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Petit Times
January 14th 2017

New Prime Minister!
After much discussion after Mrs_Ender88 resigning from Prime Minister, Sa Majesté Le Roi de Petit Paris, Thanos le
premier appointed MrChanango to be Prime Minister from January 13th to March 13th 2017. "We may have had some dark
times of inactivity as regards the motion of our team and of our nation, but we have stabilised and we are ready
to move on and be great" Prof_Thanos stated, King of Petit Paris.
The new Prime Minister, MrChanango and the King, Prof_Thanos are working on developing a constitution for the nation
within the week! "Without the constitution, our nation will never be a team," The Prime Minister said.
Want to become a new Petit Paris citizen? Apply here! https://goo.gl/forms/WLUcDruZFD8E0J0w1

Daily News
Throught the nation, there are rummors of a war with the Rednian Empire but the King denies them all.
MrRed2017, the President of the Rednian Empire, is not looking forward to a war, and niether is Petit Paris.
New building designs!
the Petit Paris Nation is also coming together to form a design for all houses and buildings
in the Land, the King is especially focused on this project, as it will kickstart our cities!
A new storage facility will come together very soon, with the help of Madame_Moira! This storage house will hold most
of the nations buiding materials including, stone, wood, and clay!
Thats all for this week of: The Petit Paris Times! Catch us next week with the latest stories!

*Approved by the Petit Paris Nation and it is prohibited to recreate anyting in this article*
General Survival Discussions / Curses
Jan 11, 2017, 08:43 PM
Every day there is another person asking what the curses do. To clear everything up:

Curse of Binding:
The item with this enchantment can never leave the armour slot once put on UNLESS you die, e.g. when you put this armour piece on, it won't come off until you die.
Can be applied on:
Curse of Vanishing:
The item that has this enchantment will be destroyed upon death, e.g. when you die and pick up your stuff, the item won't be there.
Can be applied on:
Anything that can have enchantments.
Hey! So I know I haven't played as long as some other people, but I think I have some good information.

This post is all about how to make money and the best ways of doing so to mame the best use of your time. This is mostly for newer players but for more experienced players there can be some new info :)


- Makes the most consistent amount of money
- Annoying if you don't have a fast/good pickaxe
-  With certain powerups and enchantments it is even more beificial to mine

- If you are in an area where other players have mined already, it can be a complete waste of time.
- Time consuming

Try making a haste 2 beacon *expensive yet worthit*
This you can go crazy with an efficiency 5 pickaxe and find ores quickly.
Another way of doing this, is get an efficiency 5 pickaxe and hold down right click, this will trigger the haste ability which will give you insta-mine for a short amount of time.
If you are wondering the best place to sell diamonds specificly is mallusa, or endmall (now trumpmall) or the best, selling it to other players for a small markup. (as of making the post)
A good mining vacation (for me)
Averages at least 125k+ depending on enchantments and things, these also last 25-45 minutes.


- infinite source of money
- no durability for tools
- can get easy free things from the 'luck' skill

- need a large farm to make good money
- very time consuming, maybe not the best choice for fast money.
- if you don't grow the right crops, it's kindve a waste of time.

GROW MELONS. Per inventory of Melon blocks (made from 9 Melon slices in a crafting grid or silk touch) at the Emporium, is ~~100
Also wheat gives you 2-5 per wheat crop so you can make a lot of money theough that too.
GO big or go home, you will make so much more money if you make a farm that's very large like 100x100 or 80x80. Very worth while.

This is very underrated

- infinite money
- very small amount of time
- when you get up to tier 2 or 3, you can get 6k-8k per vote, per day.
- helps out the server too.
- can also get cool prizes next to the money, such as Elytras, Steve co. Crate keys, gold, emeralds, vote tokens and more.

Cant make as much as the other methods, but it's guaranteed money and as another benefit, every time you vote you can say you are helping sft just a little bit :)

Consistently vote every day. That way your tiers will get higher and you will get better prizes such as Elytras, Keys and vote tokens.
For sure one of the best ways to make money

Your own shop

This one actually consists of all of the other things and it can be the best investment or the best investment. This method works extremely well when you can find a good thing to sell. I have my own shop and IT WORKS WELL. Try pricing your things a little less than major autos so people come to you rather than larger shops.


-With selling you can get rid of some items to clear your chests, A.K.A clear your chests and do /iv, if you think you won't use it, and it's worth ANYTHING, when the EMP is open, get free money.
-Get TONS of money

Can loose durability on your good tools FAST.

- try going in the nether and collecting glowstone, quarts and definantly Magma Blocks. The worst part about all of these blocks is that they are in the nether, which means the durability on your tools go down quickly, an easy way to go around this is bring 6 stacks of Cobblestone and 32 logs, this way you can make 128 cobblestone pickaxes for you to you instead of using your good tools. Each cobblestone pickaxe can only break 11-12 magma blocks each, but magma blocks (for a full inventory) is worth ~~68k at the Emporium.


-more dedication directly influences how much money you make

-Time consuming
-durability on tools go down somewhat fast

- If you want to make good money by doing jobs for people the best (the ones that make the most money) are excavation, Teraforming, farming and building.
Ask people to hire you, say "does anyone need anything cleared?" And you would be very surprised how much money you make fast. For example MrC0W hired me for a ~~150x150 area to make flat. I chopped down trees, cleared a couple big hills in less than 1 hour work time.
Ask to keep resources, I'd there are trees or clay or any resources you might want, ask to lower the pay by maybe 20% to keep all wood, saplings/flowers and stone. This is good if you own a shop and you might be able to gain more than if you payed them. 50k-250k per job is good!

Thanks for reading this and I hope it helped you learn something. :) bye

Hello Regular Survival People   :)
Over the next few weeks, I will be making something so cool, so amazing, that you might die of bordam.   :-\


Now only a bridge, but a bridge 800 blocks long, Tbh I just need a project and I found a ln area to do so.
As an 800 block bridge, I WI need 12.5 stacks of blocks just to fill 1 block accross. Most of it will consist of stone, andesite, cobble walls, and glass

So this post is meant just to ask for donations!

I will need TONS of stone! (Already covered)

~~25 stacks of andesite. (Needed, have 8 stacks now)

~~2 stacks of Redstone blocks (covered)

~~2 stacks of iron blocks (for iron bars going across the bridge)

~~25-40 stacks of Cobblestone (mostly covered)

So basically I am asking for any of these things, please comment or tell me in-game (MrChanango) what you (if anything ) will donate! Money WI also be appreciated as I will buy with it!

Thanks for reading!