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I know I haven't been online in 18273 years but I know you have done lots for the server, and SFT will miss you 😔 I'm glad I met you and ILYY
I hope you have fun doing other things and good luck <333
Idk if this will count, but I made this thing to advertise SFT. I posted it on youtube and put also the details of the server in the description because i forgot that was a thing
Quote from: Chocobo123456 on Dec 20, 2018, 10:46 pmPrizes seem uh balanced in a way with third being best
I think they mean the 3rd round of boat race is 60k, not 3rd place lol
Here's my entry- good luck everyone!

I'm actually pretty excited for this! Something new!
Yay! :D
Username on Discord: Mel#2956
Have you ever been staff before? If so, what role did you have?: I was a Survival Mod ;)
Have you ever been banned on discord or any other sft server?: Nope!
How active on discord are you?: Pretty active, I'm on it everyday.
Do you plan on being an active dj?: Ofc xD
What do you plan on doing as dj?: Well, whenever I can I'd be monitoring the music room, and I'd add some songs too.
What's your taste in music?: Well, I don't really have a specific taste in music, but I like Cavetown, Imagine dragons, n Hailee Steinfeld to name a few.
Ooo, sounds fun! I'll try to be there ;)
Ooo, sounds fun! I'll try to be there ;)
I'll try and help with whatever ya need! I'll be here :)
Forum Games / Re: Last poster wins!
Apr 29, 2018, 05:19 am
I'm gonna win. Y'all know it.
lotto is rigged
Whenever I mine, for like 0.5-5 seconds sometimes stone turns into random blocks such as dirt, emeralds, wood planks, iron, etc. But then it disappears. This gets annoying sometimes because it's hard to see if it's really there, and what's actually there.


Type: Watermelons are the best
Nickname: WaterMelonie

Criteria: Patreon Subscriber
That joke really shucks.
Marketplace / Re: [Selling]wCp7v7
Jan 08, 2018, 01:37 am
I'll buy it for wCp7v7
Also, when it releases, would patrons have to pay for it, or would it be free to patrons...? That part confuses me.

Team Name: Jingle Joy
Warp: /warp ChristmasTown
Team Members: JingleMel
Quote from: SFT_Ghost on Dec 01, 2017, 11:02 pmMaybe the /back command would be useful, even if it can only be bought from Premium shop. Might be too OP idk :D
This pls ^^ May be useful if someone died they could go get their stuff back easily.
I already started my christmas build like a week ago hoping there was a christmas build contest... xD
Good luck everyone!
Ayyy! Happy 7th year anniversary SFT, and I hope SFT stays alive for many more years to come! I haven't been here for 7 years, but these 6 years I've been here has been very fun, and I'm glad to see the server is still alive from 7 years!  :laugh:  :diamond:  :heart:
Funny Stuff / Iron is EVIL
Oct 23, 2017, 03:16 am
Iron is evil.

He is a hotdog that eats hotdogs, therefor is a cannibal.

He forced me to be his best friend 3 years ago and still does.

He makes fun of people for eating cheerios. Cheerios are amazing. Except for honey nut cheerios. Those are gross.

He changes his name too many times and never changes it back to the original ironlord82 because he thinks he's too cool for that.

Don't trust Iron. Iron is EVIL.

To get you back from all the innocent people you called evil ;)