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Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy birthday Phoe!!!
Sep 16, 2019, 10:25 pm
Happy Birthday Pho <3
Okay I know you said no to Facebook, but bear with me on this one. A free way of advertising (Which I think is more preferable from what you have described) is to do giveaways on the server? Say for example, get existing members of the community to share the server on their own private facebook accounts with their friends, comment, like and share posts, and if they do, one lucky person will recieve an ingame reward (Such as a mystery chest/vote tokens etc). There is no better way to advertise than seeing a post made by your friend. People trust friends, not adverts.

Try to find a way to get the existing community to share SFT through their own friends, either through word of mouth, or Facebook. Myself, and many others came to SFT through word of mouth of friends, not adverts. All people need is a bit of encouragement to do so, such as giveaways, or anything that you deem appropriate. Using Facebook to do so is an easy way to see what is going on, as you'll be able to see who is actually sharing the page.
Happy birthday mate!!!
Hey everyone, I've had a few weeks off due to holidays, but now I'm back I'm super excited to announce, thanks to some help from Sasha and TeraStorm, I've managed to bring back an old SFT event that players may remember called "Dark Woods" which was played 2014 - 2016 ish. The original event has got lost over multiple resets, so I'm currently constructing a new, larger version of the original in world 3.

The event consists of 10 - 50 players who are all released into a dark forest, mobs are then spawned in the forest and players must fight for their lives. No respawns, no PVP, but armour/food/weapons of any choice are allowed. Last man standing will win the event. It is an old SFT classic which was seldom hosted even 5 years ago, so I hope to bring it back. The event should be completed by the end of next week, and with the EventHost's approval, can go ahead to be hosted :)

I hope that this will perhaps bring old memories back for older SFT players, but also provide a new fun event for newer players. Typically this is a larger event than standard ones in the gaming world, perhaps when complete it could be used as another weekend event idea? Got any memories or suggestions, please don't hesitate to put them forward as I am still building this huge event!

I'll leave this here as a little teaser :)

General Discussion / Re: Post your FACE!
Jul 08, 2019, 11:04 pm
Update! :D Literally dying from heat in this  :o

Forum Games / Re: Last poster wins!
Jun 11, 2019, 02:58 pm
k i win
What is your IGN (in-game nickname)?: Happysheep102
What is your uptime in the last week (/pstats)?: 14 hours
What is your overall uptime(/pstats)?: 1435 hours
Were you banned from our server in the last 6 months?: Nope
Were you ever banned for xraying / advertising / exploiting glitches?: Nope
What rank do you wish to be (EventHost / JMod)?: EventHost
Why do you want that rank?: I'm a very long-standing member of SFT (Over 6 years), I have been staff before, including Head Of Event Hosts around 2015. I've been Admin on SFT Factions, JMod on Pixelmon etc. I have the relevant experience, maturity and attitude to being a valuable member of the SFT staff team. I've been away for 2 years, but I have recently got back into SFT again as I forgot how much I love the place. I'm already a regular again day to day, and most of all I'm friendly and love to have fun! I love hosting events as it brings the community together, I loved the rank of EventHost when I held it many years ago and it'd be an honour to bear it again.
What region are you from? (EU / US / AU / OTHER): United Kingdom
Do you have a Discord account?: Yes (Happysheep102#1868)
General Discussion / Re: Post your FACE!
Feb 16, 2019, 09:20 pm
Been here 6 years so why not xd

I'm the one in the middle :P
I've just returned to SFT after what feels a very long 2 years! It's so great to see that the welcoming community is still alive, brings back great memories :)
Excellent thank you!
General Announcements / Re: SFT Black Friday!
Nov 21, 2015, 10:40 am
Quote from: Towelie on Nov 21, 2015, 10:32 amErm weird... Black friday started this friday in Romania
So I assumed it's like that everywhere. Probably better though because people will still have money for the actual black friday xD

A lot of stores are doing Pre-BlackFriday deals, which is probably what you've seen :P And they're doing it all week, but the actual Black Friday when everyone will be killing eachother in shops is next Friday @Towelie :P
General Announcements / Re: SFT Black Friday!
Nov 20, 2015, 05:23 pm

I have a mid-spec computer, it dramatically decreases my performance, however, sometimes i can cope with low fps for the fabulous graphics it offers. I really want it to stay as i think it really uplifts the aspect of the server and makes it look like a much better place!
General Announcements / Re: Ouch
Oct 30, 2015, 08:02 pm
As me and many other players have said, it isn't SFT, just that weve grown out of it all. It's not your fault, or anyones, and theres no way to make us come back really. Just boredem takes us away...

As a side note, I've come back and started to play factions again :-)
Any news??
General Announcements / Re: Come baack!
Oct 23, 2015, 04:08 pm
Quote from: GotAnError on Oct 23, 2015, 04:05 pmI cannot talk for other people, but I am just playing less because I got into other games. It has nothing to do with you or SFT.

This and we've kinda achieved everything, its like anything, you get bored after a while...
Censored my full name and picture:

Quote from: Towelie on Oct 15, 2015, 02:26 pmWhat do you want from the following:

- A giveaway of the forum (steam <----)
Dis please <3
Thanks! Thought i was going mad!
Funny Stuff / Re: best prank call
Aug 30, 2015, 09:12 pm
Watched it over and over, still cry my eyes out xD
Woo grats Saywhat! You can demote me on even more SFT servers now xd.

Dude your Amazing, always loved ya from Factions <3
Quote from: Chill2000 on Aug 11, 2015, 09:36 amUpdated! :D

Thanks so much chill, I can't update it anymore as I no longer play survival!
Quote from: Towelie on Aug 06, 2015, 05:21 amWindows 10 is awesome tho so that's fine xD
I don't really use cortana or edge, and I don't use wifi networks as I'm on my  desktopp PC and not laptop xD
It's ok, I forgive you Windows 10.

Couldn't agree more ðŸ˜,