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Hey guys!

SFTMedia is running a giveaway! All you have to do to enter is retweet our next tweet marked with the #SFTGiveaway to enter! In 2 weeks time from now (20/04/21) I shall pick the two competition winners!

The prizes are two game codes! For the peaky blinders game and also hotshot racing! Get entering now!

SFTMedia giveaway twitter entry link!
Hey guys!

So this Sunday 7th February, Sashalarie and myself will be hosting a HUGE C4 tournament!

The tournament will begin at 4pm GMT/ 11 am PST! The count down to the event can be found here! Weekend event countdown!

The prizes will be 100k for the winners of the first round, followed by an increase of 50k for each following round with the prize for the grand final a whopping 350k!

Hope to see lots of you there!
Hey guys!

To welcome in the month of December and to get into the Christmas Spirit, this Saturday 5th myself and Lady_Carissa will be hosting a Christmas themed quiz and some parkour!

The event will begin at 7pm GMT Weekend Event Countdown!

The prizes will be as followed - 250k for each round of quiz won (depending on how many questions each round takes) and 175k for the winner of each round of parkour!

Hope to see lots of you guys there!
General Announcements / SFT Photographer
Dec 01, 2020, 11:54 AM
Hey guys!

Later this month, when SFT spawn and various other elements of the server are given a distinctly Christmassy feel, I shall be requiring a photographer to work alongside me to take and gather a number of shots of the server in all its glory, using texture packs and shaders that will show the server off in its best light!

If this sounds like fun to you, then for now just message me on discord #T46749 including a screenshot you have previously taken in minecraft. Once the server is christmass-ified i shall contact those who I would like to work with and I shall sort out a time to take some photos!
Hey guys, in 24h from this post going live (UTC 6pm/1pm ET/10am PT) Brickport house sale countdown! the houses in our new W1 spawn brickport will go live for sale on a first come first serve basis!

The rules for buying/living in the houses at brickport are as followed;
  • No changes can be made to the exterior of the houses
  • Only one house per player
  • Only one marketstall/shopbuilding per player
  • The player must live there or at least frequent the location (includes decorating the interior in some way)
  • Players who are inactive for a period of time yet to be determined (likely 1month) will be evicted from their homes without the return of their money (but return of items within the building is likely)

The price list;
  • Central square house standard - 900k
  • Central square house corner/centre - 1.5mil
  • Standard house - 500k
  • Corner house - 750k
  • Marketstall - 500k
  • Shopbuilding - 1 million

In order to purchase you will need to contact a manager+ and pay them the money before you are allowed to have the building protected.

We are looking to make brickport a vibrant and active spawn with fully decorated interiors in all buildings! Good luck to everyone trying to buy one!

Hey all,

Seeing as so many of you seem to like the meme channel in the SFT discord I thought we could put that to good use;

I want you guys to make, copy (no it doesn't have to be your original content), find and generally get creative making SFT and Minecraft memes, for your own and the server's enjoyment. The best memes of each week will go up on our SFT social media, our twitter account @SFTMedia - so if you want a chance of seeing yours on there you might want to follow or even just regularly check up and interact with that account, a like or a retweet here and there.

Post all your meme's in the SFT discord meme channel or send them to me on discord #T46749, and I shall choose the best ones as and when I see them!
This will be just for fun so there will be no prize other than the pride of being one of SFT's primary meme lords content creators!

All the general server and discord rules apply when making these memes so nothing aimed offensively at any particular person, group etc.
Hey guys!

This Saturday 24th October at 6pm EST/11pm BST myself and Super_Boox Kiannaa will be hosting a plethora of spooky Halloween related events for your amusement!

Check out the countdown to the event here! Weekend event - 24/10 Countdown!

First we will host /warp pumpkinkour - a Halloween parkour/maze with a spooky feel!

  • 1st - 250k!
  • 2nd - 150k!
  • 3rd - 75k!

Following this we will host a Halloween themed quiz at /warp quiz with a grand prize of 450k emp and a spooky head of the winner's choosing!

Hopefully we will see lots of you there!
Hey guys!  :)

So this weekend its the turn of SaintTheBarman and myself to host the weekend event and we have decided to host for you, a Build competition!

The event will occur on Friday 28th August at 9pm UTC/5pm EST/2pm PST but to help you all out i've created a countdown clock!


The competition will have a mystery twist to be announced just before the beginning of the event! This will be kept under wraps until just before the event begins so prepare for all eventualities!

Teams are allowed a maximum of 3 players per team and can either be written in the comments down below alongside a team name or can be announced just before the event, although you will need a team name!

The Prizes;
  • 1st Place - 600k (split between team members) and a head each of your choosing!
  • 2nd Place - 300k (split between team members) and a head each of your choosing!
  • 3rd Place - 150k (split between team members) and a head each of your choosing!

Hopefully we will see lots of you there! Good luck everyone!
Hey guys!

Myself and Benjadmin hi_per have the pleasure of bringing you the weekend event - Storage Wars!

Much like the show this event works by players bidding on storage units in order to win their contents, there will be at least 6 units, all of varying values but deffo worth a look and a bid ;)!

On top of the usual units, we will have units reserved for bidding by Veteran- players, meaning only players who are Veteran rank or below are able to bid on it.

NOTE We are limiting the event to a one unit per player rule, meaning you can only win one unit.

The event will take place on Saturday 18th July at 6pm EST/ 11pm GMT. Hope to see lots of you there!
SFT artists, we need you!

SFT Media is calling for your help, in designing a  brand new banner for the SFT twitter page! This is a chance for you to have your artwork representing SFT on social media and show off your skills!

The banner needs to be 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall and MUST contain somewhere on the banner the following IP's;

  • play.superfuntime.org
  • modded.superfuntime.org

The banner needs to be Minecraft and/or SFT related, but other than that, let your creativity run wild!

The competition will run until August 8th and to enter all you have to do is dm me your entry on discord @T4#6749. As for a prize, i have not determined one yet but at the very least you will get your artwork on display as the pride of SFTMedia - good luck and happy arts'ing!
Hey everyone!

In case you were unaware SFT has both a Twitter and Facebook page. SFT Media are hosting a competition to get as many of you involved with SFT on social media as possible. In order to enter this competition all you have to do is;

  • 1. Follow us on Twitter (@SFTMedia) and Like our Facebook page (SuperFunTime Minecraft)
  • 2. Like/Retweet the competition post that uses the hashtag #SFTMedia - to be posted on both Twitter and Facebook later today.
  • 3. Either DM/MSG us your Minecraft IGN or Comment under this post with proof of No. 1+2

Note; anyone who already follows SFT on social media can still enter by completing No. 2+3

The competition will run for a month - until July 18th, when 3 winners will be chosen at random!

The Prize
Each winner will receive a Beacon, 2 Heads of their choosing and a 'Limited edition' Special custom item detailing them as a winner of the Social Media competition!

Note: If any of the winner's primary SFT server is not survival then I shall contact a Manager/Admin from their primary server to discuss a prize of similar value.

Finally, keep an eye out for SFT Media forum posts over the next month or so as it may require photography, artwork and meme-making skills from you guys!

Hey guys!

Since the server has had such a great revival of late myself and Carissa decided for the weekend event we would bring back a golden oldie - The Fridge of Death!

This event is a crazy parkour style event where the goal is to travel across the fridge in order to get to the prizes at the other side! There will be loads of prizes to be won and we hope to see as many of you there as possible! Be warned, this is a death event BUT I can promise you these prizes will outweigh the risk!

The event will take place on Friday 17th April at 3pm CDT / 9pm BST

Cant wait to see lots of you there!
Hey guys! It's that time of the week again, weekend event time!

Soo, myself and Samanthasnee are really excited about this weekend's Spleef tournament! The winners of four rounds will each win 50k before advancing to compete in the grand final which will be worth a whopping 400k emp. You will not want to miss out on this one!

Sidenote there will be 4 different competitors for the final, if the winner of one of the spleef rounds wins another round they will win the 50k for that round but the second place player will then advance to the final.

We are hoping for a good participation in what is purely just a bit of fun! also bring your own shovels!

Myself and Samantha look forward to seeing lots of you there on Sunday Feb 9th 10pm GMT / 2pm PST / 5pm EST.
Hey guys!

Firstly I apologise for the short notice. Myself and Tera are hosting this weekend's event which is going to be Simon Says! The prize will be 150k per round and there will be atleast 2 rounds depending on time. The event will take place on Sunday 15th December at 9pm GMT/4pm EST/3pm CST. Simon Says you all have to attend.

See you guys there!
Ho-Ho-Ho and seasons greetings! :christmaspig:

So Glitterbomb84 and myself are hosting a Christmas building competition this year and we are hoping lots of you will get involved and build something brilliant (and Christmas related  ;) )! Whether you build a winter wonderland, a giant snowman or even a snowy scene of the SFT community, we just want as many of you as possible to get involved and step into Christmas! You are welcome to work individually or as a team. To enter all you have to do is fill out the form below.

Team name:
Team members:
Warp to the build:

Now for what you are all interested in, the prizes!

1st Place: 3 million emp
2nd Place: 2 million emp
3rd Place: 1 million emp

The builds need to be completed by December 21st and the voting will be done by the Manager+ team (minus those who decide to enter!) Good luck all who are entering!
Hi guys!

So this Sunday evening at 10pm GMT/5pm EST myself and Mr Terastorm will be hosting towerspleef with a prize of 500k emp for each round! No need to be worried if you aren't good at normal spleef because towerspleef can be so chaotic that anyone can win! Hoping to see lots of you there!

Oh and I am expecting lots of comments towards Tera telling him that Christmas has not started yet, and to change his skin back to normal!

Signing off for now

- T4 :)