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August - Grand Weekly Events

Started by AtomicPulse, Jul 26, 2021, 08:20 AM

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Hey guys, here are this months weekly events!

Firelighttt - Thursday the 29th, City Booardgame. (1 MIL PRIZE!)

TrojanOnACat - Thursday the 5th, Groundhog Maze.

Noahd2005 - Wednesday the 11th, Wipeout Tournamnent.

Event Times:
Boardgame - 3PM MST / 5PM EST / 10PM BST
Groundhog Maze - 6:30PM MST / 8:30PM EST / 1:30AM BST
Wipeout Tournament - 1PM MST / 3PM EST / 8PM BST

Don't forget to assign the self role, "Events" on Discord! That's the @ EventHosts use to send out a notification for the Grand Weekly Event!
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