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General Discussion / What do you see?
Jan 29, 2017, 07:54 PM
Started trying out a new art style and I decided to show a couple of people, asking them what it was.

Honestly I've had stranger answers but if you guys can guess what it's supposed to be, gg to you.

Let your imagination flow... What do you see?
P.S - It's not finished yet
Hello SFT'ers! This week me, Cayko and Nicadeen will be hosting a building competition!

The theme and warp will be released this Saturday near the start of the event at 6PM GMT.
You'll all have an hour to build something related to the theme, before the judging and a winner will be chosen.
Team sizes are at a max of 4, and the prize will be 1 million EMP split between each team member.

This will be an interesting theme so we hope to see you there ;)

Good luck![/center]
General Discussion / Post your DESKTOP!
Jan 22, 2017, 06:51 AM
Such as Post your pet, this was deleted, and now it's back.

Obvious what you need to do here; just post your Desktop!

General Discussion / Post your PET!
Jan 22, 2017, 06:44 AM
This topic was deleted, but now it's back.
I'm sure you all remember the rules of this post, pets only!

I'll start

There has been a recent flux in these 500k vouchers, and a lot of money is being added into the economy.
Until we determine how many are in the system, we won't be accepting them anymore.

Hope you guys understand!
Last time this post was removed it was because this plugin was removed.
Well guess what, it's back!

Here are the crafting recipes:

The saddle:

The iron horse armour:

The gold horse armour:

And finally the diamond horse armour:

Polls / Skype v.s Discord v.s Teamspeak
Aug 24, 2016, 09:22 AM
So, which do you like best?
Hello B-Team players!
Whether you're new to the server, helping someone out or just need some info, this is the place for you!

My bteam is crashing everytime I log in/crashes on the launcher
This is just a list of possible fixes, if these do not work you can make a post about your problem.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the modpack-
Obvious how to do this

Give more RAM to Java/Technic-
1. Click the cog button to go to launcher settings
2. Press on Java settings
3. Click on the memory part, and set it to 2GB
P.S - make sure you're using 64bit Java, bteam will not run otherwise
If you need Java go here:

Why can't I craft an item?
More than likely the item you're trying to craft is banned.
Check the banned item list here:,69165.0.html

I tried to place an item and it dissapeared?
Some items need more space to be placed.
Normally it is placed back into your inventory and relogging makes it show again.
If it doesn't show after relogging then it has glitched out, and you can possibly get a refund from a Manager+

How do I stop people from griefing my stuff?
1. Type /kit protect
2. Hold the golden shovel in your hand and right click two corners for your claim
Claims go from bedrock to sky so you don't need to worry about the Y co-ordinate.

You can also visit /warp protect ingame for information about how to protect your stuff.

I changed my name and lost all my stuff! What do I do?
Post here:,157552.0.html
A staff member will then handle this.

My friend can't open any chests or build on my claim!
Just type /trust (playername) to add them to the claim and /cmodify (playername) to add them to your chests.

Who are the staff on this server?
There are multiple ways to see who is staff:
1. This post:,110266.0.html
2. Ingame type /warp staff

How do I get staff?
Staff are chosen by currnet staff.
1. You are required to have 60+ hours on the server
2. Being friendly and helpful will increase your chances of being chosen

I die everytime I go to the nether through a portal?
Do not use portals, they are glitched.
Instead use /nether

What do staff ranks do?
Duties expected of an Owner:
  • Admin duties and more
  • Restarting server after a crash
  • Profile resets

Duties expected of an Admin:
  • Promotions
  • All Manager- duties
  • Forced rankups
  • Restarts
  • Buycraft issues
Duties expected of a Manager:
  • Removing locks, furniture, and other protected items
  • Opening and closing emporium (do not repeatedly ask for emporium to open)
  • Removing BCVs in the order in which they were reported
  • Hosting games (you may request games, but do not spam managers with messages)
  • Most of the things Mod- do

Duties expected of a Mod:
  • Protect houses, buildings, and property of a player.
  • Set lava, and water for player
  • Adding members and owners to protections (member+ can do this on their own)
  • Moderating the chat and resolving disputes (also a JMod duty)
  • Most of the things JMods also do

Duties expected of a JMod:
  • Stopping griefers
  • Monitoring chat
  • Resolving disputes
  • Helping players who need it
  • Stopping hackers
  • General assistance and helping point players to the correct staff member

Duties expected of an EventHost:
  • All JMod duties
  • Hosting events
Hello players of B-Team!
Since the modpack is version 1.6 of Minecraft and wasn't made to support name changes, this means that upon changing your name it thinks that you're an entirly new player.

Here is a list of what you will lose upon changing your name:
1. access to protections
2. access to locks (chests, furnaces etc)
3. all morphs
4. all McMMO
5. inventory
6. /mm
7. all /buy perms
8. uptime & rank
9. money
10. enderchest contents

All of this is able to be transferred however, and that is what this post is about.
Here is a code which you can copy to easily fill out this form if you are changing your name, and a staff member will get to this quickly.
If you've already changed your name, use this form anyway.

Code Select
[b]Old IGN:[/b]
[b]New IGN:[/b]
[b]Old rank:[/b]
[b]Extra info(did you have any /buy perms, mcmmo etc):[/b]

Please note that to make things easier unlock all your chests/furnaces and empty your inventory/enderchest before changing your name.