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Hello survival players!

So I am in the process (with others) of making a brand new empire.

The whole theme of the empire is medievil! We will have ships in our docks,a huge castle,homes for people,villages,farms,communitys,shops and lots more!

The build team is already plowing through building schedules and are ready to build more. Sadly though the world 2 reset has held us back, but fear not we will be in the new w2 shortly.

Why am I mentioning this now?

I am announcing this new empire as of now because it is already built (somewhat) and is not just a idea waiting to be built. It is already built.

No warps at this time (they are private) but if you wish to see our progress please /msg me or /tpa to me when im online!

I am very excited and hope we get some new citizens :D

So far we have no treaties and no thoughts if having one, we wish to focus on building and not on other cities. But we will soon.

Now ofc this build is not complete but if you wish to reserve your homes now or other please contact me via discord or in-game.

For now here are a few pics to hold ya over :D

Stay Tuned!

p.s sry if this is on the wrong board.