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Team name: Yeetsweg
Team members: ICritical_
Warp to build: /warp YeeChristmas
General Discussion / Re: 5 Years on SFT
Sep 29, 2019, 07:02 pm
Congrats on 5 years!
IGN: Nawkk_
Uptime in last week: 5 hours
Overall uptime: 5000+ hrs
Banned in past 6 months?: no
Ever banned for xraying/advertising/etc: yes, a few years ago
What rank do you wish to be?: eventhost
Why you want the rank?: because I think it's great to host events, and also it's fun to involve players in such events, plus more events hosted the better fun experience people can have.
What region are you from?: Canada
Discord: yes I do have it if needed.
I don't want rewards, I just want to have fun with playing the game and friends.
I got to say w2 looks awesome nice job
Happy birthday dpa! 🎂
It's sad to see old players like you leave, but it happens in life sometimes, ofc there is always memories of fun times with old friends that were always great, thank you for being awesome part of SFT quic! 😁
Happy birthday blue!
I'm not bothered by the reset, but thanks for trying to save survival from a world reset. Its truly appreciated how hard you work for SFT
Happy birthday!
1.) I just find that there isn't much to do when I join the game, I personally left because this ain't a game as a adult I can enjoy, my home got bcved but that i don't care about I didn't really use it. It was more of hanging out with my SFT friends and whatever.

3.) I'm not active let me state that first, but events, I like those, uh...staff I guess being more engaged with players it seems like they just go help the guest or member then leave at least that's what I see whenever I join I just wanna talk to staff and chill out with them. Otherwise it feels awkward when they just leave right away

PTSD isn't only for military, there is a lot of reasons of why a certain person can have PTSD, (ex: abuse, trauma, car accident, etc.)

ADHD effects concentration on a certain task and sometimes can make you be distracted by something else and might make you lose interest in what you were doing to do the other task instead.

Hopefully that somewhat helped you in a way.
If it's the issue of activity on forums personally I used to like when forums involved the community and had interesting topics to engage people in. Heck, I might even be more active if it was suggested above.
It's not the community, the community is great trust me, it's the aspect of the game which is just repetitive. I've done everything possible in this game to find it fun in the past years. I mean I could try to give suggestions but that won't bring me back to the game.

But aside from that I left because the aspect of minecraft got boring it happens, I don't know what else to say, it's complicated to find a game like this fun after a few years...

happy birthday tow!
I'm truly not being a negative downer here but, hear me out before you think something,

Will this actually work and make sft have more players? Do you have alternative plans?
I'm sorry for the loss, stafida was awesome, he's in a better place with no pain though, that's at least good to know
Even if you reset economy there is ways around it, people will buy items then sell again and that is what minecraft was made to be
Forum Games / Re: Would you press the button
Jul 22, 2016, 03:47 pm

Would you press the button if you could use the Internet but have a old computer that is really slow at loading?
hes a wonderhoe, and a cool mod xd
Thanks fear for your hard work :D
Some red guy named tyvic, always makes cool events and projects