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Ever wanted to purchase something from the Premium Shop, but was never able to get your hand on a coupon?
Well now you can!
EMP will now be selling 10% coupon codes for 1.5 million emp!
Coupon codes will only be valid once, so make sure to not give it away!

The countdown begins, less than 10 days before this competition ends!
I have seen some great progress on some of your builds, and cannot wait to see all of your spooky creations!
Make sure to get your entry in by the 30th, for there will be some awesome prizes up for grabs!!

Hey everyone!

Remember all of the creative Armor Stands that everyone made? Yea me too
Well now it is time to vote for YOUR favorite!

Voting will last 7 days! (So untill Sunday the 29th)
The creators of the stands with the top 3 votes will win 100k!

Good luck to all! :)

Below are each of the entries that can be voted for:

Cbossminer's "Making my way downtown, walkin fast"

graven2603's Entry

Cazboy10's Teddybear

Prof_Thanos's The Royal Guard

Prof_Thanos's The Phantom of the Opera, The toy

Prof_Thanos's The Owner Dolls

Cazboy10's Frog

Cazboy10's Bee

Green_Giant's Minecraft Solar System

Cazboy10's Batman

SuperJK's Mario

Super JK's Towelie

SuperJK's Link

Prof_Thanos's Pink Panther Toy

Prof_Thanos's Golden Knight

Prof_Thanos's Penguin

Prof_Thanos's Decorative Medieval Knight Armour

Prof_Thanos's Stormtrooper

Prof_Thanos's Darth Vader

Prof_Thanos's Palpatine

Eye_Nine's Fox

Eye_Nine's Half-dead killer

Eye_Nine's Little Girl

Prof_Thanos's "Minecraft Figures"

Eye_Nine's Playground Fun

GotanError's Owl

GotanError's "Gotta Wipe dat butt"

GotanError's Camera Stand

Eye_Nine's Movie Set

Stath's "Captured"

Zatur6ay's Buzz Lightyear

Zatur6ay's Pikachu and Piplup

Zatur6ay's Stitch

Zatur6ay's Hello Kitty and Monkey

Zatur6ay's Nyan Cat

Zatur6ay's Donald Duck

Zatur6ay's Squirrel and Dog

Zatur6ay's Walrus and Polar Bear

Zatur6ay's Grey and Brown Raccoon

Zatur6ay's Creeper and Snow Creeper

Zatur6ay's Santa

SuperJK's Bat

SuperJK's Tool Holder

Hey players of SFT!
Do you like winning free money?
Well so do I, but this time I am here to give YOU a free chance of winning money just by voting!
Each Contest last a week, from Sunday to Saturday.
For every 9 times you vote, you get one entry! So if you vote every day, you will get 7 entries!
At the end of the week I will put every entry into a random generator, and will spin it 3 times:
1st spin will win 150k
2nd spin will win 75k
3rd spin will win 25k

Oh but wait, there's more!
At the end of the 4th week, winners from all 4 weeks will be put into a random generator, and 1 lucky player will win a grand prize! (Will be announced later)

So what are you waiting for!
Vote in-game with /vote or /votegui or click here!