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The Prodigy singer Keith Flint is dead. He was 49 years old.

Of his band members, he is hailed as "a genuine pioneer, innovator and legend that will forever be missed".

It was on Monday morning that the police were alerted to an address in Essex, where The Prodigy singer Keith Flint was found dead.

On the band's official Instagram, Liam Howlett, one of the group's founder, makes a statement about what happened: "It's true. I can hardly understand when I say it, but our brother Keith took his own life this weekend. I'm shocked, fucking angry, confused and devastated."

Apex Legends only launched a month ago and has already been played by 50 million people, according to Respawn's Vince Zampella. It's strange to think that only a handful of weeks ago most of us had never even heard of it, and it definitely feels like it's been around for a lot longer.

In that time, players have used 158 million finishers (I wonder if it includes all the ones I tried to do before being killed mid-finisher), 1.23 billion ultimates, placed 31 billion pings and respawned 170 million times.

The astronomical numbers aren't entirely surprising, though. From the moment it launched, it started drawing in a crowd. In its first day it had 2.5 million players. That grew to 10 million players after 72 hours. And by the end of its first week, more than 25 million people had duked it out on the island.

Source: PCGamer

After almost a whole year, Minecraft forge's first 1.13 snapshot has finally been released to the public.

Days after the entire Machinima creator network -- as well as select creator network employees -- were subsumed into Fullscreen, Machinima has set all of its YouTube videos to private. While the hub, which counts 12.4 million subscribers, is still live, no videos can currently be viewed.

The channel formerly hosted the gaming-focused network's original productions. However, it went dark at some point on Saturday with no advance notice to creator partners, reports Kotaku, spawning the Twitter hashtag #RIPMachinima, where affected parties gathered to grieve the loss. Given that its creator network and hallmark channel are no more, it remains to be seen in what capacity Machinima will continue to exist. That said, the company's website, Instagram account, Facebook page, and Twitter channel are still live.

"We are focused on creating new content with the Machinima team, which will be distributed on new channels to be announced in the coming months," parent company Otter Media told Kotaku in a statement. "In the meantime, the Machinima network of creator channels continues to showcase the talents of the network. As part of this focus on new content, we have pivoted from distributing content on a handful of legacy operated channels."

Machinima was something of a seminal destination on YouTube, as well as one of the industry's earliest multi-channel networks. Some of its most popular content brands included the animation series Happy Hour, gameplay focused Respawn and Realm, sketch comedy duo Machinima Prime, video game news show Inside Gaming, and entertainment and pop culture-focused  ETC.

Machinima has undergone sweeping changes on the heels of a massive digital reorganization by parent company AT&T, which acquired Time Warner last summer. AT&T-owned Otter Media announced in December that it would be bringing Machinima -- which was acquired by Warner Bros. in 2016 -- under its auspices. Shortly thereafter, Machinima creators received a letter stating that they were now a part of the Fullscreen creator network -- another Otter Media property. This absorption also led to layoffs at Machinima, according to sources -- with some joining other units within WarnerMedia and Otter -- though it is unclear how many.

During this transition, several Machinima creators -- including Minecrafter Tyler 'Logdotzip' Pappas and fighting gamer Maximilian 'Dood' Christiansen -- said that rather than being ported over to Fullscreen, they had been dropped by Machinima altogether due to old copyright claims on old videos that were no longer live. For his part, Pappas explained on Twitter that he had been dropped due to "a new zero-tolerance policy" that is "part of greater news involving Machinima that I'm not at liberty to discuss."

Source: Tubefilter
Community Videos / Unfinished Projects
Apr 21, 2018, 10:40 am
as if you couldnt tell before, i fucking love editing. Whenever I had an idea or whenever towelie wanted a video for something, I was always up for it. Now, since I got banned (and even before that) I have ALOT of private and unlisted videos on my channel that the naked eye can't see. They are all just dumpstered on my channel and I don't know what to do with them. I would finish them if I could, but either the voice actors or players that were helping me making these videos either left or got banned. And my clips and vegas/after effects projects are gone lol.

So now I present to you, a bunch of stupid shit that I never finished. Some clips are missing scenes and are unpolished in After Effects.

This was supposed to be another episode of my yearly Showcase videos I used to make. But when I got banned I was unable to finish it. Also, fun fact, it took me ages to edit the 0:46 part. It was actually greenscreened (in case you can't see it) because I had no permissions to build the hole at the place lmao. Also the resolution seems to be wrong aswell.
Song; Approaching Nirvana - Dream To Remember

I have no idea where I was going with this. I think me and Duncz were gonna make a timelapse video, but we just worldedited a tree, fucking pointless lol. Also the music is bad
Song; Approaching Nirvana - We Have To Trust In Ourselves

When I left the SFT News project to battleaxium, I wanted to get back to the project again after a couple of months and make it better than ever. But that never happened. Unused intro for SFT News. Also when I look at it, all the keyframing is all wrong, it looks stupid lol.
Song; ?!?!

This is a video I was working on with my good ol friend tyty71089. We were gonna remake the original Herobrine creepypasta as a video. Clips are missing, unpolished and test narration.
Song; Silent Hill 3 OST - Innocent Moon

This is also an unfinished intro to another series I used to make (which I only released 2 episodes of lul), SFT Speed Building. I made one with Tinoow vs Applay (two very talented designers) and one with Saywhat vs Unrealistic. This was gonna feature Knilleboii, my former IRL best friend, which I have no idea what he's up to today and Bade_Anthony.
Song; Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider

This was gonna be a longer video (Probably 20 minutes or so), this was supposed to be my biggest project ever. I was gonna make a video on the story of the sft's development. Now, this video is still 6 YEARS OLD. 6 fucking years. This was only gonna be a video of SFTs timeline which back then was only 2 years old, now it's 7 years old. If I were to make this today it would be a whole movie dude. Also youtube really fucked up on this one, because if you can't tell my intentions were not to go with the "fuck my shit up fam speciality resolution". Most of my old videos has this weird resolution, something happened when Youtube updated their site sometime back in 2014-2015 or so, which caused my older videos to have this wierd resolution. Narration was made by SFGAMan, which also was only a test narration.
Song; C418 - Sweden

Uhm...? What the fuck is this? I have actually no clue what I was going with this, but it looks really really bad. And cringey spooky.
Song; Anaal Nathrakh - Acheronta Movebimus

This was supposed to be the trailer for the Minecraft RP Server, but the server got cancelled and of course, so did the trailer.
Song; Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise
Unserious Section / my apolloglogy to sft
Mar 24, 2016, 11:24 pm
im sory toweli i ben pain in ass for 5 years
im sori to all kidos that ive insutled  :-[  :-[  :-[  :-[  :'(  :'(  :'(

im gona leave sft 4ever an nevr come back  :-[  :-[  :-[  :-[  :-[  :'(  :'(  :'(   :pig:  :creeper:  :diamondaxe:  :diamondhoe:  :diamondblock:  :mobspawner:

this one really cracked me up haha
save it if u want, its all your my friend

try not to laugh xDDDDDDDDD

thanks lori