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Hey everyone! I am an owner of TFOF as you may know, I'm not Owner any more, I suggested the switch to a country where users can make their own city/town, but before building, they must PM me on Discord or here (not Skype, ever xD) and I will plan everything out and tell you how to do it and what to do, we are now a democratic government, I said I'm not Owner anymore because Owner is no longer a thing, it is Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister (me), Zack is Prime Minister though, a lot of things are changed like Architect -> Engineer etc., you may join the TFOF Discord for more info, again, PM me on here or Discord for Discord server information, I can help you in many ways. This post will be edited many times.


Please reply what you think.
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i like memez if you know of any please contact me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz :potato: plz
I know I have not been on much, these are personal issues that I will not mention, I will be ded for SFT and it is getting worse and worse and worse and worse and I will not be on much so, that's my message. Bye guys, hope to see you later. :'(

Will miss you all </3
Hey guys, I've seen so many staff resigning it's sad, I just want to say that it's sad, most likely they are leaving and might come back after a while it makes me sad, so I wanted to say you all that resigned were really skilled and experienced members, hope you all aren't facing issues like me. :(
General PE Discussions / Statistics Check! #1
May 19, 2017, 02:14 AM
Hey guys! My name is @TheRabster1428 (heheh, mentioned myself lol) and I have seen very much player downtime, I have a graph to prove it, that last week (May 7-13) we did not have much player uptime as said before!

See the last of Friday and whole of Saturday? Saturday was maybe because of the server itself BUT STILL!

Here's our rank! It's CRAZY!


Uptime! Good job owners! More uptime than MOST servers! ;)


P.S. Cropping took a long time, so please like <3 lol

EDIT: Added poll, should I do this more? :3
Hi, I know Buildcraft has absolutely nothing to do with Pixelmon, but it adds amazing items that really help the game experience, but since some engines explode, you smart owners could maybe change that in the code or just ban all of them except for non-explosive engines. If you could add Buildcraft that'd be great!

Hello, I have found an x-ray xxxxxx and I also found the way to prevent it, so I'm not sure that @Towelie @saywhat2365 @fearthe1337 have seen my PM as they probably get a lot of PMs, so please check it out as this may be able to prevent other x-ray things as well.

Hello all, if you are having problems joining on PE, it is because of 0.15.9. This will probably be fixed by the awesome Owners and Admins, maybe in 1 day. Actually, I can't join either. So just wait for it!
And remember if it auto updated, turn auto-updates off.  :)