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Topics - Towelie

I would like to talk about the Zero Tolerance Policy we have introduced a while back.
It was introduced due to a need. SFT was turning into something toxic, due to some people that didn't have any limits of decency or common sense.
I believe it has accomplished its purpose, but at the same time removed the "fun" in Super Fun Time (with people being persecuted for making jokes or speaking their mind)

I would like to announce the removal of the Zero Tolerance Policy and its exchange with Some Tolerance Policy.

What this means:
- Staff will be instructed to be "less uptight" and no logner punish / frown upon jokes and light headed humor
- If people that are/were toxic for SFT and will try to abuse this relaxation of rules to create/continue their propaganta against SFT, will still be punished and removed from the community (I am hoping this won't be the case)
- We will begin tolerating a bit more from people and not instantly punish people who say a joke that may have not been so inspired (instead we will explain why that joke is not the best for SFT and why they shouldn't make jokes like that if it is that harsh)
- You should see some "fun" back in Super Fun Time. Meaning, it will be ok to joke around with your friends as long as it is not too exaggerated (we won't punish people for saying ily or for saying "fuck you" or similar insults as a joke to friends)

I trust that you have patience as it will take a bit until all staff members are re-trained and the mentality shifts, and I ask that if you notice an example of a "trigger happy" staff member, you contact the HoS of each server (Cr1_98 / MrChanango / blakus for Survival, Tera for Pix, Mord for bTeam)

I will gladly respond to any questions you have if they are asked in a polite and nice manner.
I would like to introduce a very Beta GTA 5 / FiveM server!
What you need:
- Grand Theft Auto 5 on steam
- FiveM ( https://fivem.net/ )
- After FiveM is installed, search "SFT" in the servers list and join our server

How to play: https://goo.gl/o6ennX
The SurvivalHardcore server has been launched!

This is a pay to play server, you may get a free 5 day trial or buy a subscription here -> http://sftsurvivalhc.buycraft.net/category/1042317

If you are a Patreon subscriber or have over 3000 votes, reply here and you will be added to the whitelist for free.

To play, log in to Survival and type /server shc (or /shc which will become available as of tomorrow)

What is SurvivalHardcore?
- It's a Hardcore Survival server
- There is no health regeneration (so regen potions / god apples won't work)
- Players are automatically healed every 3h
- If you die, you will be banned for 30 minutes.
- The server is set on max. difficulty
- There is a comprehensive MMO-like party plugin, with shared XP and other awesome features!
- Custom plugins provide an integration between the Party plugin (in the form of party names in chat and a scoreboard add-on coming soon)
- There are no warps, no economy, no shops and no fancy plugins (Slimefun, SFTMMO, etc)
- This is NOT a Survival replacement, but a server that is as close to vanilla as possible.
General Announcements / [Survival] Hoverbikes
Jan 15, 2018, 08:41 AM

Did you ever say "I wish Survival had more fun but pointless gadgets so it would enhance my Star Wars cosplay?" Oh, you didn't? Never mind well... here's hoverbikes... yay!

/hoverbikeshop - Prices are between 500k and 1mil, I decided to add them for everyone rather than premium shop, even though we are not doing that well on money (Shameless plug for Patreon, become a Patron for awesome and unique rewards and perks https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia )
You may apply if:
- You are an active Patreon subscriber
- You have 2000+ votes (check with /pstats)
- You are Sponsor/SantaClaus on Survival

To apply, post a reply here mentioning:
- Your exact in-game nickname
- Which of the criteria you are applying for and proof you meet it (screenshot or transaction ID)
So, the SurvivalHardcore server will probably be launched and added to the bungee instance within 1-2 weeks.
Until then, I'd like to give some more information.

We now have a spawn area, thanks to @dondougo1

We now have the party you are in displayed in chat, thanks to a plugin made by @BluetigerESW

We SHOULD soon have a plugin made by @BluetigerESW  which displays the party members and their health in the scoreboard, as well as an indicator that shows if they are within "Shared XP" range (this last one is a maybe)

The following people will be able to play for free:
- All patrons regardless of their tier
- Everyone with over 2000 votes
- All Survival Sponsors (since this is a Bungee server, I will only consider Survival Sponsors). You will need to find your transaction ID or to have the sponsor rank active.
- People who buy a subscription (monthly subscription, will be priced at $2-4 / mo)
- People who buy a lifetime membership (purchase once, play free for the lifetime of the server, will be priced at $20-$40)

Other information:
- The server is set to the highest difficulty
- Health regen is disabled and every item that regenerates health won't work (eg regen potions, god apples, etc)
- An automated heal will heal everyone every 3 hours
- If you die, you will be banned for 30 mins
- Griefing will be a grey area. While everyone can protect their own build, we won't tolerate people who just go around griefing and don't otherwise play  / build / etc. Also the griefing of the environment will not be tolerated (like the mindless griefing of the map)
- All explosions are enabled (TNT, blaze, wither, enderdragon, etc)
- Fire spread is disabled, for safety reasons (we don't want the whole map catching fire, do we?)
- The server will NOT have a staff team. It will be moderated by the community. There will be automated votes (thanks to a plugin made by @darknuju ) which will allow you to vote to kick a player, or ban them for 30 min, or toggle the weather (and more added when people suggest)
Fixed Ancient Pedestals not dropping their Item

Fixed Ancient Pedestals glitching out Items

Fixed Slimefun registering two Items with the same ID

Fixed Easter Category

Fixed Enhanced Furnaces

Fixed config.yml being empty

Fixed ChestTerminal lore being colorless

Fixed Smelter's Pickaxe throwing NullPointerExceptions

Fixed Christmas Cookie Recipe

Fixed Chocolate Milk Recipe

Fixed Christmas Cake Recipe

Fixed minor typos

Update will be available within ~2h (after a restart)
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
Jan 08, 2018, 12:04 PM
I would like to remind everyone to support us on Patreon, as we need your help! https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia
Become a Patreon supporter now, for awesome unique rewards and perks.

"But Towelie, stop begging for money".
Yeah, about that. This month, I sent SFT $150 and I paid for the Main machine (where Surv + Pix are) for 1 month ($160), and also extended the webserver ($80) for another month and paid $50 for ads.
That's $290 from my personal wage this month. This has got to stop. Because I am fed up with struggling with money due to sending money to SFT. Because I didn't work on Christmas (25,26 dec) and New Year (1st, 2nd of january) to make more money to pay for SFT.
So I legit don't give even the least fuck for the people who are like "stop begging for money". Well, when you will pay for SFT from your own pocket, you will be entitled to say that, otherwise, please don't.
Do you think PixClassic should be removed from SFT?
The SurvivalHardcore beta is now over. We are doing finishing touches such as adding a spawn, updating some plugins and fixing some bugs.
Then it will be launched, added to BungeeCord and it will be accesible if:

- You are a Patreon supporter https://patreon.com/sftmedia
- You have at least 2000 votes
- You purchase one of the SurvivalHardcore subscriptions or lifetime packages (coming soon)

Until then, I NEED YOU, the beta contributors to give me feedback. So people who participated such as @SpeashuLK @misspiggy95 @Moppeh_ and others, please give me feedback.
I've received reports from some of you that the EliteMobs drops were broken.
I have tested today and after killing ~15-20 elitemobs, I had received the following items:


Please describe your experiences. Do you get loot when slaying EliteMobs (in the past couple of weeks)?
If not, how many and what type of elitemobs did you kill and where were you (what world)?
General Announcements / Happy New Year 2018!
Dec 31, 2017, 11:55 AM
Happy New Year everyone! Have a great new year and I hope this will be a good year for everyone here.
I am posting this now as I will be gone partying for NYE.
I just want you all to know that I appreciate all of you and I think of SFT as a second family (my online family)

Thank you and enjoy the NYE party!
Thank you for applying for Legend! Please allow up to ~72h to receive an answer. If you don't receive an answer within 72h, please post a topic in Survival Discussions mentioning that.
Memes / edups
Dec 26, 2017, 06:04 PM


A living meme by himself... The original nagger fidget (family friendly version)

MATURE CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm looking for 2-4 builders for SurvivalHardcore, in order to build a spawn.
I decided that it's best to just ask the players, seing as this is a smaller server the standards are not as high.

What I need is: A spawn area (not even town) for players to spawn. This area will be used for newjoins to read rules / be safe from mobs until they are ready to move on.

If interested, let me know and post a screenshot of something you built ON SFT.
Memes / Dank birb compilation
Dec 26, 2017, 08:32 AM

Memes / Introducing Amazon Hitler
Dec 26, 2017, 08:15 AM

I would just like to point out that the Holiday Spirit is about accepting others and being good, not being an elitist snob.

I won't name any names but a player (a new player) has sent me a message saying this:

[6:54 PM] Name hidden: Hey, just wanted to ask if there's a chance the server is too big for extra people to join in. Every single "old" player has been very elitist on who they allow to participate and it's driving me away from even looking at what people say. Anytime I say "Hello," I don't even hear the crickets chirp. And when I mention how I think people need to be more welcoming everyone turns defensive and keeps repeating "no no no no" without arguments, or repeating the same argument without explaining it. I really don't feel welcome in the server and have experienced this many times on other places. I know those are bound to fall appart as these older members leave and newers are driven away. I didn't want to start arguing directly with everyone because that's simply not helpful, so I decided to take it to you privately as to not start too much commotion.

In short, I really feel like the community is very much closed and I don't want to make a big deal about it, but it does not make me want to be a part of it.

Got any opinions by chance?
Now, I have one simple message. Everyone treating new players like that - you are not welcome on SFT. I have zero need for players who turn other players away. Either apologize, or find another gaming community to play on because this will not be tolerated.

Can we please be accepting and welcome towards the new players? A breath of new players is what SFT needs to survive and some of you guys are turning new players away... Pretty sad and despicable.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are all going to enjoy the holidays.

Everything in the shop is 35% off http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/ until Jan 1st

In this season of giving, consider supporting us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia (if it's financially possible for you)
It helps us a lot (it's the reason SFT is still alive) and you can get some killer rewards and perks, only available on Patreon.
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
Dec 21, 2017, 05:58 PM
I'd like to remind you about the only thing that is keeping SFT alive right now - Patreon

We were making ~$250 until recently but now that dropped to $213  / mo. We need your help! Please consider supporting us on patreon! Even $5 / mo would help us A LOT!
It's not like you are doing it without a reward either, check out the killer rewards at the link below!

Thank you to existing patrons, you guys are awesome! <3
As I told you, @darknuju is working on a vote plugin which will allow us to have players voting for pretty much any command.

What votes should we add?
I was thinking:

- Kick (because there will not be any staff)
- Ban 30m (just in case there's a troublemaker that needs to be stopped temporarily until I can be reached)

Suggest other votes. Pretty much any command can be turned into a vote.
Thanks to @BluetigerESW, @RallyReaper and @blalp we have a Terraria server coming soon!
And I don't just mean a half assed terraria server that's gonna be around for a week then forgotten about, I mean a proper Terraria server with mods, and, get this, hopefully even Buycraft / premium shop (blalp is trying to re-write Buycraft to work with Terraria)

So I suggest you fire your Steam, start downloading Terraria and wait for the official announcement!
PS: When I say coming soon I don't mean coming soon like other servers (eg 1 year) I mean soon!

Let's hope this is the push away from Minecraft we needed! Props to you guys for your hard work!

General Discussion / Some of you need help
Dec 19, 2017, 09:58 AM
I'd just like to point out that some of you need help. Serious medical help for the mental affliction you are suffering from.
I'm talking about those of you who, after getting banned / in an argument with the owners, proceed to take revenge by doing stuff that could destroy someone's life.

Examples of shit @Dpa1991 and I get to deal with daily because of some special little flower is not satisfied until they get the last answer.

- DDoS on a daily basis for both of us
- I receive calls at 3 AM, 4AM and so on from various countries (last phonecall was from French Guyana). These phonecalls are either short (they hang out before I answer) or longer and when I answer I hear some moron's breathing on the other end.

If you think taking revenge at us for banning you / disagreeing with you / etc is one of the following, you need SERIOUS MEDICAL HELP!

- DDoS
- Harassment with phone calls
- Death threats (yep, had them too)
- Sharing personal information of mine (doxing - distributing photos/phone numbers / etc)
- Anything else that is illegal.

I'm getting quite fed up of SFT to be honest. Not only do I deal with people who are not afraid of showing a monumental lack of respect for me, but I also get to deal with this kind of bullshit.
I miss the SFT of 2011-2012, when the players where older, smarter and quite honestly, we didn't have as many script kiddies / SJW's.

Reminder: This is my server. (well me + owners, not just me). If you want to play here then have the common sense of being polite / respectful and not pulling shit like the one expressed above. If you can't show enough common sense to say "hi" or answer to my "hi" then you should GET OFF SFT and move on with your life. I don't know what you think you will achieve by playing here but "ignoring me" or treating me like I'm some villain. This is my server, it's not a country, and sadly for you, you cannot just change who is in charge. It is either me / the current owners who is in charge or nobody at all (but that would mean the end of SFT)

This post was written out of frustration and disgust.
Memes / It's time to stop Ajit Pai!
Dec 19, 2017, 08:59 AM

It's time to stop!
How would you feel about a plugin which takes some money from you every time you say a curseword?
Memes / Gay Frogs
Dec 17, 2017, 04:33 PM

Gay Frogs Meme (Alex Jones)
Memes / About the Memes sub-board
Dec 17, 2017, 04:32 PM
The Memes sub-board is destined for people to post memes and meme-worthy content.
Please don't post mature content. This is a forum frequented by people of all ages!

- No stale memes. It's ok if it happens once but if it happens commonly, we're going to go ahead and ask you to leave from this corner of the internet.
- No racist/homophobic content
Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd let you know of an issue @Madman10001 pointed out to me.
One of the voting sites we use (mcserverstatus.com) are using your browser / CPU / GPU to mine bitcoins whenever you visit their site.

I have posted an angry message on their facebook page, and have also created a reddit topic to inform fellow server owners of this.

If they do not resolve this within a week or provide reasonable explanation /  a way to opt out, I am going to delist Super Fun Time from there. Meanwhile, please still vote, but be careful to close the site shortly after (They cannot mine if you close the site)

Thank you!
I'd like to announce a change.
After @Mrs_Ender88 's resignation, @blakus87 is now the only Right Hand.
How this affects you? For anything that you would normally contact Mrs, now contact blakus (eg: if you need a permission fixed, or a patreon reward delivered, contact Blakus instead of Mrs)

With this I'd like to explain what the Right Hand is to the newer players.
A while ago, I decided to get a helper that would organize my to-do list and make sure I do important stuff first. This also serves to reduce my load, as before having a RightHand, I would spend ~1h / day answering to people's PM's and request.

So, in short, for anything that you would need me for, contact the Right Hand instead. Need your patreon perks delivered? Right hand. Is your profile corrupted and needs fixing? Right hand. You should only contact ME directly for: legal matters, business propositions, anything else that needs an answer from me directly and is urgent.


- Snow was added on Survival*
- Snowmen were buffed (more damage, they don't melt in the heat any more)*
- Spawn area was decorated with candy canes, christmas trees and snowmen*
- Everything in the premium shop is 35% off http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/ *

* = Until Jan 1st
NOTE: You should probably listen to this song while watching the gif for the best effect

Ladies and gentlemen, the man who will cause you to pay more to access certain websites or that will allow your ISP's to slow down your traffic to netflix / other streaming websites.

Join the online protest to stop this asshole from destroying the internet! -> https://www.battleforthenet.com/

PS: Who put this smug asshole in charge of the FCC? Where are all the hacktivists like Anonymous and LizardSquad and so on? I can see they have time to take down PSN/XBL on Christmas but not to do something about this garbage of a human being?

America, please don't kill the internet. How about next time be more careful so that you don't have Putin's hand puppet in charge of the USA and clowns like Ajit Pai in charge of the FCC. I've never been disgusted more of what is going on in America than now. I am proud to NOT be a US citizen and I think that unless everyone over there will stand up to people like Ajit Pai and Trump, the USA will go down and will drag the rest of the world with it.


NOTE: This post represents the view of myself (Towelie) and not the official views of SFT.

Win a custom photo! What that means is that I will take your image (any image) and I will convert it into an in-game map / photo which you can display on the walls.

To win:
- Post the following message on Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/etc) -> "Pokemon... in Minecraft!? Come check it out at https://goo.gl/VWXgy4 and play on our server! (IP inside favorites list of modpack)"
- Post a picture showcasing your post (see mini-guide below on how to attach image)
- If you post on multiple social media sites, please create a post for each social network. It gives you extra chances!
- On the 17th of December, a draw will be made (with a random number draw site) and the number corresponding to someone's post reply number will win!
- Only the winner will receive the reward!

- Do not post in this topic unless you are entering the contest. Any post that is not a contest entry will be deleted, and repeated offenses will disqualify you from this contest and potentially future ones as well
- You have until the 16th to post. On the 17th the draw occurs.
- Do not advertise where not allowed (eg on minecraft servers, facebook pages of other minecraft servers, etc)

How to attach an image:
- Go to an image upload site (in this case we will be using imgur) -> https://imgur.com/
- Click on New Post (top left)
- Click on Browse and then navigate to the file
- You will then be redirrected to your image. You are not done yet! Wait 10 seconds
- Right click on the image and click on "Copy image address"
- Put the image under img tags as follows:
Code Select
Code Select
If you're wondeirng what this is, see -> https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,181912.new.html#new

+ Fixed WorldEdit claim perms
+ Added //wand perms
+ Added World Edit Selection Visualizer
+ Modified the info on how to protect at spawn https://puu.sh/yFq8x/999f3cb393.png
+ Added /kit potion useable every 8h which gives a regeneration potion
+ Added auto responses for the words "regen","heal","claim" and "protect" which give instructions on how to heal / claim.
+ Added death counter (press TAB) and also on scoreboard
+ Added Parties plugin https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/parties (MMO like parties with shared xp if in radius)
- I noticed /kit potion doesn't regenerate health so I removed it from the ad at spawn
+ Added auto heal. Every 4h everyone on the server will be healed. This maintains the hardcore aspect of the game, while still making it possible.
+ Granted perms to check a region (/rg info <regionname>)
+ Granted perms to delete own region
+ Granted perms to redefine own region
General Announcements / Please vote for PE!
Dec 12, 2017, 12:36 PM

Hi! Please help us by voting for PE (click on the banner above). This means a lot for SFT and for us. All it takes is ~2 minutes of your time, and if enough people do this daily our PE server may grow and help SFT with the bills / playerbase.

My deepest personal gratitude goes to all of you who will vote for PE!
As some of you may know, I am working on a new server. This server will be a hardcore version of Survival, as close to vanilla as possible. You won't find any economy plugin here, or warps or fancy particle effects.
There is a catch: Only Patreons and those who purchase a subscription will be able to play. The exact price of the subscription has not been determined, but it will be a fair price.
We are also considering allowing players with a certain amount of votes to play for free, as well.

Currently, I am holding a Closed Beta. There is no spawn, and there are no rules. Even griefing is allowed (there are self-claim protections, so if someone didn't protect their build, that's on them.

There's a catch: Once the server is released, we will have a plugin which bans players on death for a while (to be determined how long, probably  30min)

To apply for the whitelist, share your full minecraft name. Everyone with the rank of at least Member on Survival (or equivalent on other servers) is allowed to play.

NOTE: This world, inventories, etc will be RESET at the end of the beta period.
Once you are accepted, I highly encourage you to suggest new features to be added to the server (But do note my aim is to keep this as vanilla as possible and not to turn it into Survival 2.0)

NOTE: On this server there will be no staff. If someone is in need of punishment  they will be permanently de-whitelisted.

Server IP: mc.superfuntime.org:25567 (temporary)
Thanks to @MasterX70 and @blakus87 for this.
SteveCo Crate #55 is out - The UUID Head Crate.

It contains 16 heads. Some are cool decorations to have in your house, while others are heads of your favorite characters.
We call this the UUID head because these heads are not heads of a particular person which means we can pretty much add heads of anything in future crates.

It's time to talk 1.13 and what this will mean for Survival.
At the very least this will mean at least ~30% of our current plugins becoming broken, this will include some of the older premium shop perks. Please note that we will not offer any refunds, but after maximum ~2 months after updating, if we are not able to bring that perk back, we will offer you premium shop credit so you can get something new.
It's not really clear what plugins will break and it's not really possible to predict which plugins will break.

Quote from: SpigotMC
Dubbed the technical update, Minecraft 1.13 will be the next major version of Minecraft to be released. This release will include a lot of long awaited changes and refactorings to both the client and server, and as a result is expected to be the largest CraftBukkit/Spigot release since 1.8, and the largest Bukkit (API) release ever. We have already spent around 50 hours on snapshots and are starting to get a pretty good (although purely speculative) idea of what the impact will be to plugin developers and server owners.
Because one of the primary goals of the Bukkit API is to provide a stable interface for plugins across a variety of platforms and versions, changes have to be made with the right balance between stability, featureset, and maintenance. With this in mind we have decided to target the following changes:

    Block type IDs will be completely removed
        This is a change which started to be implemented over four years ago, unfortunately there are still plugins out there using block IDs when they shouldn't be, including some fairly popular ones. Virtually every occurance of block IDs currently has an Material replacement available for usage right now. If your plugin, or a plugin you use exposes IDs in any form we strongly recommend you work to get it upgraded right away as this may be a somewhat involved process (albeit one that should have been done years ago).
    Block data values will be deprecated
        All instances of byte data values, and MaterialData usage will be deprecated. Although the byte data values have also been deprecated for a very long time, many of them do not currently have suitable replacements. As such we will be providing support for them on a best effort basis. This means that plugins using these APIs will (hopefully) run to some degree, but you should not expect complete or consistent support. We strongly recommend waiting for updated versions for the best performance and data...
This may mean that a ton of plugins will break, possibly even some essential ones like autoshop plugins and so on.
There is also the slight possibility that a full reset will be needed, but there is no conclusive information towards that yet.

I would just like to re-iterate that if the need arises, I will do what I believe best for Survival, and I will not listen to players, even if the vast majority decides a way or the other. For example if you guys vote for us to stick to 1.12 forever (in case we need a full reset), I will not accept that, because that would mean condemning SFT to a fast death. Obviously, I will do my best to listen to you for reasonable things, but ultimately, I am the custodian of this server and some times I have to take the tough decisions.

I don't know which plugins will break, I did inform @darknuju and @ColesyM to update their plugins and I will be talking to @fearthe1337 as well for that.

TL;DR version-> 1.13 is coming and will probably break half of our plugins. Be ready for stuff to not be the same, and for a lot of stuff to break (premium shop perks, autoshop plugin, etc). While we will indeed find a fix or replacement for this plugins it may be a while (I'm talking months from when 1.13 is out) in which we will have to stick with a minimalistic server.
Also, there is a low possibility that we will have to do a full reset with 1.13, in which case I will do it regardless of the desires of the community (because the only alternative would be remaining on 1.12 and that would condemn the server to death)
New premium shop item - Image Map.
Get your own image on a map. For $8 I will manually create your own image on a minecraft map and give you 4 copies.
That's not all! If you ever lose it, I will re-create the item (as long as the item is in the shop) for free and give it to you

Hi everyone,

I'd like to explain my recent inactivity, or rather reduced activity.
I am moving to a new, bigger team at work and our team is effectlvely becoming a higher tier team. This means more work, and this works doing the work of two teams for ~1-2 months until the merger is completed and everyone learns to do each other's job.
That means that my schedule is flexible (in some days I start earlier, in others I work normally).
I am doing the best I can to maintain my activity to a level where it doesn't hurt Survival / SFT, but just FYI, this is why I'm less active than usual.
I expect it to last another ~2 months. tops.

I would also like to remind you that @blakus87 and @Mrs_Ender88  are my right hands, so if there is ANYTHING you need me to do, contact them as they know best when I can do what and how to most efficiently organize my tasks.
Beware of a SFTMMO bug which in certain conditions will cause mobs to one-hit-kill you.
Thanks to @Consum  we were able to narrow it down to the +Knight and +Mobname powerups, but there are potentially more that are affected.
Until @ColesyM takes a look (I made him aware of the bug), I would recommend AGAINST using powerups in hard mode, and watch out as there may be other powerups that have this bug as well.

Fortnite is free and it's awesome!
We have discord voice channels for it, as well as a text channel where you can find teammates from SFT.
So check it out!

PS: Add us:
General Announcements / New Rule: No SJW's
Dec 02, 2017, 07:36 AM

I just wanted to point out that as of now, no Social Justice Warriors will be tolerated on SFT.

"Social justice warrior" (commonly abbreviated SJW) is a pejorative term for an individual promoting socially progressive views,[1] including feminism,[1][2] civil rights,[1] multiculturalism,[1] and identity politics.[3] The accusation of being an SJW carries implications of pursuing personal validation rather than any deep-seated conviction,[4] and being engaged in disingenuous social justice arguments or activism to raise personal reputation, also known as virtue signalling.[5]

For the sake of calm and peace and quiet, don't impose your views on everyone and accept that there can be different views on a subject. Anyone caught pushing SJW agenda will be punished first of all by a warning and getting up to a ban.
We are here to have fun and play on a gaming server.

On that matter, anyone caught spewing racist remarks or discriminatorial remarks will also be punished, far more harshly.

Thank you.
If anyone knows a solid reason for why we should keep the Pixelmon server, speak up in 24h or the server will be removed.

What will be removed:
- Pixelmon Server
- Pixelmon Classic Server
- All forum Pixelmon ranks
- All forum Pixelmon boards
- All discord pixelmon rooms
- All discord pixelmon ranks.

If I see no compelling argument to keep it within 24h, I am proceeding with the removal.
Reason: It doesn't have any players, it's not generating any revenue. Mainly the first.

NOTE: This was Dpa's idea.
Survival is getting a Mayor!
You can suggest anyone for Mayor (but only one person). After a couple of days, we will start a poll with the suggestions and people will vote.

What is the Mayor?
- It's a honorary rank. It will be a prefix applied to whatever rank the person that wins has
- The mayor will have access to contact me at all times
- The mayor will be in charge of making polls (eg: should we add x plugin? Should we change x rule) based on their constituents will
- The players will adress the mayor for any NON STAFF issues/suggestions they may have.
- The mayor's term is 1 month

What can the Mayor do?
- Nothing special. No new permissions are granted. Just a "Mayor" prefix in-game

Why am I doing this?
- For fun
- For a better close-ness with the players

What are the requirements to be eligible for Mayor?
- Actively plays in-game, getting uptime at least 4h / week
- No discord Mayors pls
- Can be any rank from Guest to Owner but cannot be a banned player
- "the player must not have any recent bans."
-  "the player must not be included in any drama or have caused any trouble recently."

Change SFT forever! Suggest a Mayor now!
General Discussion / Super Stickman Golf 2
Nov 30, 2017, 10:23 PM
Come play Super Stickman Golf 2 with @Dpa1991  and myself!


My name -> TowelieWTF
Dap's name -> Dapsters
-Fix powerup tokens being swallowed when used on the right
-Reduce chainsaw tool damage
-Increase chances of +Coal/Iron/Diamond/Quartz
-Level FLY skill quicker, and increase chance of elytra repair
-Increase chance of xp leaks
-Fix not treating HUSKS as ZOMBIES
-Increase fishing ability chances slightly

Thank you @ColesyM
@Mrs_Ender88 @blakus87  -> FYI
Please provide feedback for the Survival server.
Would you like to see any plugins added/removed?
Would you like to see any rules changed?
Post here!

NOTE: One post per player please. This topic is NOT for starting a debate, it's to allow everyone to get their opinion in. You are allowed to post a second time, only if a Manager+ asks you a question regarding your idea. Warnings will be issued to people not respecting this one simple rule.
For all those Slimefun heads, here's the update log. The update will be live within ~30min.

Version 4.1.11

+ Added Automatic Ignition Chamber

+ Added /sf open_guide

+ Added Permission to /sf guide (Default Permission)

+ Added "hide-in-guide" option to the Items.yml

+ Added TAB completion for started words

* Internal Performance Optimizations

* Changed Error-Report Format

* Internal API Changes

* Bug Fixes

Fixed Ore Washer being tricked into producing only certain kinds of dust

Fixed Grind Stone outputting the wrong amount of Items

Fixed Pistons corrupting Slimefun Blocks

Fixed Cargo Nodes having no Frequency

Fixed Furnace slots behaving weirdly

Fixed Infused Hopper leaving Armor Stands behind

Fixed Researches taking experience before actually researching

Fixed Reactor Explosions causing an Exception

Fixed Androids being able to break Command Blocks
General Announcements / Black Friday
Nov 25, 2017, 03:07 PM
Black Friday / Weekend is now LIVE on the premium shop!

Everything is 40% off for a very very limited time!
Did you get one hit by a mob?
Please post here, as I need help determining how and why.

Personally, I don't believe it's a problem, I believe the people getting one hit killed are either on protections with multiple beacons or in hard mode.
However, I am getting reports from a few people that this is happening, so I'd like to the bottom of it.
When you are affected by this incident, post here with the following information (MANDATORY)

- What world/region/coordinates were you in?
- Are there any beacons in that region?
- Did you have hard mode on?
- What mob killed you?
- Was it an EliteMob?
- How much health did you have?
- What armor did you have?