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Hi, I know Buildcraft has absolutely nothing to do with Pixelmon, but it adds amazing items that really help the game experience, but since some engines explode, you smart owners could maybe change that in the code or just ban all of them except for non-explosive engines. If you could add Buildcraft that'd be great!

Post your PC/Laptop's processor!

Windows Tutorial:
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click System and Security
  • Click System
  • Look for processor!
Hello, I have found an x-ray xxxxxx and I also found the way to prevent it, so I'm not sure that @Towelie @saywhat2365 @fearthe1337 have seen my PM as they probably get a lot of PMs, so please check it out as this may be able to prevent other x-ray things as well.

Hey, I was wondering if this is a thing you need a PC for or is it on the app for iOS? Please reply as soon as you can :)
Thank you for your help! :D
Hello all, if you are having problems joining on PE, it is because of 0.15.9. This will probably be fixed by the awesome Owners and Admins, maybe in 1 day. Actually, I can't join either. So just wait for it!
And remember if it auto updated, turn auto-updates off.  :)