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Take Care and Stay safe out there now Boox. I will treasure all the Cakes you've given out to the players as tokens of playing with you, and we are still all your friends weather we're staffees or not.

Remember this Quote: "Farwell if not Goodbye" So Farwell Kianna/Boox, and I hope to seeing you later down the line.
Won't be a hog, and I'd love to redesign the NicholFloyd Railway with a proper scale. If anything has to move of mine, it's the New Haven Boxcar, coupler to coupler, plus the tack underneath. I'd love rebuilding the rest honestly. Shame it's not so easy for everyone else however.
Do you think I could help building a new amusement park?
General Announcements / Re: World2 was reset!
Jul 03, 2016, 02:30 am
I truly am sad that all of my stuff is gone because of this reset, but there is the chance to help the server with the new world. I don't know how exactly to feel, but I will build a whole lot more for the server and for youtube.