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General Announcements / Re: Call to action
May 08, 2016, 06:40 am
Will see what I can do :)
*slow clap*
Have you tried reloading your pack?
We cannot do anything about this unless we see this in-game for ourselves.
Thank you for reporting.
Still having this issue?
The owner's have been alerted. Please wait as they figure out a solution to this issue. Thanks for reporting.
Resolved. Locked.
Server was deadlocked. Its all fixed now.
"Not very" ;)
Bump much?
    Banned Items

    • Angry Doll[Id:4716](Crashes server)
    • Blood Lamp [Id:1569](Bypasses Protections)
    • 2 Botania Lenses[Id:5257:7,5257:16](Griefing Item)
    • Bound Axe [Id:6074](Griefing Item)
    • Bound Pickaxe [Id:6273](griefing Item)
    • Bound Shovel [Id:6151](Griefing Item)
    • Dev Null[Id:4902](Item duplication)
    • Diamond Dolly [Id:5352](Griefing Item)
    • Dolly [Id:5269](Griefing Item)
    • Ender Retriever [id:unknown](dupe glitch)
    • Energy Bazooka[Id:6178](Destroys world)
    • Filing Cabinet[Id:6055](Item duplication)
    • Firestone[Id:972:5](Destroys world)
    • Flux Chiller[Id:4338](Griefing Item)
    • Flux Igniter[Id:4337](Griefing Item)
    • Flux Road[Id:4337 and 4338](Destroys world)
    • Giant Shuriken [Id:4407](Bypasses PvP Block)
    • Hopper Facade [id:5336:1](Dupe)
    • Key of The King's Law[Id:5167](Bypasses pvp protections)
    • Matter Cannon[id:4106](Griefing item)
    • Mechanist's Workbench [id:2493](dupe bug)
    • Mega Rubber Sapling [Id:629:2](Lag Item)
    • Potato Cannon[Id:4781](Bypasses Pvp)
    • Present[Id:5301 and 5313](Item Duplication)
    • Reinforced and resonat retrivers[Id:4908](Item Duplication)
    • SPAMR launcher[Id:4779](Bypasses Pvp)
    • Sacred Rubber Sapling [Id:629:1](Lag Item)
    • Sacred Rubber Sapling [Id:629:3](Lag Item)
    • Shard of Laputa[Id:4146](Destroys world)
    • Sigil of Magnetisim[id:6072](Dupe)
    • Sleeping Bag [Id:4890][Id:4890](Kills Player)
    • Traveller's Wings [Id:4853](Corrupts Profile)
    • Sigil of the blood Light [id:6107](Bypasses Protections)
    • Sun Dial [id:2337](Would allow permanant day/night (some ritials are needed to be completed at night))

    • Chunk loaderslags server
    This list will continue to be updated as the server progresses. If there are items missing from this list, please message server staff in game or on the forums to have the item added.[/list][/list][/list]
    Quote from: copen6199 on Sep 16, 2015, 04:15 pmlol omg that picture
    I just died inside xD
    Quote from: djkirsh on Sep 16, 2015, 01:21 pmThe voting page is sooooo glitchy on my Mac. Can you make it so there is just a straight list (optional) of places to vote and we can open in a new tab as well as the one vote page for those who find it a convenience? That would persuade me to vote more often.
    I have to admit myself, I have been on the busy side and holding off voting. I vote here and there, but after seeing this post, im gonna vote everyday from now on like I used too. I hope everyone does the same! :)
    Quote from: Dusk_Magician on Sep 14, 2015, 05:28 amTo everyone who said I was being sarcastic, I was >.> but other then this one thing the server has been great :)
    If you have any issues, you can always message me! :P
    Quote from: major_phantom on Sep 13, 2015, 02:54 pm:laugh: That will be helpful to the server to reduce lag!    :)  willthis plugin will be still added at the update? :)
    It's already implemented.
    Forum Games / Re: Ban the person above you!
    Sep 10, 2015, 05:12 am
    Banned for showing vines as gifs.
    Good work to the both of you, I was playing at 3am with  2 players, now this xD
    General Announcements / Re: Feedback Results
    Sep 06, 2015, 04:59 pm
    Saywhat always coming in clutch! Beautiful graphs, thanks guys! :D
    Thanks for the heads up :)
    I prefer Towelie dollars  8)
    Quote from: hieperboy on Sep 05, 2015, 08:21 amA other surgestion make a shop on the spawn

    Do /spawn and turn around, and the Admin Shop is straight inside! :D
    Forum Games / Re: True or False
    Sep 06, 2015, 06:01 am
    Uhh.. I plead the fifth!

    The person below me lives in a house.