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Hey Guys your boy Chocobo is here and I'm happy to say that if you ever need help with hatching eggs I encourage you guys to do....

/warp EggHatching

Its a giant loop with Concrete blocks that allows you to move super fast allowing for easy egg hatching.
Also bring food or Dusk Stone Armor  ^_^   :cookedmeat:  :cookedmeat:  :cookedmeat:  :cookedmeat:  :cookedmeat:

Note this is not a build to compete against /warp hatch owner magl2904 so please do not think that ^_^

Anyway i hope that you all breed and get some good pokemon eggs

P.S. In the near future i am going to be adding A SPEED 2 BEACON!  so look forward to it.
Now before i get started i want to say this. Yes I know the reason why that hoppers were banned from the previous version of pixelmon that we  all know and love yet for this new version would it be possible to add them back?

For example we could do different things to make sure none of the issues hoppers caused would happen again such as...
A. Making staff(like Manager+ maybe idk up to the staff team) be able to place it down provided the player having the right stuff for it.
B. Making it like a special perk people can get
C. Having Players who want to use hoppers fill out a special like forum thing saying they wont use it to abuse stuff(I know ill have to do this alot...)

If you guys have anything you think would be better/nice/any reasons against this reply with a message. I wont hunt you down and burn your toast....
With the Inventory pet mod being added to the recent update im starting to think that being able find/craft these broken pets could prove to be an issue.
So what i'm thinking is we could have them be won at an event or be able to like donate/vote for them. What do you guys think?
Now we know that before in the loved version of pixelmon that we all play on that doesn't have that many Pokemon that well gold is super easy to make money off of.  Well since we are in 1.10 I know there are going to be ocean monuments and well if you go underground in the mesa biomes its packed full of gold pretty much so we are going to have to nerf the gold sell price before people get to rich xD. So any ideas because i got like none
Im pretty sure that if we had the iron backpack mod than it would help everyone out with being able to store more items and not have to go back home and drop off items.

Chance cubes could be added to cause a lot of fun and random things to happen like filling someones inventory up with dead bushes to giving ore drops.

Just something i thought off

heres the links
Hey guys is your friendly chocobo here and I want to point something out and thats in regard to the lovable community of pixelmon.  A lot of you guys may have noticed that pixelmon hasn't been getting that many players on at one time at all!  Here is what I have to think about why this is occurring.

1. Running out of things to do
      A lot of people are running out of things to do in pixelmon simply because they have either caught all the pokemon possible or are just feeling bored and don't know what else to do like a few other people who quit.

2. Common Pokemon to use in battle
If you ask me the pixelmon battle game the whole mechanic of pixelmon itself (and Pokemon) is just focused around a simple set of Pokemon that are easy to get yet very common to see in battle such as a Volcarona or something like that.

These are just a few things that I thought of and why I think that the pixelmon game is dying
If you know of anything else that i didnt have in here feel free to share your opinion =D
Hey guys its your friendly neighborhood Chocobo here and i would like to get to this point that i have noticed! Recently (and by recently I mean yesterday and today) a few people have been calling me out on being salty which i have to say IS A LIE! So if you guys happen to have said it I would like an apology soon preferably on this post. Now I know what you must be thinking "Oh choco wheres your proof of this happining!" Well person who said that here is the chatlog of a few people calling me salty and yes this is from today I hope this can be taken care of as this is really annoying. Also before I end this DylbertDangle was on and when I said that it annoyed me he didnt stop until i had sent a message to CharlieClasher Via skype. So I really hope that this can end because I hate getting called things that I am not all right? Thanks for taking the time and reading this hope there is something we can do so others wont get put in my spot from your friendly lovable neighborhood Chocobo =D
Hey Guys Chocobo123456 here or as many of you guys know me on the server as Sans_Jokes Chocobo654321 and what not I have something rather important to say about a staff member with the IGN Melonzzz. Lets just say she is going trough some hard times at the moment and we need to help her out as much as possible. She told me on Skype that she pretty much doesn't have friends anymore so lets prove that wrong and if you happen to read this please leave a nice comment about her saying how much she helps you or is nice anything. Just please help before she goes down the wrong road that may lead to destructive decisions. Thanks again for taking the time for reading this I hope you will help out the cause for a good thing. If you see her on the server please don't tell her about this post I want to be the one to tell her as it would help her a lot.  :heart: