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Quote from: antidotelul on May 21, 2020, 03:27 AMcan I make a 1000x1000 block wide statue of her?
if you do that i will give you whatever my balance is when the time comes
Happy birthday brotha
It just isnt meant to be.
will transfer be to new world 1 or to world 3?
What is your IGN (in-game nickname)?: shotzy9
What is your uptime in the last week (/pstats)?: 15 hours but average 10
What is your overall uptime(/pstats)?: 590h
Were you banned from our server in the last 6 months?: never been banned on any server
Were you ever banned for xraying / advertising / exploiting glitches?: nope
What rank do you wish to be (EventHost / JMod)?: JMod
Why do you want that rank?: I was a JMod summer of 2016 and enjoyed it and still enjoy helping people. the more i play currently the more i start to miss being a JMod
What region are you from? (EU / US / AU / OTHER): US
Do you have a Discord account?: yes, shotzy9#0785
sounds fair enough just to keep the new world from cluttering up too fast