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I suggest using different kinds of skulls for the type of spawners on /spanwer instead of just zombie skulls.
So as world 1 was reset the old /warp blaze spawner we used to have for xp got removed and apparently there was a meeting about it in the Manager team that said that Blaze Spawners make it easy to get valuable materials. Now I would like to say that people would have already made those farms if our nethers didnt get reset monthly but it does and we can't do anything about it. Also the most op EXP farm which is guardians is disabled because we can't modify monuments and would also be very slow due to spawn rates on big servers.
Therefore I suggest a new /warp blaze in the overworld. I am willing to take time off my day to build it if the staff are busy.
Thank you for reading. Have a Super Fun Time!
After looking on /gui (I know what a boomer right who uses /gui) anyways I noticed they add fast teleports again and I saw the Autoshop Directory. After clicking it I noticed that the warp didn't exist so I desided to make a new directory. I have currently got about 18 slots in there (expandable easily) and if you would like to be added please leave a reply below. I will not judge who it is and you can even be added to it without being on /autoshop. The warp is AutoDirectory. Have a good day! -George
I am going to make a video about the server. I have decided that the video will be made of the creations our community has put together (attractions,eventworld,spawns) But I would also like YOU guys to comment down below on this post a warp or more to your builds! I don't care if it is beautiful or not but I want to show that the community enjoys their time playing and that the community doesn't judge people based on their skills. All of these will be annonymous for the people who might think that they will get embarrassed. So please don't be shy! make sure you comment a warp so I can get the video long enough for one of the songs I have in mind!
Thank you all! -G
Hello my fellow Survival Players! This post will include information about the Protections and Chestlock Plugins!

Information about the Protections!
Protections is a plugin that is very essential tool for every person on the survival server! Every user recieves the ability to have up to 10 Protections per world (Doesn't include ScavangeWorld, Nether and The End) Player who wish to protect their builds against those rule breakers out there have to as a Mod+(Manager, Admin, Specialist, Elder, Developer) Then you must specify the Build that you are looking to protect! The Mod+ will usually ask if the build includes any basements or any other part that is hidden which you should specify so the Mod+ makes sure it is all covered by your protection! Now lets talk about Protections Owners and Members! Protection Owners have the permission to add other members to the protection! (By asking a Mod+ or by using the /rg am command). Protection Members only have the permission to build, break and use things on the protection.
Flags are a thing you can add to your protection by asking a Mod+. Flags are basically protection settings. Flags that allow for things apply to the people that are not added to a prot.
List of flags:(When set to allow)
chest-access: Allows containers/inventories to be accessed.
build: Allows block to be placed/broken, Doors, Levers , Buttons etc. to be used , Vehicles(Boats etc.) To be placed/removed/ridden, Containers/inventories to be accessed.
use: Allows containers/inventories to be accessed.
vehicle-place/vehicle-destroy: Allows boats,minecarts to be placed and broken.
interact: Allows buttons, levers etc. to be used.
greeting: Adds a message when entering the protection (Can include color codes)
farewell: Adds a message when leaving the protection (Can include color codes)
-Extra flags.
mob-spawning:deny : Disabled mob spawning on the protection. This flag is given to Attractions and Autoshops.

-Protection commands:
/rg i (Gives all the information about a protection)
/rg am {protection} {playername} (Adds a Member to the Protection)(Doable by Protection Owners and Mod+)
/rg rm {protection} {playername} (Removes Members from the Protection)(Doable by Protection Owners and Mod+)

*Child Protections:
Child protections are basically smaller protections. They are usually used to add people to small parts in a big prot or to add a flag in a small area. Can be added by Mod+ .

Information about Chest Lock!
Chest lock is a plugin that automaticly locks every container you place. (Chests, Droppers, Dispensers, Furnaces etc.)
-Commands:(Must hit the use button after the command)
/cremove - Unlocks the container
/cmodify {playername} - Adds a specific player to the lock.
/lock - Locks the container.
/chopper on - Allows the container to interact with hoppers.
/cdonation - Allows the chest to be opened but the contents not to be removed.
These commands may interfere with the Protection plugin!