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    Banned Items

    • Angry Doll[Id:4716](Crashes server)
    • Blood Lamp [Id:1569](Bypasses Protections)
    • 2 Botania Lenses[Id:5257:7,5257:16](Griefing Item)
    • Bound Axe [Id:6074](Griefing Item)
    • Bound Pickaxe [Id:6273](griefing Item)
    • Bound Shovel [Id:6151](Griefing Item)
    • Dev Null[Id:4902](Item duplication)
    • Diamond Dolly [Id:5352](Griefing Item)
    • Dolly [Id:5269](Griefing Item)
    • Ender Retriever [id:unknown](dupe glitch)
    • Energy Bazooka[Id:6178](Destroys world)
    • Filing Cabinet[Id:6055](Item duplication)
    • Firestone[Id:972:5](Destroys world)
    • Flux Chiller[Id:4338](Griefing Item)
    • Flux Igniter[Id:4337](Griefing Item)
    • Flux Road[Id:4337 and 4338](Destroys world)
    • Giant Shuriken [Id:4407](Bypasses PvP Block)
    • Hopper Facade [id:5336:1](Dupe)
    • Key of The King's Law[Id:5167](Bypasses pvp protections)
    • Matter Cannon[id:4106](Griefing item)
    • Mechanist's Workbench [id:2493](dupe bug)
    • Mega Rubber Sapling [Id:629:2](Lag Item)
    • Potato Cannon[Id:4781](Bypasses Pvp)
    • Present[Id:5301 and 5313](Item Duplication)
    • Reinforced and resonat retrivers[Id:4908](Item Duplication)
    • SPAMR launcher[Id:4779](Bypasses Pvp)
    • Sacred Rubber Sapling [Id:629:1](Lag Item)
    • Sacred Rubber Sapling [Id:629:3](Lag Item)
    • Shard of Laputa[Id:4146](Destroys world)
    • Sigil of Magnetisim[id:6072](Dupe)
    • Sleeping Bag [Id:4890][Id:4890](Kills Player)
    • Traveller's Wings [Id:4853](Corrupts Profile)
    • Sigil of the blood Light [id:6107](Bypasses Protections)
    • Sun Dial [id:2337](Would allow permanant day/night (some ritials are needed to be completed at night))

    • Chunk loaderslags server
    This list will continue to be updated as the server progresses. If there are items missing from this list, please message server staff in game or on the forums to have the item added.[/list][/list][/list]
    The server now automatically restarts thanks to saywhat2365!
    Restarts will happen every 3 hours to reduce the majority of the lag!
    There is a 1 minute warning right before the server restarts. Enjoy :)

    Hello everyone!
         If you need a password reset, please use the following code and reply below.


    I have noticed more and more players need this. Be sure when logging in, you don't use /login, you just type in the password. If there are any further issues, you can always forum PM me or skype PM me.
    -Mobile :minecart:
    The pocket-edition's world has now been reset. New features include a new spawn autoshop which is coming soon! Come check it out at games.superfuntime.org:19132!
    How to connect:
    • Launch the game
    • Click on Play.
    • Go on top right corner and click New.
    • Click on +->.
    • Fill in the info (Server Name: SFT PE Server | IP: pe.sftmc.org | Port: 19132).
    • Click on Add Server.

    Important Information:
    • Go to Settings.
    • Edit the name to your IGN or something similar.
    • Once name has changed then log in with the steps above.
    • After logging in, do /register <password> (this is done to make sure that we only have 1 person for a name).
    • In the future, when logging in, do not type in /login <password>, just type your password.
    • Make sure you are on version: 1.2.10

    -Mobile :minecart:
    Will keep the game version on this post updated -Rab
    Pocket Minecraft / [PocketEdition] Staff List
    Jun 29, 2015, 12:09 am
        The following is a list of all of the current staff on the Pocket Edition Server. The Mod+ team will update this as changes are done.

    Please do not reply to this post, just edit it.

    Staff List


    • Baymax15
    • Orcodstra

    • IIRR2BB
    • Tyler7733

    • Clissy_Cookies
    • CreepINFINITE_no
    • MaxPlays181
    • TheRabster1428


    • blalp
    • CrafterLuc2
    • xQuicScopex

    • Ellie_x
    • Gigi20_xoxo
    • lilxKhhiiimy - Assistant Head of Hosts

    • ceddy24
    • Mord3005

    • Britney1177 - Head of Staff
    • Chase18_fiore
    • FEXZER
    • Gabriela - Head of Hosts
    • JackThomasJT - Assistant Head of Staff
    • Passava1
    • PurpleRebal - Assistant Head of Staff

    • BluetigerESW
    • saywhat2365
    • TheFearThe1337
    • TowelieSFT
    Hey guys.
         In this topic, if you have a suggestion or in your opinion, feel we need to improve on something, please tell us here! We are always looking to improve as a server!

    -Mobile :minecart:
    Pocket Minecraft / Voting/Donating
    Jun 28, 2015, 05:52 pm
    Be sure to vote daily and donate to help out our pocket-edition server!
    Click here to vote!
    Click here to donate!
    Pocket Minecraft / Request Trusted Rank
    Jun 28, 2015, 05:48 pm
    Use this topic to request an Trusted rank after you have completed your "Untrusted" time. This post is for UNTRUSTED RANKED players only!

    Please use this application to request a trusted rank.  *
    [b]Was your untrusted time completed?[/b]:
    [b]Previous Rank[/b]:
    [b]Time needed for trusted rank [/b]:

    • Hit "select" and copy whats highlighted
    • Hit "Reply"
    • Paste what you copied in the box and fill in your name and rank requested

    Pocket Minecraft / Players and Warps
    Jun 08, 2015, 06:42 pm
    Hey guys! 
        After discussing this with Duane, we decided that Guests are not allowed to use all warps. THIS WILL BE TEMPORARY. The only warps Guests are allowed to use are EMP, Spawn and trees. If you do not know where these warps bring you, here is an explanation.

    /warp emp: Teleports you to the Emporium. This is the server store ran by the Manager+ team.

    /warp trees: Teleports you to the area where you can obtain trees. If the trees are all chopped down, ask a Manager+ and they will reset it for you.

    /warp spawn: Teleports you to the spawn town of the world. (A.K.A. /spawn)

         Member+ are the only players that can create warps, and use all warps. If you would like to become a Member, click here. Members caught abusing this power will be demoted back to Guest. Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
         As of now, the [free] signs are NOT allowed on PE (they were never allowed in the first place). There was a permission screw up a few days back allowing players to use [Free] signs which allowed you to give yourself items for free. Our Manager+ team will be starting to open the EMP more often so you can use your EMP bucks to buy items. If you are caught having these free signs, they will be removed and you will be warned. If you have to be warned again, there will be further consequences. We are sorry for this issue and we will make sure it never happens again.

     -Mobile :minecart:
    Hello Everyone!
         With a little amount of staff members that we have on PE, we are struggling to keep the server going at its full potential. This application allows us to bring in more players and notice more players who have the potential to be staff. Please DO NOT APPLY if you are not a regular player on PE. We are trying to look for players from PE.

         Applying for staff is in no way a guaranteed you will become staff. You have to go through a rigorous process among the Mod+ before you are approved. Do not message Admins asking how your application processing is going. Doing so will lower your chances of becoming staff. We will contact you.

    Please only apply if you meet the following specifications:
     :grassydirt: Active player of Pocket-Edition (about 6 hours a week).
     :grassydirt: Have been playing on the server for at least a month.
     :grassydirt: No serious bans (ex: advertising).

    Use the form below and reply on this thread.
    Please put your answers AFTER [ /b]!

    [b]Around how much time to you get a week?:[/b]
    [b]Will you be able to make staff uptime?(about 6 hours a week):[/b]
    [b]Have you been banned? If so, what for?:[/b]
    [b]Why do you want to be staff/why do you think you're suitable for staff:[/b]

    -Mobile :minecart:

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    -Mobile  :minecart: