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General Announcements / [LiF] Server Update
Jul 05, 2016, 03:49 PM
We've just had the steam summer sales and I hope that many of you picked up Life Is Fuedal so that you can come and join us in the fun!
 IF you missed out, theres always a better price to be had on G2A: http://bit.ly/29k7olO

The server is now restarting daily to help reduce glitches and we are at the time of writing position 11 on the server lists! Vote for us here: http://bit.ly/29lHWv3

We also have a fully built starter town up and running to help those of you who are new to the game, so be sure to make your way over!

For more information and interesting things visit our Rust and Life Is Feudal forum section! http://bit.ly/29tYa92

- Izz
General Announcements / Vote for SFT
Jul 01, 2016, 09:09 PM
A new month has begun, so for alot of our servers the votes have been reset! Now is a great time to start voting for our servers and its a great way of helping SFT out,

Heres some voting links for you all to add to your daily cycle:

Life is Feudal :diamondsword:  : https://life-is-feudal.org/server/9100

Minecraft Voting links :grassydirt: : https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/board,343.0.html

Ark :apple: : https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/board,343.0.html

Thanks everyone!

- Izz
General Announcements / Steam Summer Sales!
Jun 23, 2016, 05:39 PM
Some of the games we are hosting servers for are on sale this summer on steam, so take a look!

Life Is Fuedal - $23.49:

Ark Survival Evolved - $16.49: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/59321/

Garry's Mod - $2.49: http://store.steampowered.com/app/4000/

Rust - $9.99:

(If the links arent working, its just because the sales have just started and lots of people are loading them, be patient!)

Be sure to grab them now before these deals dissapear! Hope to see you in game  8)

- Izz[/center]
General Announcements / [Update] Patreon
Jun 21, 2016, 12:14 PM


Our SFT Patreon has been updated with new goals and rewards to now include ALL our Minecraft servers, Life is Feudal and Rust!
 Remember our Patreon is a great way of supporting SFT moving onward as well as getting involved with where we are heading,

So get stuck in!

- Izz
SFT's Life is fuedal server now has an event arena courtesy of myself, @Mrs_Ender88 and @Mr_Ender86.
The server has been hitting over 15 people online (which is high considering its new and a branch away from minecraft) and been steadly populated -
 so we have invested our time into giving the server somewhere to host events.

So far we have a jousting and melee arena, but plan to expand with more events, medical tents and the like, heres a screenshot of our work so far!
 Alongside is also a quick screenshot of how my and @Mrs_Ender88 's guild village is coming along!

To celebrate our new event area we will also be hosting our event, tomorrow Saturday 18th june at 7pm UK time (GMT+1)

This event will be a gingerbread man hunt, where a server admin will be given a head start out of the arena, packed full of juicy loot for the player that takes him down when the mob catches up!
But beware, this hunt has NO rules!
 Traps - Allowed! Killing other players - Allowed Devious tactics - Encouraged! -  So come prepared!

For more server information visit: https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,152868.0.html

Heres a quick map of how to find your way to the mitten:

- See you there!

SuperFunTime Now has an up and running Life is Feudal server!
IP: lif.superfuntime.org

 Myself and Towelie have worked hard to get this server out for you to enjoy! A dense and awe inspiring game, Life is Feudal: Your Own is a medieval life simulator, planting the player onto a huge map in the medieval era with aspects ranging from terraforming, crafting, potion making, combat mechanics ,including multi user formations and tactics, and building features, this amazing game allows from anything to a lone wandering herbalist with his hut in the woods to full blown sieges of cities that guilds have built from the ground up! Team up with your friends and build a village or city and repel attacks by other players who want to steal your lands and slaughter your cattle! With controlled PvP times, protections and raiding events, mass server fun events and lots lots more, Its about time you came to check us out!

Read more and get the game on steam or here: http://lifeisfeudal.com/LiFYO

Find the best price here

Myself and Towelie will be managing the server side with the amazing @Mrs_Ender88 , who has nearly 2k hours in the game, as Head Admin and in charge of the community! The server has been up and tested for a few days so we have worked all the settings down to a T, and with more scripts, features and events planned the only way is up! heres a quick screen of myself, Ender and kracken with our little hovels we have so far:

Server name: [EU][sftmc.org]Super Fun Time LiF [3k Skills][20x Multi]

IP: lif.superfuntime.org

Remember: Life IS Feudal!

General Announcements / [Qwest] Update
Jun 05, 2016, 05:20 PM
Hey All! First off I'd like to apologise to those that did actively play Qwest at release before finishing the storyline at how long overdue this post and what It means for the server is. With Rust now stable and taking less of my time, as well as my University term coming to an end Qwest will finally be getting a full update/rework over the next month.

I am very proud of Qwest and the server it is, and have learnt alot along the way making it, what I want to hear from you all is what you think, other than more quest content and more in depth story lines which I can assure are coming, the server is missing?

-  Over the next month I'm going to be doing full overhauls of the plugins we use, the current quests, the Quest world, Removing / adding quest world builds (some require removal and I am fully aware of this.) adding more to the survival aspect of the server and much more, so this post here is where I want to hear from you guys what TLC the server needs to bring you all back to playing it with me and the team!

- I know some of you are currently up for taking this server down, but please keep those comments off this thread and here instead : https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,152164.0.html

Thanks for all being a part of SFT. To me this server isn't at all about profit and more about the uniqueness of the server as an addition to the SFT minecraft experience we offer you, so I'm going to be making as many of the donator items as I can now achievable in game, as i would much prefer you supported us on patreon! www.patreon.com/sftmedia?ty=h

I look forward to your suggestions!

- Izzdaer

The Super Fun Time Rust server is now on full release!

Over the last few days @Towelie, @saywhat2365 and I have been working hard on adding plugins to the server and improving it from what players have asked for!
 We now have a wide range of plugins including RPG plugins, home teleporting, chest sorting and sign artist!

As before to join the server just search Super Fun Time under the modded tab in the multiplayer section!

The full server name is: Super Fun Time EU | superfuntime.org

As Part of the server release we are hosting a steam giveaway for TWO copies of Rust! I will be supplying one copy and @Towelie the other. Heres how to enter:

Join our steam group here then reply to this post with:

1. Your steam username
2. What you look foward to most playing our rust server!

We will pick at random in just a few days, so hurry!
Of course if you already have the game you cant be picked, but join our steam group for updates and rust events!

Draw: there will be two draws:

Copy 1 at 7:59pm Tuesday 17th May BST (UK time)

Copy 2 11:59pm Friday 20th May Romanian Time

To support the rust server and SFT in general visit our Patreon page: patreon.com/sftmedia

I hope to see you all in game, and good luck!

- Izz
We are Live!

We are live now (7pm BST Sunday) for the next 24 hours! (7pm BST Monday)

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/theizzdaer

Donation Link: https://www.justgiving.com/Samuel-Kent

Myself and Camster65 will be streaming for 24hrs straight raising money for Cancer research! Just click the image above to help us by donating! We will be playing a variety of games and activities throughout the stream on my twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/TheIzzdaer) from 7pm BST Sunday the 17th until 7pm BST Monday! Being 24 hours there will be an opportunity for everyone to watch!

"Whether it be rescuing princesses from the villain's castle, defeating a fearsome beast, or defending one's town from an evil horde, heroes are busy. Sometimes they need help and support from the rest of us so they can stay strong and continue their fight into another day. This time, we've come together to help these heroes fight the battle against cancer. We will one day "slay" this terrible beast, but until then, we need your help! Through the power of video games, we will get one step closer to achieving our goal. Every donation goes towards the "Game Changers for Macmillan" charity fund, and any amount helps. Please donate what you can so we can help these heroes towards victory."

Warning: the stream will be pretty much all PC games, but may contain swearing and the use of alcohol.

I look forward to you watching us pass out of exhaustion for a good cause!

- Izzy and Cam

MineQwest update - Monday 21st -
The Mob Boss Update!

New additions :

- Story1.14 has released - The boss fight that completes chapter one! Chapter two will release very soon!

- The Skeleton King of Andoria - Our first party raid! fight through waves of custom mobs to reach and defeat the king!

- Blacksmith service - El'Andoria and Allodis now have a blacksmith to fix your tools for EMP!

- Gurn Olihm Side quests - The Dwarf city now has a side quest line, check it out!

- Premium shop
- We have added various packages and ranks to the donator shop, please help pay for the new server!


- Gurn ohlim wool not listed - fixed

- Story 1.13 bug - fixed

- MCMMO max levels set to 750 - remember there is a quest for each maxed attribute!

I Hope you all continue to enjoy the server, and remember to leave feedback on our feedback post for new additions!

- Izz
General Announcements / MineQwest Teaser
Feb 18, 2016, 09:11 PM
Make port at the Rocky Coast, gateway to the Island of Alatyr

Adventure across a single kingdom torn apart by seven kings.

A greater darkness now grows over the entire Island, can the warring kings come together against their common enemy?
SFT MineQwest - Coming Soon
General Announcements / ....
Feb 17, 2016, 07:37 PM
Deep into the mountains they dug...
But what did they discover?

Join us for the journey of a lifetime, a breathtaking world to discover with over 200 NPC's to interact with and unique and spectacular regions to explore!
MineQwest - Coming soon!

(r.i.p img quality)

 - Izz  :sheep: