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Hey everyone!

TeraStorm and I will be hosting the weekend event at /warp towerspleef!

There will be one round with 3 prizes:
1st: 750k + head of your choice
2nd: 500k
3rd: 250k

I hope to see a lot of you there!
Click here for the countdown!

Good Luck :redflower:

Hey everyone!

/sportbikeshop - You can jump 1 block with this vehicle! The three bikes range from 20k/50k/75k!
/racingcarshop - You can drive on slabs/stairs with this vehicle, although you are unable to jump (obviously)! The three cars range from 100k/150k/175k!

You guys should try it out!
Have fun!  :)
Hey Everyone! I finally hit 100MIL EMP from all the mining I've been doing I feel pretty accomplished. Now I'm climbing my way up to #1! Thank you to the Managers who have opened EMP during my time, I appreciate it hehe  8)

Hey guys! This weekend event will be hosted by TeraStorm & stevebean because I cannot attend the event this week. /warp anvilluck will be hosted on Sunday at 8pm MST, you can convert it to your time if you're unsure. You will need to dodge the anvils but keep in mind that you may die! The Host will remind you so just be careful as I'm telling you ahead of time!

Winner will recieve 200k! :D

I hope a lot of you attend as it is a big prize!
Thank you!
Hey Everyone!
This weekend Darren64_NY and I will be hosting at /warp candyspleef! All you will need is to bring a shovel. Fly will be disabled while the event is going on!
123K EMP will be given to the winner. There can only be 1 winner but there will be 2 rounds!
I hope to see you all there! :)
Click HERE for countdown!
Hey SFT Survival! Treasure hunt will be hosted by Darren64_NY and I, at 10AM, Saturday (My time, so Sydney).
There are a bunch of custom-made items which will be pretty valuable since the only people who will have these items are the ones who attend this event!
You MUST bring a shovel, in order to break the dirt to find the chests with the goods! :diamondshovel:  Fly is ALLOWED We decided not to have a theme and rather make different types of mysterious items, which we hope you all will enjoy!  :diamond:

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know! Good luck to everyone, hope to see you all there!  ;)
The Countdown is: here!

Are you guys ready for the Halloween month of crazy spook to begin? All I know is that I'm ready! Want to have a chance to show us your creativity and spookiness?? Well now is the chance, myself and a few other managers+ are hosting a Halloween build contest where you will be able to build anything you'd like and the theme is Halloween of course! So create some spooky builds!!

The judges are: Super_Boox, SashaLarie, MasterX70, TheStarNomad, JustAddWater and finally treefart!

You may be wondering how you would enter, all you need to do is:
Solo/Team Name:
Warp Name:
Solo/Team IGN(s):

Prizes to be won:
1ST Place
Will earn 1 million EMP bucks per teammate and any head of their choice.

2ND Place
Will earn 750K EMP bucks per teammate.

3RD Place
Will earn 500K EMP bucks per teammate.

If you are in a group, prizes will be given per player, so it's your choice on what you want to do how and you want to do it. Discuss as a team.

Deadline: November 8th, which gives you a whole month to complete your builds!
Start now! Get buildin' ;D

Hello all!
There will be a weekend even held on the Sunday 20th May, Australian day the timer is HERE
Please make it if you can to try out these new courses (Wipeout 5&6)! The event will be held by Darren64_NY, TheStarNomad and Myself! I hope to see you all there, thank you.

A special thanks to everyone who helped make the wipeout courses, there are too many names so I won't list them but you know who you are c;

1st Place - 75K
2nd Place - 50K
3rd Place - 25K

Have a nice day!
Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know that there will be an event held on the April 9th, 11pm GMT! The event will be hosted by TheStarNomad, MasterX70 and Myself. We'll be hosting Skyfall!

Skyfall is an event where players are dropped from a glass platform into a pit with water below. The aim of the game is to successfully fall down to the water without dying, as there are many blocks inbetween you and your goal.

I hope to see you all there! This event hasn't been hosted as much so we're trying to bring it back to life! c:

Hey everyone!
There has been a slight change recently in the Legend application process. The Manager+ team has decided that as of May 11th 2020, there will be some non-uptime based requirements for the Legend rank on top of the original uptime requirements.

Uptime requirements per Legend rank:
Quote from: Towelie on Jul 24, 2016, 12:11 PMLegend -> 2 year old forum account and at least  1000h uptime on Survival
Legend2 -> 2 year old forum account and at least 1500h uptime on Survival
Legend3 -> 3 years old forum account and at least 2000h uptime on Survival
Legend4 -> 3 years old forum account and at least 3000h uptime on Survival
Legend5 -> 4 years old forum account and at least 3500h uptime on Survival

Additional requirements:
Quote from: UnicornOnACob on May 11, 2020, 10:57 AM
  • 1000 hours on survival
  • 2 year old forum account (unless it was deleted)
  • 1 year with no bans
  • 1000 votes for the server

In your application, you will also be asked to explain something you have done for the server/community that might warrant the Legend rank.

Notice: If you are not a current Legend holder and you do not meet the requirements, you are not eligible for the rank. If you apply, your request will be thrown out.

Legend Application Link Here
Hello Everyone! I'm sorry for the lateness of this post but I'm happy to announce that MasterX70 and I will be hosting all of the Wipeouts this weekend! The event will be held at CountDown Here! I hope to see you all there!

Wipeout 1/2/3: winners will get 50k
Wipeout 4: winners for, 1st place 100k, 2nd place 50k and finally 3rd place will get 25k
Good Luck!