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Maya and I will be hosting RFTB on 1/26 at 8:00 pm EST for this week's Weekend Event!
There will be three rounds with the winner of each round getting 100k emp!

There will be death (this is a death event) and there will be glory!  Come prepared to have fun!
After a much anticipated wait, I am proud to announce that /warp minigolf is now open!  This beautiful golf course features 18 superbly put together holes that will dazzle your inner Tiger Woods.  The course starts offs it's journey in a small mine where you will easily concur the first 6 holes.  After the mine, the holes will start to get more and more challenging as new obstacles and mechanics are introduced.

Practice makes perfect, so bring a friend and brush up your skills as I will be hosting "Can you distraught the Aut" challenges where you can try to beat me at my own game.  Winners will get prizes valued at over 50k EMP if you can dethrone the king of golf himself.

Why feel like a lucky ducky when you be a KING!