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Hey Survival folk,

This Sunday at 7pm EST, Myself and Kakota will be hosting 2 rounds of /warp towerspleef , each round with a prize of 500K!*
The gates will be open ~5 minutes before the event starts, so don't be late!

*If you win one round, you can't win the other

Hope to Spleef you there!
Hey guys,

This weekend both Myself and SashaLarie will be hosting 3 rounds of tower leafluck, each with a prize of 100K, on Sunday at 6 pm UTC.

Don't leaf us hanging, hope to see you there :D
Hey Guys,
This Saturday at 2pm GMT, both Myself and sky_comet will be hosting a round of quiz for a prize of 50k, followed by a few rounds of pictionary, with prizes of 25k a round.
Hope to see you all there!