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Hey everyone!
In August, I hosted my first event (grassluck) for a prize of 1 mil, and it felt nice to be able to give out a large prize so in September I built my own grassluck and hosted my first official Monthly Million event :)

What is Monthly Million?
Monthly Million is basically where I host grassluck (more events can be made if suggested) once a month for a 1 mil prize, as the name suggests.

When is it hosted?
I will be hosting this on the 14th of every month, so to promote usage of the forums and have a place to keep you all updated, I will be posting updates under this post. Other than sharing this link, I won't be posting details anywhere else so make sure to check the forums!

Event Details for November 2020:
Date: November 14th, 2020
Time: 2:00 pm PST
Where: /warp MonthlyMillion

Note: Sorry to all the people in different timezones, I will try my best to choose better times but this is the best I can do atm due to school. I will not be reserving spots for those who can't make it unless there are extra spots! These extra spots are not guaranteed and will be on a first come, first serve basis (PM me on discord nb#6705 or reply to this post to reserve extra spots).

If you'd like to help fund my event, all donations are welcome!
Feel free to reply to this post with any suggestions of events you'd like to see! (Preferably luck-based events so everyone has an equal chance)