and paste this form (with the answers filled in):

Code Select
[u]What is your IGN (in-game nickname)?[/u]: Sample answer
[u]What is your uptime in the last week (/pstats)?[/u]: Sample answer
[u]What is your overall uptime(/pstats)?[/u]: Sample answer
[u]Were you banned from our server in the last 6 months?[/u]: Sample answer
[u]Were you ever banned for xraying / advertising / exploiting glitches?[/u]: Sample answer
[u]What rank do you wish to be (EventHost / JMod)?[/u]: Sample answer
[u]Why do you want that rank? (the only valid answer is: I want to have power over the plebe. Jk.)[/u]: Sample answer
[u]What region are you from? (EU / US / AU / OTHER)[/u]: Sample answer

Other info:
- If you've been rejected for the last 3 times you applied for staff, it's probably not a good idea to apply again.
- Ideally, we are looking for people over 16 years old, but we will accept 13+ if you are mature and serious
- Benefits: Some freebies (a bunch of premium shop perks that are free for staff), and our undying appreciation.
- You will only be contacted if you are chosen. It usually takes ~1 week to put everything to a vote (the staff votes if you should be staff)

For those of you that are bored of Minecraft, well guess what. This new plugin will make you destroy your mouse!

Type /cps and then start clicking that left mouse button as fast as you can. You can then see how you fair against the others by using /cpstop <page> (eg /cpstop 1).

NOTE: Anti autoclicker protection is also part of the plugin and it logs all those suspected of using an autoclicker. Cheating in this, is not only lame but will also be punishable by a 1 week ban. Keep in mind, the plugin just records potential autoclick users, and doesn't stop them, so while you won't know, if you use an autoclicker you will be flagged by the plugin and logged.
Nether was reset today, enjoy exploring a brand new nether
Also, please vote daily, it matters a lot for us and helps us bring in new players
General Discussion / Promoting SFT
Sep 21, 2018, 03:36 PM
First of all, I'd like to thank @TonyStark_ for her great work in searching for these youtubers, and negotiating with them.

We have recruited and are continuing to recruit a series of small to medium youtubers and paying them to make videos of our server.
Since finances are tight, we can't afford to pay $100+ per video like we used to, so we are only working with youtubers who's prices we agree with.

So far, the first of this video:

NOTE: Some of these youtubers will be foreign language speakers and we're fine with that. The goal is that we get players on our server, regardless of what nationality, or what language they speak (they should speak English in main chat tho).
We will mainly feature Survival, but will also feature other SFT servers.
As you may know, I updated the SHC server to 1.13.1 recently.
And while there are SOME players playing once in a blue moon, there aren't that many players checking it out.
Do you think it would be an idea to allow anyone to play, and just make a small slot count (eg: 8 slots), but give a reserved slot to all the people that qualify for premium (eg people that are currently on the whitelist)

LEt me know!
One lucky winner will get $30. This can be as premium shop credit, or as credit for Steam/PSN/XBL/Nintendo Switch. The costs for the prize will be covered by me.

- In order to enter, please spread the word about SFT and take a picture / screenshot to prove it
- On October 1st, I will choose a lucky winner from the people that entered this giveaway, by using a random number draw. Your reply number will serve as your ticket.
- You are allowed to enter several times. If you want multiple chances, make a post for each time you spread the word on SFT
- You may post your entry until the end of September 30th (UTC)

Where to spread the word
You can either post on social media (facebook/twitter/instagram/etc) and then post a screenshot or link to your post to enter. NOTE: Please make your post contain something along the lines of "Check out Super Fun Time - a Minecraft community where everyone is welcome!"


Create a flyer (must contain the following phrase: "Check out Super Fun Time - a Minecraft community where everyone is welcome!" and then whatever else you wish
Post the flyer at a notice board, school board or where otherwise allowed. Please make sure you aren't breaking any rules or laws when placing these flyers.


Post a screenshot of a minecraft player with < 24h uptime, saying "I was invited by <yourname>". Please also include some way of showing their uptime at the time (either ask them to do /pstats and include that, or look up with )


Create a video for Super Fun Time on youtube and have at least 20 subscribers. Post that video here as an entry.
Video must be decent quality, no squeaky voice, no 5fps. If I don't consider a video is doing SFT good, I will disqualify said video.

NOTE: If you post anything else but a contest entry in this topic, you will be disqualified.
If you have any questions, you may create a ticket under #support on Discord
Your images that you attach must be visible or at least working links at the time of the draw, or you will be disqualified.
I want to make a contest/giveaway soon and I want it to help SFT.
Any ideas to what this could be?

Also, are there any Eventhosts or EventMods willing to host SFT Olympics? Because it would be kickass to make people compete for the prize :D
General Announcements / Please vote
Sep 06, 2018, 09:43 AM
There has recently been a decline in voting, which in turn is hurting our ranking on voting sites, which in turn makes less players join our server.

It is extremely important that you vote daily on at least half of the voting sites (let's be realistic here).

Plus, it's not like the rewards don't amount to something considerable if you were to vote daily!

Thank you <3
There is an update to EliteMobs that will make that currently spawned items will not be sellable in the shop any more (due to a change).
Please sell all your elitemobs items that you want to sell, I will delay the update by 24h.
I'm not saying sell items you want to keep, just those that you WANT to sell.
I would like to ensure you that the rollbacks were ISOLATED INCIDENTS and they will no longer occur so often (normally we had 2-3 rollbacks / year).
I can guarantee that the rollbacks were not due to incompetence or misconduct (either mine or my team's), but due to a spigot bug that prevented the internal server from writing the world changes to disk. So even though we had backups every 3 hours, all backups contained day old information because of the internal saving engine that is built in in minecraft was malfunctioning.
The bug was since fixed, so we shouldn't have any big rollbacks from now on. Smaller rollbacks (up to 3-4h) are still possible, but highly unlikely. Basically, whenever the server crashes during shutdown, the world fails to save, therefor a rollback occurs. Since that bug was fixed, it is extremely unlikely that it will happen again any time soon.


I am aware, there are a lot of bugs in Survival 1.13/1.13.1. Why is that? Because when I updated to 1.13, I had to choose the lesser of two evils (update the server and have a lot of broken plugins and bugs OR let the server die).
I am fixing bugs on a daily basis, and FYI it's a time consuming task, taking me 1-2h / day.
Please bear with us, the server will eventually be almost bug free, just not until plugins are updated.

I wrote this post because I saw some players were afraid to play / build on the server, fearing subsequent rollbacks. That is not the case.

Thank you!
I need your help in finding the next big Minecraft.
What I mean by that, is the next game we could be hosting after minecraft dies off (but hopefully before that happpens).

For a game to work as a server, there have to be some rules:
- Game has to be playable on a wide range of configurations, ranging from toasters to PC MASTER RACE GAMING SYSTEMS
- Game has to offer customisability. Don't ask us to host a COD server, because we'll just be 1 out of 10000000. We need something that allows us to be unique
- Game dev has to not be restrictive. for example there are some gaming companies that don't allow you to sell items in their games. We need to be able to make a revenue to support SFT from that game.
- Has to be relatively new. I don't want us to host another game that is 10 years old and dying.
The Nether and End were reset and there may be a bit of lag (and by that I mean a lot) until nether is re-generated.
I have also attempted a dynmap update, but sadly it still doesn't work on 1.13.
- Donator rank was removed from the premium shop and will likely be re-named in-game to something else (due to Mojang not liking servers using the word Donator / Donate)
- Prices of other ranks were reduced
- Custom Prefix upgrades were removed in favor of the Custom Prefix premium shop item (which allows you to get a custom prefix for any rank)
- A discount of 20% was added
- A bunch of perks that no longer work in 1.13 were removed

Today I turn 35. It's not really a happy joyous ocasion as it once was. Just another reminder that my body is starting to decompose and that I'll be dead soon. Realistically, I'm smack dab in the middle of my lifespan.
Looking back, I can't say I've accomplished too much or done anything remarkable. The things I am most proud of and love the most are, in this priority: Cocoa, Super Fun Time.
Cocoa because I finally turned an empty, lonely home into a birb home. And because when you have one of the world's smartest animals as your pet, you learn you can even have conversations with your pet. And that's... i don't know, interesting, creepy, however you want it.
Super Fun Time because it's my proudest achievement in life. I may not be the most successful person, but at least I have something that touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people (yes, we legit had hundreds of thousands of unique users over the years). And that's gotta mean something.
Thank you for accepting me, a weird 35 year old guy, who's not the most politically correct, and probably the most stubborn person around, as your host (or your Leader for staff).
Right about now would be the time I buy a new Ferrari if I was rich, but I'm pretty broke...

PS: I changed my birthday on Facebook to February 31 so people wouldn't spam a meaningless Happy Birthday on facebook. My real birthday is today, August 22nd.

So, I'm wondering what to do about SHC (SurvivalHardcore).
The following options come to mind:
- 1. Terminate the server (EOL). Do we really still need a SHC?
- 2. Update the server just to allow 1.13 clients (but it would still be 1.12.2)
- 3. Update the server to 1.13 and reset world (otherwise new mobs/etc wouldn't spawn)

So please vote and speak your mind
General Announcements / It's ok Alex Jones
Aug 14, 2018, 07:33 AM

You can come here and post.
We could always use another completely insane person on SFT!

alex jones infowars altright youtube facebook twitter trump gay frogs
This is just a reminder, that when playing on a Minecraft server, your private messages are not private. Due to how Minecraft Servers work, PM's are printed in console and logged.
There have been cases where we saw things that were against the rules happen in PM and not act on it, but there is a threshold on which we will act, even if it happens in PM (borderline illegal things mostly)

Just a reminder as this is a shock for some people who haven't worked with Minecraft server files / don't know how they work.
PS: Pretty much also valid for party chats and other similar things.
General Announcements / [Survival] Good night
Aug 06, 2018, 04:51 AM
I have just added a plugin to Survival that changes how the sleep to pass the night mechanic works.
From now on, if 5 players sleep, the night will pass and it will turn day!
Should help with the pesky phantoms xd

Good news!
Survival has been updated to 1.13! Come play now!

NOTE: SurvivalClassic will be down for a couple of days, and then brought back online afterwards.
- mcMMO has been fixed (it was broken by the update due to various item names being renamed EG carrot_on_stick -> carrot_on_a_stick)
- We have a working WorldEdit and protection plugin (we didn't before...)
- Most of the cosmetic / particle effect plugins (and disguises/pets/etc) are broken and will be for a while (probably 1-2 months. It is how it is with Minecraft and major updates. If you purchased one of those things, we will not refund and ask that you wait a maximum of 3 months (afterwards, if it's still not fixed after that, we will find a way to reimburse with premium shop credit)
- We have rideable dolphins. Via a plugin, and it's awesome! It will be free for everyone to ride dolphins and shoot water! pew pew pew!
- The 1.13 update is AWESOME and has a looot of content. You will enjoy exploring it for weeks, all we ask is that you are patient for another week or so.

Personal remark:
- Announcing Survival 2.0 ahead of time was a monumental mistake. I should've not revelead it until it was ready. Announcing it ahead of time literally killed Survival, let's just hope we can revive it with 2.0 / MC 1.13

Now we just have to find a way to attach lasers to them so we can ride mother freaking dolphin lasers (not the same sound as shark lasers but... good enough)
This will be a STANDARD feature for Survival 2.0 (available for everyone - yes, I recognize how awesome it would be as a premium shop perk, but think of it as a thank you for sticking around).
Just a quick status update for Survival 2.0:

- While most of the plugins are still broken, my Manager+ team and I chose a world (with no working dynmap) out of 4, simply by exploring it and trying to decide which has least water
- We have began protecting structures. We decided to only protect temples and leave wrecks / villages unprotected this time, for you to explore and enjoy
- After the structures will be protected (couple of days), we will begin moving the spawntown, and then the attractions from @TheStarNomad✯ 's list.
- There is a LOT of plugin breakage due to 1.13. Pretty much everything that has to do with particle effects is broken, as well as disguises.
- We also have some critical plugins broken (commandbook - which handles basic commands , dynmap and many others)
- We have managed to get a working worldedit+worldguard just today.
- @Lansdiinio  is working on an Emp price re-do and should be about ready (let me know when ready as we'll need to post it publicly before we add it)

We'll keep you posted.
Just a quick update - Survival now accepts 1.13 clients. While the server is not yet updated, due to a protocol hack, you can connect to the server with MC 1.13. There may be some weird bugs involving connecting blocks (doors, etc), but other than that it should be ok.

I continue to work on Survival 2.0, currently I am a bit stuck waiting for a dynmap update that works with MC 1.13, so that I can begin to find a suitable world.
The internal devs are also working on fixing their plugins and making them 1.13 compliant. An ETA of 2 weeks / Mid August seems plausible / doable, but it may happen sooner than that as well.