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General Discussion / [Survival idea]
Dec 03, 2018, 06:45 PM
i have an idea of what i want to do (if i have the money to do so every month around the 16th, could be 15th could be 17th depending if the 16th lands on a saturday or sunday) but i was planning on buying a random player on survival the rank [Contributer] which is $12.00 which is roughly £9.42, then i thought what if the player already has a rank that is higher than contributer (this is including staff) then what do i get them.

so my question is, if you already have a rank that is higher than contributer then what would you want that totals up to $12.00, it can be more than 1 item as long as the total is $12, i want to know so i have an ideas of what to get people that is higher than contributer rank so everyone has a chance of getting something. you have to be able to get it from /buy on survival

so to be clear if you don't have a rank that is [Contributer] and is lower than contributer like elite then you will get contributer.

if your rank is [Contributer] or higher like custom prefix or benefactor (or staff) than you could get anything that is in the price range of $12 (could be multiple things)

please leave your suggestions below, thanks.

General Discussion / Autism
Aug 08, 2018, 10:28 PM
I regularly get asked what is Aspergers (not always on the server but i have been asked a few times) so i am going to give a shortish explanation of what Autism what there is. if you still have any questions that i have not answered than you can ask them below or if you'd rather you can pm me on here.

What is Autism

Autism is a spectrum disorder. It is considered a spectrum condition because there is a group/category of behaviours that have specific key features but the part that makes it different from the other types on the spectrum is how the different behaviours are seen typically ranging from mild to severe.

What is ASC

ASC is the technical term for autsim (not the spectrum), ASC is short for Autism Spectrum Condition, it's the most common known form of autism and it's vastly known as a social disorder or disorder.

People who have autism are generally seen as having limited social, emotional and communication skills and they tend to mainly focus in on the obsessive and repetitive behaviour.

some people with autism can have delays cognitively (mental or intellectual process or the action taken by which people think, reason, understanding of ideas and how they remember things). their behaviour can fluctuate sometimes their behaviour can be calm and then the next minute their behaviour can be out of control. one reason for the fluctuation in their behaviour could be because of sensory overload

What is Asperger Syndrome

this is generally and greatly considered as the 'milder' type of autism on the spectrum. People with Asperger's Syndrome are typically similar to people who are in the 'mainstream' of society compared to people who have autism.  this is because their typical daily responses and behaviours are closely similar, thus being one of the hardest to diagnose.

Because people with Aspergers are close to people in 'mainstream' society it means less people are diagnosed. Also note that every individual with Asperger's syndrome is different from another individual with Asperger's syndrome, once you've met one person with Aspergers you've only met one person with Aspergers.

What is High-Functioning Autism

High-Functioning Autism is hard to differentiate from Asperger's syndrome and it is just as difficult for professionals to diagnose. people with High-Functioning Autism (i'm now going to be referring it as HFA from now on) could exhibit some features of asperger's, for instance they could have limited social skills, have obsessive interests and also have emotional responses which in some cases are seen as inappropriate. However people with HFA are more likely to be smarter than your average person and they are more likely to occupy professional positions such as a professor or an ICT technician because of how intelligent they are.

How does Asperger's affect me

My Asperger's affects me mainly with communication. My communication my seem alright and even in person it may seem alright at times but when i explain something that is where i tend to screw up because i'll be trying to explain something and the person just won't understand yet they say that they do which will infuriates me.
So many of you may know (or not) that i am currently doing a level 2 Autism Awareness course. I luckily managed to complete part A out of the 3 parts i have in the small amount of times i had, the bit which was most struggling for me was the legislation part, always found it tedious and difficult as i can never manage to find the right information that is needed. so i was wondering, if i get any more legislation in the next 2 parts, would i be able to gain any help from here???
General Discussion / photography
Jul 08, 2018, 08:23 PM
i thought it would be nice for us to share some photos (NOT Selfies) using either phone camera, digital camera, compact camera or dslr camera. i thought it would be nice to show off some of our photos.

here are some photos i've taken with my Fujifilm Finepix S4300 camera. I took these the other week when it was sweltering hot over here in UK (more specifically Scarborough) an i went to Peasholm Park.