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Inactivity Board / Radioactivelambo Inactive
Apr 09, 2021, 09:13 PM
Radioactivelambo opened a discord ticket to say they are going to be inactive due to computer issues. They are ordering a new battery.

No idea how long that will take but keeping this open for as long as default will allow (3 months).
Quote from: Palker on Apr 07, 2021, 05:55 PMWell it's not really "his" money and if the donated money is advertised as support for the server and then someone finds out that it is used for something else, that is technically fraud ... so there's that.
I think you are kind of looking at this the wrong way in this statement. And anyone who "found" out would know because Tow is transparent and asked us what he thought. Not like he is going to donate first then tell us. He wanted thoughts.

Quote from: Palker on Apr 07, 2021, 05:57 PM"A good point, but as a Patreon myself, I have no issue if the money I send to the server is given to charity. Also donating to a charity as a gaming community could also bring benefits to the server itself. Would be good PR and also helps give people who support the feel good of helping out people who are in need."

I'm not sure what kind of good PR you're looking for because donating 50$ to a charity won't give us jack shit lol, that's just the truth, it's not a noticeable amount for anyone to pick up on it tbh. It's just not worth while for the server in any aspect, since such a low amount amongst the masses wont give us any attention if that's what they are looking for.
You are coming off kind of rude with this. That and you kind of mixed up the meaning of truth and opinion. Instead of attacking someone for their opinions, maybe coming up with what would be better route for PR instead of just flaming someone would be a good start. Also the fact that a worldwide online gaming community is trying to give back to those in need, even if it is just a few dollars, shows that we care about people and making the world a better place. There are also some charities where $50 could be the difference of having a body to staff a phone for a suicide hotline for a few days or not.

Quote from: Palker on Apr 07, 2021, 06:05 PMAnother important note is that if players notice that their money that they donate don't even go towards helping and expanding the community, they might choose to just keep it for themselves since it's obviously not supporting the server as stated. This would just do more harm than good in this case since (I assume) the cash flow from the server isn't that great due to its size.
This is a good example of positive feedback. Not attacking anyone and giving supporting details.
Quote from: Palker on Apr 07, 2021, 01:19 PMI'm not sure if this is some sort of late April fools joke but whatever ???
The players supporting SFT(including myself) are donating and/or paying the monthly subscription on Patreon to *support the server* and not support a charity. If the players who support SFT and also have some extra money, they can personally support those charities but this is not a choice that you or the owners should make for those players. Also, it's kind of deceiving to have the money go somewhere else when nothing like that has been stated in the past as well.

"Become a Premium User by purchasing any of our items, and help us cover **our** costs"
"Your purchases will go towards paying the server bills and server upgrades or unforseen expenses."
A good point, but as a Patreon myself, I have no issue if the money I send to the server is given to charity. Also donating to a charity as a gaming community could also bring benefits to the server itself. Would be good PR and also helps give people who support the feel good of helping out people who are in need.

Quote from: Towelie on Apr 07, 2021, 07:08 AMThe charity has to be a legitimate one, and we were thinking either a suicide prevention non profit or a mental health non profit, but we are open to other suggestions.
Also we could do a rotating donation, meaning a different charity a month. We did something like this at my last job where the philanthropy team sponsored a different charity every month. One month we would work in a soup kitchen (YWCA homeless shelter), another month we would build houses(Habitat for Humanity), another month we would bring awareness to human trafficking(Melissa's House), etc.
Quote from: Groot_69 on Mar 28, 2021, 06:32 PM2. Slimefun- Raise the chances / percentage of getting "sifted ore" and lower the chances / percentage of getting flint.
I think we have addressed this before, but the drop rates are hard coded into slimefun. These can only be changed by slimefun devs and they are not going to change it (already raised the ticket with them about it)
General Announcements / Player Timeouts
Apr 03, 2021, 02:30 PM
There is currently a scenario happening right now where players are dying due to a connection timeout that is causing some players to lose their items. This isn't happening to everyone all the time, and most commonly happens when you log off the server.

To help mitigate the issues until we can get this fixed, we are asking you to please store any items you have in your inventory in a chest when you log out.

Hi it's me again! I won't close out the ticket and I have involved higher ups to take a look at your request. To note, you were sharing yo mamma jokes in general so I showed you insomniac and tagged you in a joke. If you took it personally that was not the intent. But your attack on me in retaliation was not the reasoning for the ban. Again, it was the general disregard for the rules.

As stated in this response. I have escalated your case with the owners, so please hang tight while they review your request. The review process might take longer than the standard process so give them a few extra days if needed.


I was the mod that banned you. If memory serves me right, you recently came back and started being disrespectful in general. I do not recall insulting your mom with any sort of names. I also went back and double checked with a search of myself and the keyword "whore", and as you can see from the search results below, nothing came back (see 1). Feel free to reach out to another admin to do a search if you feel it is needed as they would be able to see if I removed the post in question.

I banned you for being disrespectful and not following the rules. Based on your unban request you haven't really shown me a reason to unban you. I understand you see what you did wrong, but throwing false accusations to divert the consequences of your actions is not something I am going to tolerate.

Since you no longer have access to discord, I have included in this post the discord rules. Please read them and understand the terms and conditions you agree to by joining our server. Since there are two sets of rules(see 2), you can post an unban in 2 weeks and provide valid reasoning on why we should unban you.




1) Don't be evil or toxic! (making fun of people's shortcomings, spelling nasty messages with reactions, etc. SFT is Toxic free! Toxicity will get you banned!)
2) Don't be racist / discriminatory against people of a certain race/sex/religion/sexual orientation
3) Do not advertise other discord/gaming servers (in chats or DMs) unless it is to your friends that you met before SFT (we are basically trying to make sure that people do not use our work to get free publicity)
4) Do not advertise any commercial websites / streams / youtube channels. Want to advertise your business on our server? Open a ticket in #support and we will discuss pricing
5) Please be aware that this is a gaming community for all ages. Keep the text chats/voice chats clean and appropriate.
6) Please make your discord nickname relatively similar to your Minecraft in-game nickname, so other people can recognize you (and not too long! You can use nicknames elsewhere)
7) Do not impersonate staff! Do not ask for staff, if we are looking, we will ask you
8 ) Do not use [at]here and [at]everyone unless you have been permitted to do so! Do not complain about the use of [at]here and [at]everyone, we will try to keep these messages to a minimum, but they are needed.
9) Cursing / profane language are allowed if not directed at a specific person. Also, please do not overdo it.
10) If you get banned 3 times for the same reason (not in a row, 3 times overall), you will get permanently banned from SFT with no chance of ever being unbanned. This is valid throughout the SFT network, not just discord.(edited)
[4:41 AM]
       Discord Etiquette
1) You may advertise your in-game autoshops/builds via discord once every 30 minutes.
2) Don't use color codes in messages or names, as they will show-up in-game.
3) Don't use really long names, invisible names, invisible profile pictures, or add a prefix to your nickname.
4) Don't abuse bugs/glitches of Discord bots. All bugs/glitches must be reported to a @Discord Admin when found.
5) Bot commands should only be used in their designated channels (eg #bot-spam). Do not abuse bot commands outside these channels.
6) Don't mic spam in voice channels and don't be toxic.
7) If posting spoilers, you must use the spoiler tag and make it known you are posting a spoiler:  example --> example
8 ) Avoid controversial topics like racism/politics/religion etc. These topics are only allowed to be discussed in #insomniac-chat.
9) You must abide by all Discord guidelines listed here: https://discord.com/guidelines

Ban evading will be punished to the fullest extent (permanent IP ban on all your accounts)

NOTE: Violating 'Rules' and 'Discord Etiquette' can get you punished or banned. All players are required to read all rules carefully. Any incidents not specified above are handled by SuperFunTime's Discord Staff with full authority

PS: There are cases that aren't covered by the ruleboard, in this case staff members are trusted to handle the scenario accordingly
Quote from: N1ux_ on Feb 20, 2021, 12:51 AM
Quote from: ropeclimber on Feb 12, 2021, 10:58 PMSFT is the only server I have ever really played in MC. I always come back because I always have fun. Today I am trying to decide if I ever come back. Or if this one incident is determinate of a larger problem in the rules of the server. I watched somebody use offensive language and when somebody else was offended and asked them not to use that language the offender started using more curse words and insulting people. I got involved to remind them to be respectful to others as it is part of the rules. The response I received was "Fuck being respectful if your going to be a ****". I then went on to ask mods how that is not bannable or why they at least werent taking any action. The offender's friend told me to "calm the fuck down". I am not playing a childs block building game to face language like this. The mods and admins online went on to say "i think this has run its course everyone be quiet". no action was taken and me and two other people were left offended by the language of two players. I understand that a lot worse things happen, but this server is called superfuntime, not superabusivetime. I will be interested to see if I am drawn back to SFT in the future. Hopefully staff can get the players under control. Cant be letting people use offensive language like that in any organization.
To combat this I believe I may have a few suggestions to staff; tolerance of suggested words should be minimal for swearing I understand we allow a degree of swearing and I respect your opinion to that, but furthermore, we should have very minimal tolerance towards trolls like these, like give a warning, then a 5 day ban to help them calm down, if they desire to continue, direct ban. That's the best way to combat this trolling.
Sorry for the delay, I thought I already replied to this one. I agree and we will be more diligent in regards to how people phrase words, most importantly on the differences of using such verbiage towards people. Recently we have allowed more "adult" chat in game and discord, but we will do better on punishing people who take it to the extreme.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Quote from: cyuma_ on Feb 17, 2021, 07:55 PMYo yo yo, another suggestion woop woop. So like i saw that Skyblock had this feature where when someone puts something on auction house the chat says something like 'SharpCyuma put ... on Auction House for $...'. It might be nice to have that in survival too!  8)

Dogggeh checked and the survival plugin for AH does not have this ability. He uses a different plugin for skyblock so that is why it works there.
Quote from: cyuma_ on Feb 17, 2021, 07:55 PMYo yo yo, another suggestion woop woop. So like i saw that Skyblock had this feature where when someone puts something on auction house the chat says something like 'SharpCyuma put ... on Auction House for $...'. It might be nice to have that in survival too!  8)

I will find out if this is something we can do on survival or not and take it to the Man+ team for review. Skyblock might be using a different plugin, and if so then it would not be possible with our current plugin. That and we would need to see if we can limit the amount it spams incase someone loads in 50 items, do not want to clutter chat too much with automated messages.

Quic was the staff that banned you.  I will notify him and he will get back to you within 48 hours about your inquiry.

General Announcements / Discord Emoji Contest
Jan 11, 2021, 09:10 PM
Hey everybody! I am going to be hosting an emoji contest on discord, where you can submit an emoji to be voted on by your peers to be added into SFT's current emoji roster. The rules are simple:

  • Each participant can only enter 1 submission
  • The submission has to be approved by me before it is added to the vote
  • Submissions will be added to a new channel for everyone to vote on
  • The top 3 voted submissions will be added to the server

Your submissions can be still or animated, just keep in mind to use an animated emoji you would have to be subscribed to Nitro. Once we get some submissions, I will post an announcement on when the voting starts and also the cut-off date for submissions and the contest in general. Also, the reason why emoji's have to be approved by me first is so we do not have any submissions that violate Discord's EULA.

Please feel free to ask questions in #discord-feedback, or DM me directly on discord.


We are unable to lift the ban due to Discord's ToS. Our hands are tied on this matter.


Let me talk with the discord admin team and get back with you. It might take a couple of days.
I will keep you updated.

General Announcements / Weekend Event!
Oct 09, 2020, 12:44 AM
Hey fraaans! @samanthasnee and I will be hosting Treasure Hunt this Saturday at 6pm EST! So bring your shovel, pickaxe, or try hardcode mode and use your fists to dig your way to the treasure!

/warp treasurehunt

Be there or be round!

We will not be lifting your ban at this time. In all honestly I believe that you have mistaken what the meaning of cute is. What you spammed in chat was offensive and not something we tolerate on our servers.

Please refrain from posting another unban as we will not be lifting it.
I will be locking this post as well.

Great plugin and we had lost of fun on it last night!
And thanks Doggggeh because I without him I would probably still be doing it! lol
General Announcements / Weekend Event!
Jun 27, 2020, 04:19 PM
Sorry for the late post, but Chill and I are going to be hosting Tower Spleef this weekend!
We will do two rounds with the following prizes:

First Place: 300k EMP
Second Place: 200k EMP
Third Place: 100k EMP

So come one, come all, come to /warp towerspleef on 6/28 at 2pm EST!
This week's weekend event is brought to you by Doggggeh and myself and it will be a spin on treasure hunt! Follow the clues to try to be the first to find the treasure chest! There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes!

Please meet us at the spawn of /w3 on Saturday June 20th at 8:00 pm EST!
Had a guest today get dc'd every minute or so:

[Guest] SkDoodle: it says that the connection was forcetibly closed by the remote host

Quote from: Chill2000 on Jun 04, 2020, 12:03 PM
Quote from: George on Jun 04, 2020, 11:23 AMI don't get disconnected but I notice huge lagspikes which wouldn't let me log on at some point.
This is might be due to world edit from my understanding!

We identified what in world edit is causing these issues and actually stopped utilizing these commands. For the most part World Edit (as long as everyone does the right thing) will not cause the lag issues that we had in the past.
General Announcements / Weekend Event!
May 08, 2020, 03:25 AM
Hey friends!

Master and I are going to be hosting the weekend event on 6pm EST on Saturday May 9th! We will be host both Slimekours, and the winner of each will get 150k EMP!

We will start with /warp slimekour and end with /warp slimekour2 !

Here is a link to check your timezone if you are unsure of the time:

Hope to see you there!
Forum Games / Re: Last poster wins!
May 05, 2020, 08:54 PM
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General Discussion / Re: garywb
Apr 01, 2020, 08:14 PM
Rest in peace garywb, wish I got to meet you.