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The 1.7.10 Pack / [1.7.10 Pack]Bounty System
Jan 01, 2020, 11:22 am
The time is finally here, the Bounty System is now up and running!
How it works:
  • Every person who has paid the 10k fee to join is a valid target for you to try to kill and be targeted by.
  • To view people participating, use this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19WHtqBNmWyGB0728haFyYZ4Mhq5AY1EC_afptNX8xRY/edit?usp=sharing
  • Each person has a bounty on their head which is basically a prize for whoever kills them.
  • If you kill someone, the bounty on your head rises by 15%(subject to change in the future after the average bounty gets decently off the baseline)of the bounty of whoever you killed.
  • If you cheat by badly breaking the rules(as outlined below), you will be removed from the challenge.
  • If you have not broken any rules in the challenge, you may leave and return later for half the cost to join.
  • If you die to another player in the challenge, your bounty is reset to 200(which is also the starting bounty for everyone)
  • Any death(except by a non-participating player)while running from another player hunting you for your bounty who hit you within the last minute still counts
  • Each time you get a kill, you must write out the time of the kill in the chat and record the kill in thisthis Google Form.

Summary: If player a and b both started, they both have a bounty on their head of 200. If player a kills player b, player a gains 200 emp and the new bounty on player a's head is 230 while player b's is unchanged since it was already the default amoumt.

  • You must have PvP on at all times(unless you are helping someone at that moment with something)
  • No attacking people from within their base(because most claims have PvP disabled), but drawing people out from their base is fair game.
  • No purposely moving into claims to evade PvP
  • No long distance teleportation(meaning nothing that has the capability to move you more than ~50 blocks or cross dimensional in 1 teleport such as a telepad or teleport plate).
  • No fake asking for help just to get close to your target.
  • Do not engage in Pvp with someone who lost their bounty less than 10 minutes ago.
  • More soon to come

In order to join, use this form https://forms.gle/MLbRxs7R9ik8q9Kc9
Mini-Game Building Competition
Starting today will be an Mini-Game building competition ending on March 30th. All builds entered will be considered for addition to the Event World.
How to Enter:
Create a mini-game of some kind. Once you make a warp to it, either reply to this post or message me over Discord with the warp name and how to play the mini-game(if not evident).
  • 50k emp for first place
  • 10k for any event chosen to be added to the Event World
If you need ideas for what kind of mini-games to build, you may use this post for ideas. If you need resources to help build, let me know what you need through Discord and I will let you know what I can provide.

IGN                         Number of builds submitted
       As all of the event staff have seen, enthusiasm toward event participation has hit near rock bottom. The Event World is supposed to be a place to improve your server experience, so I am asking, what would make you want to participate in events? Please respond with any ideas you have on this. Please don't hold back on any extremely large scale event ideas because if enough people want them, it may just happen.
Toward the end of every month I will be hosting a team pvp tournament, and toward the middle of every month I will be hosting a normal pvp tournament. The team pvp tournament will be teams of two where each of the winners will have 1/2 of their skin put into the 4th pvp arena statue. The normal pvp tournament will still get a full statue for its winner for the roughly one month duration at a time. If your armor is not too good, you may choose to use armor, a sword, and a bow that I will provide. If you want to test any of your tools in the PvP arena, you may, but please report if anything is not working or griefs the arena. If anyone has any ideas for more prize options, let me know.

  • You may use items to disarm your opponent, but you must leave them on the ground if they reach your inventory
  • If you use werewolf abilities during a round, you must announce that before the start of the round
  • No leaving the arena (defined by its outer most x/z coordinates)
  • You must stay within the building limit
  • No hiding where the opponent can't get to you(such as under the arena)
  • No influencing matches outside of your own in any way other than through the chat
  • You may use the spare time before matches to prepare for the next one, but you must be at the arena in time for your next battle
  • No running away or hiding from your opponent for excessive amounts of time
  • No resistance effects greater than 4

Other Prizes(first place of normal pvp tournament chooses 3, each winner in the team pvp tournament chooses 2):
  • 300k emp
  • 4 Iridium Plates
  • 3 Nether Stars
  • 64 Diamond Blocks + 32 Emerald Blocks
  • 16 Mobius Stable Ingots
  • Soul Fragment
  • Vajra
  • 32 instability orbs
  • 1 creative tool modifier(added to your tool by a manager+ and this prize counts as all 3 choices)

Previous Winners
  • elad101
  • Sourceror
  • LordDemoReaper
  • Shivaz
  • Djharper
  • fluger69
  • litgamer
  • Maddiaryu
  • mas12349

Be sure to sharpen your swords and brew your potions, because this tournament will push your armor and tools to their limits.
The 1.7.10 Pack / Halloween Build Competition
Oct 03, 2018, 07:15 pm

Long Version
Starting today, will be a month long building competition. This will be a mostly standard building competition with the quality of your build being on a scale of 1-10, but there are two twists. The first twist is you can put a "trick"(trap) in your build. The tricks will be judged on a scale of 1-5 to add to your score. The second twist is that you may give your opponents "treats"(items) of your choice to your competition. Each person may accept up to one "treat". The person who distributes the most "treats" gets an extra 2 points. The person who distributes the second most "treats" gets 1 extra point. If you give yourself a treat, that counts. You will be responsible for all resources you use in this competition. If you plan to participate, @ me or dm me on Discord with the name of a warp leading to your build(even if it is not finished at the time) and I will add you to the list of participants.

Short Version
End Date/Judging: November 3rd
Your building can earn you up to 10 points
You can add in a trap for up to 5 extra points
Most treats given out is an extra 2 points
Second most treats is an extra point
dm me or @ me on Discord if you plan to participate
Prize: 12k emp, 8 iridium, or my head(first place gets first pick, second gets second, third gets what is left)

Your trap can't have any long term effects(curses for example), no cross dimensional transportation. Your build must be in an overworld. Your "treats" may only be a single item per person(no storage items unless empty and less than a 256k storage in item storage and less than a bottomless pouch in type storage, and no tools, armor, or weapons unless they are diamond or weaker). If anyone has any questions, please ask me.

Current List of Participants
     On Saturday at 10:00 am EST(4:00 pm UTC), the 1.7.10 Pack server will finally be opened and LostSky will be shut down(the specific time will be announced when it is decided). On Saturday at 8:00 am EST(2:00 pm UTC), I will be hosting a few events which will include:
  • Tnt Wars - Prize of 900 emp per person on the winning team
  • Sky Wars - Prize of 2k emp for the winner
Each prize from these events will be transfered to the 1.7.10 Pack server. After these events are done, we will start up an all out pvp war, everything outside of complete terrain annihilation goes(because that will come during the final moments of LostSky).
Polls / Bagels vs Doughnuts
Oct 03, 2017, 08:35 pm
Bagels vs Doughnuts, the dispute that has been going on for a while now, to be settled here.
I have 3 apiaries set up and automated, 2 work as intended, the other under multiple occasions has lost its princess. None of the systems are in multiple chunks, none of them are in different conditions, none of them have different bees. It is the same exact scenario for each apiary, but one continually loses the princess. I checked, thieves were not a factor.
Within this week, I have won dozens of rounds of reactions, but I am not on any of the 10 pages of /reaction top despite the 100th place person having only 13 wins. No one else seems to be having this problem. I first noticed this bug about a week ago.
Basically the problem is that going into clouds temporarily disables the ring of aesir's ability to cancel out environmental damage. I have no evidence that this affects others, but I would assume it would. It has happened consistently in the last 3 times I have remade my pseudo inversion sigils(which has a time range of about 5 months). The way I found it out was by starting up the siege in the end, flying around to find mobs faster(because of the ring of aesir I don't take the normal damage from flight), then running through a cloud which then caused me to start taking damage from the ritual for around 3-8 seconds.
After making a new pseudo inversion sigil, the normal "The Siege has ended in 'The End'" message popped up. 20 seconds later, it popped up again. Another 15 seconds later, it popped up again. It popped up on the screen of everyone online all 3 times, and this has not happened past as far as I know.
2 days ago, I got on the server, moved about 3 blocks (as I normally do) then said wb to all the people who were coming on after the recent restart. I then did /is h to get back to a specific part of my base to continue to get platinum to sell, then /return to get back to the shop. After that, before moving to the spot i did /return to get back to, I tried to send a message, but it said I had to move before I could use the chat. That was the first time i saw it, and I have never seen anyone else mention it, but I would assume it is consistent. Most likely a simple problem with /return, but if nothing else, this is one more known bug.
A month or 2 ago, someone used a voodoo poppet on me(which I eventually got out of their hands), but when they were using it, I had around 40 voodoo protection poppets on poppet shelves, none of which did anything to stop the person from using the poppet. It didn't even stop the person when i was right next to the shelves. If it works on other players or not, I don't know.
The 1.7.10 Pack Bug Reports / PVP glitch
Jun 05, 2017, 09:33 pm
I am not sure if this only happens to me(I have not heard anyone else say anything about it happening to them), but while outside of /pvp, when someone hits me with a modded weapon of some form which would normally 1 shot me when excluding my armor, I get put down to 1/2 a heart and if I have last stand, it eats away at my xp as well. When the xp is taken away, it excludes the calculation of my armor's protection while i am outside /pvp. It is not a glitch with my armor because it also happened when Irondragon hit me with his zivicio sword in dark woods. It only renders on my screen, which renders my correct health in the case of this glitch(as proven by that round of dark woods).
Basically, if you want to just get to the the main idea, the pvp protections strip my armor of its protection against players using modded weapons, but stops me from dieing from players, and removes all knock back done by players.
Basically players have only been rendering while a few blocks away and machines and some other things seem to be turning off as if they were unloaded even if you are 20 blocks away. It has been happening for everyone for the last roughly 2-4 weeks.
The 1.7.10 Pack Bug Reports / Knapsack glitch
May 28, 2017, 03:43 pm
I am reporting this for dragoncacher12 who lost everything in his knapsack after putting his knapsack in the ender chest. The only other thing that could have possibly contributed to the knapsack being emptied was the fact that he died between putting it in the e-chest and looking in it.
Basically the same scenario as the previous post, I changed nothing at all, and disconnecting and reconnecting is only fixing it for a split second before it stops working
Last Sunday, my eleven mana spreader stopped working out of no where. I checked the tps, and it was doing fine. It was a direct shot from a full mana pool, to spreader to runic alter with no air or blocks between any of them. Now, today my gaia mana spreader with potency lens will not transfer any mana at all. I tried taking off the lens, no luck, I tried getting rid of other mana pools, still no luck.
Polls / would flans in pix be fun?
May 07, 2017, 02:33 am
Be completely honest, do you think having flans in pix would be interesting? Catching pokemon is what everyone likes to do, but think about the fun in killing them all...
My elderich blood orb which was in a chest got deleted. The chest was connected to an item duct that was attached to my blood alter and the orb was not in the chest, my me system, or the blood alter. The only other explanation is it may have been stolen.
I have tried 7 different forms of input on my forestry tree farm, none of them work. The only form of item transportation that I know of left to try is an export bus, but that is unlikely to work. Everyone I have asked so far has had no idea what the problem is. The tree farm and export both run fine, but the input does not work at all, even with the same form of item transfer as the output uses.
Somehow my trees are becoming the equivalent of an awakened item dislocator at the exact moment when I cut them down, so far it has happened with spruce and rowan consistently, and I have not tried other types yet.
I have fought about 6 gaias with JAK2244, every single time I have received a dice of fate, but there has never been one there bound to JAK2244 even though it still recognizes that he is in the arena during the battle. Each battle I have taken every measure to make sure the boss battle does not think JAK2244 was not in the battle. To mark off possible cause number one, death was not an issue(being within the barrier wasn't either). At this point, his only way to get gaia drops is to buy the dice of fate crate using other peoples' dice of fate.
Based off what I saw, this is basically the problem I had, but re-installing the pack didn't work. Also, the chunks seem to be only flickering see through, not normal, see through, and grey.
The Omni-buffer is suppose to have a max input/output speed of 20480rf/t, but due to a glitch, I am only able to transfer around 150 rf/t between my farming station and Omni-buffer. Normally this would not be a problem, but what ever amount is being transferred is not enough to keep my farming station constantly powered. I tried replacing both of them (no luck), there are no wires involved, I really don't know what the problem could be other than a change in ender io mod configuration.
[attach name=2016-12-27_07.51.10.png type=image/png]26299[/attach]
These are 2 holes from 2 of the trees that grew from 1 set of redwood saplings(redwood saplings are only suppose to grow in 7x7s). There is also a third tree right below those holes at y=0 that grew out of nothing. The first tree grew by Hoe of Growth, the second grew out of no where, and the third one I am unsure of entirely. Only one tree was suppose to come out, but I got 3, anyone have an explanation?
The 1.7.10 Pack Bug Reports / Chunk glitch
Dec 25, 2016, 07:23 pm
My chunks are constantly flickering on, off, and everywhere in between. It started out of no where after I crashed due to changing my gui scale. Roughly every 4 seconds, each chunk will go invisible, or change to a different super secret setting for 1/10 of a second
After updating to java 1.8 in order to be able to load the modpack the modpack seemed to be taking a while to load(more than 10 minutes) so when i went back to up my ram to 3 gb from 1.5 or 2, I was given a drop down memu giving me options for how much ram to give technic, on that list was 1/2gb, 3/4gb, and 1 gb. My amount of ram put into technic when i checked had been reduced to 1gb. I know for sure that my computer has 8gb of total ram, but now i may not be able to play the modpack ever again because i am unable to put a decent amount of ram into technic. And just to give everyone an idea how much fps 1gb of ram will give me, i got 14 fps average on the previous version of the modpack with my previous settings, so that means maybe around 4-7 fps average...
I cant get the washing machine to work, it is one of possibly only 3 ways to repair my armor and by far the cheapest. I have already lost 2 pieces of op dark armor to the fact that i couldn't repair those pieces.[attach name=2016-06-29_09.46.39.png type=image/png]24663[/attach]