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General Announcements / Thank you!
Jun 21, 2018, 08:03 AM
I would like to thank you for all your support in these 8 years that SFT has been around for.
We've had our good moments and our bad moments, but overall, I think we can say some of us (if not most of us) have met friends here and have made SFT a second family.
I never imagined we would last 8 years, let along still going after 8 years. We may not be as popular as we used to be, but let's not dwell on what could be, and instead focus on what we were. We were one of the biggest Minecraft servers for a while, with hundreds of thousands of unique players, and were featured in videos of really popular youtubers such as CaptainSparklez.
For a server that was pretty much made by one guy (me), in his spare time, hosted (at first) on a computer I had laying around... what can I say.. not too shabby.

Thank you all for the wonderful moments, and even though some time I am frustrated by the behavior of some of the community members who seem to be here only for drama and "shits and giggles", let's not forget, Super Fun Time exists because of the community. Yes, I made it and yes, we maintain it, but if it wasn't for you guys, SFT wouldn't be alive right now.

I am deeply grateful to our Patrons and donators, who are supporting our server financially. I am deeply grateful to the players who vote and share the word about SFT and I am deeply grateful that I was given the chance to run this community for 8 amazing years (let's hope for 10 aye?)

This isn't a "good bye", this is just a thank you for so many awesome years in which my life gained a purpose. I used to be really depressed and bored before I founded SFT, and even attempted to take my own life (due to factors I am not going to get into).
Founding SFT gave me something to occupy my mind with, and allowed me to enrich my life with the experience of meeting new people, from different cultural backgrounds, and learning new skills, some of which have helped me get a job at Oracle and pretty much escape mediocrity.

SFT wouldn't be the same without the numerous contributors that have since re-shaped SFT into something bigger and more awesome. Thank you bogey, Dpa, Fear, Tinoow, Pimmert, Colesy, xQuic, Blue, blalp, and many others which have gone under the radar since.

PS: Obligatory Patreon & Premium shop because otherwise, I wouldn't give people a reason to say "Towelie, stop begging for money" xD

Support us on Patreon for awesome, unique perks -> https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia
Buy stuff from our premium shop, for yourself, your loved one or your friends -> https://superfuntime.org/shops
Buy some Cocoa swag, because Cocoa is awesome and will once be the first Female Parrot President of the USA (if Trump is president, everything is possible...) -> https://shop.spreadshirt.com/superfuntime/

Big money out!

PS: I'm weird. If you didn't get used to that by now, you never will, so just accept it.
I am recruiting a Social Media person? specialist? expert?
This person will be in charge of our Facebook / Twitter pages, and will have to post new content there (whether it's info about upcoming events, important news or pictures of builds and stuff.

If interested, tell me why I should recruit you. Have you managed any facebook pages until now? If yes, how big was their audience?

NOTE: Just so this is clear, we cannot afford to pay anyone for this, so it would have to be done for free / pro bono.

I have decided to change my career, I want to become a director.
General Discussion / One last push
Jun 13, 2018, 04:26 PM
I know you are all probably bored by posts I make trying to get donations or "beg for money" as some of you put it.
I'll spare you the annoyance, and instead, say one thing:
- Premium shop purchases (donations) are effectively 0 with 1-3 happening / month (overall not even enough to pay the costs for Buycraft which are close to $15 / mo)
- Patreon has decreased from $250 / mo to $200 / mo https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia
- Month after month, I have to resort to paying at least some of the costs from my own pocket, which in turn has the undesired effect of making me broke.
- The place where we usually advertised for cheap is shutting down / will no longer be available. That means in order to advertise SFT anywhere, I'll need upwards of $150 , as opposed to advertising worth $50 at a time like now

Because we are running out of options, and because the situation is getting desperate, I have one final push in me. One final round before I give up. I better hope that one final push works.
I can't reveal what I am talking about at the moment, but everything will be clear soon after 1.13 is out. Some are going to be infuriated by this, some will love it, I have long accepted I can't please everyone with my decisions and am focusing instead on the percentage of people I please vs infuriate.

If you want to help SFT, and make sure it's still here 1,2 or 3 months from now, you can do the following:
- Support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia As little as $5 / mo gives us a sense of continuity and if enough people do that (if we manage to get to say $300 / mo), we would be able to have SFT for practically forever
- Purchase something from our premium shops https://www.superfuntime.org/shops (You may think you don't have anything that interests you, but try and browse. Or, why not, be selfless for once in a while and get something for the entire server)
- Purchase something from our merch shop (albeit this only gives us $5 / purchased item, as the majority of the proceedings go to spreadshirt) -> http://superfuntime.spreadshirt.com
- Vote daily. This will help us get more players, hopefully, out of all those players there are a few willing to help SFT financially

From the bottom of my heart, please, help SFT in any way you can. Anything helps.

FYI: If someone asked me a while ago what's more important for me: Me or SFT I would've said SFT. Now I will say cocoa, then me, then SFT. Why me after cocoa and not SFT? Because she needs someone to take care of her, and a gaming community / Minecraft Server can't do that
General Announcements / Subscribe to Cocoa!
Jun 05, 2018, 01:40 PM
Subscribe to Cocoa on YouTube if you want adorable parrot videos.
What do you mean you don't want parrot videos? You.... monster!


Change is coming in 1.13! A rather big change.... stay tuned for the complete info soon after 1.13 comes out.
For now this is all that you are going to hear on this topic.

Image source: https://www.wikinut.com/img/1itmomd-hc7sb-mq/phoenix-arising
We have recently lost a considerably amount in monthly backing on Patreon.
We went from ~$250 / mo to ~$170 / mo which is simply not enough.
If you don't want SFT to shut down, please support us on Patreon (even $5 / mo helps a LOT)

OR -> Purchase something from the premium shop (preferably monthly, as an one time purchase does not help us as much as a Patreon supporter does)
Hi guys,

I have reduced the requirements for playing for free on our SurvivalHardcore server:
- You are an active Patreon subscriber
- You have 2000+ votes (check with /pstats)
- You are Sponsor/SantaClaus on Survival
- You donated more than $100 on SFT (you will need to provide Transaction ID's for each transaction totaling $100)
- You have 750 hours on Survival, as well as a 6 month old forum account (if you deleted your forum account or for some reason it is not as old, you will not get in)

Apply for whitelist here if you meet any of those requirements: https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,182565.0.html

If you don't meet these requirements, you can either support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia or purchase a subscription from http://sftsurvivalhc.buycraft.net/

NOTE: To connect to the server, join mc.superfuntime.org then type /shc

I would like to re-introduce / re-launch the SFT Cocoa merch shop!

Choose between merch that represents SFT or merch that shows your love for Cocoa, our wonderful mascot.
PS: Spreadshirt handles the order processing, We just make a static comission of $5 per t-shirt sold, the rest goes to them.
I am looking for an Artist (for t-shirt designs), who is willing to collaborate with me and not get paid at all xD

I want to start a Cocoa merch shop and I need designs for that. Depending if the shop picks up, I am willing to pay a certain percentage per t-shirt sold to the designer (keep in mind, we only get like 20% of the t-shirt), but to simplify things, you would be doing this for free (I can't afford to pay anyone right now)

What this would involve:
- I would give you a bunch of Cocoa pics
- You have to make t- shirt designs out of them or according to my specifications
- You need to be able to expertly convert the background of an image to a transparent background without artefacts or leftover pixels
- You need to be able to draw something from an image / picture (and draw it good)
I feel like SurvivalHardcore is a liked server but there aren't a lot of players on due to well.. lack of players but also the fact that it's not free to play.
I'd like to do something about it / get it to be a bit more popular, but simply making it public wouldn't feel right for the people who paid to get in.
So I am thinking about relaxing the requirements even further.

Currently the requirements are:
- Patreon subscriber
- Over 2000 votes (down from 3000)
- Sponsor / SantaClaus rank
- NEW: Did you donate to any of our servers in the last 30 days, in total more than $10 ? Then you are also eligible.
- NEW: Have you donated $100+ on the Survival server, in total? If you have, then you're also eligible to join.

Do you have any other ideas or do you think we should tweak any of the current requirements ?
I will be away for a couple of days due to family related matters.
Nothing serious or bad, just family needing my attention and me not being able to do everything at the same time.
I am in need of min 2-3 testers for a top secret project

- Play on a server for an extended period of time knowing everything you do will be wiped in the end
- Provide feedback on key areas

This is a top secret project and I will disclose the details after you volunteer (it's minecraft)

PS: Being a Survival player is a plus
NOTE: Knowledge of mcMMO / SFTMMO is also a plus
Hi guys,

I'd like to announce some minor changes:

- RPGPets owners will now have the option to toggle between their pet being a baby or not via /rpgpets minify/deminify
NOTE: Your pet will have to be fully grown for you to be able to use this command
- The /pet plugin was updated and there are a lot of performance improvement. Permissions have also changed, so please let me know if something doesn't work (I can't really test on account of me being admin and having all perms)
- Discord link plugin has been updated. Let me know if you notice any issues

Stay awesome!
Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, just to whine
To explain how I became the owner of a server called Super Fun Time

In Bucharest, born and raised
In front of the computer I spent most of my days
Nerding out, wording and being all un-cool
And setting up a Minecraft server outside of the school
When a couple of guys who were really good
Started coding plugins for my server's hood
Our server got griefed and I got scared
"We're starting over", I declared

I worked and worked up to the next day
But my friends helped as well and we were like "okay"
We built a monument, called it "Monument of Bling",
We don't give up so easy griefers, new players we're gonna bring
Our plan seemed to work, we were really happy
This wasn't at all the time for feeling sappy
We got so drunk, we started speaking Bengali
If this isn't true, then my name ain't Towelie

We've had to make a few changes to comply with the GDPR regulations:

- A new privacy policy: https://www.superfuntime.org/privacy
- A new bar on the footer of the website asking you if you accept cookies or not (coming soon)
- A revised registration agreement

Apart from this, we would like to inform you:
- We collect your e-mail address and IP address. This is used for internal website tracking, as well as enforcing bans on our website. We may contact you from time to time with information about new SFT servers and other news
- If you do not wish to be contacted, you may delete your forum account. You may do so under your account and then going to Actions -> Delete this account. Alternatively, please e-mail admin@superfuntime.org from the e-mail your forum account is registered, and we will help you with further information or delete it for you
- All the payments are handled by our partners (Buycraft, Patreon). They are responsible for the security of your personal information when you purchase something from Super Fun Time. We (a limited number of trusted high ranked staff members) also have access to this information (E-mail addresses and IP only), and in order to improve our security, we have enabled 2 factor authentication on both websites)
- In the event of a security breach that results in your personally identifiable information being leaked (eg: if the website superfuntime.org gets hacked), we will notify you via e-mail, no later than 7 business days from the date when we become aware of the breach

Info about GDPR: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Data_Protection_Regulation

Thank you!
Here's the deal, invite a friend to Survival and you will get 50000 EmpBucks OR 50 Vote Tokens (your choice).
But, there are some terms (to ensure against scams)

- The person you invite has to have under 5 hours uptime at the time of you inviting them (eg posting a reply here saying "I invited x")
- You will receive the money when the person you invited reaches 20h uptime
- You will have to post an image of the player saying "I was invited by <yourname>", and their pstats (optional, but would make life better as I wouldn't have to pull pstats info)
- This post will be used to keep track of who you invite. It's your responsibility to contact us again when they reach 20h uptime to collect your reward.

Thank you, stay awesome <3
NOTE: I am not planning to replace SFTMMO on the Survival server just yet.
I just want to know your opinion: Would you prefer SFTMMO or MCMMO on the Survival server (hypothetically)?
General Survival Discussions / 2 new RPGPets
May 10, 2018, 05:58 PM
Two new RPGPets were added - Villager and Wolf.
You can get RPGPets from the premium shop (BOGOF promo now means you can get 2 for the price of 1) and by voting, during vote parties.

I will be starting a series of hypothetical polls to serve as market research for me.
Please vote only if you play on Survival!
Older players may remember our BOGOF promotions.
For those that don't, I'll explain: Buy one, get one free.
That means that if you buy an item from the shop, you will receive a second one for free, which you can gift to other players or keep to yourself.

This promo is valid for the next 10 purchases from http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/ or /buy (in-game)
BOGOF Sales remaining:  4

NOTE: The second version of the package you bought will not be delivered automatically. Please create a ticket on Discord in #support with your transaction ID (do NOT include your paypal e-mail or other info) and telling us what you bought.
Afterwards please allow up to 48h to receive the second "copy" of the item

General Announcements / My recent absence
May 02, 2018, 05:07 PM
Hi guys, I'd like to apologize for my recent absence and to tell you it's going to last for a bit more.

My father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's (after a week of stay in the hospital), along with a plethora of other diseases, some known, some not (Heart failure, Lung issues, hypertension, etc etc etc)

As you can imagine, I had to go to the hospital and visit him daily, and when I wasn't visiting I was either working or resting.

This has left little time for SFT, which is why I wasn't really present, but still around for important / urgent stuff (eg the buycraft hack)

I'm currently at a loss of words and deeply saddened by this so I won't be quite myself for a while, just FYI in case you're wondering why
It has recently come to my attention that a hack from back in 2015 of our payment processor = Buycraft, is recently available online.
The following information may have been leaked:
- E-mail
- IP address
- Unique Transaction ID
- Purchase amount
- Address if provided

The hack did not affect us directly, it affected our payment processor buycraft.net (due to one of our admins failing to succesfully secure their account)
Immediately after the hack, we have secured buycraft, and it has not been compromised ever since.

I have filed a DMCA takedown for the website that is sharing this information, and will pursue the immediate takedown of this.
I cannot share a link due to that nature.

We apologize, and please know we take your security very seriously, which caused us to adopt a series of improved security measures since the hack, which include two-factor authentication
General Announcements / Open letter
Apr 26, 2018, 07:25 AM
Recently, we have had reports of people supposedly "being hacked" by someone from our community.
The messages are coming from a bot named Sinon#6136

I would like to clarify a few things:
- We are a gaming community with a reputation of 7 years. We are not in the habit of hacking people or even spamming them with inept messages claiming to be hacking
- The bot is not actually hacking you, it's just sending a message in which it slanders our name, with the aim of getting people on our Discord server complaining about this. The same people are also using bots to spam us
- The person behind the bot is likely a former member of our community that was banned. They are doing this as revenge. Over the time, we have had a bunch of people work with us, only to turn out to be completely unstable and malignant.

What we recommend:
- If you receive a message similar to the one below, block the bot immediately

- Do not panic. You weren't actually hacked. The bot does nothing else than to send that message, in an attempt to slander the good name of Super Fun Time

Actions we have taken:
- We have reported the bot to the Discord team
- We are working on implementing an automated messaging plugin that will automatically reply to people who claim to have been hacked, explaining the situation

Now, I am not saying that either of the two people seen in that image are doing this, but I wouldn't exactly rule it out either.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we ask that you do not listen to malignant voices that are trying to ruin the good name of SFT.
General Discussion / Add me on PSN
Apr 24, 2018, 01:14 PM
Hi guys,

I have a PS4 again, so if you want to maybe play a game some time, add me -> Towelie_DOH

Peace out!
We are currently looking for new JMods for our Survival server.
Got what it takes? Apply for JMod by using this form:

Code Select
Your IGN (in-game nickname):
Your age:
Your current uptime for this week (check with /pstats):
Were you banned in the last 6 months?:

- You need a minimum of 150 hours of uptime on survival
- If you are selected you will be messaged within 5 days of your application. If you are not selected you will not be contacted
- Anyone posting joke applications / mock applications will receive a forum warning

I have temporarily disabled the lucky block plugin, so if you get a lucky block - DO NOT PLACE IT until I announce that the plugin is back up.
Due to a really big bug, I had to disable the plugin, but I reported the issue to the author and hopefully it will be fixed soon.
General Announcements / [Survival] Quests!
Apr 21, 2018, 05:38 PM
I have added a Quest plugin.
Currently, there are only 6 starter quests (adding them is tedious), but my plan is to get to ~10 starter quest and at least another 10 repeatable quests in the first week.

Just type /quests to get started.
Please note I haven't had time to properly test, so report any issues that you find with the Quests plugin here.

Hi everyone,
I'm here to ask you to please subscribe to Cocoa on youtube.

Why? Because I need 100 subs to get a custom url (eg youtube.com/c/cocoa) and other awesome stuff like custom thumbnails (currently we're at ~41 subs)
I only post videos of Cocoa, and mostly about her doing funny things.
After consulting with @Dpa1991  - we decided to discontinue PixClassic.
The reason is obvious - no players.

I'd like to remind everyone that Dpa is preparing an update for the current Pix server which will significantly reduce the resources needed to play (eg: anyone that was able to play pixclassic, should be able to play the new pix, starting with the upcoming update)

Apparently joining a PixArk server via steam invite or steam connect link can corrupt your profile.
To avoid that, please connect to the server as follows:

  • Open Steam
  • Open the Steam server browser via View -> Servers
  • Click on the "Favorites" tab
  • Click on "Add Server
  • <- Paste the IP address and then click "Add this address to Favorites"
  • Launch PixArk and start a single player world at least once
  • Click "Join PixARK"
  • Where it says "Official" click and select "Favorites"
  • Click on Join on [US] superfuntime.org ...

NOTE: You only need to perform steps 1-6 for the first time. After succesfully joining the server once using the method above, in the future, only follow steps 7-9

Click to learn how to Join -> https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,184508.0.html
Server name: [US] superfuntime.org - 2xXP/3xTAM - Fresh

I am happy to announce that we have finally moved from our lousy host zap-hosting to self-hosting the server on a OVH VM.
The server maintains the same characterictics, but for the sake of choosing a better seed (which contains all biomes in the game apparently), I had to reset the world.
Full resets won't be a common thing, so we apologize for this and we promise we will do our best to make this as rare as possible.

PS: I had to keep the server name short so it will fit in the server browser.
I would like to thank @RallyReaper for his help and for managing the server.
Nether has been reset on Survival.
Please allow ~60 min for the new nether to generate then you can go there without lagging

PS: We have also changed the new player spawn to World2 due to less lag.
I have made some modifications to the premium shop, and I'd like to ask you all to check it out

- Removed multiple packages which were not performing well
- Added a SteveCo Bundle which drops a key and a crate and is way cheaper than before
- Reorganized packages a bit
- Slashed prices to several packages (waiting for feedback, if you guys think some packages are overpriced/underpriced)

Please let me know what you think!
General Announcements / Let's talk Terraria
Apr 14, 2018, 07:23 PM
So, over time, you were promised a Terraria server by @BluetigerESW and @saywhat2365
That never materialized because both of them are lazy slobs... #truthhurts

However, we now have @RallyReaper and he proposed getting a TShock Terraria server instead? Why? The TShock Terraria server allows for better anti-hacking / anti-griefing.
Do you think we should have a TShock Terraria server? If you say yes, seing as @RallyReaper is going to set it up, we actually know it's gonna be set up this time xD

PS: @BluetigerESW @saywhat2365  #sorry
General Announcements / Game of the Decade
Apr 13, 2018, 05:27 PM
I would like to recommend the best game I have ever played until now - The game of the decade for sure.

Do you have what it takes?
Let's never forget SFT Rebellion.
I am declaring April 11th the SFT Rebellion remembrance day (almost 6 years after the rebellion)

A bit of a back story: A group of people were really unhappy with the fact that I had increased the /money pay taxes
Instead of dealing with it like the 99% of the server, they proceeded to make a series of videos and "Rebelled" in a completely idiotic but funny way (wasn't really funny for me back then, more like a minor nuissance, but now it's funny).

As you can see in the final video, stupidity DOES NOT pay off...
Funny Stuff / Sinclair Soldiers
Apr 06, 2018, 07:02 AM

Not really funny... more like sad
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8-5-12-12-15 19-6-20
9-6 25-15-21 3-1-14 18-5-1-4 20-8-9-19 13-5-19-19-1-7-5 20-8-5-14 9-20 9-19 1-16-16-1-18-5-14-20 20-8-1-20 25-15-21 8-1-22-5 6-9-7-21-18-5-4 15-21-20 13-25 18-21-4-9-13-5-14-20-1-18-25 3-25-16-8-5-18 16-12-5-1-19-5 4-15 14-15-20 12-5-20 20-8-5 15-20-8-5-18-19 11-14-15-23 23-8-1-20 20-8-9-19 13-5-19-19-1-7-5 13-5-1-14-19 1-19 9 23-1-14-20 5-22-5-18-25-15-14-5 20-15 20-18-25 1-14-4 6-9-7-21-18-5 9-20 15-21-20 2-25 20-8-5-13-19-5-12-22-5-19 1-14-25-23-1-25 9 1-13 7-15-9-14-7 20-15 12-5-20 25-15-21 9-14 15-14 1 12-9-20-20-12-5 19-5-3-18-5-20 20-8-5 6-9-18-19-20 20-8-18-5-5 16-5-15-16-12-5 23-8-15 4-5-3-15-4-5 20-8-9-19 13-5-19-19-1-7-5 1-14-4 3-18-5-1-20-5 1 19-21-16-16-15-18-20 20-9-3-11-5-20 15-14 4-9-19-3-15-18-4 9-14 20-8-5 19-21-16-16-15-18-20 3-8-1-14-14-5-12 23-9-12-12 23-9-14 1 20-5-14 4-15-12-12-1-18 16-18-5-13-9-21-13 19-8-15-16 22-15-21-3-8-5-18 6-15-18 20-8-5 19-8-15-16 15-6 25-15-21-18 3-8-15-9-3-5 12-9-22-5 12-15-14-7 1-14-4 16-18-15-19-16-5-18 20-15-23-5-12-9-5 15-21-20
General Announcements / New support system
Mar 31, 2018, 06:46 PM
Do you have a problem with one of our servers / forums / website / discord?
Have you tried to ask a staff member for help and they were unable to help?

Then post in #support on our Discord -> https://discord.gg/uuSBVNT (the main SFT discord) and then follow instructions.
We hope to improve our proffesionalism with this awesome support system made by Scarsz
General Announcements / Happy Easter!
Mar 31, 2018, 03:20 PM

Happy Easter everyone!

Everything is 25% off in the premium shop

Or get killer rewards from Patreon by supporting us with as low as $5 / mo

PS: If you are not observing Easter on April 1st (for example Orthodox Christian Easter is on April 8th), you can still take advantage of a good discount / offer.
Please vote in the poll.
Should we remove the TNTWars server (/tntwars from Survival)
Vote YES if you dont play on it and are ok with us removing it, vote NO if you play on it from time to time   and are NOT ok with us removing it
So, I was thinking, since I have put some work setting up Survival Hardcore, and our devs @darknuju and @BluetigerESW have developed stuff for the server as well, it would be a pitty to not have anyone enjoy that.
As of now and until April 2nd, you can play on the server for free (no whitelisting needed, just join by doing /shc from Survival)

What is SHC?
- Shc is a mix between Survival and a UHC server. It doesn't have an economy, warps or teleports. Auto regen doesn't work, you are healed once every ~2h, and if you die, you get banned for 30 min.
The goal of this game is to play with friends, which is why we have a MMO like Party plugin, with XP share and other cool features. This server is meant to be enjoyed by groups of 2-8 people and not alone. Although playing it on yourself is possible, it may prove too big of a challenge.
- Shc doesn't have any premium shop, because normally, only patreon supporters / top voters / donators can play on it, but for this weekend, everyone can!
General Discussion / New Avatar
Mar 30, 2018, 03:44 PM
I got a new avatar!
Thank you @Dpa1991 and @Stariieyed  for the prop xD

Hi everyone,
We currently have two candidates for games we should host next:
- Unturned
- PixArk

- PixArk is like Ark : Survival Evolved + Minecraft combined into a game
- Out of the two Unturned is the least resource intensive (meaning it will work on a wider variety of computers)
- Unturned is said to have been made very hard to play (the difficulty is high) so that may be an issue
- PixArk seems to require a beefier PC than Unturned
- Unturned is Free to Play, PixArk is $20

Please vote for the game you would play between the two if SFT had a server
General Discussion / RIP Mr. Pinkerton
Mar 26, 2018, 09:18 PM
We've met Mr. Pinkerton on one of our voyages, we shoved him into a small cage without his consent and then blew him up.
Mr Pinkerton had short but probably miserable life, constantly bothered by drunkards and mutineers.
He wasn't afraid of showing his dislike for the sea, but his whine was like music to our ears.
He got blown up because I tried to do a mutiny and Dpa called my bluf without consideration for dear mr. pinkerton's life.

Unfortunately we could not find his corpse to give him a proper burial  - making bacon out of him and then eating it over a campfire.

RIP Mr. Pinkerton 2018-2018

PS: Sorry for blowing you up.
The nether has been reset on survival.
Also, Blackjack was added as a single player minigame in /play (on Survival)

Also, we had a Slimefun update ~15 days ago, and I forgot to paste the changelog so here it is:
Version 4.1.14

* Bug Fixes

Fixed Miner Androids breaking Slimefun blocks incorrectly

Fixed Cooler not accepting Juices

Fixed Reinforced Spawners always being Pig Spawners

Fixed Slimefun Items being registered twice (Apple Pie, Hot Chocolate)

Fixed Auto-Disenchanter duplicating Items

Fixed "Falling Block" Duplication Bug

Fixed Error Reports generating only up to 10 files per tick

Fixed Electric Dust Washer allowing to choose what dust to produce

Fixed Soulbound Items ignoring "Keep-Inventory" systems from plugins

Fixed Talisman of the Hunter duplicating Mobs' Equipment

* Enhanced Ancient Altar Code
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Funny Stuff / SFT Music Awards 2018
Mar 21, 2018, 05:52 PM
Here are the top 3 music videos that were discovered in 2018 (by me):

3. Hot Dad - Big Money Salvia

2. Takeo Ischi - New Bibi Hendl

1. Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied