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Pixelmon changes:
- Turned on Legendary spawns
- Pixelmon update
- New style of Legend Quest to meet release schedule, @RallyReaper will post more details on the pixelmon board
New mods:
- FutureMC added (enjoy all the new blocks from 1.12-1.16)
- Added MoBends (more realistic animations)
- Added Bibliocraft (asthetic mod)
- Added More Overlays (for seeing chunk boards/light levels)
- Added backpack (BACKPACKS!)
- Added Builds wands (for easier large builds)
- Add More Furnaces (Turn up the heat!)
- TR/TM shop finished (Shopkeepers love rare randy!) (Go straight from spawn, then hang a right at the last building that has a whole down)
- AutoShop permissions!
- /autoshop directory so players can easily find autoshops Request to be added here!
- Reset The End
- Reset The Nether
- Performance improvements
Follow the form to request to be added to /autoshop!
  • At least 10 chests with items for sale
  • Active owner (at least one sign on per month
[b]Your ign:[/b]
[b]Your autoshop name[/b]
[b]What you want the warp name to be[/b]
[b]Description of shop[/b]
If you go inactive, and your shop loses stock we reserve the right to remove the listing. Re-request here if you want it added back.
Discord Notifications
Tired of checking the forums? Well now you can opt-in to forum notifications to show up on your discord! This is fully customizable in the normal Forums way, with the added option for Discord alerts. You will need to add your discord id (find it by doing +idfinder on our discord, here or here) to your account settings page where it says Discord ID. If you have any questions, please ask!

General Announcements
New topics in General Announcements now automatically show up in announcements, beeping the PingMe role.
New forum user registration shows up on the welcome channel on discord

Thanks yous
Below are some projects that were instrumental in getting this system working.
General announcements/welcome messages -> https://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=4190
Discord PHP link -> https://github.com/teamreflex/DiscordPHP
Packaging Tool -> https://github.com/clue/phar-composer
Actual code hooking into SMF and sending to discord was me.
The NEW Pixelmon 8.0 update is now LIVE! Join today, that is, if you're ready to catch'em all.

  • Full Reset
  • Gen 8 pokemon
  • Gym improvements
  • Updated pack (hats is back! and shader ready)

Download technic launcher: http://www.technicpack.net/download
Run the technic launcher and click on the "modpacks" button
Paste the following link into the search bar:

Thank you to @Dday694 , @KasaiHono , @SaintTheBarman, @Seth5114 , @eegray , @xQuicScopex , @Live2Ride17 , @NotChocobo654321 and others for the amazing work! It looks great :)
SFT Modded / [Modded] Banned Items list
Aug 30, 2020, 12:35 AM
Stoneblock 2
Item NameReason
RFTools Spawner
Watch of Flowing timeLag - Tick Acceleration
MC Eternal
Item NameReasonTerrain worldsother worlds
ICBMBeing too awesomely explosiveYesOf course not, have fun!
DynamiteBeing too awesomely explosiveYesOf course not, have fun!
Wand of AnimationLag with the scale of mob farmsYesYes
Extrautilities ChunkloaderLag - chunk loadingYesYes
mekanism anchor upgradeLag - chunk loadingYesYes
Block hut minerBypass protectionsYesNo
Portal GunBypass protectionsYesNo
Gratity AcceleratorBypass protectionsYesNo
West Coast US: 9am
East Coast US: noon
Europe: evening

MC Eternal has a little bit for everyone. However you play, there is something new to explore. We have a lot planned for this release, hope to see you in-game! If you have any questions, please ask in the #modded-feedback on discord.

System requirements:
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Generally a computer that can play mc
Technical install instructions TBD.

As always, have a good one!
if ANY of the following happen my profile picture changes to the Prettiest Pink Princess . If two happen, myself and quic will rock the Prettiest Pink Princess Role globally in-game and on discord (y'all know its going to be pink and red). If three, myself and quic wear all pink leather armour. If four, all the above now happens for a month rather than 2 weeks
  • We hit 300$/mo on patreon at the end of the month
  • 500$ globally on all SFT servers over the course of a month
  • :diamond: 2000 votes globally during this month got 7/16/20
  • 1000 new joins globally this month
  • 150 players online at once globally
(special thanks to @Relevent_Choas for the image)

(Post here or dm me if you see any of the criteria being met, this post will be updated as the milestones are passed)
SFT Modded / [Future] Suggest Event Servers!
Jun 26, 2020, 06:37 AM
This is still a ways out, but feel free to suggest/discuss event servers here!

What we are looking for: A pack we can have for a weekend to a month. Different than traditional/longstanding servers in at least one significant way.

Confirmed we will have these:
Modded UHC
A very hard pack. Not sure which one yet.


Lost Islands
Throwback skyblock 1.7
Throwback overworld 1.6
Enigmatica 2 Expert
As the HARD pack
Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
adventuring pack. DRAGONS
FTB Regrowth
"So basically, in this modpack, you start out in a fresh new world, where the whole world is a like a baron planet, where dirt is somewhat rare (You have to go mining to find your first set of dirt) and this modpack has a questbook to guide you through the modpack too if you dont know what to do. You start from the absolute beginning, where your main focus is trying to get ores, which can be made through botania, botania is a very important mod to progress in this modpack. It includes special types of farming etc. This modpack basically goes through magical and rustic kinds of mods, you could say its kind of like real life where you get to explore different things, because you can see whats in the ocean, but you have to have proper equipment otherwise your air bubbles go down super fast. There are some broken down structures, and treasure maps you can get to find different things. I havent gotten super far, but I got most of the general things like second to highest tier crop farms, and what I can say from this is that it can be very grind-like. You can build things to make the crops grow faster and all, heck you could work on other things while your farm grows and stuff like that, Its a really fun modpack, can be addictive to people, but some people may not feel the same, I just like how its primary focus is, you must build defense first and then start doing things"

Technical garbage:
Any 1.6.X server will be IP whitelisted. Any 1.7.X server will not be added to the bungee. Any 1.8+ server can be added to the bungee. Easier versions: 1.6.4 (B-Team forge version), 1.7.10 (Lost Island forge version), 1.8.8 (Vanilla), 1.12.2 (Enigmatica 2 forge version)
SFT Modded / [Modded] Future Plans
Jun 20, 2020, 08:01 AM
TLDR: We will be having a Stoneblock 2 server soon, and an MC Eternal server soon after that.

Long term we want to have a small handful of servers that cover a large section of the beauties that modded has to offer. A skyblock, and an overworld, and occasionally some other more specialty ones. Since these packs need to stay awhile, we are thinking MC Eternal for the overworld pack, and Stoneblock 2 for the skyblock pack. If you have some reason why those don't work, please let us know! Much of the details on how/when are in the FAQ.

Long term servers:
Skyblock: Stoneblock 2
Overworld: MC Eternal
Event Servers
This would be things modpacks want to explore/throwbacks. Some examples of things that could be an event server:
  • Modded UHC
  • B-Team
  • Lost Islands
  • Enigmatica 2 Expert (or other ridiculously hard pack)
  • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
  • Texxit?
  • RLCraft?

On these servers You will earn prestige points, which can be redeemed to skip the early game on future event servers.
Event World
This is a shared space for all of participating servers (currently modded and pix) to play events together and win prizes on a server of their choice! More details in Stoneblock's release date announcement.


Why Stoneblock 2?
Although it is an older 1.12 and most people have completed it, everyone seemed to love it and siad they would be willing to play again.

Why MC Eternal?
A pack with loads of content, looks great so far, getting media attention right now, has adventuring elements as well, which many of you said you wanted in the previous poll.

What about The 1.7.10 Pack?
This pack will get phased out. I hate putting an axe above it, but more than that I will be honest with you, and you deserve to know.

What about Enigmatica 2?
This pack will get phased out. I hate putting an axe above it, but more than that I will be honest with you, and you deserve to know. You will get prestige points for you uptime/base here (due to the fact that it was up so short). Details to come later.

When will they be axed?
Whenever they become empty, or 2 weeks after Stoneblocks release, whatever is later. We reserve the right to push this out, although we will not make it sooner. Ask one week after Stoneblock's release and we will give you guys final dates.

Which will get launched first?
Stoneblock 2, followed by MC Eternal. This is so we have a skyblock and an overworld pack up at once.

When will Stoneblock launch?
Soon. We will begin hype one week before by mentioning modded player on our discord and with a front page announcement. Launch will be midday on a Saturday.

When will MC Eternal get launched?
After both Enigma and 1710 are gone, and once it is ready.
NOTE: Even if you have not played modpacks before, but are willing to give it a try, please fill out this poll to the best of your knowledge, if you don't know the answer to a question, that's fine too.

Unfortunately due to the complex nature in the organization of this poll, please post your response below rather than just checking a box. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but the increased value of having consolations between different answers warrants the extra effort both on my side, and yours. If you want to respond anonymously, dm me, and I will put a post here.
[b]Do you like skyblock or overworld? [/b]
[b]Do you like quests? [/b]
[b]Do you like the grind? [/b]
[b]Do you want a separate server where your skills can be put to the test, but you still have your main base? [/b]
[b]How many GB of RAM do you have? [/b]
[b]Do you like tech? [/b]
[b]Do you like magic? [/b]
[b]Do you like exploring/adventuring? [/b]
[b]How hard of a modpack do you want? [/b]
[b]How much modded experince do you have? [/b]

Explanation of intent of questions:
Do you like skyblock or overworld? This question is trying to figure out which of the two modes do you prefer, or are you indifferent to which mode.
Do you like quests? Question is self-explanatory
Do you like the grind? Some mod packs require an insane amount of repetitive, tedious actions in order to succeed. Do you like that?
Do you want a separate server where your skills can be put to the test, but you still have your main base? Question is self-explanatory
How many GB of RAM do you have? Question is self-explanatory
Do you like tech? Question is self-explanatory
Do you like magic? Question is self-explanatory
Do you like exploring/adventuring? Question is self-explanatory. DISCLAIMER: This is hard to do in a multiplayer environment.
How hard of a modpack do you want? Question is trying to get at how hard do you want it? Some packs aim to give that vanilla+ experience (like our pixelmon server), others try to give a modded experience, others seek to challenge your skills by changing all crafting recipes so it takes a stack of cobblestone just to make one furnace. How hard do you want?
How much modded experience do you have? This can range from I have never played modded before, but am willing to try it, to I am a modded master and know almost any mod you throw at me.

Example response:
Do you like skyblock or overworld? I prefer skyblock, but I am willing to play an overworld pack
Do you like quests? Although I prefer quests, I don't need them.
Do you like the grind? Frankly no.
Do you want a separate server where your skills can be put to the test, but you still have your main base? Yes. I love getting challenged, but there are also times I just want to chill and make a really cool system not worrying about resources.
How many GB of RAM do you have? 32GB
Do you like tech? Yes, and can't really live without it
Do you like magic? Yes, but I can live without it on a normal pack, I do enjoy tinkering with it though and seeing how cool it is. The animations of astral sorcery are on point.
Do you like exploring/adventuring? Eh. Can live without.
How hard of a modpack do you want? I want both a normal modpack experience and a crazy hard one
How much modded experience do you have? I know a good deal of mods, but there are still some that I would like to get into.
SFT Modded / [OUTDATED] Server organization
May 30, 2020, 11:13 AM
IP for all servers (it is in a Bungee network) is modded.superfuntime.org


This server will stand the test of time. Modpack chosen for a stable pack, in which people can play for hundreds of hours and still have things to do.

Currently Hosting=The 1.7.10 Pack Install guide

This server is for those who want a simple Pokemon in minecraft experience. We have some small quality of life improvements like chisel's and bits, but gives a vanilla minecraft feel.

This server is a rotating one, every ____ (We have never done this before so we don't know how long people will want it. We will have poll weeks in advance before this is cycled out.). Modpacks that are good contenders for this server are ones with unique content, but not mega-packs that are designed to grind endlessly.

Currently Hosting=Enigmaica 2 Installation guide

This server is about looking good, and a place to gather. Anyone can join using any client from 1.8-1.15.

Event World
This server is for events! Any client 1.8-1.15 can join. You rewards here can be redeemed on any of the above servers!
    CurseForge (Windows or Mac)
    • Download the Curse Forge launcher with overwolf here or by clicking the button shown when navigating to the mods tab on the twitch launcher
    • In the "Choose a game" section install minecraft(Although if you used the twitch launcher things should still be set up for you)
    • Make sure you dedicate at least 6GB of ram
    • Install 'Stoneblock 2' or 'MC Eternal'
    • Play!
    • IP is stoneblock2.superfuntime.org or mceternal.superfuntime.org respectively

    Steps for SFT Launcher (Windows, Mac or Linux)
    • Download from here
    • Follow prompts (detailed instructions here)
    • Hit Launch!

    MultiMC (Windows, Mac or Linux)
    • Download MultiMC here
    • Launch MultiMC
    • Click on Profiles (upper right)
    • Add a new profile
    • Enter your username and password
    • Click Add instance
    • Go to the import from zip tab
    • For Stoneblock download this zip https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-presents-stoneblock-2/download/2818169/file
    • For MC Eternal download this zip https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/minecraft-eternal/download/3018921/file
    • Go back to MultiMC and browse to where you saved the zip
    • Click OK and wait for it to finish installing
    • Open settings -> Java Settings -> ram -> Then increase the max memory to 6500 or higher. Then Hit Close
    • Start the instance!
    • IP is modded.superfuntime.org
    • link to optifine can be found here

    Problems? Ask in #modded-feedback on our discord[/list]
    There is a ton of new content coming to modded! Starting with the release of Enigmatic 2. If you are someone who never got into modded because of the learning curve, this pack walks you through it! Even if you are returning modded veteran, this pack will force you to take a different approach to modded, and may spice up your experience. Stay tuned! More details will be added soon.

    Countdown here

    Features include
    - bungee (woo!)
    - a lobby you join to (no more disconnecting for a restart)
    - minigames to play in the lobby to pass time
    - global messaging and parties (message and talk with your part no matter which server they are on!)
    - release of our first rotation pack, Enigmatica 2 mode (on twitch launcher or multimc)
    - a link to pix to bring the modded community together!
    - our own eventworld with a TON of games to play (thanks tow and sasha for allowing us to use one of yours)

    P.S. Sorry about the late announcement, but we have just been so busy working on the server, we totally forgot to announce in detail ahead of time. If you want to stay in the loop about what is coming to modded, get the Modded Player rank and talk in #modded-feedback on our discord

    Installation instructions
    B-Team / [B-Team] How to fix skins on B-Team
    Feb 18, 2018, 05:32 PM
    Fix using a mod: (just add to your mods folder for B-Team)
    I have looked at the code of the oldest version and it looks good, but I have no control over this and it is not affiliated with SFT. If you want instructions on how to install specifically per platform dm me on discord. If you are having problems with this mod dm me on discord I can get you in contact with the mod's author.

    My solution: (requires admin access)
    Don't trust me to reroute traffic from your computer? https://github.com/blalp/replacement-for-minecraft-lagacy-skin-servers run the server yourself if you want to.

    How to fix skins:
    For Windows:
            Close your broswer and open (you may have to shutoff antivirus for this step). Start Menu -> Notepad -> Right Click -> Open as Administrator and open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts With notepad as Admin and add this on a new line at the end      skins.minecraft.net DO NOT ADD A # AT THE BEGINNING. Then save. This checks to see when minecraft is trying to go to skins.minecraft.net and tells it to go to the IP address "" instead.
            Now open file explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ then delete the hosts that isnt a text file. Then at the top of that window go to View -> Options. Then the View tab on that dialog box. The uncheck Hide extensions for known file types. Then hit apply. Righ click on hosts.txt then rename "hosts.txt" to "hosts".
            Start your antivirus if  you stopped it.
            Now restart minecraft :smiley:
    For linux:
            execute sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d skins.minecraft.net -j DNAT --to-destination        execute sudo sh -c 'iptables-save > /etc/iptables/mc_skins.rules'        google your distrubiotn of linux and how to execute a command at startup. execute this. iptables-restore < /etc/iptables/mc_skins.rules Alterativly you could write a bash script iptables-restore < /etc/iptables/mc_skins.rules && java -jar ./TechnicLauncher.jar
    for mac:
            Open terminal as Administrator and execute sudo nano /etc/hosts and add this on the end     skins.minecraft.net DO NOT ADD A # AT THE BEGINING. This checks to see when minecraft is trying to go to "skins.minecraft.net" and tells it to go to the IP address "" instead. Control + x then y then enter.
            Now restart minecraft :smiley:
            If it doesnt work try executing sudo dscacheutil -flushcache in terminal

    Thanks to Mord3005, jedidude84, werewolfxx5 for testing
    I am stepping back (doing less, yet still being here for emergencies) in order to make time for my own projects and to plan for my future without the feeling that I could/should be helping you guys instead. The breakdown of what will happen to the various servers day-to-day that I am owner on is below:
    Custom plugins for all servers:
    > I am teaching how my custom plugins work to @BluetigerESW and will teach @darknuju
    Lost Sky:
    > @ceddy24 is getting owner he will manage staff/players from in-game
    > If you need to be removed from an island, i am still the one to message, yet I will probably be making this an admin+ ability sometime
    > @Mord3005 is getting owner he will manage staff/players from in-game
    > If any experienced java people want to help out of bteam, message @Towelie with your skill level, an example, and any mc related experience, and sft ranks

    I will be checking my discord, but not forums. So if you do want to contact me in the case of an emergency, use discord.
    When DNA breeders were originally banned they did not need to be as the auto eject upgrade was an element that was needed in order to crash the server. That being said if someone does find a crash with these items pls get in contact with me. Preferably discord or talk to staff in-game. Gene shop closed as no longer needed. Shoutout to @xQuicScope and @Mord3005 quic tested, mord was willing to.
    There are various things to fix/add on skyfactory and I want to do them in order that best reflects what you guys want. PLEASE suggest other additions/modifications in pms with me on forums, or discord (can be found on the official sft discord at sftmc.org/chat). You can also suggest changes here, but I would prefer to discuss things in pm first then open it up here so we can discuss feasibility and other factors in pms.
    Vote on your top two favorite names! There will be a final round!
    some ideas so far:
    LostFactory - Alpha
    Skyfactory - ftb ppl
    Lost Islands v2 -blalp
    SkyLostFactory, The Lost Factory - Rose2247
    TheLostSky - IiRr22Bb
    Heaven - GotAnError
    Sky Islands - werewolf
    Floaty Mc Floatface - Towelie

    something else? request in the post this list will be updated.
    B-Team / [B-Team] Reset houses
    Sep 16, 2017, 07:21 AM
    way to get to your house (warp or /home):
    did you tell me to move and i said "later":

    It will take some time to do each one, you should have simply moved your build or asked someone else to move.
    B-Team / [B-Team] World Reset Plan
    Sep 01, 2017, 06:03 PM
    Reset on Sept 15:
     :slimeball: Tropicraft
     :slimeball: Moon
     :slimeball: Mars
     :slimeball: End
     :slimeball: Nether

    Moved to archive on Sept 15:
     :slimeball: World 1

    NOTICE: DEPENDING on what blocks you have in your base it may or may not be possible to move bases to World2.

    Reset Weekly:
     :slimeball: Torment

    Reset Monthly:
     :slimeball: Nether
     :slimeball: End
     :slimeball: Dream
     :slimeball: Promised Land

    BCV on Worlds:
     :slimeball: World 2

    I will try to get /random working for all worlds that it makes sense (Nether, Dream, Tropicraft, Moon, Mars).
    B-Team / [B-Team] Inactivty thread
    Aug 10, 2017, 04:42 AM
    If you are going to be inactive because of vacations and such, please post here.
    1. Only post on this topic if you are going to be inactive for more than 3 weeks.
    2. Remember to state when you're going to return.
    3. If you are going to be gone for more than 3 months (90 days) we cannot guarantee the safety of your builds from BCV. Please add a person (with their consent) you trust to stay active to your protection if this is you.
    4. If you play on any other SuperFunTime servers, remember to make a post on their inactivity boards too!
    5. Do not post on this board if you are planning on leaving SuperFunTime, Instead, message TowelieDOH on the forums.

    Note: If you do not specifiy a date, the post will be deleted after 1 month!

    Note: Locked posts will be removed 2 weeks after being locked!

    Alternatively, you can use this code to help you out (Optional!):
    In-game name:
    Return date:
    Reason for inactivity:

    P.S. this is the B-Team equivalent of this board https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/board,102.0.html

    List of current inactive players

    Names:Start Date:  End Date: 
    Enderguard10 29/08/18 Unclear
    Ever wanted your own prefix? Something to stand out from the normal easily obtainable ranks? Say hello to Custom Prefixes!
    Now available in the premium shop! It works by you (donator) requesting a prefix. Then a staff (Mod+) accepting the prefix.
    Would you be interested in a one-time use custom prefix package?

    Here are the basic criteria that the staff are using.
    • Must be surrounded with some sort of brackets
    • No swearing
    • Must not resemble staff/clearly a player rank
    • Must not be offensive
    • Max of 10 characters long

    Thanks to BlunterWarrior for suggesting! And someone else from lost that I cannot remember srry, but thx!
    Quote from: BlunterWarrior on Jun 21, 2017, 10:34 PM
    Quote from: blalp on Jun 21, 2017, 10:05 PM
    Quote from: xQuicScopex✪ on Jun 21, 2017, 07:26 PM
    Quote from: BlunterWarrior on Mar 19, 2017, 04:03 PMWhat about being able to buy (with real money) prefixes

    That is completely possible. Like choose from a list, make your own? @BlunterWarrior
    I'm saying making your own, as I think players would like to have custom prefixes of their choice. @blalp
    Recently there have been some new packages added to the B-Team premium shop! (that being here). Also, the shop follows the design of other SFT Premium shops now! It also has the nicer looking pictures(example below)! New Featured Category! And some changes to the B-Team Owner team below.
    Some new packages got added:
    XP Boost
     :goldenapple: Strength Boost
     :goldenapple: Haste boost
     :goldenapple: Night Vision
     :goldenapple: Regen Boost
     :goldenapple: Resistance Boost
     :goldenapple: Water Breathing
     :goldenapple: Jump Boost
     :goldenapple: Fire Resistance
     :goldenapple: Speed boost
     :zombie: Marine Costume
     :zombie: Spetsnaz Costume
     :steve: Wing Man Kit
     :steve: Dinosaur Keeper Kit

    Also, the shop follows the design of other SFT Premium shops now! It also has the nicer looking pictures!

    New Featured Category (Will be updated with the hottest items)!
    Just thought i would mention, that you DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to donate, you can donate with a Debit or Credit as well! When you click on the pay with PayPal button this will pop up, just click on the bottom button as shown.

    Don't Forget our Patreon Page!

    And Since I have all you B-Team players here already, I have some sad news. My first HoS, Mr. @iLaxrv10 has resigned from Owner on B-Team :'( . He Is really busy atm, so good luck with all that stuff iLax!

    I also have another announcement, we have a new Owner on B-Team. You all know her, @TheStarNomad✯ is the new B-Team Owner! Wooo Congratz and stuff!

    Special Thanks to @TheStarNomad✯ because the forum apparently did not want me posting this. Right as I hit send:
    (my login timer ran out) and when I log back in it gives me a blank screen. Thankfully Nomad was around so I could ask if she wanted to add anything, and just perchance save this post. Thanks!
    B-Team / [Suggestions] Feedback
    May 14, 2017, 12:25 AM
    Ever wanted to rant at me or think something I did was wrong/ didn't like the way how I did something/ highlight something you really like?
    Now you can without me knowing who sent the feedback! here. Please include specific events if you can, or you can talk generally.

    Sorry about not being in-game very much lately. I will try to get 6hours on SFT globally, I just don't like not being on away from the people that is my job to help.

    Plans for B-Team (unknown eta):
    • Improve donator shop (/buy)(If you have any ideas pls pm me)
    • Figure out bugs
    • Fix said bugs
    • Make Auto name-changer (not sure if possible)
    • Find out why items are banned
    • Fix items

    If you ever have any suggestions please feel free to contact me or if you have any information on why an items was banned please contact me (forum pm/discord). Sorry I have been so resistant to feedback in the past, I was trying to be critical. I will try to consider your ideas, think of problems and solutions to those problems.

    I am more of a backend Owner for B-Team where the HoS team knows what you guys want and more about bteam.

    Have a great day,
    Ever wanted to rant at me or think something I did was wrong/ didn't like the way how I did something/ highlight something you really like?
    Now you can without me knowing who sent the feedback! here. Please include specific events if you can, or you can talk generally.

    Sorry about not being in-game very much lately. I will try to get 6hours on SFT globally, I just don't like not being on away from the people that is my job to help.

    Plans for Lost long term (unknown eta):
    • Make a tool so i can monitor lag better (unsure if possible)
    • Use said tool to decrease lag
    • Get donations
    • Create a tool to fix bugs (should be possible)
    • Use said tool to fix bugs
    • Use said tool to fix reasons why items are banned

    If you ever have any suggestions please feel free to contact me. Sorry I have been so resistant to feedback in the past, I was trying to be critical. I will try to consider your ideas, think of problems and solutions to those problems.

    You guys as a community are really nice (Staff are great too). I just want to thank you for your good behavior overall.

    Have a great day,
    Quote from: Fractalion on Mar 12, 2017, 04:26 AM
    Quote from: Rose2247 on Mar 12, 2017, 04:11 AM
    Quote from: blalp on Mar 10, 2017, 06:13 PM
    Quote from: Tyler7733 on Mar 10, 2017, 05:48 PM<snip>
    any other reasons not to have death messages that people can think of?
    They can get kinda annoying as people try to do everything they can to get death messages. Even the stupid death messages.

    While I agree that people can get a bit spammy with death messages, I also think that that would fall under the "no spamming" rule, and could be punishable much the same way that normal spamming is. (Unless of course the person is actually in an infinite death cycle, in which case the death messages would be a good way of identifying that problem, given that they'll probably be unable to send a message in chat)

    I have two real reasons that I'd like to see them re-enabled, though.
    • It's entertaining to see the messages when people die. It would make you try even harder to not die, because you probably wouldn't want everyone to see you had died in some hilarious way. I think that would add an extra layer of fun to the current Lost Islands experience, if perhaps in a subtle way.
    • It would actually be useful to know when someone had died. For example, if someone dies to a ghast there's a pretty good chance that they're in the nether, and knowing that they had died would give people a chance to step up and help them either reclaim or replace their lost gear.
    Quote from: Tyler7733 on May 01, 2017, 11:59 PMSo are death messages a forgotten topic, not going to be re-enabled because of a given reason above, not going to be re-enabled because of sky factory, or something else?
    I am taking a break for 16 days to get some stuff done irl. I will not be checking anything during this time. If you need something not urgent, post in survay in my signature. If it is uregent talk to ceddy24, Mlg_AlphaFire or Rose2247. They will help you ir defer you to help. Dpa may look at skyfaftory in my absence.

    So I am going to try to release the skyfactory server within the next 3 weeks. There may be quite a few bugs and items that need to be banned, so pls pm me if you find any of these items. Lost will stay up for a little while after the release (at least a couple weeks. Depends on how many players), but we are going to shift to skyfactory. Sound Good to everyone?

    Nothing will carry over. Not uptime ranks, donations, ect. Srry about that, but due to the fact I cannot  transfer all ranks over, Lost being up at the same time (so the people would get double perks).

    Another Skyfactory update. I recently looked at lost islands donations. There are none. Donations are what allows Lost Islands to stay up. I hate to say this, but without donations, Lost is just sucking resources from SFT and not helping pay the bills at all. Please donate guys. As for skyfactory. It is taking longer than expected, Tow/dpa fixed a couple lag issues, and the complete lack of donations make it hard for me to justify making an entire new server, just to suck more of SFT's resources. If you guys can get 200$ in donations, I will work on skyfactory. And We need donations, because unfortunately the website, and the server all cost money to host. I personally would love it if it could all be free for us to host, but it isnt. Sorry, but it had to be said. I love Lost, don't get me wrong. I just cannot justify spending hours setting up a new server with a fantastic community, but no donations. Lost will stay up. SkyFactory Canceled (unless you guys reach 200 in donations (no time limit)). Sorry.
    If you buy X ammount of stuff on the lost donatorshop today, then you can buy X dollars worth of stuff on the skyfactory premium shop if/when it comes out.

    Donation Count: 56.99/200
    Hello people of B-Team, if you have a suggestion as to what we should add to the server Autoshop or the EMP, please do not hesitate to comment! Use the code below for any suggestion you may have:

    [b]How much should we sell it for:[/b]
    [b]How much should you sell it to us for:[/b]
    [b]Item Name:[/b]
    [b]Item ID:[/b]
    [b]Small Sentence as to why it Should be Added:[/b]
    [b]Is it a Banned or Unobtainable Item:[/b]
    There was a dupe glitch associated with the computer, so it had to be banned :( I was wondering what you guys wanted to do in response. For example, should we add horse eggs to emp?
    You can report glitches In this survay and then pm me. If you do submit something here pls pm me so I can check post.

    If you have any glitches you have noticed me about previously please submit here.
    We have had two world rollbacks in the last little while due to thermal flui pipes. banning so we don't have to rollback world again. @saywhat2365 will be working on a fix for this
    IF THIS MOVE DOES HAPPEN, IT WILL BE A LITTLE WHILE. Nothing is set in stone yet (-uptime not transferring). This is more of a long term question. Keep playing lost as you have been. I will update you if/when it is closer.

    • More players (skyfactory is more known)
    • Should be less laggy server side
    • Your ideas here
    • No modpack control
    • Complete reset

    The mods are about the same. No blood magic, no thaumic tinkerer, but iron chests and chicken chunks and sync.

    Leaning towards project ozone also https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/project-ozone-2-reloaded. I am not opposed to SkyFactory on AT launcher. https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/SkyFactory/ Would love to hear your guys thoughts on this.

    Money, uptime, and ranks would not transfer.

    What do you think?
    Don't Soulbound Draconic, we think it is what is causing the draconic armour/staff/bow to dispear.
    B-Team / [B-Team] Auto restarter
    Mar 31, 2017, 12:24 AM
    Quote from: blalp on Mar 22, 2017, 03:48 AMLost now has an auto-restart feature! This will trigger when the tps is below 5 for over 10 seconds or so. You can also /voterestart. This requires 100% agreement to prevent trolling or constant restarts. I have the values configurable, so if it is restarting too fast or too slow, please let me know.

    Have a great lag free day,
    Added to bteam as well. If it doesn't work sometime, please pm me with date and time (in time zone 0+) and an details you have. Thank you for you time and have a great day,
    @Ash_Gamez @Schokofrosch1401 I need input in order to fix this if it is a problem.
    Lost now has an auto-restart feature! This will trigger when the tps is below 5 for over 10 seconds or so. You can also /voterestart. This requires 100% agreement to prevent trolling or constant restarts. I have the values configurable, so if it is restarting too fast or too slow, please let me know.

    Have a great lag free day,
    As you might have noticed, I have not signed on to lost as much (if at all) in the past couple weeks. This is because I am helping out more on a global SFT scope, such as website, prison, ect. I will continue to be around on skype/discord a lot if you need me. Please don't feel bad if I have to defer you/your question to someone else. It is only because I (unfortunately) don't have unlimited time. I want to help you all, don't get me wrong, just I have to scale down a bit. Does this mean I am forgetting about lost completely? No way. I will continue to try to brainstorm ideas to improve lost, as well as looking at how other sft servers do things, and I am trying to get a couple developers (currently in training) to help out on lost and fix some major problems. If the server is dying or a bug/glitch is happening, by all means, please pm me. For example, I currently have two ideas to improve lost that may take some time to implement. First off, an auto-restarter if tps gets too low (Also will try to add a /voterestart, and if everyone agrees on a restart, it will restart). And additionally, a tour feature when players join for the first time. The chat messages were an improvement, yes, but not enough I feel. This will show them around to a couple locations(<10 seconds) then say another command /tour that will give a more in-depth tour (and 25kEmp). Unfortunately, due to a packed schedule, these will not happen as fast as I would like. The Auto-restarter is first, then the tour.

    Hope you understand and have a nice day ;),
    Ever forgot a command? Or just too lazy to type today?

    This menu has clickable items that you can use to execute various commands. Please note that some of these commands will not execute correctly due to missing arguments, but you can still see the command's text in the lore of the item or in the help message that displays on-screen.

    How do I access this menu?
    /gui or by punching or right clicking with a meteorite compass (AE2) (item id 182). New Players will also spawn in with this compass and it will be included in a new island's chest and kit starter and will not be minechem decomposable.

    Found a typo?
    Go ahead and post here?

    Found a bug?
    Forum pm @blalp

    Thanks to @arch8ic for testing!
    There they are srry they are not in the NEI.
    I had to removed Chicken Chunks yesterday because it was somehow driving the server to 0 tps. I will ban them for a couple days (2/10-2/12), then unban. This will delete the inactive players loaders. Then when as longs as the lag is not bad after it is unbanned, they will stay unbanned. Use them sparingly.

    Sorry, but it just got too bad,
    If you are thinking about posting a bug report, please check to see if you want everyone knowing about your bug/glitch. Dupe bugs/protection bypassing bugs should be handled by private messaging an Admin, or myself (staff team found here).
    When I am referring to "words" I am talking about one of the list of words that you have to de-scramble/type. If you want to suggest some of these "words" please go here!
    Suggest Reactions

    Feel free to suggest new reaction words, bearing in mind they can't involve swearing / disrespect, major spam or anything harmful.
    We recently got the Chicken Chunks mod. In one weeks time I plan to ban the Minefacory Re-loaded chunk loaders. This is due to the increased server lag lately. The chicken chunks loaders are configured to load the chunks only when you are online (like the railcraft personal anchors). There will be a chunk limit at the number of chunks on your island. During this transition, you may exchange MFR chunk loaders for Chicken Chunks chunk loaders. If you want to exchange them, just post here with the cords of your loaders that you want to exchange, and a staff member will tell you in the post ehen they are exchanged.
     if you dont have exact cords, you may describe where it is, but just know that we may not be able to find it.
    Have a good day.
    If you put a combination of ingots and blocks in a draconic reactor then SHIFT-click the extract fuel button and grab it out, all of the awaked blocks will despawn. Remember to normal click instead.

    Have a good day (one that you hopefully don't lose stacks of draconium),
    Ever wanted to talk to just your island party or everyone on your island? Well now you can! /islandtalk [message] or /it [message]. You can also do /partytalk (/ptk) to talk to only people in your party!
    • shurikan:4406
    • shurikan:4407
    • crossbow:4434
    • shurikan:4865
    • throwing knife:4866
    • crossbow:4870
    • mana blaster:5136
    • water sigil:6055
    • lava sigil:6088
    • needlegun:4770(instead banned some ammos)
    Will update the banned items list later

    If any of these still bypass, private me IMMEDIATELY

    And rank uptime and cost updated.